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    Talking About Mad Cars Newest Push Gaming Slot With Ihor Lozinskiy Game Producer Now

    Talking about Mad Cars newest Push Gaming slot with Ihor Lozinskiy – Game Producer

    Article by : Max Bet Aug 8, 2022

    What inspired the designers for this game?

    One of the main inspirations for artists was the “Mad Max” movie series, which you can see in some of the character design and other elements. But in general, the idea was to create a feeling of a desolate wasteland with some immersive features; you can see that from the design of the Big Wins, for instance. And since this theme is trendy in mass media, there were a lot of references that we used for inspiration.

    Can you tell us more about the bonus rounds?

    Mad Cars SlotThe Bonus Game has additional features you can get from the Top Booster reel and a Random part that puts the excitement from the game to another level.

    The Cars work slightly differently in the Bonus Game than in the Base Game because there will always be 5 cars on the reels. Once one Car reaches the top of the reel and collects, another will take its place. The Mad Bonus also introduces three new upgrades to the Instant Prize Cars – Payer, Collector, and Payer/Collector. Payer will distribute its own Instant Prize Value to all other Cars, Collector will collect the value of all other Cars, and the Payer/Collector combo does both actions at once.

    These effects persist as long as the unique Cars are on the reels, meaning the value you rack up along the way can get super high! At the end of the Bonus Game, you have the chance to trigger the Mad Race Feature. When successfully activated, the Mad Race will collect every car on the reels, making for insane wins!

    Will the game have several versions that differ in RTP?

    Yes, we have 6 different RTP variants for this game: 96.39%, 95.36%, 94.44%, 92.45%, 90.32% (Germany only) and 88.49% (Germany only).

    What are Bonus Buy options available?

    We have worked hard to create many different Bonus Buy options that integrate multiple features at various costs to ensure every type of player can enjoy the Bonus Games in Mad Cars.

    • Mad Bonus – a regular bonus feature players can win in the base game.
    • Payer Bonus – within this bonus, the persistent payer car is guaranteed from the beginning of the feature.
    • Collector Bonus – similarly, the collector bonus has a collector car guaranteed from the first spin of the bonus.

    We will also introduce something unique for players in the form of the Mystery Mad Bonus, where players will be presented with a wheel containing three previous outcomes and an additional Payer/Collector car. Landing the persistent Payer/Collector combo Car can offer substantial winning potential.

    Mad Cars Slot

    Maybe you plan to start some kind of game series based on Mad Cars in the style of the Fat games?

    We are excited to create more games that utilize the Race Reels feature in unique and fun ways, but it all depends. If Mad Cars receives the same warm welcome from the audience as the Fat series, we would love to work on some form of string.

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