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Did you know that the free Baccarat game is actually called Punto Banco, and is the house’s favorite game aside from slots? Baccarat is a popular card game that can be found in any land-based and online casino.

Although many European countries claim to be responsible for its creation, it’s not clear who invented Baccarat. The game dates back to 1400, and most people believe that it originated from Italy by Felix Falguire or Falguierein, an avid gambler. He called the game “baccara,” Italian for zero as all the face and tens cards were worth zero.

When the game became popular in France, the spelling changed from the Italian Baccara to France’s Baccarat, predominantly adopted in Europe in the 19th century. It was initially popular among French royalty and high rollers since the passionate players made huge bets. Over the centuries, the game spread from Italy and France across Europe and finally reached the United States in the 19th century and was introduced to the Las Vegas casinos in the 1950s.

Today, players can play within reasonable table limits and simplified rules thanks to Mini-Baccarat. The large table Baccarat version has pretty high table limits and is the preferred option of the high rollers.

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Online Baccarat Tutorial for Playing with Real Cash

Baccarat Rules

Baccarat free is one of the easiest casino games and gives players better odds of winning. It’s a fast-paced game, played on a unique table that comes in three different versions. Its rules are simple to pick even for newbies. Here’s everything you need to know about Baccarat and how to play it.

Baccarat is a card game of chance that involves two figures: the Punto (Player) and Banco (Banker). The game aims to get as close to a total of 9 points as you possibly can. Unlike Poker, where you can influence a win, Baccarat rules are pre-determined. It is played on a customized table that can hold an average of 14 players. The Mini-Baccarat tale is half the size of a regular table and can accommodate only 7 players.

There are 6, 8, or 9 decks of cards used depending on the casino and are kept in the dealing box known as the bank (also called the shoe). At the beginning of each round of betting (coup), the Player and banker are each dealt with two cards. As the game progresses, both the banker and Player have the option of more cards being dealt.

In this game, participants need to bet on who (the Player or the banker) will get to the nearest total of 9 with their two dealt cards. If the Player or Banker has an 8 or 9, which is called natural hand, wins, and the hand is over. The winner receives money for bets they’ve won.

Best Online Baccarat Games Variations

  1. High-Limit Baccarat. This game was designed by leading casino software developer Microgaming and is usually associated with premium players and high rollers. If high stakes is your passion, then high limit baccarat will work for you. You win if you’ve bet on the winning hand.
  2. Baccarat Pro. Released by Net Entertainment back in 2011, this popular game follows the standard Baccarat rules. The RTP for this game is 98.94 %, provided you keep betting on the banker.
  3. Baccarat Squeeze. This game by evolution is a classic baccarat variant that involves 15 HD cameras and is focused on the squeeze when the cards are revealed. If you’re new to the game, you can start with free Baccarat first.
  4. Knockout Baccarat. This is a new and exciting variant of the classic Baccarat. It was released by Ezugi, a well-established software studio with over 70 live dealer tables under its belt. The game is more or less like Baccarat card game online but with a few differences.

How to Pick the Best Online Casinos for Baccarat

Today, online casinos have gained widespread popularity and for good reasons. For one, online casinos offer the same wide range of exciting games, secure, and convenient. But how do you avoid a casino that will scam you and instead pick a great casino that will assure you of generous bonuses and fast payouts? Here are things to consider:

  1. Safety and Security: One of the most important things to consider is the safety and security of your casino of choice. A great baccarat live online casino will feature state of the art security technologies and systems that will ensure protection for your sensitive information.
  2. Customer Support: Another essential factor to consider when looking for a great online casino is reliable customer support available 24/7. You should also reach customer support in different ways like live chat, phone, and email. Additionally, the contact details should be visible on the casino website so that you can quickly locate them in case of any emergency.
  3. Supported Devices: Lastly, you should check whether the online casino is compatible with your tablet or smartphone. An excellent online casino will also have a user-friendly mobile casino platform that supports mobile devices like Blueberry, Android, Mac, and the rest.

Story of Baccarat Creation

As mentioned earlier, the Baccarat free play dates back to the 1400s where it was created by Felix Falguiere or Falguierein using Tarot cards. Italian Baccarat (Macao), another popular game in Italy, was played to a total of nine. Also, Le Her is considered to be one of the oldest variants of Baccarat. Two players played le Her, and each was dealt with only one card. Here, the cards’ value ranged from 1 to 13, and Kings was the highest rank and an instant win.

Fast forward and around 1911, the Baccarat game free was played in an American casino. On November 20th, 1959, the Las Vegas Sands made casino history by opening its first Punto Banco table, thanks to Tommy Renzoni. The casino was off to a shaky start as it lost 25 million dollars in the game’s first debut. However, the casino owners decided to keep the game until it made a sustainable profit.

In the 1970s, the game was exclusive to the rich and famous since there were only 15 tables on the entire Vegas strip. The only way one could enter the casino was by being rich and famous. Baccarat has evolved over the years and more players today play the game online for real money or just for fun.

Baccarat Glossary and Terms to Remember

How do you play Baccarat for fun if you don’t understand the terms used in the game? Yes, you’ll still play, but it will be quite a challenging experience. Here are some baccarat terms to remember:

  • Banco: This is Spanish for banker, and the dealer is sometimes called banco.
  • Bankroll: The amount of money set aside for gambling purposes
  • Banque: Is a Baccarat version and is immensely popular in European casinos.
  • Chemin De Fer: Also known as European Baccarat, this is a very popular Baccarat variation intended for high rollers.
  • Caller: A member of the casino staff in charge of the cards on the Baccarat table.
  • Carte: It’s French for “Hit me” and is used for requesting another card from the dealer.
  • Coup: This term is of French origin, meaning a round of Baccarat made up of a banker hand and a player hand.
  • Cut card: Special type of card used for cutting the deck after the cards have been shuffled.
  • Discard tray: This is a tray that all cards that have been discarded or played for some reason.
  • Dragon bonus: Some casinos allow players to make side bets. The Dragon Bonus is a winning one if a chosen hand wins by not less than four points.
  • Flat bet: The punter places the same amount regardless of whether the hand is a winning or a losing one.
  • House edge: Is the margin built to ensure a profit for the casino irrespective of the hand’s outcome.

Online Baccarat Basics, Strategies, and Tips

Baccarat online free game is a simple game that you can learn in a matter of minutes. In it, you can place a gamble on three single kinds of bets: A Tie (standoff), Banker bet, and Player bet. To place your bet, put your chips (which are equal to money) on one of the sections and wait for the dealer move.

Like many other online casino games, online Baccarat may seem challenging, perhaps confusing at first. Still, as you keep enjoying it, you’ll realize that you can earn some rewards by simply gambling on a tie, the banker winning, or even the Player winning.

If you want to learn how to enjoy online Baccarat, here’s all you need to know:

How to Play Online Baccarat

In the online baccarat game, you sum up the cards’ value together to gain a cumulative figure between 0 and 9, where 9 is excellent and 0 is very poor. Luckily, the online casino does this.

Here is a complete guide on how to play Baccarat free:

  • Have a look at the baccarat table.
  • Place your gamble. To do this, collect the chips that you wish to gamble and put them in one, two, or more of the gambling groups (Match, Banker and Tie bets)
  • After gambling, press the Deal button. The dealer will hold out several cards per banker and Player. The total of the hands is worked out by adding card values.
  • The total of the hands are counted, and if one of the hands is 8 or 9, then the dealer wins. When one of the wagers wins the game, the casino indicates the winning hand and pays out the victorious bet.

A Short Intro to Baccarat Strategies

Playing Baccarat online free may be easy, but you need all the help you need to emerge victorious as a beginner. Some of the tried and tested strategies you can use to be the last Player standing are:

  • The Paroli System: considered as the exact reverse of the Martingale system, it dictates that you should double your gamble whenever you win until you lose. The main aim of this technique is to earn 3 consecutive wins.
  • The Martingale System: devised by French mathematician Paul Pierre Levy, the Martingale strategy states that you should double down on the following wager if your previous bet lost.
  • The Labouchere System: also known as the Split Martingale, the American Progression, and the Cancellation System, French roulette player Henry Labouchere introduced this strategy. It dictates that you should increase your wager after every bet you lose.
  • The Fibonacci Strategy: here, the amount to gamble after losing is dictated by the Fibonacci sequence, a unique digit sequence where the next number in order is determined by the total of the previous two digits.
  • The D’Alembert System: designed by French theorist Jean le Rond d’Alembert, this positive progression system states that for all the bets you lose, you should increase your following wager by a single chip.

Online Baccarat Betting Options

In free Baccarat game online, two hands are dealt, and the victorious hand is the one with the highest sum. There are three types of betting options you can choose from: The ‘Tie,’ the ‘Player,’ and the ‘Banker’ bet.

Learning the usage of the wagers in live Baccarat online is easy, as each is labeled clearly. Before each coup, you have the chance to try your luck by selecting one of the available bet alternatives.

Let’s have a closer look at each of these alternatives:

The Tie Bet

When players choose this bet, they hope that both the Player’s and Banker’s hands will have a similar value. This occurrence will pay 8:1 on your pocket since a tie is hard to come by.

This betting option has an enticing payout, but it has an unfavorable house edge of 14.2%, so you should avoid it. Generally, few players take the leap of placing this bet as it is clear that the odds of both hands having a similar value are slim even without so many calculations.

The Player Bet

This is the second-best alternative after the almighty ‘Banker’ and is also referred to as ‘Punto Bet.’ It has a more favorable house edge than the ‘Tie’ bet but less advantageous than the ‘Banker’ option.

Player bets pay 1:1 on your cash, making a 1.36% house advantage. This explains why there is zero commission when this wager claims the victory. When gamblers put a wager on the ‘Player’ section, they bet that this specific hand will be the winning option.

Since the online baccarat game is a high-stakes game most of the time, please consider each bet’s advantages and disadvantages beforehand.

The Banker Bet

With the lowest house edge (1.17%) compared to the other wagers, this betting option is the best choice.

How to Win in Online Baccarat

The baccarat free game thrives on estimation. You select the hand that you believe will win and pray that all goes well. Basically, you are gambling on the hand that comes nearest to the total value of 9.

If guessing doesn’t come naturally for you or you’re still relatively new at Baccarat, here are some pointers on winning in this online game most-if not all- the time:

  1. Place all Your Bets Wisely. Familiarizing yourself with the online game rules is great, but when placing bets, always keep in mind that it all depends on the size of your bankroll. Gamble on any hand. Whichever of the two gets the upper hand is eventually based on chance. Remember, Baccarat is a game of chance, and nothing guarantees you big wins. You have to be ready to take the risk.
  2. Steer Clear of the Tie Bet. As we have seen above, the ‘Tie’ bet has an enticing payout but a very disappointing house edge. Also, the chances of the Player’s and Banker’s hands ending in a tie are slim to none, so betting on a ‘Tie’ is a wrong move.
  3. Learn to Manage Your Bankroll. Baccarat free online game is fun to play but has the downside of having the lowest house edges compared to other online casino card games. It’s similar to flipping a coin. That’s why you should pay attention to your bankroll. As a rule of thumb, never go beyond 5% of your bankroll on any hand.
  4. Banker Bet All the Way. The ‘Banker’ has the lowest house edge, making it an excellent option for you. It also has more alternatives, depending on what the Player’s third card is. This places it in a sturdier position to receive a winning hand.

Online Baccarat FAQ

What Online Baccarat Options are Available?

There are two online baccarat options available: Free Online Baccarat and Real Money Baccarat.

What are the Odds in Online Baccarat?

Baccarat odds differ from game type to game type and from as low as 1% to higher than 20%. The baccarat odds for a single deck game, for example, are a house edge of 15.75% on the Tie, 1.1% on the Banker bet, 1.29% on the Player bet.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Play Online Baccarat?

You have to be at least 18 years old to play online Baccarat. In the case of gambling in a brick and mortar casino, most states have raised the age limit to 21 years or over. Only five states allow gamblers between the ages of 18-20 to play Baccarat in live casinos.

What is the Best Bet in Online Baccarat?

There are five in total; Small Bet, Banker Bet, Pair Bet, Big Bet, and Player Bet, but the best bet is the Banker Bet. Not only is it the safest wager to make in a free baccarat game, but it has the highest odds of winning as well.

Can I Count Cards in Online Baccarat?

No, you can’t. The machine uses a Random Number Generator to shuffle the cards, which lowers any card counting chances. Many players have tried beating this system but have failed miserably every time. The key is to play the game as it comes.

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