Hope Is A Hard Habit To Break: Metro Manila Casinos Can Witness A Relaunch Shortly

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Article by : Eva Reed Aug 19, 2020

It looks like the coronavirus situation in the Philippines is not as pessimistic as expected. The gaming and entertainment industries were eagerly waiting for this kind of news. The only thing that can prevent this is a sharp outbreak in the number of cases of Covid-19 in Metro Manila. However, the situation may become more evident in the next few days.

The Philippine casinos are already preparing to open their doors to visitors. Earlier it was reported that the area had witnessed more stringent measures that have been associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

By the decision of local authorities, the district switched to the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine. MECQ has entirely restricted the activities of gambling establishments and hotels. According to preliminary estimates, enhanced restrictive measures may last until August 18. They can be revised if the situation changes for the better.

The government wants to get the gambling market back on its feet as soon as possible and support the local economy. Many experts have already agreed that the economics of Metro Manila will not survive the protracted period of restrictions.

The general situation with the coronavirus for Metro Manila looks very disappointing. According to official data, more than 140 thousand cases of the disease have already been confirmed.

Last Monday, health authorities announced 6,598 new cases of Covid-19. This figure is a new anti-record for the Philippines.

It looks like the coronavirus’s economic consequences will be felt in all areas of business for a long time. Even if the government moves from strict restrictive measures to a more relaxed regime, this is unlikely to help the casino operators instantly restore their performance.

Suppose the government still moves to the General Community Quarantine (GCQ). In that case, the casinos will not be able to engage in their activities fully. Many businesses already had to reduce their capacity significantly. In some cases, companies have gone to cut staff. One way or another, the transition to GCQ does not guarantee that the government will lift restrictions on alcohol sales and allow mass gatherings of people in public places.

According to official information from the Presidential Press Secretary Harry Roque, the government considers taking various steps to get out of this situation. Although the majority is inclined to prolong the severe restrictive measures, the current economic situation will not allow it.

The government is very limited in providing resources and assistance, not only for businesses but also for locals. On the other hand, government bodies do not sit still. A team of experts is exploring smooth solutions to combat the Covid-19 problem.

The last word about whether it is worth moving from the MECQ to GCQ or not rests with the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases. The correct solution to this issue may also be facilitated by an agreement between the President of the Philippines and Russia.

According to the Russian authorities, they managed to create the first promising vaccine against Covid-19. The President of the Philippines has already rushed to declare that he fully trusts the Russian’s med. What’s more, he wants to use the vaccine in the Philippines as soon as possible.

The actual situation in the Philippines does not always correspond to government statements. Casino operators expect the economic crisis caused by Covid-19 to continue to worsen in the second half of 2020. According to data obtained during a survey of the Manulife insurance company, more than 58% of respondents assume that the increase in coronavirus incidence is unlikely to stop until the end of 2020.

Eva Reed

Chief Editor

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