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    Interview with BGaming Team: Details on Merge Up™ Slot, Innovations Insights and More

    Article by : Maryna Mykhailiuta Jan 5, 2024

    Greetings, BGaming team! As enthusiasts in the realm of online slots, we’re thrilled to connect with a team behind the captivating Merge Up™ slot. Before delving into its details, we’d love to explore the innovative spirit driving BGaming and learn more about your vision.

    1. Your recent award as the winner of Innovation in iGaming Technology at EiGE Awards 2023 caught our attention. Can you share more about the innovative features in your games, especially considering your commitment to converting gambling into gaming?

    Greetings! Certainly, we’re immensely proud of the recognition we’ve got. It truly reflects the dedication and collaborative efforts of the entire BGaming team and our commitment to bringing innovation to the industry.

    Our innovative algorithm compresses game graphics by an impressive 55%. It works for PNG, WebP, and JPEG images, making our game files way smaller without losing quality. That means over 70% of our games are now less than 10 Mb, catering to regions with slower internet speeds, such as Latin America and Africa.

    Thus, players worldwide can flawlessly enjoy BGaming’s games, including our latest flagship title, Merge Up™. It embodies our mission of converting gambling into gaming to the fullest. We’ve brought unique merging mechanics from mobile games into online slots. Gems join together to make winning combos, turning into even better symbols over time. It’s all about giving players lots of wins and keeping them excited to play.

    Focusing on innovation, we go beyond mere gaming and enhance accessibility, engagement, and overall player satisfaction globally.

    2. BGaming stands out with its player-driven approach. How do you incorporate player feedback into the development process, and can you share an example of a game that evolved based on player input?

    That’s right. At BGaming, it’s all about putting players first. We’re big on analyzing data, listening to feedback, and understanding what players want. Their choices are crucial to us.

    We team up closely with the Scatters Club, a community of players and gambling streamers, for real-player tests. We don’t just listen to their ideas; we actually put them into our games! Their suggestions are gold and a huge part of how we make games.

    Check out games like Gemhalla, Scratch Alpaca, and our latest, Merge Up™. These games came to life with player input. We’re all about making games that players really want to play, so we’re always listening and tweaking to ensure our games match what players expect and love.

    3. How does BGaming ensure a balance between meeting player expectations and introducing new, innovative features in its games? How do you ensure maximum player engagement, especially in a market saturated with various slot options?

    You know, it’s like a big puzzle we’re constantly figuring out. When we make our games, we mix in what the market wants, what our partners say, what players like, and what we know about gaming. Our main aim is to make players happy and give them a blast while they play. Since players have different preferences, we make sure to meet all the demands by creating games with various exciting and surprising features.

    At BGaming, it’s not just about having many different games; it’s about making top-notch games that everyone can enjoy. We team up with the Scatters Club, a gambling community with over 6,000 real players, to get their thoughts straight up, shaping how we make games. For us, players always come first, so we’re always tweaking how our games look and work to make them even better.

    Our efforts extend beyond game releases; we actively enhance our marketing tools like Drops, and Challenges that will be released soon, we’re dedicated to keeping players hooked throughout their gaming journey.

    4. With support for over 90 currencies, including cryptocurrencies, how does BGaming ensure a seamless gaming experience for players worldwide? Are there specific challenges or advantages associated with handling such a diverse range of currencies?

    Actually, BGaming is a pioneer in crypto gambling. We’ve been around the block with various currencies, so we’re pros at giving players a smooth gaming ride everywhere.

    We’re all about making gaming easy and accessible worldwide. We handle all 90 currencies — fiat, cryptocurrencies, and even the virtual coins used in social casinos. That means operators can reach players all over the world without breaking a sweat.

    Plus, we’re flexible. We can easily add new cryptocurrencies or custom tokens, supporting loyalty programs or promos for specific operators.

    5. The BGaming team boasts professionals with extensive experience in the iGaming sphere. How does this wealth of expertise contribute to the creation of high-quality and engaging gaming products? How does BGaming approach innovation in game development, and what can players expect from future releases?

    That’s my favorite part! BGaming team’s enthusiasm drives everything we do, especially when it comes to our games. With over two decades of collective experience in the iGaming industry, we’re dedicated to crafting top-tier and immersive titles. This depth of expertise empowers BGaming to efficiently create games featuring dynamic graphics, diverse mechanics, engaging gameplay, and innovative features. We also have gaming experience – looking at games through the eyes of our players helps us to see and understand market trends, what players like, what can be improved, and how to make it better.

    We’re continually exploring new game styles, ensuring players can consistently expect fresh surprises. Upcoming releases will deliver novelty and engagement, spanning innovative slots, casual gaming experiences, and meticulously crafted branded content.

    As the Holiday season approaches, I’m thrilled to introduce new Christmas-themed games like Slot Machine, Gemza, Gift X, and Ice Scratch designed to immerse players in festive joy. To tell you the truth, these are the games BGaming team would enjoy playing too!

    6. What can the gaming community expect in terms of upcoming releases and innovations from BGaming? Are there any exciting upcoming releases, projects or collaborations on the horizon that you can share insights into?

    You know when you’re super passionate about something? Well, that’s how I feel about our game customization options. Over the past year, we’ve made remarkable strides in customizing games, tailoring over 100 titles for key players in the iGaming industry.

    I’m thrilled to share some upcoming collaborations that have us incredibly excited. We’ve been working on Doddy and Hadzy for Stake, Betsson Plinko for Betsson, and a special project called Doggy Style for Roobet, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Snoop Dogg’s album, Doggystyle.

    Moreover, we’re gearing up for the release of Aztec Clusters, a game born from a collaboration with the Casinolytics analytical platform and gambling streamers. It results from extensive research involving over 10,000 hours of watching streamers play various slot games. This venture promises a more engaging gaming experience in 2024.

    These initiatives exemplify our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering captivating experiences. We’re devoted to forging innovative partnerships and rolling out groundbreaking releases that truly resonate with our gaming community.

    7. How does BGaming stay updated with the latest trends in the iGaming market, and how does this influence game development?

    Of course, keeping up with industry trends is vital for us at BGaming. We’ve got a team of about 200 professionals, each bringing their own expertise to the game-making table. We think every department is super important and brings fantastic ideas.

    Our analytics team keeps a close eye on what’s popular in games, checking out where players are, what they like, and how much they bet. Meanwhile, our product team stays on top of new game trends, spotting what’s hot and what’s not.

    But what really makes us stand out is how we work together. Insights from our sales, business account management, and marketing teams are not just cool but crucial in shaping our game plans. Everyone’s voice counts here, helping us build our roadmap and game strategies. It’s all about including everyone and making sure every idea matters.

    8. BGaming has obtained Spanish certification from BMM TestLabs this year. What other licenses are you planning to get in the near future? Which markets do you find the most interesting?

    Yeah, securing that Spanish certification from BMM TestLabs was a big win for us. Now, we’re pushing ahead to get certified in Greece and Slovakia. We’ve checked some parts of our portfolio, but there’s still work to do.

    The agenda includes other markets like Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, Colombia, and Switzerland. Certifications are in progress there, too. While we’re all in on the lively Latin American scene, hustling hard with our marketing efforts, our eyes are set on bigger goals.

    Getting certified is just the start. We’re eager to grow globally and establish our presence in every possible market, expanding and making our mark.

    9. In what ways does Merge Up™ align with the current trends in mobile gaming?

    Well, Merge Up™ totally vibes with what’s hot in mobile gaming right now. It’s all about being accessible and portable. Designed with aesthetics and mechanics reminiscent of traditional mobile games, Merge Up™ caters to the on-the-go gaming preference, seamlessly fitting into users’ routines whether at home, during work breaks, or elsewhere.

    Moreover, the game stands out due to its merging mechanics, a fundamental aspect resonating with current trends in mobile gaming. Merge Up™ introduces novel features, interactive elements, and engaging bonus rounds, mirroring the industry’s emphasis on providing evolving and captivating experiences. Its ability to adapt and deliver fresh gameplay experiences aligns perfectly with the expectations of modern mobile gamers, who seek innovation and engagement on their mobile devices.

    10. What games would you recommend to high-rollers who are looking for high bets and high winnings?

    When it comes to catering to high-rollers chasing substantial bets and wins, BGaming stands out with a handpicked selection of slot games.

    First up is Mechanical Clover — an absolute powerhouse offering a maximum win potential, reaching an impressive x24,360. But hold on, there’s more. Deep Sea steps into the ring, teasing high-rollers with the prospect of snagging an even more substantial jackpot.

    And here’s the kicker. Our lineup includes a range of games — Alien Fruits, Bonanza Billion, Dice Bonanza, Beer Bonanza, and Clover Bonanza — explicitly crafted for the high-stakes arena, boasting a maximum exposure of x15,000. Tailored to deliver an adrenaline rush and substantial wins, these games are the top picks for those seeking a high-stakes gaming thrill.

    As slot enthusiasts, we’re buzzing with excitement to ask you about your latest release – Merge Up™!

    1. Can you tell us more about BGaming’s inspiration behind the creation of Merge Up™? What sets it apart from other slots in your portfolio?

    Merge Up™ came from watching how players do their thing in regular slot games. We noticed everyone’s always waiting for those bonus rounds and free spins, right? So, we wanted to shake things up and make the base game in Merge Up™ way more exciting.

    We took a cue from mobile gaming, where this cool merging thing happens. It upgrades symbols, making them worth more and triggering a chain reaction of better combos. It’s like a fireworks show with every spin! Symbols hit their top merge and turn into Scatters, giving players more control.

    2. What was the creative process behind integrating merging mechanics into the traditional cascade slot concept?

    So, the merging mechanics in Merge Up™ is all about how the game works at its core. We took the Avalanche mechanics and built on that.

    See, some mechanics don’t fit well in a setup where you get only one win per spin. Picture this: symbols explode, you win, new symbols drop, and that’s the spin done. But in our game, symbols don’t just drop; they team up to make better combos. Having a mechanic that limits you to one win per spin just wouldn’t cut it.

    When we checked out what games were popular, especially those where cluster pays, we noticed the high-volatility ones were a hit. So, we tested different volatility levels for our game. We settled on a super high level, and players found it way more exciting in practice than the other options.

    3. Can you elaborate on the unique symbol progression in Merge Up™ and how it enhances player engagement during the base game?

    Merge Up™ is like a turbo boost for classic casino slots, mixed with the latest merging mechanics from mobile gaming. It’s a big deal in the iGaming world, made to keep players engaged with its fresh gameplay.

    At its core, Merge Up™ is all about symbols teaming up to make winning combos and leveling up to better ones. This whole leveling-up thing makes the base game super exciting. The constant merging and upgrading of symbols thrill the action, making players feel more involved and pumped.

    4. The Merge Up™ slot introduces the “Merge Up” feature. How does this feature work, and what kind of gaming experience does it offer to players?

    Yes, the Merge Up™ slot game introduces a compelling feature known as “Merge Up” that significantly enriches the gaming experience. Here’s the deal: when a player arranges four or more identical symbols adjacent to each other, vertically or horizontally, they form what we call a cluster — a winning combination.

    Now, the real excitement begins after the cluster pays out. Some of the symbols within that cluster disappear, while the remaining ones level up to represent symbols of the next tier. What’s intriguing is that this game has nine distinct levels of symbols, each corresponding to varying payout potentials.

    So, how much do you win? Well, it all depends on two factors: the level of the symbols that merged and how many symbols were in that winning cluster. It’s essentially a strategic aspect embedded into gameplay. Players must tactically aim for larger clusters to elevate symbol levels and maximize potential winnings.

    5. Are there any specific player feedback or experiences with Merge Up™ that stood out to the development team? And does BGaming involve the player community in the development process, especially when introducing new features?

    Oh, for sure! The Scatters Club community was pivotal in our Merge Up™ testing phase. Collaborating with these players and gambling streamers was invaluable; their feedback served as a goldmine of insights, aiding us in refining Merge Up™ to ensure an enthralling and highly rewarding player experience.

    The standout moment for us was observing a remarkable 96% positive feedback rate from Scatters Club members, with a substantial 74% considering Merge Up™ as nothing short of amazing. Their enthusiasm truly fueled our confidence in the game’s potential to revolutionize the iGaming industry.

    Regarding player involvement in our development process, it’s a cornerstone of our approach. BGaming highly values player input, especially when unveiling new features. Their perspectives and firsthand experiences shape our games, ensuring resonance within the gaming community and the delivery of the thrill and innovation players seek.

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