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Did you know that fast payout casinos process your money in less than 24 hours? If you’ve been gambling for long, this may seem too good to be true. The truth is, there’s nothing to fret about. The fast-payout technique is an excellent method used by online casinos to keep their clients.

Some years back, you’d have to wait for a month or so before receiving your payment! Some adjustments were made, and the average waiting period was lowered to three days, which still made many players anxious and impatient.

Online gambling establishments realized that gamblers want the best online casino with a fast payout. With regard to that and the competitive nature of online gaming, they had to adopt the fast payout system.

Fast payout casinos are trustworthy- and secure. Research shows that the quicker the payout, the more reputable the casino appears. These casinos also have exceptional levels of gaming fairness, granting you an unforgettable gaming experience. Luckily, you won’t have to look too far to find a reliable, fast payout casino today. The key is to know what you want, and everything else will naturally fall into place.

Top Online Fast Payout Casinos for 2020

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Everything You Need to Know About Fast Payout Casinos

Fast payout casinos are the advancements in technology that every gambler has been waiting for. To receive your money, a fast payout online casino will require you to provide your ID. After that, you get paid.

Please note that every payout method has a unique payout period. Bank wire transfers are the slowest, with a cringe-worthy 3-10 day payout duration. Payments to credit and debit cards come next with a 1-5 day period, depending on the card issuer. Electronic wallets have an impressive 24-hour payout timeframe. Remember to ensure that your casino and e-wallet accounts are fully verified to avoid any additional withdrawal processing time.

Choosing a Fast Payout Casino

Learning about fast payout casinos is one thing. Making the selection is another. Many gamblers make the blunder of signing up in an online casino without doing some research first. The result? Frustration and regret. Though you can leave such a gambling establishment whenever you want to, wouldn’t it be easier and better to play in a fast payout casino that suits your preference?

If you’re new to gambling, we understand that the selection process can be hectic. We have, therefore, taken it upon ourselves to highlight the most critical factors you should consider as you look around:

Consider Transaction Approval Times: granted, you’re excited that you won some cash, and you want it immediately. However, there’s a procedure to be followed before that happens: The online casino in question must approve the payment transaction. Various gambling establishments have varying approval times. It’s always a great idea to know the longest duration you’re willing to wait. This makes the decision process easier as you won’t have to think twice if the approval time suits you.

Check if a Casino is Legitimate: when it comes to the safety of your personal and banking details, a word-of-mouth guarantee should never be enough. To be 100% positive that your casino of choice is regulated, check for betting seals of approval. You can find details about them at the bottom of the page. For a gaming company to operate on a particular market, it should be licensed and registered by recognized administrative bodies such as the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority and U.K. Gambling Commission.

Make Sure to Check and Verify Withdrawal Fees: If you have your eyes set on a reputable and fast online casino that takes a fee for particular payout methods, please check and accept the cost before you sign up. The price is often reasonable and accelerates the withdrawal process.

Fastest Payout Methods

All payout methods may be effective, but some are faster than others. If you want to access your winnings in the shortest time possible, here are some of the payout methods you should always rely on:

Skrill: founded on 17th June 2001 and formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is one of the most trusted payout methods for a good reason: Transfers appear instantly. Even though bank transfer can take several days to process and is not so common in many developed countries, most reputable and fastest online casinos use it.

PayPal: PayPal is Skrill’s number 1 competitor. Like Skrill, it provides quick withdrawals and deposits. Funds from a fast payout casino are deposited into your PayPal account immediately. Then, you can shift your funds to your bank. You have to wait at least 2-3 business days if you wish to transfer funds to your bank.

Electronic Wallet Systems: to use an e-Wallet, you first have to sign up for an account through a provider such as Skrill or PayPal. Then, link a credit card or bank account by which you can add cash. From there, you can visit the online casino you wish to deposit. If the gambling establishment approves your e-Wallet, you can deposit funds. Withdrawals from casinos are completed very fast. And, transfer of funds to e-Wallets takes a few minutes.

PaySafeCard: with PaySafeCard – which is not common- you receive and pay cash using a unique 16-digit PIN. You need a PaySafeCard account to store your money. If you have the money available on your PaySafeCard account, you can easily and quickly withdraw your earnings and deposit them into the bank account connected to it.

Transferring money from the casino to your PaySafeCard account is instantaneous. However, you may need to wait for 2-3 days to move the funds to the connected bank account.

How we Pick Fast Payout Casinos

When picking a fast payout online gambling establishment, the swift payout shouldn’t be the only center of your focus. Remember, you want an online casino that provides you with the very best. And one that you’re comfortable in.

As such, some other crucial features that you should pay special attention to as well are:

Customer Care: whether you’re new to gambling or not, you need a reliable customer care team to assist you whenever you need it. The team should be friendly, competent, patient, and polite. You should also be able to reach it through various communication channels such as phone, email, and live chat.

Security: the last thing you’d want is cybercriminals accessing your details. Or for your information to be used without your permission. A real money casino with a fast payout has the latest security encryption software in place. This ensures that only you and the casino have access to your details.

Legitimacy: in an age where gambling is widely practiced and accepted by most people, it’s easy for scammer casinos to rob unsuspecting players of their hard-earned money. You can avoid falling prey to such schemes by verifying that your preferred online casino is regulated and licensed by a recognized government body. You can find such crucial details at the bottom of the casino website.

Welcome Bonuses: what better way to make you feel welcome than by offering you some exciting rewards for signing up? Besides confirming that the online casino provides welcome bonuses, confirm how easy it is to access them.

Mobility: smartphones are an essential part of many people’s lives. It’s no wonder that a majority of fast payout casinos have an easy-to-use mobile app. Your ideal casino should have one too! With such a cool feature, you can bet whenever you are and with complete privacy.

Speeding Up the Process in Fast Payout Casinos

The beauty of betting is earning winnings. Fast payout casinos allow you to receive your earnings quickly and easily. For the best online casino with a fast payout to process payments fast, it needs to have sufficient funds in each of its accounts.

Since the number of withdrawal requests made daily by players is countless, there might be some occasional delays in withdrawing your money. Thankfully, such gambling establishments have sufficient trained personnel to process the payments and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Contrary to what most players believe, it’s possible to accelerate the fast payout process. Here are some of the steps you can take to achieve this:

Make Sure Your Documents Are in Order

Unlike land-based casinos, most online casinos go the extra mile to protect their customers’ identities. They must first confirm your identity before approving your withdrawal request.
During your first withdrawal request, the casino will ask you to provide specific documents that it will use to confirm your identity. Though the papers required vary from one casino to another, the basic ones are:

  • A credit card copy
  • A passport
  • A utility bill
  • A copy of your credit card
  • Your ID

Ensure that you have all the necessary documents and that they are in order. This makes verification faster, which will lead to a quick payout.

Consider Becoming a VIP Member

To be a step ahead of other players, you’ll need to move from ordinary to a VIP member.
Almost all online casinos have a VIP Program. Such programs allow you to receive special treatment, benefits (such as a fast payout), and other goodies that aren’t accessible to average gamblers.

Signing up for a VIP program is super easy. All you have to do is ensure that your preferred online gambling establishment has a VIP program. Then, make your account with the casino: Enter your name, basic details, and email address. And you’re in! To be on the safe side, check if you have to opt-in before becoming a Very Important Person.

Research Well

The internet is littered with all sorts of information, both relevant and otherwise. Picking a few casino websites may not be enough. Delve deeper. Read customer reviews on various online casinos before making your final decision. Also, check out the casino’s features. Read all you can about it on its webpage.

Pro tip: Carry out your research on websites deemed secure by Google and other search engines.

If you’re not much of an internet person and you have a friend or relative who gambles online, you can ask for their help as well. Their input should guide you in the right direction but not necessarily influence your final decision.

Pay Attention to Bonus Requirements

Most – if not all – online casinos have bonus offers all over their homepage. If you’re new to gambling, you’re probably wondering what these offers are all about.

The bonuses are meant to entice you to keep playing so you can generate some income for the casino and are offered in different forms:

  • Reload bonus: you can redeem them on any deposit, not just your first one.
  • Play only bonus: you can’t withdraw it, and it’s only used to wager.
  • Free play bonus: you get it for free upon signing up, even if you don’t make a deposit.
  • Withdrawable bonus: it’s rare and shows up in your account as soon as you deposit.

Fast Payout Casinos FAQ

📌  How Long Do Online Casino Payouts Usually Take?
It depends on the fast payout casino you select. Some online casinos can process your withdrawal in a day or so. Others may take a few days or even weeks. This is because every online casino has its unique cash out period. And, it will require time to process your request.

On average, however, the ideal online casino should take 2-3 days. During that period, you have the opportunity to cancel the withdrawal request. If there’s a detail that requires adjustment, you can use it to make some corrections.

📌  Which Payment Option Is the Fastest?
e-Wallets are the fastest payment option. They’re easy to set up, easy to use, and can process payments in 24 hours or so regardless of the amount you’re looking to withdraw.
📌  What Is a Pending Period?
Also known as reverse withdrawal time, a pending period is the amount of time you’ll have to wait before an online casino approves your withdrawal request. Though different casinos have different pending periods, the waiting duration generally lies between 24-48 hours. Other reverse withdrawal times are 0-4 hours, 24-72 hours, and 2-5 days.

After the duration elapses, the money is sent to the designated withdrawal method. Please note that some pending periods may not include weekends. Only business days will be counted.

As you wait, most casinos allow you to reverse your withdrawal request, in what’s known as ‘rollback.’ Some online casinos permit you to reverse part of the money while others reverse the whole amount.

📌  Are There Any Fees for Fast Payouts?
Yes, there is. Certain casinos charge a specific fee when you decide to use a particular payment alternative. The charges are free across all websites.
📌  What Is the Minimum Withdrawal?
Again, it depends on the casino you pick, as well as the payment method you use. Most of the time, the amount is between $5 and $10. Minimum withdrawal amounts of payout methods such as wire transfer and check are slightly higher than that.

Casinos set their minimum withdrawal limits, so before accepting a specific online gambling establishment, please check its website for such details.

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