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Did you know that there are exciting hosts of variations to blackjack? Pontoon, another popular online card game, is one of them. The mother of them all, blackjack, appears to no longer quest everyone’s thirst for the card game. As a result, there have been other variants introduced to compliment blackjack.

This game from the blackjack genre features a twist of rules aimed at making it more entertaining. The modifications spice up the fun and offer players more ways to shine. Pontoon in an online casino has become a favorite game for most players, and for good reasons. The game allows lower house edge, change of pace, and more interesting strategies.

Pontoon is widely popular in Australia and the UK. If you’ve ever been in the two counties and visited a casino, you definitely need to have some knowledge about Pontoon. The British version of Pontoon relates to Standard 21.

On the other hand, the Aussie version is similar to the Spanish 21, with handsome odds. If you are anywhere within these two countries, do not waste time; register to any Pontoon online casino and start earning! But before you start gambling, keep reading to learn more about Pontoon nitty-gritty.

Top Casinos Offering Pontoon in 2021

Everything you need to know about Pontoon

Well, you might be a pro in cracking blackjack, but you need to familiarize yourself with Pontoon to play it well. The game maintains blackjack’s basic structure but involves a change of rules to a certain extent. Some of these changes include the players having a 21 blackjack or a five-card hand getting paid 2 to 1 while the dealer having one up card wins on ties.

As we delve further, we shall get a piece of in-depth knowledge about Pontoon’s rules in a casino, the structure, and the twist that differentiates it from blackjack.

What exactly is Pontoon?

As aforementioned, Pontoon is a traditional blackjack variant and the newest inclusion to the list of online casino card games. The game offers favorable rules and the lowest house edges to the players than all the other blackjack variants.

There are two different types of Pontoon; the Australian and the British Pontoon. These two are separated by the rules applied to each one of them. Many online casinos refer to the card game as “British blackjack,” while Australian Pontoon has various names depending on when it is played.

These names include Jupiter’s 21 at Jupiter’s gold coast casino, Treasury 21 at treasury casino-Brisbane, Paradise Pontoon at the reef casino in Cairns, or Federal Pontoon in Tassie.
The Australian Pontoon is also widely embraced in Singapore and Malaysia.

The structure and rules are similar to the Spanish 21 blackjack. Just like it is in Spanish 21, all the tens are removed from the decks in Pontoon. On the other hand, British Pontoon closely relates to the original blackjack, and all the 52 card decks are used.

Pontoon Vs. Classic Blackjack What is the difference?

Besides the rules, terminologies also differ between blackjack and Pontoon. For example, you say ‘twist’ to let the dealer know that you want another card, referred to as ‘hit’ in blackjack. The ‘stand’ is ‘Stick’ in Pontoon, and you say ‘buy’ in Pontoon when you want to ‘double down.’

Doubling down – In Pontoon, players are allowed to ‘buy’ (double down) even when they have more than two cards. They can also buy when they have made multiple twists subsequently. In classic blackjack, you can only double down with the two cards at hand.

  • The five-card: In blackjack, players who are closer to 21 are rewarded. In Pontoon, players can win through the five-card trick whereby the gamers collect five cards that add up to 21 or less.
  • Dealer’s cards mystery: Players in blackjack are lucky to see one of the dealers’ cards to decide whether to ‘hit’ or ‘stand.’ Pontoon players lack this chance. The dealer’s two cards remain hidden, making the game’s strategies complicated.
  • Early surrender: An early surrender, also known as double down rescue, is allowed in Pontoon and unacceptable in classic blackjack.

Playing Pontoon, Rules, Strategies, and Tips

To be an expert in the Pontoon card game, you need to master the rules, strategies, and the necessary tips. These are the aspects that make the game stand out from the original blackjack.

Remember, the game’s idea matches classic blackjack, but other rules have been altered to make the variant more interesting. The ranking of the card values in Pontoon is as similar as for classic blackjack. All 2s through 10s maintain their numerical ranks. Kings, queens, and jacks are valued at 10, and aces, depending on the player’s hand, are ranked at 1 or 11.

Pontoon Rules

There must be a dealer for each hand in this game. Everyone else is a player. One person can be the dealer throughout play, or players can alternate. The dealer gives everyone a card facing down and the second facing up. If you know how to go around playing blackjack, it will only take you a short time to learn how to play Pontoon. The first step is to understand Pontoon casino rules, which are enjoyable and straightforward. The goal of the game is to get a hand of 21 points without exceeding.

  • It starts with the dealer with one card facing down to each player. This means that all the other players can see their cards except the dealer.
  • Players place their first bet, one card facing down then all the players, including the dealer, look at their cards.
  • If the dealer has the best possible hand/Pontoon (an ace and a 10 points card), he reveals the cards and wins all the players’ bets.
  • Unlike other casino card games, a tie is not a viable option in Pontoon. The banker wins all the ties.
  • If the dealer does not have a Pontoon, the following happens:
    • Players take another card one at a time.
    • If the players have a hand of 15 points or a 5-card hand, they may choose to stand.
    • Players are allowed to double down when they have two or more cards, but they only do that once per hand.

The player places the second bet that is the same size as their first one and then gets an additional card from the banker (dealer). The player has the right to continue hitting at their own will after doubling down.

  • If the players’ two cards are equal in ranks, they may split them into two or three hands by placing them on the bench facing up and placing a bet equal to the original one. If the player is still below 21, they can double down as many times as possible.

Pontoon betting and Payouts

In Pontoon, there are 2:1 cards worth 21, and a pontoon automatically wins. It only pays 2:1, unlike the common 3:2 payout for a blackjack. What else is different in Pontoon?

  • Five-card trick – This is the primary rule in Pontoon that makes the game stand out from the original blackjack. If a player is holding any five cards that add up to 21 or less, that is an automatic win! The player can only lose in such a case if the banker is holding a Pontoon.
  • 21 with 3 or 4 cards – If a player receives a 3 or 4 hand card that equals 21, he beats all the other players except a five-card trick or a Pontoon.
  • Dealers win all the ties -There is nothing like a tie in Pontoon. When it happens, the house wins.
  • Twist a card – “Twist me one” a player uses this term when he has less than 21. He receives more cards without raising the bet amount. Any player holding 2, 3, or 4 cards also has the opportunity to twist.
  • Buy a card – “I will buy one” means that a player has less than 21 and wants to increase their bet amount. This also applies to players with 2, 3, or 4 cards.
  • Sticking – Sticking means standing in Pontoon. If a player is holding a 15, he can stand at a time. In the case of a 14 or less, a forced twist applies.
  • Two-to-one payouts – Players holding a five-card trick or a winning pontoon take home a 2:1 payout. Those winning with a different card combination take home a 1:1 payout.

Pontoon Strategies

The key to success in every game is mastering all the basic strategies covering every situation you might encounter along the way. In Pontoon, how the dealers’ cards affect your decisions should be the least of your worries. What’s important is the player’s hand when it comes to Pontoon strategies.

You need to consider the number of cards and their rank to decide how to continue playing. There is no need to memorize the perfect strategy, maybe if it’s necessary. Most online casinos provide the players with charts that guide them towards the proper approach. These games’ rules vary, so if you’re unsure how to approach it, open the charts and keep playing.

Pontoon’s strategy is practically not so easy. Like in blackjack, players in Pontoon may reduce the house edge while playing the game. This is beneficial to the banker. Both games make use of the optimal strategy depending on the type of the game.

The players have the chance to reduce the house edge to up to below 0.5 percent. This makes the Pontoon card game more rewarding than the classic blackjack. The house advantage in Pontoon can go up to one third more than that of blackjack.

Also, take advantage of the bonuses and promotions available at the online casino. They sometimes apply in the calculation of the house edge calculations, which are a great addition in the short term.

Pontoon Tips

Pontoon is easy to play and can be even more fun when you follow the tips to a tee. You can play Pontoon online or from a physical casino, depending on what tickles your interests. Both are worthwhile options but playing Pontoon in an online casino is recommendable.

You will not come across strict etiquette or unfavorable rules of most live casinos in the online world. For example, you may choose to play the game online lying on your bed, which is unacceptable in a physical casino, and so on.

So what are the essential tips?

  • Split when you have two aces – By doing that, you have a chance to fall on a face card in either of the splits.
  • Stick if you have 18 or more cards – You cannot afford to go bust, and a total of 18 is too close.
  • Twist on 17 if you have a four-card hand – A double bet is risky, but you can still try your luck by finding a five-card trick.
  • Double when you have a four-hand below 17 – There is a very good opportunity to get a five-card trick, and the chance gets even better when you already have two cards.

To better understand how to bet on each hand, make sure you study and internalize the casino’s strategy chart sheet. This way, you’ll be able to beat your dealers almost every time.

Pontoon FAQ

📌  What is the Main Goal in Pontoon?
In Pontoon, the main goal of each player is to get a 21 hand. It would be best if you got as close as possible to 21 without going above that. One of the players is the banker (dealer), who has an advantage in the game.

All the other players work towards having a better hand than the bankers. The best hand is the Pontoon, which means 21 points in two cards; an ace and a picture card or a ten. The next best is a five-card trick, which is five cards totaling 21.

📌  What are the Payouts in Pontoon?
Payouts in Pontoon are different from the 3:2 of the original blackjack as follows:

  • Get a 2:1 payout when you hit a pontoon, i.e., a single wager gives you double plus your stake back.
  • A five-card trick also pays 2:1, but you lose if the dealer produces a five-card trick.
  • All the other payouts are the same, but you lose if the dealer has an equal hand.
📌  What is the House Edge in Pontoon?
Pontoon, compared to the classic blackjack, has a shallow house edge at 0.38%. Smart players apply strategies from most blackjack variants, which work pretty well in Pontoon online. Beginners can also do well by making sober decisions when it comes to hitting or standing.
📌  What is the Best Strategy for Pontoon?
To become more successful, you need to have all the basic Pontoon strategies at your fingertips. You can memorize these strategies, but the best way to go round this is by understanding them.

Make sure you always use the optimal strategy like in classic blackjack. Players can reduce the house edge, which makes the game more rewarding compared to the basic blackjack.

There is no need to worry if you cannot master everything. Most online casinos provide charts that offer the games’ strategies. Just open one chart and use it while playing the game. Refer to the chart when making a hand to ensure that you’re working around the best odds possible.

📌  What are the Odds in Pontoon?
Unless you are playing free Pontoon, the house edge best describes pontoon odds. When you implement the optimal strategy, you will be up against the house at 0.38%. This translates to a return of 99.62% if you are lucky enough to win.

The edge is so small, but you will need to gather all the luck to be a winning player in the Pontoon card game. The house edge changes depending on the house rules. It may fluctuate also depending on your playing style. So, ensure that you’re familiar with the rules on the ground before playing.

📌  How Old One Should Be to Play Pontoon?
The gambling age is the minimum age a person can gamble. The rule of age is general in all the Casinos, whether online or live. It usually starts at around 18 years or 21 years, depending on the state, county, or jurisdiction. The gambling age may also differ depending on the category of the game.

First, confirm the age allowed by the online casino you are playing to determine whether you qualify.

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