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paysafe card casinos online

With paysafecard casino deposits can instantly be made in an easy and secure way. PaySafe Group, the consortium which features paysafecard as its member, has an annual revenue of nearly $1 billion. Such renown online payment companies as Neteller and Skrill are also the members of the PaySafe Group. Many of the best online casinos accept these popular options for making gambling transactions.

Hardly any other type of payment methods among those which are available today for making gambling deposit transactions in online casinos can compare with paysafecard when it comes to the easiness with which one can transfer money on the internet. When, for example, you decide to choose using e-wallets when betting at gambling sites you will usually have to pass tedious online registration procedure exposing some sensitive information about your banking account or credit cards to third parties. But in case you opt for paysafecard all you have to do is to buy a voucher in a nearby selling outlet and enter the 16-digit PIN code for your money to instantly be transferred to your online casino account.

Paysafecard is available as a convenient online payment option in more than 40 countries of the world and is especially popular among the web gambles. It is widely accepted among the online casino operators in many European countries.

Unfortunately, apart from the UK, paysafecard is not allowed to be used in most English speaking countries, including Australia and the US. However, for the residents if these countries we will describe several other payment methods with which they can make deposits at online casinos as easily and securely as with paysafecard.

It must be said that paysafecard is also an ideal choice for mobile gambling platforms since it offers its clients a convenient application with a lot of handy features that will make your casino experience even smoother. Besides that, many online casino operators willingly offer their potential players rich welcome bonus offerings when the latter choose to use paysafecard as their favorite payment option for making gambling deposits.

In our review you will find all the necessary information about using paysafecard as well as the list of online casino sites accepting this payment method for making gambling deposits.

Best Online Casinos that accept PaysafeCard

PaysafeCard Casinos for Real Money

There are many paysafecard casinos on the internet which offer this online payment option for making deposit transactions. There is no wonder in it since when making a deposit in online casinos with paysafecard you should not bother yourself with passing any registration procedures or filling in your banking details. As it will be seen below, in a paysafecard casino online money transactions are being made in a truly convenient and easy way. Besides that, when in an online casino paysafecard transactions are being made the highest safety standards are applied which makes this payment option truly secure.

How to Deposit at PaysafeCard Casinos?

With paysafecard casino deposit transactions can be made in a very easy and secure way. There are many paysafecard casino sites which accept this popular gambling transaction option.

How to Deposit with Paysafecard to Online Casino & Sportsbook

First of all, you should buy a paysafecard voucher in the nearby selling outlet. The list of such outlets you can find at the company’s website. When buying a voucher, you should make sure that the paysafecard for minors is not being sold to you. Such vouchers are available to be bought by those under 18 years of age and can be used only at websites intended for teenagers. Consequently, you will not be able to make a online casino paysafecard deposit with them.

You can also purchase a paysafecard online from an exchanger. However, in this case one should keep in mind that it is not the safest way and one should use only reliable exchangers which will usually provide the PIN code with additional password.

After you have bought a paysafecard voucher you should choose this payment method among other options available at the website of you online casino provider. If you have not yet chosen one, check the paysafecard casino list at our website and pick the online gambling platform you will consider to be the most suitable for you.

Finally, you should enter the 16-digit PIN code and indicate the sum you want to transfer to your online gambling account. After you confirm the transaction, your money will be instantly transferred to your personal account at the online casino you choose to play at.

When you are making a casino deposit paysafecard uses the highest online security standards to protect your transactions. So that a minimum 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection is being used for transferring money via paysafecard.

Online casinos do not usually charge any fees from their players when the latter are making a paysafecard deposit. However, if you will not manage to use all the money from your paysafecard voucher during 12 months after activating it, you will be charged €2 as a monthly administrative fee.

Besides that, paysafecard mobile application lets you constantly monitor how much money are left on your online account. In any case, you should not worry about overspending with paysafecard since one is not able to deposit more money than the sum he has paid for the voucher.

How to Withdraw from PaysafeCard Casinos?

So far we have been talking about how convenient it is to use paysafecard for making deposit at online casinos. Unfortunately, this payment method can’t be used for making withdrawals. But since apart from paysafecard online casino platforms offer their visitors plenty of other options for making gambling transactions, web punters can pick one that suit them best to withdraw their winnings. At our website you can find reviews of many of the most popular online payment methods that are widely used in the sector of iGaming.

Advantages of Using PaysafeCard as Deposit Methods

When it comes to making a deposit in an online casino paysafecard has definitively many advantages which makes it stand out among other payment options which are being used for gambling transactions.

  • First of all, your online casino deposits are fully anonymous in this case and you do not share any sensitive data with third parties when using paysafecard.
  • Next, you will not be charged any fees when using paysafecard for making deposits at online casino platforms.
  • You do not have to pass any online registration procedures but only enter a PIN code or your email and password.
  • Besides that, your money will immediately be transferred to your online gambling account and you will be able to monitor how much is still left for you to spend.

All this makes paysafecard a very easy and convenient method for making deposits at online gambling venues.

Paysafecard Casinos by Country

PaysafeCard Casinos in Canada

If they decide to play in an online casino Canada web gamblers will face quite an ambiguous legislative framework which in general does not allow to run unauthorized web gambling platforms in this country. But in the in the same time local laws do not prohibit Canadian residents to play at foreign online gambling platforms. Besides that, some provinces, including British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario, have already legalized online casinos and invite local gamblers to try their luck at state run gambling platforms with a limited choice of payment options.

Paysafe Group, the consortium that owns paysafecard, has officially stated that it regards Canada to be one of those countries where playing at offshore online casinos is prohibited. Therefore, it strives to detect and block the money transactions related to online casino operators which are considered to be illegal in Canada. That is why the only chance for Canadian web gamblers to play at Canadian online casinos that accept paysafecard is to choose a web platform that is not yet in the paysafecard blacklist.

Another reason why today there are hardly any paysafecard casino Canada gamblers can freely play at is that this payment company does not want to be engaged in facilitating any money-laundering scandals which happen even in Canadian regulated casinos. All this results in the fact that when it comes to choosing the payment method to be used for making deposits at an online casino in Canada paysafecard is not among the popular options.

But the good news is that apart from paysafecard casinos Canada gamblers can choose from plenty of online gambling platforms that offer convenient and easy to use payment methods. Skrill is one such payment option that can be sued even for making casino withdrawals. To sum up, instead of paysafecard Canada gambling fans still have decent alternatives to make online casino transactions with.

PaysafeCard Casinos in the UK

If they want to play in online casinos UK punters have a vast choice of gambling platforms to choose from. The UK government has officially legalized online casinos back in 2005. The UK Gambling Commission effectively regulates the activities of the officially registered online casino providers.

Unlike in other English speaking countries there are many paysafecard casinos UK based online gamblers can play at. It must be said that Paysafe is based at the Isle of Man which is a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea and one of global centers in the sector of online casinos. Besides that, paysafecard is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. And the Paysafe Group has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2015.
betway, Casumo, and 777 are among the best paysafecard casino UK gamblers can play at.

From the above said it is obvious that if you want to play at an online casino in UK paysafecard is one of the most convenient and easy to use options for making deposits.

PaysafeCard Casinos in Australia

Australia was the first country in Oceania region where paysafecard started to sell its vouchers. The company has entered local market in 2013. It has a wide distribution network in Australia consisting of more than 12,000 outlets.

In Australia online casino platforms are prohibited from operating at the territory of the country by the Interceptive Gambling Act which has been adopted back in 2001. However, local residents are not officially prohibited from playing at offshore based online gambling platforms. Thanks to such loopholes in legislation Australians have become to be famous for spending tons of money at online casinos.

Until recently, paysafecard was among the most popular payment methods for making deposits in offshore based online platforms for local web punters. In online casinos that accept paysafecard Australia punters used to have a seamless money transaction experience thanks to this convenient payment option which allows to make anonymous money transitions. However, things have changed after the Interactive Gambling Amendment Act has been adopted by Australian Parliament in 2017. Its main goal is to close all those loopholes in local gambling legislation which allows local online casino players to freely gamble at offshore platforms.

Consequently, paysafecard vouchers are no longer available to make online casino transactions in Australia. However, local punters should not get discouraged since apart from paysafecard casino Australia online gamblers can still play at casino sites that accept Neosurf which is a similar prepaid payment method.

PaysafeCard Casinos in New Zealand

In terms of online gambling related regulations New Zealand’s government holds a somewhat less strict stance than in Australia. Local gambling act does not prohibit New Zealand based web gamblers to use the services of foreign online platforms. That is why if they want to play in some of the best online casino New Zealand web gamblers have a wide choice of international platforms at their disposal unlike in Australia where stricter rules have been adopted recently in regards to web gambling platforms.

However, when it comes to paysafecard casinos New Zealand punters are in the same situation as their Australian counterparts. At its website paysafecard stipulates that the company is unable to implement any marketing activities in the online casino sector neither in Australia, nor in New Zealand.

Consequently, at the moment of this writing there are not much New Zealand online casinos that accept paysafecard as their payment option. However, local web punters still have a wide choice of other payment methods at their disposal for making online casino deposits. Neosurf is one such payment option that we offer to our users as a viable alternative to paysafecard.

PaysafeCard Casinos in the US

If they want to play in an online casino US residents have to choose a suitable method for making deposits at offshore based platforms, since in most states, except for New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, web gambling is not yet legalized.

In September 2006, the US Congress has adopted the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) which, among other things, prohibited local banking institutions to process money transactions to offshore based online casinos.

Neteller, another member of the Paysafe Group, has already paid a 6 million fine to the US government for facilitating online casino transactions. This could be among the reasons why paysafecard overtly states at its website that when its vouchers are bought in the USA, they will not work at the online casino platforms and clearly testifies the company’s compliance with the UIGEA requirements. Consequently, there are currently practically no paysafecard online casinos that accept US players.

Fortunately, apart from paysafecard casinos USA punters can still have plenty of viable options to transfer their money to online gambling accounts. Cryptocurrency, including bitcoin ether and altcoin, are one such option that gives local online punters an opportunity to instantly make casino deposits in an anonymous way. No wonder bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular among American online gamblers.

PaysafeCard Casinos in the Germany Wertkarten AG which used to be the official name of this company before it has become a part of the Paysafe Group, was initially founded in Austria and Germany in 2000. In 2013 it was bought by Skrill and has joined the consortium of online payment companies which also includes Neteller. That is why there is no wonder that there are many paysafecard casinos in Germany operating online.

Such famous gambling websites as River Belle, Ruby Fortune and Mucho Vegas all compete to be named the best paysafecard casino Germany online gamblers can play at.

Although local gambling legislation differs from state to state in regards to restricting web gambling there are plenty of online casinos Germany based punters can play at. Being an anonymous and instant payment solution paysafecard ideally satisfies the needs of local online casino fans.

In other words, when playing at an online casino in Germany paysafecard is by far one of the most attractive payment method to be used by web punters for making deposit transactions.

PaysafeCard Casinos in Sweden

Swedish government has recently amended local gambling legislation in such a way as to allow foreign online casinos to enter local market starting from 2019. This will mean that there will be more online casinos Sweden punters can freely play at and the popularity of such easy to use and convenient payment options as paysafecard will only increase. Jackpot City, Gaming Club and Quasar Gaming are among the best paysafecard casino Sweden based online punters can play at.

In order to make an online casino deposit with paysafecard in Sweden you should check the nearby land based outlet which is selling its voucher whose nominals are available in SEK, and after buying one enter the 16-digit PIN code when prompted at the website of your gambling provider.

If you are considering what payment method to use for making deposit transactions at an online casino in Sweden paysafecard is definitely worth trying out.

PaysafeCard Casinos in Finland

In Finland there is a state monopoly in the sector of online casinos. The government run Veikkaus is the only online gambling platform which has been officially registered in this country. Nevertheless, many offshore based websites offer their services to the web punters from this country. Consequently, there are plenty of the best online casinos Finland gamblers can play at.

Among the many Finnish online casinos accepting Paysafecard we recommend our readers to check out 888, the Hippodrome Casino and bgo.

As a matter of fact, among the payment options that are usually available at an online casino in Finland paysafecard is one of the best choices when it comes to making deposits.

PaysafeCard Casino Types

Mobile Casinos that Accept PaysafeCard

Mobile casinos are all the rage these days when smartphones have replaced PC in our daily life. One can hardly imagine a more convenient type of gambling. In a mobile casino you can hit million jackpots on the go while walking down the street or driving in the car. But when you are making deposits in a mobile casino with paysafecard your gambling experience will be even more delightful since you will not have to fill in any long registration fields or enter your banking information.

There are plenty of top mobile casino sites that accept paysafecard as a payment option for making online deposit transactions. It must be said that paysafecard pays special attention to developing some special features of its mobile application. For example, not only will it help you find outlet nearest to your current location where you can buy paysafecard vouchers, but also guide you show you how to get there in the smallest amount of time.

Another feature that is especially useful for the fans of online gambling is that the paysafecard mobile application makes it possible for you to monitor the sum of money left on your gambling account. Although, as we have already mentioned, you can’t overspend with paysafecard since you can deposit only as much as you have paid for your voucher, it is still very important to know how much is left for you to spend at an online gambling venue so that you can make affordable bets.

In a mobile casino paysafecard deposit can be made in the same way as in case with regular online gambling platform. You simply have to enter the 16-digit PIN code from your voucher and money will instantly be transferred to your gambling account. As you can see, with paysafecard mobile casino deposits can be made with just a few taps on the screen.

If you want to pick the best mobile casino that accepts paysafecard you can choose from a number of the top online gambling providers. At such high quality platforms as Betway, Jackpot City and River Belle casino mobile paysafecard is among the most convenient payment options for making deposits.

If you are going to make a paysafecard deposit mobile casino provider can offer you special bonuses for using this popular payment method. This is just another reason why for those fond of playing at mobile casino paysafecard is one of the best payment options to choose for making deposit transactions.

Although usually casino games are available to be played at different platforms, like existing mobile casinos for Android and iOS, when choosing to play in a paysafecard casino mobile device should nevertheless be checked whether it is compatible with the technical requirements stipulated by the online gambling provider.

Live Casinos that Accept PaysafeCard

Live dealer casinos have recently become very popular among the online punters throughout the world. They provide their visitors with a unique opportunity to get the real life experience of gambling in a brick and mortar gambling house without having to leave one’s home or dress oneself in accordance with the dress code. Besides that, you will be able to chat with the pleasantly looking croupier and other visitors.

Modern technologies made it possible to insert special sensors into playing cards and real money online roulette which instantly send data via online streaming to the player’s screen. That is why you should take care that your internet connection is reliable and powerful enough to guarantee a seamless online gambling experience in live casinos. But even if you get disconnected you should not worry since all your bets will be preserved until you will able to fix the internet connection.

In an online live casino paysafecard transactions are made as at a regular online gambling platform. You enter the code from the paysafecard voucher when prompted. After that you can make the bet at real money blackjack sites straight away without waiting any longer since your money will be transferred in a blink of an eye. The only drawback of live casinos is that so far the variety of games that they offer to their visitors is not that wide as at regular online gambling platforms. However, this disadvantage is typical to live dealer casinos in general and not only to those which accept paysafecard.

Casumo, betway and JackpotCity are among the best live casino sites that accept paysafecard as their online payment option for making deposit transactions in a n easy and convenient way.

As you can see, in a live casino paysafecard is an ideal payment option to choose for making online deposits which is very popular among the web punters throughout the world.

New Casinos that Accept PaysafeCard

New online casino sites are regularly appearing on the world wide web making iGaming sector a highly competitive industry. In order to attract visitors, a brand new casino could often offer some special features and unique promos. These could be some especially rich bonuses, a friendly customer service or a wide variety of online payment methods to choose from for making deposits and withdrawals.

It is quite often the case that in a new casino paysafecard is available along with other payment options for making deposit transactions. But one should also check all the other criteria which are typically used for evaluation of online gambling platforms. In other words, the fact that paysafecard is being offered at a new online venue does not automatically mean that you should choose such a casino right away.

It is always a good idea to check where has the online casino under consideration obtain its license, what are the quality of the game graphics as well as to make sure that the customer support is available 24/7 in the language you are comfortable to communicate with.

It also must be noted that in some of the new paysafecard casinos such fancy gaming modes as virtual reality might be offered to the visitors. VR games are bound to change the way we play the games of chance online and we recommend our readers to try them out whenever they see them being offered at a new paysafecard casino.

PaysafeCard Casino Bonuses

Many of the online casinos that accept paysafecard offer their visitors fantastic bonuses. There are different types of such offerings, including registration bonuses, special promotions, refer a friend bonuses, no deposit bonuses, etc. As we have already mentioned, in a paysafecard casino bonus can be given to players simply for choosing this easy to use and convenient payment method when making online deposit transactions.

Welcome bonuses at casino with paysafecard as a payment option can also be of different types and aim to attract new players to the online gambling platform. Your online casino can offer you free spins or a deposit match bonus. 100% match bonuses are among the most popular promo offering which can be found at paysafecard online casinos. In this case the gambling operator doubles the sum you have deposited with your paysafecard voucher. In some case deposit match bonuses can be lower, while in other they can go up to 500%.

Another type of special promo offerings that are often offered at paysafecard online casinos is the no deposit bonus. What makes this online casino paysafecard bonus so unique is the fact that one does not even have to make any deposit transactions to one’s gambling account to obtain free money for making bets. All one has to do is to sign up at an online casino that accepts paysafecard and has this type of bonus among its promo offerings.

When it comes to refer-a-friend bonus one should note that they are not that frequently found today at paysafecard online gambling platforms. If you occasionally come across one of them, consider yourself to be lucky. The key purpose of this type of bonuses is to facilitate the process of invitation of new players to the online casino. If you succeed to convince someone to sign up at a paysafecard gambling platform where such a bonus is offered, you will usually be given some extra money to play with as a benefit.

However, before choosing any of the attractively looking bonus offers one should carefully read its terms and conditions in order to avoid some unpleasant surprises in the future. One should particularly check what are the wagering requirements, eligible games and time limits.

Sometimes an online gambling provider can establish special conditions for making bets with the bonus money, as well as introduce a limited period of time during which one can spend his bonus. As you can see these are quite important things to keep in mind when choosing the best bonus for oneself and one should definitely double check whether any of these conditions are mentioned in the terms document. Besides that, a particular bonus can apply to only a specific number of games among those offered by the paysafecard online casino so that you should make sure whether the one that you are going to play is in the eligible list.

As you can see there are different types of bonus offerings at paysafecard online casinos but one should be careful enough not to choose the one that will disappoint one’s expectations.

Paysafecard Casino FAQ

📌  Are PaysafeCard Casinos Safe to Play?
Paysafecard online gambling platforms are completely safe to play at. This payment method applies the highest standards of online security when processing your money transactions. Besides that, Paysafecard is a reliable company which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.
📌  Do All Casinos Accept PaysafeCard?
Unfortunately, not all online casinos accept paysafecard for making deposits. In such cases we recommend our readers to check our list of Skrill casino sites which use a similar online payment method. It must be said that Skrill belongs to the same PaySafe family as paysafecard and will even enable you to make gambling withdrawals. Another option are PayPal casinos which offer a popular and reliable payment method for making online money transactions.
📌  What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via PaysafeCard?
The minimal nominal of paysafecard vouchers is €5. But some online gambling venues will even accept as small deposits as less than €1 if you use this payment option.
📌  What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via PaysafeCard?
The biggest nominal among paysafecard vouchers is €100 or the equivalent in other currencies. You can combine several PINs to make a bigger online deposit if you want. However, paysafecard has established the maximum payment amount per transaction made with combined PINs to be €250.
📌  Are There Any Fees Charged?
There are typically no fees charged on the part of paysafecard. However, your online gambling provider may ask you to pay some fees for using this payment method. Besides that, if you do not manage to spend all money from your voucher during a 12 month period, paysafecard will charge a €2 as a monthly administrative fee.
📌  Are PaysafeCard Deposits Instant?
Yes. Paysafecard deposits are instant. Your money will be immediately transferred to your online gambling account after you enter the PIN code from your paysafecard voucher.
📌  Are PaysafeCard Deposits Allowed in My Country?
To check whether paysafecard is allowed in your country you should visit the company’s website. If you find out that you can’t use it at your place of residence, then we recommend you to check our list of Neosurf casino websites which offer a prepaid card online payment option that is similar to paysafecard. Besides that, at Klarna casino deposit transactions can also be made in an easy and convenient.
📌  Can I Use PaysafeCard in Mobile Casinos?
Paysafecard is often being offered at mobile gambling platforms. It must also be said that this company pays special attention to developing the features available at its mobile application which make using this payment method even more exciting.

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