Player Preferences in Casino: Bonuses Survey & Analysis by SlotsUp

Casino bonuses are available on nearly all gambling sites, and we always compare these offers to highlight the best casinos and consider their playthrough requirements. However, it’s not enough for our team to provide just ordinary reviews without the understanding of the industry and its customers. That’s why we decided to analyse this essential topic deeper and conducted a survey to consider players’ feedback and their preferences. 
As a result, we have relevant information about player preferences regarding casino bonuses and a more detailed portrait of our audience, including the age, income, and things gamblers want or don’t want to see at casinos where they get gambling promotions. We believe that communicating with players is the best way to shape the future of the iGaming industry and make our reviews even more helpful.
Survey Overview and Methodology
In August 2023, we conducted an anonymous survey with 1331 respondents. Participants were mostly from the USA, but we also interviewed several respondents from Canada and Great Britain. The survey covers players of different ages and with different incomes, which makes the results relevant. Plus, our questions are detailed to cover different topics connected with casino bonuses.

Portrait of research participants

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Among our respondents, the age distribution is fairly balanced, with the highest participation from the 30–44 age group (33.08%). The other large age groups were 27.69% for 18–29 and 26.15% for 45–60. Interestingly, 13.08% were older than 60.

Interestingly, 30.83% answered that mobile compatibility of the casino platform is essential for the right casino choice. A fairly equal split between Android (45.38%) and iOS (54.62%) users suggests a diverse audience. Gender distribution is also balanced, with a slight majority of female participants (53.08%).

“The near-equal split between iOS and Android users is interesting. Personally, I’ve always leaned towards iOS for my gambling activities due to the perceived security and smoothness of the platform. However, this data suggests that casinos must prioritize both platforms equally. I’d assume it depends a lot on the region as well, and how popular certain brands are there. I’ve always believed that the future of online gambling is mobile, and these numbers reinforce that belief.”

- Peter Fischer (CEO of LV Casino)


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Mainly, players who gamble and get bonuses get annual income of $25,000 – $49,999 (19.23%) and $50,000 – $74,999 (20%). There were also 16.15% respondents with the income of $75,000 – $99,999, and 6.92% of $125,000 – $149,999. As for the highest and lowest income ranges, only 0.77% specified the income of over $200,000, and only 4.62% selected the $0 – $9,999 range.

Thus, we can see that male and female gamblers get bonuses nearly equally. The age groups are also quite diversified (only legal age considered), though 30–44 is the most common group. The average income also influences players’ choice since the most popular range is $25,000 – $49,999.

“I used to think that online gambling was more skewed towards the higher income brackets. However, the data suggests a more even distribution, indicating that online casinos are accessible and appealing to a broader audience. This democratization is heartening to see.”

- Peter Fischer (CEO of LV Casino)

Key Findings: Unveiling Player Preferences

  • Most of our respondents (45.11%, 600 out of 1331) find casino bonuses very important.
  • When choosing an online casino, 50.38% of players rely on user reviews and testimonials.
  • The majority (48.44%) state that the casino’s licensing is very important.
  • Only 72 out of 1208 players who faced problems with wagering bonuses complained about the necessity to install an app and a too high amount of money needed to spend.
  • More than 55% of gamblers find welcome bonuses the most appealing.
  • A significant 60.90% of participants somewhat frequently visit online casino comparison websites or forums for information.
  • A higher monetary value (e.g., bonus money or cashback percentage) is more attractive to 63.91% of participants compared to a larger number of bonus spins (47.37%).
  • Mobile players opt for iOS (54.62%) a bit more frequently compared to Android (45.38%).
  • The most common income ranges are $25,000 – $49,999 (19.23%) and $50,000 – $74,999 (20%).

Exclusive Insights: LV Casino CEO Peter Fischer’s
Takeaways from Our Research Findings

Lv Casino Ceo Peter Fischer
Here's my take on the findings: 
50.38% of players rely on user reviews and testimonials when choosing an online casino. This showcases the power of peer opinions to influence decisions in the digital age.
I was taken aback to see that Free Spins (57.14%) are more appealing than even Welcome Bonuses (55.64%). It's a shift from what I've traditionally observed in the industry. Even though the difference is minimal, it's still interesting to see and worth noting.
The revelation that 19.55% of respondents aren't particularly keen on casino bonuses was unexpected. Similarly, the low participation in casino tournaments (10.53%) was against my initial beliefs.
The prevalent income ranges of $25,000 - $49,999 and $50,000 - $74,999 provide an interesting insight into the economic demographics of online gamblers.

The percentage of income gamblers spend on gambling

Our colleagues have shared data indicating that, on average, a gambler spends between $500 to $700 over their entire duration of playing in an online casino. This duration could span from a few days to several months or even a year.

The research findings also revealed that the majority of frequent gamblers fall within two income brackets: $25,000 – $49,999 and $50,000 – $74,999.

To calculate the percentage of income gamblers spend on gambling, we can examine the average between the minimum and maximum amounts spent. In this case, lets take $600 (average from 500-700). Now, let’s calculate the percentage spent on gambling for each income bracket:

  • For the income bracket of $25,000 – $49,999: Percentage spent on gambling ≈ 2.4% – 1.2%
  • For the income bracket of $50,000 – $74,999: Percentage spent on gambling ≈ 1.2% – 0.8%
Based on this data, gamblers spend approximately from 0.80% to 2.4% of their income on gambling.

Key points of the research results

Since 45.11% of participants find bonuses and promotions "very important", and 35.34% more consider them "somewhat important", we can conclude that promotions are essential at any rate. Certainly, the most crucial thing people consider when selecting an online casino revolves around the bonus offers. However, we conducted an analysis of several other critical factors.

I’ve always operated under the belief that bonuses are the lifeblood of attracting and retaining players. So, discovering that nearly 20% aren’t swayed by them challenges this long-held notion. It makes me reflect on what other aspects of the gaming experience might be more pivotal for this segment.

- Peter Fischer (CEO of LV Casino)
Here is a list of the top priorities that gamblers consider:
Top decision-making factors when cgoosing an online casino
*expect bonuses
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When picking casinos where to get these bonuses, players analyse reviews and testimonials (50.38%) and the variety and quality of casino games (46.62%). That’s why all our reviews are also based on players’ feedback on independent gambling sources and we test gaming libraries to check both the quantity of available games and their filters.

Among other essential factors to choose a site to play and get a bonus, respondents highlighted mobile compatibility (30.83%), customer support (37.59%), and loyalty programs (31.58%). When it’s a top gambling site, all these qualities meet the industry standards.

A significant 60.90% of participants somewhat frequently visit online casino comparison websites or forums for information. Our SlotsUp project is designed right for this goal, and this percentage shows that our reviews are really helpful.

In my years in the casino business, I've always believed in the power of marketing and branding. However, seeing that over half of the players rely on reviews and testimonials is enlightening. It makes me think that perhaps, in the digital age, personal experiences shared by peers have a more profound impact than traditional marketing efforts.
- Peter Fischer (CEO of LV Casino)

Type of Casino Bonuses: What Appeals to Players?

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I've always considered Welcome Bonuses to be the primary draw for new players. So, to see Free Spins take the lead was surprising. In my opinion, this suggests that players are looking for immediate gameplay experiences without much initial commitment.
- Peter Fischer (CEO of LV Casino)

Based on our interview, the most appealing bonuses are Free Spins (57.14%), followed closely by Welcome Bonuses (55.64%). However, Loyalty Rewards (42.86%) and No Deposit/Sign-Up Bonuses (33.83%) are also popular enough.

Other bonus types are estimated this way:

Cashback Offers
Reload Bonuses
VIP or High Roller Bonuses
Tournament or Event Bonuses
In a given bonus offer, would be more attractive
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And when it comes to the value of the provided bonus, a higher monetary value (e.g., bonus money or cashback percentage) is more attractive to 63.91% of participants compared to a larger number of bonus spins (47.37%).

Among the factors which participants named essential for making a bonus exclusive, there are the fact that the bonus is useful and clear and the engagement level when using the offer.

Valid Gambling License: A Non-Negotiable Factor

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Gambling licensing is a must for safety, and it’s clear not only to the industry experts but also customers involved in bonus hunting. On a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being “Very Important,” the majority (48.44%) rated the availability of a valid gambling license as “4.”

Moreover, 360 out of 1228 (29.32%) respondents state that a casino’s reputation and trustworthiness are the main factors when picking a gambling site.

One of the respondents highlighted the importance of gambling licensing this way: ‘When choosing between casinos with 100 or 200 free spins, I’ll pick 50 free spins but at a licensed casino’.

Game-Specific Bonuses: Beyond the Basics

Players can find loads of games of various types. When choosing an online casino, 46.62% pay attention to the variety and quality of casino games, while 9.02% pay attention to the availability of live dealer games. To meet these requirements, casinos should partner with a wide range of reputable providers. One respondent specified that “Specific games that I play” is an essential factor for exclusive bonuses.

On our side, we always analyse gaming catalogs of reviewed casinos and pay attention to characteristics like the max win, volatility, and RTP since they influence payout potential. In the context of casino bonuses, players need to check whether a certain software type is compatible with promotions. Plus, you should check the max bet when using a bonus, game contribution (eg. 100% on slots and 10% on tables), and more.

Balancing Quantity and Quality: Bonus Offers vs. Terms

Relying on the results of our interview, we can say that players love bonuses and get them quite often, but these bonuses should have proper terms and conditions to interest users. Seven of our respondents answered that they faced problems when wagering bonuses after activating, though the majority didn’t have problems of this kind.

Participants mentioned various factors that would make a bonus exclusive, including safety, reputation, higher payouts, and unique rewards. They also consider ease of payout, government policy, and endorsements by influencers.

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When players described exclusive and more appealing offers, they mentioned “ease of payout”, “unusual terms”, and that “it would be more appealing if the bonus is useful and clear”. Thus, we can see that players analyse applied T&Cs and try to pick a bonus which has clear terms and will be easy to withdraw.
Player Insights: What the Survey Reveals

These findings highlight that participants highly value bonuses and promotions when choosing an online casino, with a particular interest in Free Spins and Welcome Bonuses. User reviews, game variety, and mobile compatibility also influence their decisions. Additionally, the availability of a gambling license is deemed important.

Respondents prefer higher monetary values in bonus offers, and factors like safety and unique rewards contribute to the appeal of exclusive bonuses. The diverse demographic of participants suggests that these preferences cut across different age, gender, and income groups, making them valuable insights for online casinos and providers.

As for the surprising facts from our survey, it was unexpected to find out that 19.55% aren’t interested in casino bonuses. We also didn’t expect that only 10.53% are involved in casino tournaments. The fact that 13.08% are older than 60 is also interesting.

Implications for Online Casinos and Players

Due to this survey, we’ll adjust our reviews accordingly, and when we are talking about the global gambling industry, it should also meet the preferences of players. If operators follow the needs and preferences of most customers, the industry can change this way:

  • Casinos will provide more detailed playthrough requirements, including calculations with examples to explain wagering
  • More bonuses will be based on a higher monetary value (eg. a large max cashout compared to more free spins with a lower max win)
  • Operators may create tailored offers based on plate preferences (maybe, with the help of AI analyzing players’ behaviour or based on additional surveys)
  • Players will get exclusive rewards that are valuable to only a certain player and unique in the industry

When you pick a bonus for yourself, make an informed decision, considering the casino’s facilities, bonus terms, acceptable games, the maximum cashout, wagering, and all the other factors we highlight in our reviews.

Conclusion: A Glimpse into the Bonus Landscape

We are grateful to all our respondents who provided us with fair and informative answers.

This survey allows us to understand who gets casino bonuses most often and what exactly players expect from such offers. We also found out what problems gamblers can face, so we’ll adjust our reviews accordingly to highlight all the conditions of overviewed bonuses, give more detailed guides, and provide calculations associated with wagering.

We plan to continue conducting such surveys to understand the iGaming industry deeper, and hope that gambling operators will do the same to consider players’ preferences and create tailor-made bonuses with transparent requirements. Feel free to share your opinion with us and stay tuned to find out more insights!