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Keno doesn’t pay well? That’s not true. Contrary to popular opinion, Keno provides worthwhile payouts, granting a payback of up to 97%, as long as you play the right type of Keno and stick with the right type of bets. On the flip side, mastering Keno derivatives and paytables is quite a challenge, especially if you’re new to the multiverse of casino games. But don’t get discouraged: in ten minutes or so – after reading this guide, that is – you will know all the ins & outs of Keno games, as well as you will be able to choose the best Keno casinos out of thousands of ones.

Speaking of the Keno casinos, just below this intro, there’s a premium collection of real money keno casinos collected by our gambling experts. We’ve checked all the gaming platforms manually and can guarantee the high quality of the latter. Easy registration, bonuses, all-encompassing libraries of games, and many more splendid opportunities await you inside these casinos – just pick your best one and start playing Keno for real money or free right away after you finish reading this guide. May Keno numbers be ever in your favor!

Top 10 Real Money Keno Casinos in 2022

All You Need to Know About Real Money Keno in Casinos

There quite a few things about online keno real money to digest, but the three shortcuts to maximize your potential at Keno are:

  • Choosing the right casino. You can only pick a reputable and verified casino, either based on your own research of the Keno market, or you can skip the DYOR step in favor of top-notch Keno casinos from the collection above.
  • Picking high-RTP Keno. There are a few Keno variations and about a dozen possible wagers in Keno, and in combination, that gives you an array of RTPs among which you can choose the RTP of 95% and even better.
  • Managing your bankroll wisely. Last but not least, you shouldn’t forget that Keno is a game of chance, which means luck and only luck is King. Don’t play Keno too fast – enjoy the game and spend no more than you can afford.

History of Keno

While it’s not possible to say much about the origin of the word ‘Keno’ – we only know that it’s either Latin or French – the origination of the game dates back to ancient China, where Keno was played with 120 Chinese characters for the sake of collecting taxes to fund the never-ending war campaigns. An interesting fact is that the taxes from Keno were used for erecting the Great Wall of China, the longest wall in the world with one of the greatest sights on the planet.

At the beginning of the 18th century, Keno was brought to American by Chinese railroad workers that wandered across the western border of the United States in search of work for a living. Legend has it that a group of workers settled in San Francisco and introduced Keno to Americans, who later replaced the confusing Chinese characters with numbers. That’s how the game we know and love was born, and little has changed since then: Keno has successfully overcome legal restrictions in the 20th century, transforming into advanced electronic Keno about two dozen years ago.

As of now, hundreds, if not thousands, of online casinos represent Keno and its numerous derivatives on par with other table games and slots. But one significant change does mark electronic Keno: it is way more generous in comparison with land-based Keno. And that is huge! The house edge in Keno games for real money played in brick-and-mortar gaming halls is about 30%, which means players lose 30 cents out of each dollar wagered on Keno games, whereas online casinos reduce the house edge to an insignificant 5, 4, or 3 percent by using a Random Number Generator (RNG), the same one used in slots. As a result, more and more players choose Keno for its high profitability and authenticity.

Benefits of Playing Online Keno for Real Money

Be it live online keno for real money or electronic Keno, it has the same 3 undeniable advantages:

  • Excitement & thrill until the end of the draw. The thrill of anticipation and the camaraderie among fellow players are so inspiring that you fall in love with the game in no time (and which is why bankroll management is highly recommended).
  • Bonuses. Whether you play traditional Keno, 40-ball Keno, Power Keno, or Video Keno, you can take advantage of the whole spectrum of bonuses offered by online casinos. Welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free chips – all these and many perks alike can grant you a few free plays at Keno and boost your winnings.
  • Game flexibility. Since the only factor affecting your odds at Keno is the RPT of the game you play, it would be wise to consider playing the most profitable Keno games, such as. Keno by NetEnt (up to 96.2%), Keno by Playtech (up to 92.96%), and Keno by Odds On (up to 96.54%).

Keno Glossary

We’ve decided to make up a Keno glossary for new players so that all of you know where to look when you stumble upon an unfamiliar term at your Keno game.

  • Aggregate Limit: the maximum amount of winning that the casino can pay in a single round. Once reached, the maximum win is divided between the winners.
  • All-or-Nothing: a ticket that pays either if you’ve guessed all the selected numbers or neither of them.
  • Balls: the balls (numbered 1-80 in traditional keno and 1-40 in 40-ball Keno) that are drawn as the game goes on.
  • Bankroll: the total amount of money at your disposal (in your casino account).
  • Blank (ticket): an unused Keno ticket.
  • Blower: a machine used in land-based Keno to shuffle the balls and issue them one by one to the game operator.
  • Board: a panel that displays all drawn numbers.
  • Buy-in tournament: a paid tournament where you compete (a few rounds) with other players for a total prize pool.
  • Call: an announcement of a keno number.
  • Caller (writer): an operator in the land-based Keno games.
  • Catch: the number that has matched (was called during the game).
  • Catch-All/Catch-Zero: Keno games that require you to catch all/none of the chosen numbers (similar to All-or-Nothing).
  • Close: a time before the beginning of the draw. Once Close is called, no more tickets are issued by the house.
  • Draw: the 20 numbers drawn at the Keno game.
  • Flashboard: an electronic board that shows the drawn numbers.
  • Free play: a Keno game played with demo credits; the free-play mode is best to get familiar with the rules and features of the game.
  • High-End Ticket: a ticket with a boosted payment for matching a lot of numbers.
  • Hit: when the drawn number matches one of your numbers.
  • House: the casino.
  • Pay Any Catch: a ticket that pays if at least one number matches.
  • Punch-Out: in land-based Keno games, a punch-out is a ticket with the drawn numbers punched out. It is used to quickly verify the results of the game by laying it over your Keno ticket.
  • Race: a single game (round) in Keno.
  • RNG (Random Number Generator): an algorithm used in Keno, slots, and other electronic games, that operates these games by issuing random sequences of numbers. In Keno, the RNG is responsible for creating a draw. The most reputable casinos have their RNGs verified and approved by independent testing agencies, such as, for example, eCOGRA. Also, some casinos implement the so-called Provably Fair tool, which enables you to verify the outcome of each roll/draw/spin and make sure the casino doesn’t cheat.
  • Stud: a Keno game in which the jackpot increases until the game ends.
  • Slipper: a winning ticket with the payment uncollected (in land-based Keno games).
  • Way ticket: a Keno ticket with at least two bets.
  • Winning numbers: the 20 numbers drawn by the writer/caller (in electronic Keno – automatically).

Playing Real Money Keno in Online Casinos

Formerly, Keno games were frowned upon by many due to the too high advantage of the house, but now that online casinos have implemented RNGs to increase the RTP rates of Keno games, more and more players return to Keno or choose it among other games.

Indeed, there’s no limit to the type of real-money Keno games and bets you can take at online casinos. Be it classic 80-ball Keno, exotic 40-ball Keno, Power Keno, or any other variation, you can make dozens of wagers, thereby altering your winning odds. But, of course, it all starts with choosing a reliable casino that pays.

How to Play Online Keno for Real Money

There are only a few steps that separate you from your favorite Keno game. To play keno online for real money,

  1. Choose a credible online casino. Thousands of casinos attract players with allegedly outstanding gaming conditions and generous bonuses, but when it comes to checking, only a tiny bit of them passes it. Choosing a worthwhile casino is crucial, so make sure to do thorough research on your casino or – a much better option and a strongly recommended one – take advantage of our ready-made list of online keno real money usa.
  2. Register with the casino and make a deposit. Most casinos provide a simple registration process via a website form. The only nuance is that you will have to pass the identification procedure to be able to withdraw your winnings (very few casinos allow unverified users to withdraw). Once you’re in, go to the Cashier page, select the preferred deposit method, and fund your casino account.
  3. Choose the keno game you’re good at and play it for real money. If you’re new to Keno, we would advise you to start with a free-play. If you already know the ropes, just pick your game and enjoy it, taking bets you’re comfortable with.

Keno Rules

Different Keno games have different specificities, but the core rules are the same nevertheless. The gist of Keno is to guess all the numbers you’ve picked or as many of them as possible, and you can select from one up to 20 numbers before the game starts. Traditional Keno has numbers from 1 to 80, and 20 of them are drawn as the game goes on. Depending on how many drawn numbers match your numbers, you either lose or win money according to the paytable.

Speaking of the paytable, this is where the tricky part starts. To be successful in Keno, you have to be lucky (the main ingredient) and know the wagers that provide you with the highest winnings odds. For example, let’s assume you’ve picked 20 numbers in an 80-ball Keno game – the maximum you can pick, that is. It’s most probable that you score 5 out of 20(1:4.3) and the least probable that you match all 20 numbers. By the way, the odds of hitting 20 out of 20 are so tiny that it has never been hit and will unlikely to be in the future.

To play with odds and numbers, you can pick:

  • Split tickets: allow you to play two keno games simultaneously.
  • Way tickets: provide several bets and multiple chances to win.
  • Combination tickets: allow you to wager on different groups of numbers and combine your wagers in any possible way.

Last but not least, note that you don’t necessarily have to play an unfamiliar Keno game for real money at once – on the contrary, we strongly recommend you to get the hang of the game in the free-play mode before making any real-money wagers.

Tips and Strategies for Online Keno

The most important fact to face is that Keno is all about luck, and there are no strategies that can improve your performance to the point of guaranteed win or an edge over the casino. Of course, that’s not possible, neither in Keno nor in any other game of chance. Nevertheless, we have some thoughts that might be of help to you:

  • Take advantage of casino bonuses. The only sure way to win at Keno (or at least break-even) is to play with bonus money. And why not? The casinos you can find on this webpage are abundant with bonuses, and you can avail of the most generous offers to play keno for real money without dipping into your pocket.
  • Know your paytable. Since payouts for matching the same numbers vary depending on the casino, it’s only wise to choose the venue that pays the most. And, of course, you should keep in mind the odds themselves.
  • Take your time when playing Keno. It’s no use to argue with science: the more games you play, the more likely you’ll end up playing with a negative balance. Therefore, focus on enjoying the process and don’t rush to get even. In games of chance, revenge is a money killer.

Online Keno Payouts

Knowing the payout tables won’t guarantee you a win, but it will provide you with all the necessary information on the probability of winning and losing, which is the only wise approach to games of chance. Chances-wise, here are a few Keno games worth trying:

  • Keno by Microgaming. The world-leading gaming provider, Microgaming has one of the most generous paytables. The low RTP of 75% for picking a single number out of a maximum of 15 (a single number is never a good pick, though) skyrockets to a whopping 96.35% for seven picks and holds over 92% for any other number of picks.
  • Keno by NetEnt. The second most generous Keno game in the market, Keno by NetEnt has the best average RTP rate and the maximum RTP value of 96.2% for 2 picks out of 15.
  • Keno by Playtech. Not as generous as Keno by Microgaming and NetEnt, Keno by Playtech is nevertheless worth playing, as it offers you to pick no more than 10 numbers with RTPs varying between 92% and 92.75%.

Finally, if you want to check if the chosen Keno game works for you, don’t hesitate to take a few free-play rounds. All the casinos selected by SlotsUp allow you to play with demo credits for as long as you need (once you run out of virtual credits, you can reload the webpage and get yet another batch).

Real Money Keno Casino FAQ

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