Things Are Moving At Last: UK Government Confirms The Final Opening Date For Casinos
Article by : Helen Aug 26, 2020

It looks like the UK government has finally been able to name the exact date when casinos in England will open their doors to visitors. The time for the resumption of the gambling business in England is set for August 15. Gambling establishments across the country have been closed since March 20 due to increased cases of coronavirus infection.

Earlier, the government has already announced that operators will be able to restart their business starting from August 1. These statements came in parallel with the weakening of the nationwide measures. Exactly 24 hours before the scheduled opening date, government officials canceled these steps. The deadline was postponed by several weeks due to the sharp increase in the number of Covid-19 cases.

According to the latest information, the government does not plan to extend the period of strict quarantine measures. Casino operators must take all necessary steps to ensure the highest level of protection for staff and visitors to gambling establishments.

It looks like the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) also gave a hearty welcome to the news. Previously, the Council was forced to postpone the restart of British casinos. However, the latest government announcement will enable more than 12,000 employees to return to work. Anyway, BGC does not deny that the gambling industry’s real hard times may come towards the end of the year.

The positive news is finally helping a vast number of staff return to their jobs after months of waiting.

It is assumed that gambling establishments will be able to provide all protective measures and reopen their doors to thousands of customers. Commenting on previous restart dates, the head of BGC noted that, according to Public Health authorities, opening a casino market doesn’t carry any risks. However, BGC executive director Michael Dugher pointed out that those two weeks when the government was still hesitating were wasted.

The head of the department also said that the majority of casino operators are still in undefined status. The casinos spent incredible amounts of money on the maintenance of closed gambling halls. Many operators have been on the brink of survival over the past five months. Therefore, no one knows when the period of recovery will come.

Casinos based in the UK have already spent colossal amounts of money on additional security measures. Even if the business goes incredibly well, no one is ready to say when the gaming sector will recover its position.

Heavy consequences for the economy

The massive recession fueled by the Covid-19 outbreak is already showing an unprecedented impact on almost every market. Already in April, UK GDP was 26% lower than figures that were obtained just a few months earlier. The economic recovery seems to be proceeding very slowly. Such economic prospects will have a very negative impact on the activities of online casinos. A decline in the purchasing power index only means that players will be able to spend significantly less on entertainment. Many will be more focused on meeting basic needs.

Online casinos cannot even roughly calculate possible prospects. The dynamics of Covid-19 disease is continuously fluctuating. Experts point out that the possibility of recurrence of the second wave of diseases may force some gaming operators to close their businesses permanently.

Consumers may also be slow to return to pre-crisis entertainment spending levels. Some gamblers will have to think about health problems or about how to spend their income more rationally. The final word in economic recovery still depends on the dynamics of the unemployment rate, which looks disappointing today.

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