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Did you know that you can restrict your online gambling activities? Thanks to GamStop certified online casinos, you won’t have to worry about spending more than you intended as you indulge in betting.

Launched in April 2018 by the Remote Gambling Association and handled by The National Online Self- Exclusion Scheme Limited, GamStop is a free national online self-exclusion scheme that seeks to enable gambling addicts to ban themselves from online gambling platforms. GamStop involves gamblers and helps them acknowledge that there is an issue. It restricts online gambling activities for its members, i.e., from playing with any gambling establishment licensed by the U.K. Gambling Commission.

To register, you only need to verify your identity by submitting all personal details such as your age, names, and address. With its quality standards of protecting personal information, you can rest assured that your details won’t land in the wrong hands.

The self-exclusion scheme allows you to pick a duration in which you wish to exclude yourself from betting. The shortest period is six months, and the longest is five years. GamStop is based in the U.K. Therefore, GamStop casinos are only present in the United Kingdom. So far, well over 260 online casinos registered in the U.K. are part of GamStop.

Top Online GamStop Casinos for 2022

Everything You Need to Know About GamStop Casinos

GamStop casinos register for the GamStop self-exclusion scheme while obtaining a license from the U.K. Gambling Commission. Though there’s not much difference between them and non-GamStop gambling establishments, the biggest variation has to be that it’s impossible to access your gambling site accounts at every U.K. Gambling Commission-licensed site. This is because they will be automatically closed once you register.

More people recognize the addictive impact that gambling has. As such, more gamblers are opting for GamStop casinos. If you’re thinking twice about giving such casinos a try, don’t fret. Once your self-exclusion period is up, you regain access to casinos. The period of waiting before this happens varies among clients.

What Exactly is GamStop?

GamStop is a service that enables individuals in Northern Ireland and Great Britain to quickly and easily exclude themselves from various gambling-related apps and websites. Many critics have questioned the effectiveness of the scheme. Once you access its website, it’s 100% legitimate and has helped countless people get their gambling habits in check.

It achieves this with a couple of features like the Support and Registration features. The self-exclusion scheme provides support in different ways, such as debt support, practical controls, emotional support, and gambling support. The support agents are friendly, experienced, and competent and are available on a 24/7 basis. Whichever option you pick, you’re guaranteed to receive the assistance you need. The Registration feature is the most crucial as it welcomes users to the world of gamble control. When filling in your details, you must be as honest as possible, as the site will use the information to know more about you. Wherever you’re unsure or need clarification, don’t hesitate to carry out the necessary research before proceeding with this step.

Another notable characteristic worth mentioning is the Duration feature that allows you to select the period you wish to self-exclude from gambling. Psychologists choose the durations, and you should select a time frame depending on the extent of your betting addiction. Please note that you can’t cancel it once you apply for a certain period until it elapses. In most cases, after the duration ends, the self-exclusion factor may still be active. In such a scenario, the best way to free yourself from it is by visiting the offices and requesting them to remove your name. If you’re new to gambling or view it as a fun pastime and nothing more, you may not need to register for GamStop.

Why and When Should You Register on GamStop?

Gambling addiction is a problem that affects most, if not all, gamblers. At first, betting is just an enjoyable activity that players love indulging in. However, as time goes by, if you spend most of your time gambling for real money, you’ll realize that it will become a part of you. Most players get their gambling habits under control with the greatest of ease.

On the other hand, others find it overwhelming and frustrating to balance gambling and other commitments in their lives. Sharing that you have a gambling problem isn’t always easy, what with the judgment and frowning that surround gambling in general? The most convenient option is registering on GamStop casinos.

Here, your gambling secret is safe, and in case you need a shoulder to lean on, there’s an array of experienced individuals that can lead you on the right path. The first step to recovery is admitting that you’re struggling with staying away from land-based or online casinos.

So, when should you register on GamStop? Here are some of the instances:

  • When you lie to hide your gambling activities, especially when it becomes a habit.
  • When you experience relationships or work problems due to gambling.
  • When you need to bet with more amounts of money to feel some excitement.
  • When you come back to gamble even after you’ve lost a substantial amount of money.
  • When gambling is always on your mind, you’re regularly making plans or looking for opportunities to bet.
  • When you rely on others for money to spend on gambling.
  • When you gamble even when you’re distressed.
  • When you feel irritable or restless when you try to stop gambling.
  • When there are repeated unsuccessful trials to reduce, stop, or control betting.
  • When you resort to stealing to get money for gambling.

How to Register on GamStop

For you to fully enjoy the benefits of GamStop, you must register for the self-exclusion service. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to go about the registration process:

  • Go to the self-exclusion scheme’s official website. You’ll find an array of action alternatives on it.
  • From the six alternatives below the logo (Home, About, Register, Update, More Support, and Login), select “Register.”
  • Provide the required details: Your full name and title (if necessary), your birth date, your mobile number, your prime email address as well as any extra email addresses that you would like to be part of the self-exclusion, and your residential address containing your postcode, plus any other addresses you’d like to be in the self-exclusion.
  • Select the least time you prefer your self-exclusion to hold for (this duration will be your Minimum Exclusion Period). The time frames available at the moment are six months, a year, and five years.
  • Congratulations! You’ve signed up!

The process may take a few minutes, but you’ll have to wait a while longer (mostly 24 hours) before your self-exclusion registration reflects as active. Upon submitting the necessary details, you’re expected to answer back to a couple of bonus queries to help them confirm your identity, with the help of a third-party verification system. The questions are pretty straightforward and are, most times, random. Currently, the third-party verification service is done using the Trans Union Provider.

Point to note: You can’t sign up to the website on behalf of someone else, though you can help them fill in their details. This is to make sure that the checks are carried out, and adequate documentation is made.

Once you’re done with the registration process, you’ll be given a chance to review the details you have offered so that you can verify the information. After that, you’re free to finalize your registration.

Where to Get Further Support

If you’re suffering from gambling addiction, don’t give up. Aside from GamStop, there are a variety of other organizations that can help you get on the right track, such as:

In the U.K.:

  • BeGambleAware: this organization aims to help problem gamblers to overcome their addiction by raising awareness about betting.
  • GamblersAnonymous: GamblersAnonymous reaches out to gambling addicts through group meetings in various parts of the U.K.
  • Gamcare: Aside from communication means such as email, phone, and chat, the organization also has physical locations where you can have one-on-one sessions with professionals.

In the U.S.:

  • 1 800 Gambler: Aside from a 24/7 helpline, the organization also offers betting-related brochures and details as well as several ways to consult counselors.
  • NCP Gambling: NCP Gambling promotes the essence of understanding gambling snares and provides national support at all times.

In Australia:

  • LifeLine: if you feel like gambling addiction weighs in on you, this is the right organization.
  • GamblingHelpOnline: GamblingHelpOnline offers various resources to tackle gambling at multiple stages.
  • GamblersHelp: Open to residents in the Victoria region, this organization provides free consultation services at every time of the day.

In New Zealand:

  • GamblingHelpline: this organization links you to seasoned experts who can help you attain your recovery goals. It provides various methods to contact counselors, either through forums, free calls, or text messages.
  • PGF: the PGF organization offers gamblers a detailed list of gambling addiction clinics in most large cities in New Zealand.
  • ChoiceNotChance: instead of advising gamblers against betting, it shows them how harmful it is through infographics.

In Canada:

  • Problem Gambling: this organization is best if you want to solve your addiction problem independently.
  • Canada Safety Council: this organization doesn’t focus on fighting betting addiction exclusively but creates awareness on things that could disrupt an individual’s peace of mind- including gambling.

GamStop Casinos FAQ

📌  What Is GamStop?
GamStop is an online self-exclusion scheme based in London that seeks to help gamblers with a gambling addiction problem overcome their addiction. GamStop certified online casinos restrict you from accessing your gambling site accounts at every U.K. Gambling Commission- licensed site.
📌  How Long Does GamStop Last?
It depends on the duration you pick. GamStop offers three self-exclusion durations: 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years. It remains active based on the period you select. For instance, if you choose 1 year, it’ll last for a year.

Upon signing up for GamStop, you’ll no longer be able to access your accounts. Additionally, you will be removed from marketing databases so that no online gaming companies will contact you.

📌  Is GamStop Free?
GamStop is a free self-exclusion service. What’s more, it’s voluntary and makes the recovery process as comfortable and seamless as possible for the gambling addict.
📌  Can I Reverse My GamStop Ban?
No, you can’t. Once you register, you have to wait for the self-exclusion period of your choice to elapse before you can once again access online gambling sites. The site keeps a close watch on your account and ensures that you go through the entire recovery process.

Once you self-exclude, you won’t be able to use any of your accounts or create new ones until the self-exclusion period ends. Also, your accounts won’t reopen automatically.

📌  Are There Any Casinos Not on GamStop?
Yes. Some casinos are not on GamStop. Though gambling establishments should sign up for GamStop as they apply for a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, specific casinos choose not to sign up for GamStop.

Some of them are:

  • Ares Casino.
  • Gale & Martin Casino.
  • Four Crowns Casino.
  • Lord of the Spins Casino.
  • Madame Chance Casino.
  • All Wins Casino.
  • Ridika Casino.
  • JackpotCharm Casino.
  • AgentSpins Casino.
  • LionelBets Casino.

If you have gambling issues, SlotsUp doesn’t advise that you look for the above or any similar casinos.

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