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    Cash or Crash

    Cash Or Crash
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    Providers Evolution Gaming
    RTP 99.59%
    Min. Bet 0.10
    Max. Bet 2,500.00
    Release Date 2021

    In 2021, Cash or Crash joined the family of Evolution’s immersive live shows. ‘The amazing blimp ride to the skies’ is what the provider states about this title. It offers gamblers to join the cruise over a bustling metropolis. The main goal is to reach the highest awards on the 20-step ladder and not to crash.

    Our SlotsUp review aims to highlight all the features of this relatively unusual online casino game, including available bets, potential payouts, payout settings, and compatibility with bonuses. In addition, we’ve prepared our rating of Cash or Crash live casinos we’ve tested ourselves. So, let’s explore these details and try not to crash!

    Cash or Crash Casino Gameplay & Features

    This live show’s mechanics and theme are outstanding, so players looking for a new non-typical experience should take advantage of this title. The Cash or Crash RTP of 99.59% is much above average, though we should note that it’s the highest rate, while the range can vary from 94.51% to 99.59%, depending on the game’s features. Let’s look at the main features gamblers can try out here!

    Basic Rules

    You are welcome to the tactical live show, where you place a single bet and hunt for the highest rewards of the 20-step ladder with the highest potential of 50,000x. The gameplay is built around a drawing machine that draws colored balls, determining whether you continue climbing the ladder for higher wins or crash. These are the available balls:

    • 19 green balls, let players move one step up the ladder
    • 1 gold ball creates protection against the red ball
    • 8 red balls, the game ends (unless you had a shield)

    When you place a wager on the bet spot, you see possible wins according to your bet and the game’s potential.


    The Cash or Crash live game keeps players involved to the maximum since after each green ball or a case when a Shield is broken, you can make a decision:

    • Take Half (you get 50% of your current winning and continue playing with an initial bet)
    • Continue (stay in the game and continue playing with your potential wins)
    • Take All (you get 100% of your current wins and end the game)

    It’s a crash game where you decide when to stop (if you don’t crash beforehand).

    Golden Shield

    When you get a golden ball, you are in luck. It increases the potential payout and provides players with a Golden Shield, which serves as protection if they face a red ball. When the red ball is drawn, and you don’t have a shield, you crash and lose everything, and when the shield is broken, it protects you, and you can keep on playing.

    User Experience: Interface & Design

    As well as other games from Evolution, Cash or Crash Live is a game full of excitement, cool sound effects, and advanced solutions for graphics. The fact that you are a passenger of a zeppelin is the first highlight of the game. During the game, you also experience varied features making the game show catchy.

    The main tools you need for navigation are the chips of different values you find below and additional menu widgets, including the ones for different settings and the ‘+ Table’ feature to add up to 3 additional live games from Evolution to play simultaneously.

    In the leftmost upper corner, you can use the live chat. In most cases, the dealer will read your message and answer you. Below on the right, you can see Cash or Crash’s last results (information about the highest level reached in recent games, a gold ball, and a shield), which is convenient for those analyzing the gameplay in the long run.

    We tested the game on a desktop and mobile. Our team enjoyed this approach, and we are not surprised that all the top new casinos have this game.

    Cash or Crash Odds & Payouts

    Here, you place a single bet of a specific value, so the payouts are the same for all players. The only difference is that you can cash out earlier than others if you’ve reached a certain amount and have yet to crash.

    Cash or Crash odds depend on the amount you want to achieve. When it’s cash out earlier, the house edge is lower than 1x; when you want to reach the highest positions, it is over 5%.

    Here’s the ladder with the potential payouts:

    Level Regular Payout Golden Shield Burst Payout
    20 18,000x 50,000x
    19 6,800x 11,000x
    18 2,900x 4,000x
    17 1,200x 1,500x
    16 550x 760x
    15 310x 360x
    14 160x 175x
    13 95x 105x
    12 54x 62x
    11 33x 36x
    10 21.5x 24x
    9 15x 16x
    8 10x 10.5x
    7 7.1x 8x
    6 5x 5.6x
    5 3.6x 4x
    4 2.7x 3.1x
    3 2x 2.2x
    2 1.6x 1.7x
    1 1.2x 1.2x

    Please note that the provider sets the maximum payout limit of $500,000. As for the total max win multiplier of 50,000x, it’s much above average as, for example, Crazy Time has 25,000x, while Lightning Roulette builds its winnings on the standard European Roulette payouts and the extra multiplier of 500x.

    Cash or Crash Strategy & Tips

    The essential tips you should consider are tracking Cash or Crash statistics, playing responsibly, and choosing a bankroll that won’t affect your overall financial situation if you lose this amount. Please note that it’s impossible to hack the game or influence the outcome, but you can control your behavior during the game according to these strategies based on risk levels:

    • Low-risk Cash or Crash strategy, concentrate on the first 3 positions of the ladder and cash out once reaching the third one.
    • Medium-risk Cash or Crash strategy, you can take Half after reaching the third ladder’s position and continue playing.
    • High-risk Cash or Crash strategy, take Half by reaching at least the 10th position and continue playing till the end.

    Of course, you can hunt for the largest prize and keep playing without the Take Half feature, but be careful since this approach is risky, and you can lose everything.

    Pros & Cons

    Las Vegas is right on your phone or PC with Cash or Crash since the game is exciting. To learn more about its


    • You determine whether to cash out or continue playing
    • The Take Half option is helpful for careful gamblers
    • It’s an immersive real dealer game with significant gameplay effects
    • Players can track Cash or Crash stats to form a strategy


    • The game can’t be played without a real money deposit
    • It’s always risky to place real money bets at casinos
    • The 50,000x max win is applied only when the shield is broken
    • You don’t have diversified bets like in other Evolution games


    Cash or Crash Evolution is a relatively new game where you are involved to the maximum and can make personal decisions during the rounds. You can not only cash out the total amount when reaching a sure win but also Take Half and continue playing, which is very helpful when you don’t want to risk all your money yet want to keep playing.

    Compared to other games from Evolution, it’s very different since it’s a crash game that doesn’t look like regular live shows or tables with dealers. The fans of cryptos or games of similar concepts will adore it.

    To sum up the above, you will easily find a Cash or Crash casino and enjoy both a feature to cash out at once and an opportunity to reach the height of the multiplier ladder.