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Interview With Danny Vincent

Interview with Danny Vincent, COO of Spadegaming: Vision of the Industry

Article by : Olufifun Adeleke Jun 30, 2023

Discover the world of Spadegaming in our exclusive interview with Danny Vincent, the COO of the renowned slots provider. Get insights into their commitment to innovation and game quality, and stay tuned as Danny unveils exciting plans for future integrations. Join us to explore the future of Spadegaming!

Hello! Thank you for finding time to talk about Spadegaming and answer some
questions. For starters, could you please tell us more about yourself, your experience in
the niche, and your role in Spadegaming?

I’m Danny Vincent, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Spadegaming. I have been with the brand for many years, and I am still passionate about the iGaming industry growth, which has limitless potential. As a key leader in the company, my responsibility is to enhance operational efficiency and drive organisational profitability.

What sets Spadegaming apart from other slots providers in terms of game quality and innovation?

Spadegaming stands out with visually stunning graphics, innovative features, and genuine Return to Player (RTP) rates, offering players an exceptional gaming experience.

How many slots are now in the studio’s portfolio?

We have over 150+ games from different categories available at this moment, and still increase by 1-2 every month.

How do you come up with the themes and concepts for your slot games?

We draw inspiration from seasonal festivals, cultural elements, and various sources, taking approximately three months to draft, prepare materials, and finalize the product before its launch.

What do you think makes Spadegaming’s online slots special? What makes them different from others?

Spadegaming’s highly recognized and globally distributed online slots feature a blend of global cultures and elements, including our signature Asian-themed games, perfectly optimized for mobile and desktop devices, delivering endless enjoyment with stunning graphics and astonishing sound effects.

What are some of the most popular and successful slot games developed by

Spadegaming’s popular and successful slot games, such as “Legacy of Kong Maxways” that offers maximum ways to win; “Fiery Sevens” the classic slot and exclusive series; “Fishing War” and “Alien Hunter” a brand new type of game category with exciting features that offer players immersive experiences and engaging gameplay.

Spadegaming Slot Games

What measures does Spadegaming take to ensure responsible gambling and promote player safety and well-being?

Spadegaming ensures responsible gambling and player safety by implementing age verification procedures, providing responsible gambling tools, adhering to fair gaming practices and collaborating with regulatory bodies to promote healthy gaming habits.

How does Spadegaming ensure fair and transparent gameplay for its slot games?

Spadegaming ensures fair and transparent gameplay for its slot games by a thorough game testing and certification by professional third-party test labs with independent auditing mechanism and regulatory compliance.

Are there any plans to expand the portfolio of Spadegaming slots in the future, and if so, what can players look forward to?

We aims to expand our portfolio of slot games in the future, offering players a diverse range of themes, innovative features, and immersive gameplay experiences to keep them engaged and entertained.

Can you discuss any partnerships or collaborations that Spadegaming has established within the gaming industry?

Spadegaming has established partnerships and collaborations within the gaming industry, including collaborations with online casinos, gaming platforms, and brand licensing to expand its reach and offer a diverse range of slot games.

Lastly, what is the vision and mission of Spadegaming in the online slots industry, and how does the company strive to achieve it?

Spadegaming’s vision is to gather the power of ideas and create innovative gaming experiences that can transform lifestyles and revolutionize the gaming world, while our mission is to develop enjoyable games for all by blending trends, creativity, and innovation.

What integrations are planned?

We are expanding our reach to newer market like the LATAM region. We expect to launch our new slot game “Gemstone Rush” featuring Special Multiplier up to x128 and multiple marvellous projects are coming up next. Stay tuned on that!

What collaborations are planned?

Spadegaming is currently in the planning phase for future collaborations, and actively exploring potential partnerships to further enhance our products and services.

What aggregators do you work with?

Spadegaming collaborates with various aggregators in the gaming industry, such as Betbit, BetConstruct, SoftSwiss and more for effective product distribution.

What are the target markets for Spadegaming and how does the company tailor its products to meet the needs of different players?

Spadegaming targets a global market by tailoring its products to meet the needs of different players through the incorporation of cultural elements, themes, and gameplay features specific to each market, while also ensuring accessibility through multilingual support.

How does Spadegaming interact with its customers to improve their products?

Spadegaming interacts with customers through various channels such as customer support and social media platforms to gather input and insights, allowing them to understand player preferences, address concerns, and incorporate valuable feedback into the product development process, ultimately improving our products to better meet customer expectations.

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