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Online Roulette in Casinos

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Did you know that there are two different online roulette games in casinos all over the world?

Also, the roulette game is one of the online casino gambling games that use spinning wheels that’s been played for thousands of years. It dates back to Ancient Greece and Rome. In Rome, Roman soldiers would mark areas on the wheels of a chariot, spin it, and place bets on where it would land. The Greeks also adopted the idea but applied it to shields marked with unique sections and spun on spears.

Historians believe that Blaise Pascal, a renowned French mathematician, invented the horizontal spinning wheel that is the key element of online roulette games in the 17th century, specifically 1655. At first, it was all about the single 0 versions until the 1800s when Roulette crossed the ocean onto the US shores and got an extra 0 to give the house an even larger edge.

Roulette game online first became a thing in the early 2000s. After people found out how exciting betting on cash from home would be, advances were made on the game. Today, you can enjoy some online roulette on your PC, iPhone, Mac, iPad, and any other compatible device.

Best Free Online Roulette Games for 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Online Roulette

Online Roulette has gained its popularity thanks to its addictive charm. Contrary to what most people believe, this game is simple and straightforward. To play Roulette online successfully, the rules of the game have to be at your fingertips.

The main rules of the game are relatively simple; the game begins when you place your bets. When there are no more bets, the winner is declared, and all bets go to the house.

The larger the screen of your device (a 21″ screen is best), the better, as you need a good view of the wheel to determine the winning color and number. Online Roulette table not only has the edge over live Roulette because of its convenience but because of the variety, it offers as well.

Types of Roulettes

From a distance, all roulettes may seem similar. However, upon closer inspection and research, you will discover that there are three main varieties of roulettes. Each of them has their unique characteristics that you will discover as you play Roulette online:

French Roulette: Of the three varieties, French Roulette offers the lowest house advantage and has a unique table layout. All the numbers on its table are white, while all the numbers are either black or red except the zero and double zero on the American roulette table. It also has one zero.

American Roulette: Famous for its 0 and 00 pocket-feature, this version offers an excellent opportunity to make some money with a house edge on single digits being approximately 5.3%. Its wheel has 38 slots, and though winning chances are slim, it brings an attractive five-number bet characteristic to the table, where you win if you place a bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3.

European Roulette: European Roulette to play is arguably the most preferred among gamblers due to its enticing 2.6% house edge- offer. Though it’s not that different from American Roulette, the significant variation is 37 pockets and only a single zero space. Zero has a green hue, and digits alternate between black and green. The figures are arranged systematically, so they provide a fair number of chances for both black and red pockets.

Free Roulette Vs. Real Money Roulette: What to Pick?

Most newbie online roulette players choose to play Roulette for free since it sounds safer. Free roulette play is beneficial for a couple of reasons:

  • It is a great way to learn the ropes
  • You won’t have to part with any money
  • There’s an array of games at your disposal

Real money roulette has the unmatched advantage of providing you with the thrill of betting. And, the better your bets, the higher your rewards are going to be.

Before giving this alternative a try, you should also consider its cons, such as risking to lose lots of money on gambling since it’s not a guarantee that you’ll win each round. Additionally, the excitement comes with chances of getting addicted to betting.

How to Pick the Best Online Roulette Casinos

Online casinos have established a name for themselves among pros and newbies alike. With the countless online casino games available, it may not be easy choosing the ideal site for you. Just follow these pointers, and you’ll find a reliable one in no time:

  1. Check for Reviews. Any online casino website without client reviews isn’t worth your time. Customer reviews help you gauge the legitimacy and effectiveness of a particular site.
  2. Consider Ease of Navigation. Look for a casino that loads pages fast and allows you to find your favorite game quickly. If the website’s dashboard looks disorderly and has a few games, it’s likely that it has no developer team or is on a low budget.
  3. Find Out if it’s Mobile-Friendly. An online roulette casino with mobile support is a great choice. A free online roulette with no download feature is as poor as a roulette site without mobile capabilities.

Playing Online Roulette: Basics, Strategies, and Tips

The roulette wheel online game may look intimidating at first, with all those colors and numbers, but once you understand how the game is played, you’ll realize that it’s easier than most other online casino games.

Nothing beats the thrill of placing your bets on the table and waiting to find out where the ball will land. It’s even better in the sense that you can maximize your chances of winning and earning rewards with constant practice.

How to Play Online Roulette

Online Roulette has graced the screens of most devices for over two decades. With the high number of winners daily, there’s no better time to be a part of the action than now. Here is a simplified guide to playing online Roulette:

  • Choose your preferred website. Each website has a unique layout, so be sure to have a look before making a choice.
  • Place your bet. Here, you should choose the chip size that you want to bet with. The chips have different sizes and colors, which shows their worth. Pro tip: Begin with a taster bet before going all in. Afterward, click on the table layout to place your gamble.
  • Immediately after your bets are placed, click the ‘spin’ button. The wheel will spin, and the ball is dropped into the wheel. The wheel will stop eventually, and the ball will rest in a pocket.
  • If you correctly predicted where the ball would rest, congratulations! You won!
  • You will receive your payout from the dealer.

A Short Intro to Roulette Strategies

It’s no secret that online Roulette is a fascinating game because of its simple yet mysterious nature. The downside is that the odds for players are some of the worst.

Luckily, there are strategies used by players worldwide when they play Roulette online for free to rake in more chips. These techniques are pretty straightforward and will give you an upper hand when properly implemented.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy: For it, you require at least $200. Basically, you put $140 on digits 19-36, gamble $50 on figures 13-18, and for insurance, place $10 on 0.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy: Inspired by famous Italian math whiz Leonardo of Pisa, this strategy is characterized by all digits after the first two is the total of the two before it, e.g., 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.

The Martingale Roulette Strategy: In this strategy, you double your gambles after taking a loss, with the aim of recovering all past losses and earning a reasonable profit.

The D’Alembert Strategy: Safer than the Martingale technique, the D’Alembert strategy is achieved by decreasing and increasing bets based by one.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy: From the name, this method is the reverse of the Martingale strategy. Instead of raising your gambles when you lose, you aim to add them when you win and reduce them after losses.

Roulette Betting Options

Online roulette betting alternatives are categorized according to their position on the table. Though there are two most common types of bets; Outside Bets, which fall outside the 0-36 digits, and Inside Bets that fall within the 0-36 figures, there are several more that are rarely included:

  • Imprisonment Bet, which is found in the French Roulette, and is unique because it includes a rule where you can receive half your bet back.
  • Call Bets are present in only French and European tables and are unique since they are ‘announced’ or ‘called out’ rather than putting your money on the table.
  • Maximum/Full Complete/Complete Bet, which takes all the inside bets in Roulette online for free and places them on a particular digit.

Outside bets include:

  • Column: choosing a group of digits contained by one of the three columns on the table.
  • 19-36 or 1-18: a bet on whether the digit the ball lands on will be lower or higher than 18.
  • Snake: a bet where a player lays down an s-shaped snaking line of bets of 12 straight figures.
  • Black or Red: deciding whether the ball will land on a black or red section.
  • Dozen: gambling on the ball falling between 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36.
  • Odd or Even: estimate the parity of the numbered section

Inner Bets include:

  • Basket: a gamble on the digits 0-1-2-3, including the double 0.
  • Street: a bet on any figure within a row of three digits.
  • Trio: a bet on three numbers
  • Corner: a gamble placed on the corner of four numbers
  • Straight: where you bet on any digit.
  • First Four: a bet placed on the first three numbers.
  • Split: where you gamble on the Line that separates two figures.
  • Six Line: a gamble placed on two close lines, covering six digits.

How to Win at Online Roulette

Online Roulette continues to wow many with its slow-paced yet fascinating charm. If you’re planning on playing online Roulette, here are some tips on bagging impressive wins every time you play:

  • Play for Free at First – it may sound dumb and plain, but it’s a certified winning strategy. Play roulette games online enables you to practice for as long as you want and learn the ropes without parting with any money, so you can play like a pro when gambling on actual money.
  • Don’t Lose Composure – it’s easy to lose control with all the betting excitement. You can, however, maintain your sanity by setting a loss limit. Upon using up the set amount, no matter how tempted you may be, leave it at that.
  • Play at Legit Online Casinos – there are countless cases of people who win but don’t receive their earnings. Break the cycle by doing your homework before signing up for a specific casino.
  • Select a Smart Strategy System for Long-Term Wins – though no strategy gives you a 100% chance of victory, particular ones such as the Martingale roulette strategy, Fibonacci strategy, and D’Alembert strategy increase your odds of winning.

Online Roulette FAQ

What is the Best Roulette Bet?

The evens/odds in European roulette play are the best roulette bet because they allow you to hit nearly half the alternatives on the Roulette Wheel. Since the 0 and 00 aren’t numbered, your chances of winning are pretty high.

What is the Minimum Bet in Online Roulette?

The minimum bet in Roulette online generally falls in the region of $5- $10. It can, however, be higher or lower, depending on the website. People with more experience usually opt for the $10 option.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Play Online Roulette?

You have to be at least 18 years old to play free Roulette in states like Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Idaho, though most states have raised the age requirement to 21 years if you’re hoping to play for real money.

Free Roulette or Real Money Roulette: Which One is Best for Me?

It all depends on your level of experience. You should play Roulette for free while you’re still a beginner. Once you become an expert and believe in your skills, you can try your hand at real money roulette. It wouldn’t hurt to still play online Roulette for free, though.

Can I Play Online Roulette on a Mobile Phone?

Absolutely. Casino roulette is available on any device with access to the internet, including iPads, Blackberries, Android phones, and iPhones. It is appealing for some reasons. First of all, it allows mobility, unlike a PC. Whether you’re visiting friends or having a latte in a restaurant, you can bet or check your progress whenever you want with maximum ease.