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    Highest RTP in Online Slot Machines

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    High RTP

    With modern video slots an extremely important indicator is the RTP. To date, the highest RTP slots are the most popular and attractive to players. In this article, you will learn about the main features of such games. Basics known to most gamblers do not exactly reveal the essence of RTP Slot game characteristics, so we will try to give a more in-depth explanation of the topic.

    What is RTP and How Can We Calculate It?

    RTP (Return to Player) means “Return to Player”. It indicates how often the player can get a win. It is logical that the higher the RTP percentage, the higher the probability that the winnings will be bigger and more frequent. This indicator is the best RTP slot machines online determine how many bets a player can return from all the bets they made on a particular slot in the long term. Where to find slots with high RTP? Actually, there are quite a few.

    By today’s standards, the RTP of a slot must exceed 90% for a player to have a good chance of winning. If it were 100%, it would mean that the casino and the gambler would have equal chances, and that’s not beneficial to the casino, which is why in almost all slots the RTP starts at 90%, there are games where it reaches 98%, they are considered to be the most profitable and promising.

    Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that RTP determines the outcome of the game, but this is not true. Online casino games are unpredictable, so you never know what the outcome will be, so when choosing a slot, consider not only the RTP but also the presence and variety of bonus rounds. How to Calculate RTP? It’s very easy to do. In order to Find out RTP%, you need to divide your winnings by the number of bets, which is multiplied by 100%.

    By doing this simple calculation, you’ll understand how much profit the casino gets from its customers’ bets. Many are interested in the question of whether there is any connection between RTP and winning frequency. Yes, such a connection does exist, but one should not be naive to believe that if the percentage is high, then the winning frequency will be higher. It is not always so.

    Slots RTP and Hit Frequency

    Each of the highest RTP online casino slot machines has its own prospects, even slots with the same percentage cannot give the same number of winning combinations. There is a pattern: lower RTP slots tend to make smaller payouts, but often, while higher RTP slots provide big wins, but rarely do so. Here the gambler will have to choose what is more important for them. In fact, a big win is a great success, so many people prefer to collect small wins, which in total give a good result. In other words, this is called dispersion. Experienced gamblers who prefer to play big choose slots with a high RTP, while beginners prefer slots with a low one so as not to take risks.

    Online slots RTP database helps you find the best high RTP slots and choose the perfect one for you. Of course, this is just a conditional number, which may have errors, but still, it should be taken into account when choosing a game for real money. Of course, no one will look for a Guide on this topic, but it is important to know the general information in order to better understand which factors you should pay special attention to. If the gambler does not know the features of the game, its functions, and details regarding the bonus rounds, then RTP will not help to win in any way.

    RTP in Combination with Other Information

    This indicator is important in combination with other data that you should be aware of because experienced players never rely only on RTP, an integrated approach is important for them when choosing a slot. The best RTP online slots are mostly the products of the most popular and reliable providers that have proven themselves to be the safest and highest quality online casino game producers.

    They release slots in accordance with generally recognized gambling standards, which is why their gaming portfolio is in active demand among the audience. Of course, they all strive to make a high RTP for their clients so that the players are satisfied with the result of the game and return to it again. Return to player is a very important indicator for modern slots because, despite all the prospects and promises of the game, it is important to understand approximately what outcome awaits you. Let’s take a closer look at the top high RTP slots.

    Top-5 Online Slots With High RTP

    We have prepared for you a list of the best RTP slot machines online, which have the best characteristics not only in terms of the profitability of the slot but also its gaming and bonus features, as well as the beauty and simplicity of design and graphics.

    1429 Uncharted Seas Slot by Thunderkick

    1429 Uncharted Seas High RTP Slot

    1429 Uncharted Seas online slot is an incredibly beautiful and stylish game with an RTP of 98.5%, which guarantees the player very good prospects. In addition, the slot has an excellent bonus row, which includes expanding wilds, scatters, and free spins. Incredibly sophisticated marine symbols attract attention with their beauty. The drum looks like an ancient map of the sea, and there is also a unique mermaid symbol. The design in soothing colors creates a sense of harmony and allows you to focus on the betting process. In general, this slot has excellent performance and chances of winning. It not only gives you real money, but also a good mood and enjoyment of the gameplay.

    Thrones of Persia Slot by Tom Horn

    Thrones Of Persia High RTP Slot

    Thrones of Persia slot is a historical game set in 500B.C. in the Persian empire. The game has very bright and lively graphics, which allows us to feel the atmosphere of that era. The game features wild symbols, scatters, free spins, autoplay option, multipliers, and more. All of them make a valuable contribution to the winning potential of the slot and make it more attractive for experienced players. The RTP is 98.83%, which is an excellent indicator.

    Joker Strike Slot by Quickspin

    Joker Strike High RTP Slot

    Joker Strike by Quickspin is a modern 5 reel, 10 payline video slot that offers you a wide range of bonuses and pleasant surprises. There are wild symbols here that allow the player to increase the chances of success and provide themself with interesting gameplay and the best prizes. Slot`s RTP is 98.11%. It provides a fairly high percentage of return, so this game is very promising and gives good chances. The design of the slot is quite simple, even primitive, but this does not affect its popularity, all the graphics are still very bright and beautiful. The autoplay option is also available. Despite the fact that there are no free spins, scatters and multipliers, the slot still continues to be popular.

    Moon Shadow Slot by Barcrest

    Moon Shadow Slot By Barcrest

    Moon Shadow game is a 98.1% RTP progressive slot with free spins, wild symbols, and scatters. User-friendly design allows you to quickly start the game and understand its features. There are no complicated functions and interface here, everything is done with maximum simplicity and accessibility so that the game is understandable even for beginners. The slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines, the theme of the game is closely related to animals, the symbols here are the wolf and the owl, which are traditional nocturnal animals. The whole atmosphere of the slot is permeated with mysticism and gloomy tones. The game is available for mobile devices and its winning possibilities are quite high despite its simple design.

    Tesla slot by Relax Gaming

    Tesla High RTP Slot By Relax Gaming

    Tesla video slot is dedicated to the famous scientist Nikola Tesla. The RTP of the slot is 98.03%. It has wild symbols and an autoplay option. This is indeed a very entertaining slot that has the right to be considered one of the most attractive in terms of graphics and story, as well as its winning possibilities, which, despite the absence of most of the popular bonus offers, are quite high. The game has a lot of fans and continues to be at the top of the latest innovations in the casino industry.


    Return to player is a very important indicator in any video slot, so you need to pay attention to it when choosing a game. It shows how much you will be in profit from the result of the game and what prospects await you. Today, there are a huge number of innovative themed slots with a high RTP, so there will be no problem in choosing.

    The most famous providers hold a high bar for this indicator, so the RTP of more than 90% is the most worthy. However, you should not take it too seriously, because, in addition to the return, it is also important for the player to know what bonuses the slot offers, what reputation and rating it has, and finally the topic. If all the parameters suit you, then you can start playing. We hope that this article was useful for you and that you learned a lot about RTP and its importance in casino games.

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