UK Acts to Protect Online Slots Players

Article by : Helen Feb 9, 2021

With COVID-19 lockdowns continuing into 2021, the UK Gambling Commission announced new restrictions designed to make online gambling safer for bettors. The new restrictions essentially slow down the gaming pace and stop online casinos from using technology to get gamblers overly excited and wager more than they otherwise might.

Online gambling operations in the UK have until Halloween to make any needed changes to comply with the new regulations. Those changes include slowing down the spin rates for online slots so that players do not wager as many times per sitting. Instead of accelerating play to push gaming volume, online operators need to make the work more like the slots found in traditional casinos and remove any options for speeding up gameplay online.

Online slots operators must give players options for limiting the spins’ rate so that they can control their gaming pace. That can help online players to place sensible limits on how quickly they gamble real money on virtual slots.

Online gaming already has a disconnect between gambling and the actual money source. Wagering in a live casino requires players to remove cash from wallets and purses. Players often deposit significantly more into an online account for long-term gambling than they would spend while gambling at a live casino.

The UK Gambling Commission’s new restrictions require online operators to display the total losses or wins while gambling online. The display has to be clear and apparent so that players do not have to search for it. That can help responsible gamblers to track their bankrolls better while helping to prevent reckless gamblers from losing too much money.

Slots are all about generating excitement from a big win. Some online slots celebrate losses equally vigorously as wins, which could confuse players into thinking they won. It can also encourage a player to continue gambling when the smart move would take a break. That ends by Halloween. The Oct. 31st deadline helps to protect gamblers and their families about a month before the holiday season begins and better ensure they can enjoy them. The UK Gaming Commission wants to protect players against getting overly excited and wagering far more on online slots than they reasonably should.

UK gaming regulators hope the new restrictions help to prevent players from overdoing it while playing online slots. Online slots account for about 70 percent of online casino games. They also put the biggest hurt on players by recording the highest average losses. Slots are simple and fun games that give players the confidence to try.

The video varieties made available online provide a wide range of entertainment value with animation, sounds, and immersive special bonus rounds. When paired with technology that apparently is designed to encourage players to lose track of their betting and overdue it, UK gaming officials became concerned.

The potential effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on players who might be more prone to problem gambling are especially concerning to the UK Gambling Commission and others in the UK gaming industry. With lockdowns underway once again in many parts of the UK, the potential for players to overdue their online gambling is especially great, and online slots consistently rank as the costliest games for players.

Because online slots provide the biggest house advantage, online casinos are especially motivated to encourage players to spend more time gambling on online slots than table games that have a much lower house advantage. The impact of the new UK gaming regulations on online slots play should prove interesting for online casinos as well as their customers.


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