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    Gambling Horoscope: Is Today My Lucky Day to Gamble?

    Article by : Viacheslav Korobkin Feb 2, 2023

    Gambling luck astrology in 2024 is able to tell punters about the most productive days to test their skills and obtain huge rewards. The statistics show that people, who are more attentive to astrology, are usually luckier than those who are too skeptical about it. Thus, if a punter asks the question ‘Is today my lucky day for gambling?’ at least in mind, then it’s the right time to find out when it’s better to play casino games in 2024.

    Your Gambling Luck Today for All Signs

    A gambling horoscope is able to warn you about the influence of heavenly bodies on the fate of a gambler. Thanks to such a ‘forecast’, players can choose the luckiest days and the best games to win a generous prize. We are excited to present our new “Your Gambling Luck Today” feature. Here you can get the best match online casino and your lucky game every day based on your zodiac sign and the color you choose. We recommend choosing the colors according to your current mood.

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    Gambling Luck Calendar 2024 for All Signs

    It’s crucial for every punter to know which days are the luckiest to play certain games. When taking these issues into consideration, the chances to win something valuable become significantly greater. Gambling luck astrology can even assist punters in their search for a suitable gaming facility on the Internet. Every year, stars change their positions, so the horoscope keeps changing. Gambling luck astrology 2024 is unique, so relying on forecasts provided by gambling horoscope for 2024 and the previous years is not recommended. Even the slightest shifts in the sky can significantly change a punter’s destiny and fortune.

    The presented horoscope will discuss lucky gambling days, the most successful colors, numbers, and even gambling products to play for each sign. Experienced astrologists calculate lucky gambling days for every zodiac.

    The following signs are presented in our gambling horoscope:

    The gambling luck astrology for each sign considers character and behavior typical to a definite zodiac.

    Lucky time for gambling for Aries (March 21 – April 19)

    Gambling Horoscope   Aries

    The representatives of such a sign are extremely competitive. Being the first sign in the gambling horoscope 2024, such punters got used to being leaders and doing their best. The current year brings potential financial gains for Aries gamblers, advising them to trust their instincts and embrace bold moves in the gaming realm, so punters can rely on it to feel the Aries gambling luck today. However, it’s still necessary to control gambling activity and never start chasing losses or winnings.

    Aries lucky days to gamble Fortunate number Fortunate shade Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Tuesday 9 (because it’s associated with Mars – the reigning planet) and its multiples All hints of red Poker Impatience Blackjack

    Taurus Gambling Luck for 2024 (April 20 – May 20)

    Gambling Horoscope   Taurus

    The representatives of this zodiac are pretty stubborn. At the same time, they always think about their profit and ways to earn (and win) more money. Taurus are encouraged to adopt a patient and strategic approach in gambling endeavors throughout 2024, aiming for steady and sustainable wins. It means that experts advise making smaller regular stakes instead of large ones. Otherwise, there are risks of losing the whole amount.

    Compared to Aries, this zodiac is kind of the opposite. The sign’s strength is patience, which can help the representatives win considerable money in the long run. Being calm and insistent, people of the sign can consistently achieve what they want.

    Taurus lucky days to gamble Fortunate number Fortunate shade Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Friday (opt for playing by the end of the day) 5 and 6 (as well as other numbers connected with Venus – the reigning planet) Green, which can add harmony and balance to life and the gambling experience Roulette & craps Complacency High-stakes poker

    Gemini Gambling Luck Today (May 21 – June 20)

    Gambling Horoscope   Gemini

    Such punters are astute and can live without communication. For them, it’s better to choose more engaging gaming products. Gemini lucky days and numbers should be taken into account to make the most of their instincts. For them, it’s better to rely more on skills and knowledge concerning the choice of games.

    Fortunate days Lucky number Fortunate shades Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Wednesday 5, 6, 15, and 14 (pay additional attention to the sums of numbers, for example, 1 and 4 bring the total of 5) Green & emerald,


    Poker Impulsivity High-volatility slot machines

    Mental agility and intuition are the key strengths of the sign’s representatives. With such abilities, players can choose almost any game and succeed thanks to the opportunity to notice everything and everyone around them.

    According to expert astrologers, Geminis should focus on adapting to changing circumstances in the gambling world in 2024, utilizing their versatile nature to navigate uncertainties and seize opportunities. To define Gemini gambling luck today, there’s no need to study dozens of horoscopes and try to learn all the basics of astrology. Just check your lucky casino and game and choose the best days to activate online casino bonuses and gambling.

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    Gambling Luck for Cancer for 2024 (June 21 – July 22)

    Gambling Horoscope   Cancer

    This sign likes social life and interaction with other people. Cancer representatives have excellent intuition. However, they are known for self-doubting. Having a wonderful imagination, Cancers are comfortable with any level of success. However, it can go negatively if it comes further, resulting in excessive nervousness.

    The punters belonging to this zodiac are known for their incomparable intuition. Sometimes, they can even understand a person’s motives from first sight. The same ability is likely to work in gambling. Thus, paying attention to inner feelings is strongly recommended when playing different games. Intuition can also help define reliable fast payout casinos online. Or just check SlotsUP reviews to find one.

    Lucky days Fortunate number Fortunate shade Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Monday 2, 7, and numbers, the sum of which results in them. Silver and white Bingo online for real money Diffidence and doubts Poker and other skill-based games, where it’s necessary to make fast decisions

    Cautious optimism is key for Cancer gamblers in 2024, as their intuitive nature may guide them toward profitable choices while avoiding unnecessary risks. Every representative of the zodiac should find perfect days where he or she can rely on intuition and benefit from it. Even playing at a minimum deposit casino, pay attention to the forecast for a day.

    Leo Gambling Luck for 2024 (July 23 – August 22)

    Gambling Horoscope   Leo

    The representatives of this sign are confident enough. Such punters are leaders by their nature. They tend to use their authority to manipulate people around. Such a character trait helps them immensely when it concerns cooperation with people. The latest reach for Leos is due to their natural dignity and charisma. Besides, with their qualities, such people can disarm any opponent quickly. Their most excellent quality is self-confidence, which often helps them to win when playing with real punters. Leos adore something new and don’t miss testing the latest slots and other products.

    Fortunate days Fortunate number 2024 Lucky color Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Sunday 1 – as a number of Sun,
    5 (and numbers, the sum of which totals 5)
    Gold (and possible hints) Live dealer games (mostly poker and blackjack) Pride Bingo
    Leos are advised to harness their natural charisma and confidence in gambling pursuits during 2024, potentially leading to enhanced luck and success. The only thing is to win their pride and be able to analyze the information provided by astrologers. Try the SlotsUp Leo gambling horoscope interactive feature to know Leo gambling luck today.

    Virgo Gambling Luck Today (August 23 – September 22)

    Gambling Horoscope   Virgo

    Such gamblers are extremely pragmatic. They got used to thinking everything through in advance. Thus, the best days to gamble for them is to plan a strategy. Virgos always keep the process and stakes under control, so they should take such a peculiarity into account when choosing a game. Their best quality is restraint, so they should employ it to win.

    Virgo lucky days to gamble Fortunate number Fortunate shades Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Wednesday 5 (the number of Mercury) and all numbers, the sum of which totals 5 Olive and sapphire, which allow calming down Blackjack and any games which require strategy Extreme perfectionism Slots
    For Virgos, it’s essential to be able to overcome their crazy striving for perfection and stop blaming people around them for their failures. Only in this case, it’s possible to reach real success in life and gambling. Precision and attention to detail serve as Virgo’s strengths in gambling for 2024, emphasizing the importance of thorough planning and informed decisions. To increase chances, it’s recommended to use our interactive feature, which will tell about Virgo gambling luck today.

    Gambling Luck for Libra (September 23 – October 22)

    Gambling Horoscope   Libra

    It’s the most well-balanced zodiac, which is able to make all the other punters feel nervous. It’s impossible to read them if they can use their talent right. Such punters adore being engaged, so they try to choose games with exciting plots and designs. They can succeed in almost any gaming product. Libras are charming manipulators, which is also their weakness.

    Libra lucky days to gamble Fortunate number Lucky colors for 2024 Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Friday 6 (as they are children of Venus), 15, 33, and the other numbers with the sum of 6 Aquamarine Video poker and live dealer games Dependency on other people Roulette

    This year encourages Libras to strike a balance between risk and reward in gambling, utilizing their diplomatic skills to make wise choices in the gaming arena. Discover the lucky gambling days for Libra and the lucky time of the day through the casino horoscope for gambling.

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    Scorpio Gambling Luck Today (October 23 – November 21)

    Gambling Horoscope   Scorpio

    These punters are extremely attentive and thoughtful. They are confident in their abilities and have gotten used to understanding things deeper. It takes time to make decisions, which makes Scorpios calm and wise gamblers. Even when playing with online casino free spins, they think of every step they make.

    Scorpio lucky days to gamble Lucky numbers for 2024 Fortunate shades Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Tuesday 9 (which is associated with Mars), 1, and 7 Purple Slots and baccarat Suspiciousness It might be challenging to play fast-paced card games

    According to astrologers, Scorpios may find 2024 conducive to exploring new gambling strategies, embracing transformation and calculated risks for potential financial gains. Check the Your Gambling Luck Today feature above to see the horoscope lucky day for Scorpio gambling luck today.

    Sagittarius Gambling Luck for 2024 (November 22 – December 21)

    Gambling Horoscope   Sagittarius

    Punters belonging to this zodiac are very optimistic and have a natural sense of faith. They like winning, but they remain very positive and enjoy the process of gambling. They can play for hours with the hope of a final generous reward. Due to this, it’s better to set a limited budget to avoid losses.

    Fortunate days Fortunate numbers Fortunate shades Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Thursday 3 (connected with the reigning planet Jupiter), 5, and 8 Yellow & orange hints, which create a positive atmosphere 3- and 5-reel slots Impracticality Roulette and high-stakes card games

    Sagittarians should trust their adventurous spirit in gambling endeavors during 2024, seeking diverse experiences that may lead to wins. Playing slots is perfect, especially if they are bright, animated, and colorful. Just be careful with bets and keep everything under control. Our new Your Gambling Luck Today feature will help you understand Sagittarius gambling luck today.

    Capricorn Gambling Luck Today (December 22 – January 19)

    Gambling Horoscope   Caprrn

    Such punters are not very fond of attending brick-and-mortar venues. Thus, playing in an online casino is a perfect chance to test your abilities and try your luck. Capricorns are very responsible and talented gamblers who find it uncomfortable and risky to interact with other players. They can plan a strategy and win generous prizes in various table games.

    Capricorn lucky days to gamble Fortunate numbers Fortunate shades Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Saturday (associated with the reigning planet Saturn) 8 (the number of the reigning planet) as well as any numbers, the sum of which totals 8 Black and brown (because they are earth colors) Blackjack and other skill-based online games Doubtfulness in everything they didn’t see with their eyes Slots, bingo

    Capricorns are advised to maintain discipline and a methodical approach in their gambling activities throughout 2024, ensuring consistent and measured outcomes. To increase their faith, we offer the Gambling Luck Today feature for every day of the year to find out Capricorn’s gambling luck today.

    Aquarius Gambling Luck for 2024 (January 20 – February 18)

    Gambling Horoscope   Aquarius

    This surprisingly intelligent zodiac can beat almost any other sign. Such punters are outstanding strategists and can think very quickly. They find creative and even innovative decisions, so their talent in gambling is obvious. These punters seem emotionless and even out-of-body. But the truth is covered inside Aquarius, who can masterfully hide real personality and feelings from opponents.

    Fortunate days Fortunate numbers Fortunate shades Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Thursday and Friday 4 (the number referring to the reigning planet Uranus) and all numbers, which gives the sum of 4 Purple and magenta Roulette, craps, sports betting, low-stakes poker Inattention High-stakes live poker

    2024 prompts Aquarians to embrace innovation and unconventional strategies in gambling, potentially opening new avenues for luck and prosperity. They understand that losses are inevitable, so they proudly accept them and try their best to win next time. With our new feature, it will be easier to define a horoscope for gambling and discover if is today my lucky day horoscope for Aquarius gambling luck.

    Pisces Gambling Luck for 2024 (February 19 – March 20)

    Gambling Horoscope   Pisces

    Punters belonging to the zodiac are smart and logical. However, they depend on emotions, so avoiding big stakes is better. For Pisces, choosing games with an immersive and calm environment is better. Besides, they’d be glad to enjoy a no deposit casino bonus and other bounties.

    Fortunate days Fortunate numbers Fortunate shades Good choice of game Weaknesses Non-recommended gaming products
    Sunday and Monday 7 (the number of the reigning planet Neptune) Turquoise, sea-green Slots Dreaminess and emotionality Live table games

    The representatives of the zodiac may find luck in taking calculated risks, especially in games of chance, leading to unexpected and favorable outcomes. The wheel of fortune will tell about Pisces’ gambling luck today and the situation for each day of the year.

    Astrology-Themed Free Slots

    For those who believe in fate and the influence of celestial bodies, as well as people who want to try their luck in gambling astrology, there’s a special category of slot machines devoted to the subject. Such games contain the corresponding elements and possess many impressive features, which can usually increase the total prize. People, who are fond of mystics and want to immerse in a unique atmosphere of astrology, will be eager to test a few exciting slots devoted to the subject:

    Slot name Slot logo Slot developer Short overview of the game
    Zodiac Wheel Zodiac Wheel Online Slot Game EGT (Amusnet Interactive) It’s a simple product with a 5 x 3 grid and 5 lines. It’s a typical video game suitable for beginners with an RTP of 96.45% and medium variance.
    Lucky Zodiac Lucky Zodiac Online Slot Microgaming A nice and funny product with 5 reels and 20 lines. The RTP is 96.01%. The game accepts tiny stakes, so it’s a perfect choice for zodiacs with recommendations to avoid large bets.
    Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac Online Slot GameArt This is one more traditional video slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines. It has a bit lower RTP of 95.14%. The product will be an excellent choice for fans of purely Chinese style.
    Astro Cat Deluxe Astro Cat Deluxe Slot LightningBox It’s one of the unique products with 8 reels and up to 1,296 paylines. The RTP is close to an average – of 95.46%. The game offers great bounties and excellent graphics. Besides, higher stakes are accepted.
    Lucky Stars Lucky Stars Online Slot 1X2gaming The product is created with a cartoonish funny style. It has 5 reels (one contains multipliers) and 9 paylines. The RTP is 96.26%, and the most minor stakes are tiny.

    Take constant breaks from bets!

    2024 is an excellent time to start new long-term friendships.

    Luckiest Casinos to Play in 2024

    Take your chance at one of the gaming venues if you feel confident enough. Of course, it’s better to consider the favorable risk periods we described for each Zodiac sign above. Along with the fortunate time, gaming venues are reliable and recommended for all zodiacs in 2024. Consider their list and choose the most suitable platform:

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    Jackpot City Online CasinoIt’s one of the old and most trustworthy gaming venues. It’s certified by Kahnawake, MGA, and Spelinspektionen. Various types of products from reputable developers are presented. It’s one of the well-known UAE online casinos with up to 7 currencies supported.

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    EuSlot Online Casino

    EuSlot CasinoIt’s certified by MGA and offers a wide choice of developers. Punters can enjoy diverse products and pleasant bounties. The min replenishment is just 10 EUR. Many currencies and payment tools are supported.

    GetSlots Online Casino

    GetSlots Online CasinoThe club belongs to a well-known operator. It’s certified by Curacao and offers a great collection of games, currencies, and banking tools.

    SpinCasino Online Casino

    Spin Casino It’s a sister site of JackpotCity, which offers high-quality software and an impressive level of security for punters from various countries.

    7bitCasino Online Casino

    7bitCasino It’s one of the first BTC clubs which offers generous bounties for newcomers and regular players. It’s certified by Curacao and provides comfortable payment options.

    * T&C Apply

    PNXBet Online Casino

    PNXBet Online CasinoIt’s one of the GCash online casinos with a license from Curacao. Punters will find their favorite casino and betting options.

    Gambling Horoscope FAQs

    What are gambling horoscopes?

    They represent gambling luck astrology, describing each sign’s strengths and weaknesses to let players understand what to work on. Besides, horoscopes also give tips on favorable periods, days, colors, games, and even the best time to gamble to increase chances for success.

    How are gambling horoscopes made?

    The gambling horoscope is based on the traits of every Zodiac sign, as well as the influence of celestial bodies on a definite sign in a certain period.

    What day is good for gambling?

    Such days are individually selected for each sign and depend on it. More information can be found in the article for each zodiac sign.

    What sign is most likely to gamble?

    Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn should gamble in 2024 because they have a high chance of winning.

    How can I get lucky in gambling?

    Many people ask, ‘is today my lucky day to gamble?’ Read the horoscope attentively and take advantage of helpful information, such as lucky numbers, days, and colors. They will increase your chances.

    Which planet is responsible for money in astrology?

    There are 2 planets connected with wealth – Venus and Jupiter. But the welfare of a person depends on the definite Zodiac sign, luck, and a specific time period.

    Do gambling horoscope predictions work?

    Such horoscopes can give helpful tips and increase the chances to play in casinos and win. Use the information wisely and control yourself because gambling is always a risk.

    What Zodiac sign is the luckiest in gambling?

    Gemini is probably the luckiest Zodiac sign in 2024.

    Viacheslav Korobkin

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