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    Hit Frequency

    Slot Machine Hit Frequency

    Article by : Divya Gandotra May 31, 2023

    Have you never gambled before? Or have you been betting for some time but are only now learning about game strategy? If so, you may find the idea of hit frequency a bit perplexing. The winning hit frequency, volatility (variance), and RTP (house edge) are some crucial variables in every slot game.

    One should always have a grasp of what the slot machine hit frequency signifies. After all, it significantly impacts your gambling experience and the extent to which your cash will go. Regrettably, many gamblers end up making the mistake of betting on the wrong slots. That’s because they fail to take the slot’s hit frequency factor into account.

    However, due to casino lingo, they also fail to understand one more thing. They don’t comprehend the distinction between slot hit frequency and the player’s return. Such a misconception can result in long-term financial implications.

    Thus, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of slot machine hit frequency. And that’s exactly what you’ll gain from this article. So, let’s start.

    What is Hit Frequency

    What the hit frequency slot machine tells is the frequency with which a machine stops on a winning combination. The slot hit frequency, for instance, of 10%, indicates that it stops roughly 10% of the time on the winning combination.

    Several video lottery terminals (VLTs) and slots enable gamblers to wager on numerous lines simultaneously. The end consequence is that a player may receive one or more winning combinations on a single spin in addition to several losing combinations.

    Calculation of Hit Frequency

    hit Frequency

    The hit frequency slots measure how often a player wins after a predetermined number of spins. For instance, say you spin the reels 400,000 times. You do this on a slot machine with a 20% hit frequency. So, in that case, you may anticipate winning 80,000 times. That’s how simple hit frequency calculation is.

    There is no automated slot machine hit frequency calculator available yet. Also, take note that software developers keep their games’ slot hit frequency a secret. That’s because low-hit frequency slots put off players (the majority of them) who prefer slots with high-hit frequency.

    Hit Frequency VS. Payout Percentage

    It is common for slot players to use jargon frequently, which may not seem pleasant at first. People who are unfamiliar with slots or gambling in general often confuse the notions of payback percentage and hit frequency.

    Hit frequency comes first when designing slots, and only then are the payout percentages and reels built around that initial idea. Payback percentage refers to the percentage of wagers placed in a game that is eventually returned as winnings.

    Both payback percentage and hit frequency are alternative methods to interpret the same data. While the payback percentage shows how expensive a game is compared, the hit frequency provides insight into how unpredictable a gaming session will be.

    Role Of Hit Frequency In Determining Slot Machine Volatility

    Hit Frequency In Slots

    In video slots, Hit Frequency and Volatility—also referred to as Variation—often have a close relationship. Consequently, low-hit frequency slots are more susceptible to high volatility. Meanwhile, slots with high hit frequency tend to have low volatility levels.

    It is a pretty foreseeable situation to be in because if an online slot machine permits one to win frequently, the average winning amount cannot be extremely high. Their frequent low-paying winnings are a clear indicator of minimal volatility.

    How Does Hit Frequency Affect The Amount And Frequency Of Payouts?

    Hit frequency is the likelihood of hitting a winning payout combination on a slot machine. For instance, a slot machine with a 25% hit rate indicates that 25% of spins might theoretically result in winnings. The typical payout range for online slots is between 25% and 27%. Therefore, a slot machine is said to have a high win frequency if it has a value higher than that.

    Each slot machine game has a different frequency of victories, with some paying out more than others. Slot machine strike rates typically range from 20% to 30%. The likelihood of a pokie having an award-winning cluster increases as the percentage gets closer to 30%.

    The differences in the best hit frequency among slot machines vary depending on the slot developer, their preference, etc. The ratio of wins to losses within a set of spins is known as a slot machine’s hit frequency.

    The slot machine has a 40% hit frequency, so if you spin the reels roughly 100,000 times, you may anticipate winning about 40,000 times.

    Examples Of Slot Machines With A High And Low Hit Frequency

    Slots with Low Hit Frequency

    Slot Name Game Provider RTP Hit Frequency Minimum Bet Maximum Bet Key Features
    Rainbow Riches Barcrest 95% 27.02% 0.01 500 5 reels and 20 paylines, 500x max win, Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, Bonus wheel, BonusGame: Pick Objects, Multiplier, Scatter symbols, Stack, Wild
    Golden Fields Just For The Win 96.13% 29.84% 0.20 50 5 reels and 30 paylines, 5,000x max win,  progressive win multiplier and Super Free Spins
    Wanted Dead or Alive Hacksaw Gaming 96.38% 19.36% 0.20 100 5 reels and 15 paylines, 12,500x max win; wild symbol, VS Symbol

    Slots with High Hit Frequency

    Slot Name Game Provider RTP Hit Frequency Minimum Bet Maximum Bet Key Features
    The Terminator Inspired Gaming 94.5% 43.67% 0.1 100 5 reels and 20 paylines, Super Symbol Respins reel modifier, 2500x max win
    Mega Moolah Microgaming 93.42% 46% €0.25 €6.25 5 reels and 25 paylines, 4 progressive jackpots, 1,955 x max win
    Gonzo’s Quest NetEnt 96% 41% 20p £50 per spin 5 reels and 20 paylines, 7,500x max win, Free Falls feature

    Strategies for Maximizing Hit Frequency

    Tips For Choosing Slot Machines With A Higher Hit Frequency

    Here are some tips for choosing the best hit-frequency slot machines:

    1. Have you seen the pay tables on slot machines? This is where you can find every symbol’s value. Navigate to the help window or the game’s options to find these tables.
    2. See what are the lowest and highest reward amounts they offer. Also, see if there’s any jackpot that players can win by doing a certain task or matching symbols.
    3. The slot will have a lower hit frequency when there’s a significant difference between the lowest and highest payout. So, consider that a red flag and move on to checking the next slots.
    4. Also, Keep track of the winnings and feature triggers over a predetermined number of spins.

    Importance Of Bankroll Management For Maximizing Hit Frequency

    hit Frequency

    The key to understanding hit frequency slots is to apply what you learn to the actual game you are playing. Slot machines with smaller but more regular wins should be your preference if you want your money to survive as long as possible.

    A slot machine that hits 10% of the time will keep your bankroll safe for longer, allowing you to spend more time playing and enjoying yourself. If you enjoy winning the most, that’s a good argument in favor of picking a slot machine with a higher frequency of wins.

    Not all gamblers are like this, but those who simply play for the money and get a rush from even a modest reward need to seek out these games.


    When selecting the best slot machine, hit frequency is a crucial indicator to pay attention to. But since the hit rate might be misleading, focus on additional factors as well.

    One of the biggest flaws in these calculations is that they simply take into account your chances of winning a payout round, not their actual value. As a result, you can have a slot machine with a high hit frequency that includes numerous losses that developers present as winners.

    Even after that, experts advise only playing slots with high hit frequency. At least, that will boost your winning chances far more significantly than any slots with low hit frequency.


    What is a slot machine hit frequency?

    A slot’s hit frequency is the ratio of wins to losses within a set of spins. Let’s say an online slot has a hit frequency of 30%. Now, you spin the reels roughly 100,000 times. In that case, you may anticipate winning about 30,000 times.

    Do game developers mention the game’s hit frequency within the slot?

    No, slot developers won’t disclose the slot game’s hit frequency on the homepage or anywhere else in the slot program. Their excuse may be the result of their poor game promotion. After all, many players avoid playing online slots with low hit frequency.

    Is there any difference between hit frequency and RTP in slots?

    Yes, there’s a difference. The slot machine RTP is a statistical forecast of how much profit you can anticipate from playing it. Meanwhile, hit frequency is the number of times the slot machine stops on the winning combination.

    What is the relation between slot hit frequency and slot variance?

    There is a correlation between game variance and hit frequency in slot machines. Low-risk slot games typically have high success rates, while the riskier ones come with low hit frequency.

    Can you determine the slot’s hit frequency by playing online slots?

    You can learn how frequently you can match symbols or activate a slot machine’s extra feature by playing the demo version. When it comes to hit frequency calculation manually, there’s no better approach than using free online slot machines.

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