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Article by : SlotsUp Team Sep 28, 2020

From Bella Thorne to Cardi B, OnlyFans is the site that’s encouraging celebrities and influencers to flash for cash – and it’s set to make them millions.

Models, musicians, and actresses are amongst some of the stars sharing the seductive X-rated snaps, but just how are they making so much cash?

How it works: users charge their followers a monthly subscription fee to see their photos and videos and OnlyFans take a commission of around 20%. The adult platform has its own calculator to work out how much celebs could be earning, all based on their social media following.

We’ve combined their Instagram followers with the average monthly subscription price (£15), and taken off OnlyFans 20% commission to estimate what each of these stars could be earning.

Here are the top earners who are ALREADY using OnlyFans to their advantage:

How Much Celebrities Earn Using OnlyFans Right Now

1. Blac Chyna – £15,418,259 per month

Whilst this amount seems incredibly high, this takes into account her 16.3 million Instagram followers paying £39.43 per month to access her pulse-racing content. Fans can also opt for a year’s subscription which will set you back £354 ($450) but which gives you 25% off.

2. Bella Thorne – £9,013,128 per month

Actress Bella Thorne charges her fans £15 a month to view her content, and combined with her 23.8m Instagram followers, we calculated her estimated earnings to be over £9m per month. She was recently embroiled in controversy over selling nude photos on OnlyFans for $200 (£149.70) that were not as described. Her actions resulted in OnlyFans capping the amount that creators can charge for this extra content.

3. Cardi B – £7,158,457 per month

Rapper Cardi B could earn over £7m per month on OnlyFans sharing behind-the-scenes content from her recent release WAP for just £3.93 per month , whilst making it very clear that she won’t be sharing nude content.

And here are the celebrities that could be earning MILLIONS if they signed up:

How Much Celebrities Could Earn Using OnlyFans

From Tom Hardy to Lewis Capaldi, we’ve crunched the numbers and calculated what these 30 celebrities could earn if they started to share content on OnlyFans.

The average OnlyFans subscription is £13.50 per month so we used that combined with Instagram follower counts to calculate the estimated earnings.

1. Addison Rae – £10,639,215

Addison Rae is one of the most liked and followed content creators, with 28.3m followers on Instagram to prove it. If she were to create an OnlyFans account, she’d stand to earn over £10m per month.

2. Lewis Capaldi – £2,047,100

With over 5.4m followers on Instagram, Lewis could top-up his £7.8m net worth by signing up to OnlyFans. Using our calculations, he could stand to earn £2m per month by posting saucy snaps on the site.

3. Tom Hardy – £2,539,921

Not only is Tom Hardy known for being one of the world’s sexiest men, he’s also rumoured to be in the running as the next James Bond. We’ve calculated that he could stand to make £2.5m each month on OnlyFans, based on his 6.7m Instagram followers.

Methodology: Using the OnlyFans estimated earnings calculator, we combined their Instagram followers with either their actual or estimated monthly subscription price – while taking off the 20% cut for the site itself to estimate what each celebrity in the list could be earning.

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