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If you are the player who came here to find the perfect PayPal casino to play slots and other gambling games for real money, you are about to get what you were looking for. There are quite a few things we want to find in the online casino sites to entrust them our money — a decent choice of gambling games, the reliable providers like NetEnt and Microgaming, some lucrative bonuses and, of course, a variety of ways to deposit and withdraw money. With PayPal being one of the best and the most popular payment systems in the world, it's no wonder that players want to use it for their gambling deposits too as it is fast, it's easy and it's a buzz word that always sounds more reliable than anything else on the list.

Even though PayPal covers the majority of countries, there might be some specific rules depending on where exactly you are playing. To save your time, the SlotsUp team created the complete guide to the PayPal gambling together with the list of the online casinos that accept PayPal as a depositing method. Here, you'll find out how to use PayPal for gambling in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and other places in the world, discover why exactly PayPal is the most convenient payment option and learn how to make your PayPal gambling deposits step by step. It doesn't matter whether you are playing blackjack, roulette or video slots, from now on you'll be able to withdraw your winnings in the fastest and the most reliable way ever. It's 2018 and the world moves on so the list is regularly updated with the new casinos accepting PayPal in all varieties — from simple mobile casinos to sophisticated live casinos with the dealers streaming from Vegas.

Best Online Casinos that accept PayPal

PayPal Casinos for Real Money

Those looking for the online casinos that accept PayPal should have probably noticed that some of the websites have all the same casinos on each and every page and misorient players by showing them the list of PayPal casinos that in fact don't have it as a depositing method. But we are not like them. Our special algorithm is aimed to show you the relevant information only and the best PayPal casinos where you can immediately start making bets. Even if the minor drawbacks occur, there are quickly fixed and eliminated so you can enjoy every real money casino with PayPal payment option.

PayPal casinos may be slightly confusing for the beginners so we've collected the most frequently asked questions to create the short guide on how to play in the online casino that accepts PayPal. These step by step instructions will introduce you to the world of the online casino PayPal and ease the process of depositing and money withdrawal. In general, for those playing in the online casino real money PayPal is the perfect option. But only after evaluating the pros and cons of this payment system you'll be able to decide whether you want to play in the casino using PayPal and we in our turn will show you the best casino online where PayPal is accepted.

How to Deposit at PayPal casinos?

As quite a lot of online casinos are accepting PayPal as one of their depositing methods, finding the one will not be a problem. Especially now, when you have the SlotsUp list of the online casinos that accept PayPal deposits. The only thing left to do is to learn how exactly you make the PayPal gambling deposit.

How to open PayPal account for Online Casino
  • First of all, make sure that you have the valid PayPal account. If you've never used PayPal before, go to and follow the instructions on the screen to create the new PayPal account. If you are an experienced PayPal user, just check your account to see whether you have enough money for your online casino deposits.
  • Then, go to your favorite online casino with PayPal deposit from the SlotsUp list. The new users will need to go through the verification procedure and create the account. It is a basic procedure where you'll be required to give your personal information such as name, date of birth, and email and then follow the link sent to you to finish the verification process. If that's not your first time using the casino, just log into your account using your email and password.
  • After the sign-up process is completed, it's time to set up your payment options and make your first online casino PayPal deposit. To do this, go to the payment page (it can also be called “Deposits” or “Banking”) and choose the preferred payment method which is PayPal, in this case. You'll be redirected to the new window to log into your PayPal account. The secure connection is usually used for PayPal logins so you can be sure your personal information and money are safe and sound.
  • Finally, enter the amount you want to deposit and wait for a few seconds until the payment procedure is over. Soon, you'll see the amount you deposited in your online casino balance meaning you are ready to play your favorite games and win the money.

How to Withdraw from PayPal Casinos?

The PayPal casino withdrawal is just as easy as the PayPal deposits. After you've played the games and won some money, you'll probably want to withdraw your winnings to spend on some well-deserved treats. To do it, log into your casino account again and go check your balance. Some of the casinos determine the minimum amount that can be withdrawn, some of them don't so check this information in the Terms & Conditions section before you start. If everything is set and ready, click the “Withdraw” button and choose PayPal as your withdrawal method (make sure you are playing in the casino with PayPal withdrawal from the SlotsUp list). Then, log into your PayPal account, enter the amount you want to get transferred from your casino balance and wait until the transaction is done to see the money in your PayPal account.

Now, you can either keep the online casino winnings on your PayPal account or get them transferred to your bank account or the PayPal card that can be used to withdraw money from the ATM. To link your bank account to your PayPal account, follow the instructions you’ll find on The whole withdrawal process will take you a couple of minutes so you can immediately start using the money you won in one of the PayPal casinos.

Advantages of Using PayPal as a Deposit Method

The modern online casinos are usually offering a bunch of banking methods so it can be hard to choose the one you want to use, especially if you are a newbie and have never played the casino games before. Each of the payment options has its advantages and disadvantages but PayPal is deservedly one of the most popular depositing methods. There are several reasons for such popularity:

  • It's SAFE. PayPal is a household name with the millions of users all over the world and a lot of players are using it to make their casino deposits and withdrawals. When using PayPal for your gambling transactions, you can be sure your money won’t disappear (besides the case when you lose all of them during the losing streak in your favorite slots) and your personal information will always be kept in secret.
  • It's FAST. Some of the gambling transactions may take hours or even days to be completed so you'll have to wait until you can spoil yourself with a gift. The PayPal deposits and withdrawals are usually completed within seconds so you can spend your time on playing, not waiting.
  • It's COST-EFFICIENT. Even though PayPal apply a small fee on your transactions, it's quite a reasonable one and you won't need to give a half of your wins to somebody else just to get them transferred to your bank account.

PayPal Casinos by Country

There’s no doubt that PayPal is a very popular online payment system and definitely one of the most well-known companies in the world. Nevertheless, you will not find it as a payment option in a random casino — despite its popularity, PayPal is not a prevailing depositing method yet. But it’s not because PayPal is bad. As the company gives its full attention to the casinos’ quality and compliance, it is only used in the best and the most reliable gambling websites that you can find on our list. Moreover, not all the countries allow using PayPal for gambling transactions. Below, you’ll find the basic information about online gambling via PayPal in some states.

PayPal Casinos in the US

When it comes to the PayPal casinos in US, things are not very optimistic, to tell the truth. As for today, the USA online casinos that accept PayPal do not exist as the country laws and the PayPal policies strictly forbid any kinds of gambling-related transactions in the US territory. This includes lotteries, games of skills, games of chance, and sports betting so the USA players will need to find some other option for their casino payments. It’s not clear whether the laws are going to change in the future but if they will, SlotsUp will be the first to announce the US online casinos that accept PayPal.

PayPal Casinos in Canada

There are some common features between the US and Canada and restriction of the PayPal casinos Canada is one of them. Canadian players are not only allowed to play in an online casino Canada using PayPal but have been also deprived of the payment protection — the main thing that makes PayPal that great and safe. As there are no Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal, players from Canada will need to find some other way to make their gambling deposit or wait until the first PayPal casino Canada appears (which is not going to happen any soon).

PayPal Casinos in Australia

The list of the countries where PayPal can’t be used for gambling transactions is continued by Australia. According to the country’s regulations, online bets can only be made in the international online casinos and not the local ones. At the same time, PayPal doesn’t allow deposits in the casinos that were not licensed in the country where you are going to play. This contradiction makes it impossible to play in a PayPal casino Australia online. The absence of the PayPal casino in Australia doesn’t spell the death for Australian players as there are still some other depositing methods allowed in the country.

PayPal Casinos in New Zealand

Due to the same sad reasons, there are no New Zealand online casinos that accept PayPal today. The players from New Zealand are allowed to make their bets in online casinos but PayPal is not an option in this case so if you want to make several bets in the PayPal casinos New Zealand, you’ll need to find some other ways to deposit and withdraw your winnings.

PayPal Casinos in Germany

And finally, the streak of restrictions is interrupted by the country where PayPal can be used for gambling transactions. Good for Germans, there are some good and reliable PayPal casinos Germany with the best of them being listed on SlotsUp. It’s one of a few countries where casinos accept PayPal as a depositing method which serves as an additional seal of approval for the German casinos accepting PayPal.

PayPal Casinos in Sweden

Sweden is famous for its beautiful nature and its liberal laws that work for online gambling too. Fortunately, Sweden is included in the short list of the countries with PayPal being a possible option for online gambling deposits. Thus, you can deposit any amount of money in the PayPal casinos in Sweden within seconds and not think about any other options you would need to use. As always, the coolest Swedish casinos with PayPal deposits are in the SlotsUp list of PayPal casinos right on this page.

PayPal Casinos in Finland

Just like its northern sister, Finland is completely okay with the PayPal being used in the online casinos to make the deposits and withdraw winnings. There are enough PayPal casino sites for Finnish players to choose from depending on what games you want to play and what kind of gambling websites you prefer. On SlotsUp, we collect all kinds of PayPal casinos Finland including live and mobile ones to satisfy even the most demanding player.

PayPal Casinos in Denmark

The famous “hygge” was invented in Denmark to show that the Danish know everything about the real happiness and how to achieve it. We believe that one of the reasons for it is that Danish gamblers can make their casino deposits quick and easy using PayPal in one of the Danish PayPal casinos online. The players can also bet in the international casinos where PayPal and other payment options are available which gives them the almost unlimited choice of games and gambling websites. Finding a PayPal casino Denmark is not a problem too as there are quite a lot of them today.

PayPal Casinos in Belgium

We are glad to add one more country to our list of the luckies who can make the fastest and the safes online casino deposits and this country is Belgium. As we can see, Europeans have a more positive attitude towards PayPal and thus we have a decent number of the online casinos that take PayPal in Belgium. The deposits in PayPal casinos in Belgium may not always bring you the real money wins but you’ll be sure to have the great gambling experience and a lot of fun.

PayPal Casinos in Portugal

The last but not least country on this list is a sunny Portugal that has done everything to ensure the perfect conditions for its gambling fans and allowed PayPal transactions in the casinos. In our list, you’ll find the best PayPal casinos in Portugal and will never have to spend time on searching all around the Web to pick an online casino that accepts PayPal again.

PayPal Casino Major Types

In the today’s world of online casinos, everyone can find something to their liking. It doesn’t really matter what kind of casino you prefer as PayPal can be used both in the full-fledged websites and mobile apps, in new casinos and the ones that have been on the market for ages. Thanks to PayPal, you can use a single payment option in all of the casinos you are playing without a fear to confuse them with one another. For your convenience, we’ve collected the most popular types of the PayPal online casinos together with their peculiarities and short instructions.

Mobile Casinos that Accept PayPal

You should know everything about mobile casinos if you are always on the go and want to have everything you may need right in your pocket. Luckily, now you can not only pay your bills using a smartphone but also take the PayPal mobile casino with you wherever you go. Mobile casino usually doesn’t differ a lot from the regular online casinos and often look and work the same. Some of them can be opened in your mobile browser while some of them have their own casino apps but the main thing is that finding a mobile casino with PayPal depositing option is not a problem anymore. Now, you can pick a PayPal deposit mobile casino in the SlotsUp list by simply opening this page from your mobile device such as iPhone, Android tablet etc.

The PayPal itself not only has no problems with mobile gambling but is generally mobile-friendly connecting with best Android casinos so it’s no wonder that PayPal casino mobile gambling is getting more and more popular. For those who have never heard about it, PayPal has its own mobile app that is considered to be very useful and good-looking. It not only lets you receive and send money to other PayPal users but also allows you to verify your deposits in the mobile casino PayPal with just a single click in the app. It means you don’t need to enter your email and password to make a mobile casino PayPal deposit and instead just get redirected to the app and confirm your transaction. Thus, a casino mobile with PayPal speeds up the whole gambling process and lets you make it fuss-free especially now when you have a mobile casino that accept PayPal right before your eyes.

Live Casinos that Accept PayPal

Online gambling industry marches ahead to attract new players with the state-of-the-art inventions, new games, and unusual approach. Conservative players would probably prefer the good old classic casinos with the set of slots and other simple games but if you are among the fans of the newest technologies, you’ll be impressed by the newest trend for live casinos.

In a live casino, you can get the experience of the real brick-and-mortar casino while playing in an online one. Just imagine playing with the live dealers looking like they are working in Vegas without even leaving your house — that’s the experience you can get in a live casino. It might sound quite sophisticated but the truth is simple. The whole gaming process is streamed from a studio or a real casino where the real people are dealing the cards to you and other players all over the world. You can see how cards are shuffled, talk to other players in an online chat, and see how the dealers look like — a great thing to do to brighten up your gambling routine and try something new.

The live casinos tend to have several payment options and PayPal is usually one of them. The SlotsUp team is fond of live gambling so we are collecting all the live casinos to one list where you can find the best live casino PayPal to play today. So if you were looking for a good and reliable online live casino that accepts PayPal, you can just choose the one from this page and be sure you are playing in a tried and true place with the best games and the cutest live dealers ever.

New Casinos that Accept PayPal

There are a lot of things that can ruin the gambling experience: unlicensed casinos, poor choice of games or payment methods, lack of bonuses and…boredom. There is nothing worse than playing in the same casino every day knowing every corner of it and hitting the buttons with your eyes closed. Such a casino can bring you the winnings if you are lucky enough but it won’t bring you the thrill and excitement of placing a bet in a completely new casino where you’ve never played before. The brand new online casino sites can look and work just the same as the old ones or surprise you with the most advanced games and killer design — you never know what is waiting for you on the new website.

But there is always a thing with the new casinos on the market as you never know whether they are good or not and whether it is safe to place the real money bets there. We know all that things and that’s why all the new PayPal casinos are being carefully checked by the SlotsUp experts who make sure that every casino meets our high standards of quality and safety. After the new PayPal casino is approved, it can make it to our list of the newest casinos where you in your turn can find it and win your next jackpot. As the new casinos appear every month or even every week, the SlotsUp list is regularly updated with the latest titles so don’t forget to come back and check whether the new casino PayPal is already here waiting for you.

PayPal Casino Games

Today’s online casinos have the impressive lists of games from the simplest to the most advanced ones. But it doesn’t matter which game exactly you are playing as you can make all kinds of bets using PayPal.

PayPal Slots

If we had to choose one game to play for the rest of our lives this would definitely be online slots with PayPal depositing option. And we are not alone in this decision — slots are the most frequently played online casino game today and millions of gamblers are playing it every day. There are two kinds of PayPal slots — classic slots and video slots. Classic online slots with PayPal deposit are the simple game with 3 reels and repeating symbols like fruits and Lucky 7’s.

Alternatively, video casino slots PayPal are much more advanced and have a variety of themes, different game symbols, and graphic solutions. There are slots PayPal based on the popular movies, comic books, music bands and so on so every player can find something to play.

If you want to play slots with PayPal deposit, you can find the slot sites that accept PayPal in the SlotsUp list. We keep an eye on all the latest releases to keep you updated about the newest online slots real money with PayPal deposits available. Just choose the one from this page and join the worldwide fanbase of this great casino game.

PayPal Roulette

Roulette is another popular game that is often associated with the casino games in general. Whenever you see a casino in the movies, there would probably be a red and black roulette reel with the ball rolling inside and a bunch of people waiting for it to stop and bring them the wins (or some disappointment when the ball hits the wrong number). Most of the casinos have several types of online roulette in their game collections including American and French roulette. There are some small differences in the rules but all kinds of online roulette games will bring you fun and don’t require any special knowledge being the pure game of chance. If you want to play online roulette real money using PayPal as a depositing option, you can always do it in one of the PayPal casinos from our list. Online roulette PayPal is a good option to choose when you want to try the new game but don’t have time to learn the complicated rules.

PayPal Blackjack

It’s impossible to imagine a good casino without several kinds of card games with the most popular ones being poker and blackjack. Online blackjack is just as frequently played as the one in the brick-and-mortar casinos and the blackjack with PayPal deposits is even more convenient than the offline game. Even though blackjack with PayPal deposits is a game of skill, the rules are very simple and you’ll learn them within minutes even if you are a newbie and playing blackjack online for real money with PayPal as a depositing method is your first time playing a gambling game. As always, the casinos offering blackjack online with PayPal payments can be found in the SlotsUp casinos list.

PayPal Baccarat
Got tired of poker and blackjack and want something more out-of-the-way? Take a look at the baccarat with PayPal payments in the listed casinos. The rules of the PayPal baccarat online are slightly more complicated than the rules of a classic blackjack but there is nothing impossible for the gambling fan, is it? This online card game will easily entertain you for hours and can even bring you huge wins if you master the rules and remember all the card values.

PayPal Live Dealer Games

Almost every type of gambling games can be played in a live casino to bring more real casino atmosphere to the betting process. In the PayPal live casinos from the SlotsUp list, you’ll find all kinds of poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette being streamed in high quality from the best studios from around the world. Let the professional dealers handle you some cards and you’ll give up brick-and-mortar casinos for good.

PayPal Casinos by Software

Just like any other product in the world, online casino games have the leading manufacturers that are well-known among the international gambling community. These companies create the best games which are awaited by the millions of gamblers while the largest casinos are fighting to be the first to release the new game to the public. The SlotsUp team created the short guide to the world’s largest online casino games providers so you can easily navigate in the gambling world without being confused by the names.

NetEnt PayPal Casinos

Surprisingly, the world’s most well-known online casino game developer was created in Stockholm late in 1996. Since then, the company has grown from the small slots-machine developer to the industry leader and created the famous games known by every player. It’s a fact: when you enter a PayPal casino NetEnt, you can be sure to find the great games, the perfect graphics, and the user-friendly interface. The list of the NetEnt most famous games include the video slots like Aliens, Dead or Alive, Gonzo Quest etc. Besides, the company is famous for its high-quality mobile casino games with the unique NetEnt Touch technology that allows its mobile games work perfectly on every mobile screen. You can find these and other company’s creations in one of the PayPal casinos NetEnt on this page.

Microgaming PayPal Casinos

When you think about the most famous casino games developers, the first name to come to mind is always Microgaming. And it’s no wonder as Microgaming is one of the first companies to introduce online gambling and turn the whole industry on its head. Today, the Microgaming PayPal casinos are full of players enjoying the company’s best products like Jurassic Park, Thunderstruck, Hitman etc. The new games are released regularly and you can always find the freshest updates in the PayPal casinos Microgaming on SlotsUp. The Microgaming casino with PayPal deposits is also available on mobile devices of all kinds. To see the list and play in the mobile PayPal casino Microgaming, just reopen this page on your smartphone or tablet.

Playtech PayPal Casinos

If you were looking for the Playtech PayPal casinos, you should probably know what this company is famous for. And the right answer is — for its awesome video slots that are famous all over the world. After making a PayPal deposit, you’ll be able to spin the reels of the greatest games like King Kong, Gladiator, Goddess of Life, Pink Panther and other and maybe even win some money for the treats. But even if you don’t win this time, the Playtech games will bring you a lot of gambling thrill and excitement which is often much valuable than the wins.

Novomatic PayPal casinos

Today, the gambling industry is full of the small young companies that often make awesome games but you should never forget the ones who built this industry by their hands to give us a chance to play such a variety of games. Novomatic was one of the first companies to start creating gambling products and has been on the market for almost 40 years. These decades gave Novomatic the priceless experience that we can now see in its products. To try them by yourself, just visit one of the Novomatic casinos that take PayPal from our list and you’ll be surprised.

Pragmatic Play PayPal casinos

Pragmatic Play may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think about the online casino games providers but that’s just because the company is relatively young and has a long way to go until we see the PayPal casino Pragmatic Play in the top-list. Nevertheless, it can easily compete with the industry giants and the Pragmatic Play PayPal casinos are always full of players enjoying the bright and entertaining video slots. In every Pragmatic Play PayPal casino, you’ll find the cartoonish games like Dwarven Gold or the more mysterious items like Transylvania, all of them having 5-reels and a lot of features hidden inside. So don’t hesitate to try something new and open one of the PayPal casinos by Pragmatic Play that you can see below.

IGT PayPal casinos

And, finally, here comes the IGT — the pure diamond in the world of classic and video slots. If you need the company that creates all kinds of slots on all possible themes — IGT is what you were looking for. Egypt and Ancient Asia, cute animals and scary vampires, popular movies and comic books — this is not even the complete set of what you can find in the provider’s collection if you make a PayPal deposit and open their game list right now.

PayPal Casino Bonuses

Now when you know everything about the PayPal casinos, it may be even harder to choose the one you are going to bring your money too. When all of the casinos are safe and reliable, have a large set of games and a pleasant user interface, the crucial thing for making a choice is the casino bonuses available. Casino bonuses are the special treats given to the new and loyal customers that can significantly increase your winnings (and the level of fun). Usually, there are three main kinds of online casino PayPal bonus:

  • The deposit bonus. It’s also called “welcome” bonus as it’s what you are awarded when you make your first deposit in the casino. Depending on the website, this can be a 100% deposit match, the 50% deposit bonus and so on. As PayPal provides instant deposits, you will not have to wait and can make use of your welcome bonus as soon as you create the casino account.
  • Free spins. Another PayPal casino bonus is usually given to the players to promote the new casino games or to thank them for their loyalty to the casino. The free spins can be spent in your favorite video slots but the money won during the free spins will need to meet the wagering requirements before you can withdraw them. But thanks to the instant PayPal withdrawals, it will not take long.
  • No deposit bonus. The smallest of all, this bonus is sometimes given to the players for no special reason, just for fun. It’s a rare bonus but you can find it in one of the PayPal casinos from our list.

Some people think that casino bonuses are not as important as safety or the game choice but we believe that the good casino can combine all of these factors to satisfy its customers. And only the casinos with such attitude can make it to the SlotsUp list of the casinos with PayPal payment option.

PayPal Casino FAQ

Players often ask us how the PayPal deposits work, are their safe and legal or how to withdraw winnings using your PayPal account. If you’ve read the article and still have some of these questions, here is the short guide to the PayPal gambling with the most frequently asked questions from our readers.

📌  Are PayPal Casinos Safe to Play?
Yes, PayPal deposits are completely safe. Even though the PayPal’s buyer protection usually doesn’t work for the gambling transactions, PayPal is carefully checking the casinos it is working with. Nevertheless, always checking the casino’s license before making the first deposit — it should be valid and issued by the international gambling organization.
📌  Do All Casinos Accept PayPal?
Not yet. The list of the casinos accepting PayPal is quite limited due to the local legislation or the marketing reasons. The complete list of the casinos accepting PayPal can be found on top of this page.
📌  What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via PayPal?
The minimum deposit amount is not limited by PayPal itself but by the casino you are playing in. Every casino has its own Terms & Conditions but usually, the minimum depositing amount is about $1.
📌  What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via PayPal?
The rules work just the same here. The maximum amount of deposit is only restricted by the casino’s conditions and your guts. Sometimes, PayPal can deny the large transactions for safety reasons but this issue can be solved very fast.
📌  Are There Any Fees Charged?
If you top up your PayPal account using your credit or debit card, the 2.9 percent fee will be charged. That’s quite a small amount to pay for the perfect service and the complete safety so don’t get scared by it as it will pay off. The casinos don’t usually take any charges for PayPal deposits but there might be some for the withdrawals which will be stated in the casino’s Terms & Conditions.
📌  What Are the Alternatives for US Players?
As you already know, the US players can’t use PayPal to make the online casino deposits due to the country’s legislation. But they can still use their credit cards, bank transfers or the payment systems like Western Union.
📌  Are PayPal Deposits Instant?
Yes, and it’s one of their main advantages. The PayPal transaction is usually completed within a few moments so you can start playing the games without any delays.
📌  Are PayPal Deposits Allowed in My Country?
You can always check it by opening the Banking section in your favorite casino and looking at the choice of the payment method. PayPal deposits are not allowed in the US, Canada, Australia, and some other countries that you can also find in the list above.
📌  What If In My Country I Cannot Deposit via PayPal?
First of all, don’t get upset. PayPal is a good but not the only payment option and you can still use other online payment systems or your credit card to deposit money in an online casino.
📌  Can I Use PayPal in Mobile Casinos?
Yes, sure. If the casino you are playing in accepts PayPal and is also mobile friendly, you can easily deposit money via PayPal app with just one click.

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