Governor Of Nevada Says Casino Operations Will Be 100% Under The Aegis Of The Law

Article by : Eva Reed Aug 19, 2020

The coronavirus situation still keeps the US gambling business in a bear hug. The state leadership had to take unprecedented measures. According to official information, the Governor of Nevada initiated the signing of Bill 4, which is designed to protect the gambling business representatives from possible court delays associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Bill covers all businesses currently operating in Nevada. It mainly applies to land-based casinos, which fully comply with all requirements and regulations to ensure staff and guests’ safety. The primary purpose of the law is to provide legal immunity for gambling operators from possible claims on the side of employees or visitors who have contracted the coronavirus.

The Governor explained his move by the fact that the state is on the brink of economic survival. The authorities are obliged to lend a hand to the game operators, who are in a very dire situation. The hospitality industry in Nevada is going through the most challenging times in its history. The new law should help gambling establishments get through this challenging period and look into the future with confidence.

According to Governor Steve Sisolak, the Bill will protect not only business owners but also casino employees.
The main text of the Bill contains comprehensive measures and recommendations for the protection of casino personnel and guests. These requirements also apply to hotels and other entertainment establishments. Operators must do their utmost to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Gambling houses must ensure that visitors and casino staff strictly observe social distancing. Casinos should also provide dedicated hand sanitizing areas that will be located in different parts of the gaming hall. To provide an additional safety level, operators are already installing individual protective plexiglass screens in places where gaming machines are concentrated.

If the casinos do not 100% comply with the provisions of the Bill, then their immunity will be terminated.

Failure to comply with strict security requirements is a direct violation of the recommendations of local authorities. It may lead to restrictions on the activities of gambling establishments.

According to the Bill, the most stringent requirements apply to the sterilization of all surfaces. This is especially true for places with a high level of contact: front doors, game chips, ATMs, and bar counters.
It looks like the Governor is very serious about that issue. In case of detection of violations by the casino, the protection against possible legal claims will instantly disappear. Companies that ignore the mandatory recommendations of the state and local authorities can face harsh legal consequences.

Gambling establishments that take security measures seriously can relax: they will be under the law’s protection. The Governor stressed that he will always stand on the side of honest and hardworking casino employees.

The Bill also received approval and very high ratings from the American Gaming Association. The Executive Director Bill Miller has announced that such steps directly contribute to the fastest possible economic recovery. Operator support is a crucial step by government authorities.

Gambling establishments shouldn’t worry about the possible legal consequences and the onslaught of numerous lawsuits. By abiding the law, casinos will be able to protect themselves, their employees, and provide guests of the state with a high level of service.

According to current statistics, the city’s gambling houses now host up to 40 million people a year. It may sound impressive, especially when you consider that Vegas has a population of only 600,000. It takes a lot to give an unambiguous answer to how many casinos are there in Las Vegas since the list is continuously growing.

Eva Reed

Chief Editor

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