American Casinos Prepare For The Upshot Caused By Laura

Article by : Helen Sep 4, 2020

It looks like Covid-19 is far from the only problem in the southern part of the United States. Not having time to recover from the coronavirus’s consequences, Louisiana and Texas can face a real natural disaster, namely the Laura hurricane. A Category 4 storm is expected to hit these states with full force shortly.

The state leaders have repeatedly reported on the incredibly severe consequences of Covid-19 for the region’s economy. In the meantime, casino operators are also experiencing a colossal drop in revenue after months of downtime. Gov. John Bel Edwards confirmed that on 4 August 2020, wearing masks in all public places, gaming halls, and bars is mandatory. Moreover, gambling halls faced a 50% cap on the maximum number of visitors. These restrictions were previously extended by 21 days.

After the warning about the impending hurricane, game operators braced for even worse consequences and record losses.

According to preliminary estimates, the hurricane will be incredibly fierce, with over 130 miles per hour wind speed. The Gulf of Mexico waters will go far beyond the coastal zone and thereby create additional damage to the region’s economy. High wind speeds also mean that cities within a 40-mile radius are unlikely to escape flooding or destructive wind forces. The state authorities are not ready to even pre-announce the damage that Laura will cause. Casino operators have already stopped providing services to anticipate a natural disaster’s harmful consequences.

The Governor has already issued a recommendation for the Louisiana community. This concerns the need to evacuate all coastal areas to not face the consequences of a hurricane. As the cyclone reaches the coast, New Orleans will also be able to feel its aftermath. Several gambling establishments are concentrated in this region, which also ceased their activities not to expose visitors and guests of gambling halls to possible risks. According to weather services, some areas have already witnessed storm squalls. The wind speed reaches 93 miles per hour, and gusts often exceed 127 miles per hour. Experts say the hurricane could easily trigger a series of tornadoes that will have even more devastating consequences.

Some cities’ authorities have already warned residents about a tornado’s danger and recommended that all necessary measures be taken. Earlier it was reported that Laura would not cause substantial economic damage; however, it is now becoming evident that a natural disaster will cause large-scale problems. Elimination of a cyclone’s consequences can take a lot of time and a colossal amount of money. The hurricane has already claimed the lives of more than 2 dozen people on the island of Hispaniola. Meanwhile, at least 20 residents of Haiti and several Dominican republics also fell victim to Hurricane Laura’s horrific floods. This giant storm was the seventh disaster to hit the U.S. in 2020.

According to Colorado State University, the maximum number of hurricanes that reached the United States’ shores during the year was witnessed in 1886 and 1916. By its scale and nature of origin, Laura was associated with five other giant storms that swept across the United States from 1935 to 2004. Though, the USA never faced 7 hurricanes in a year’s time.

If the economic consequences of the hurricane will be overcome within several years, then the situation looks very deplorable for all local businesses. It is becoming evident that not every casino will be able to get back on its feet. Besides, the demand for gambling also won’t be able to remain high. As they say, only time will tell what will happen next.


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