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    Crazy Time

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    Providers Evolution Gaming
    RTP 96.08%
    Min. Bet 0.10
    Max. Bet 2.50
    Release Date 2020

    Here at SlotsUp, we want players to access diversified software, including live dealer shows, so the Crazy Time casino game is an excellent title to represent this category. The game was launched by Evolution Gaming in 2020, and its gameplay elements combining the wheel of fortune with mini-games hosted by a live dealer, make the gameplay immersive. Its 95.5% RTP is an excellent match to the 25,000x potential max win.

    On this page, I will explain how to play this live show game, what strategies are the most suitable, and what bankroll is good according to the game’s betting limits. Besides, we’ll tell our readers how to use the navigation tools to place bets or track statistics and what top Crazy Time casinos to choose to get the best payouts and ensure that personal details and money are safe. It’s time for a crazy yet mind-blowing experience!

    Crazy Time Casino Gameplay

    Since Evolution created an exciting live show, it’s all about having fun. The studio has all the necessary elements for mini-games, while the center of the room is occupied by a giant wheel of fortune on which the gameplay is based. Please note that the Crazy Time live casino game is available for real money only. However, players who haven’t deposited yet can watch the gameplay (you’ll see the low balance notification).

    When the bets are accepted, you see chips of specific values below the screen. By clicking on a chip, you choose it, and when you click on a betting position above, you place a bet. There are Undo and Double widgets to modify the bet, but you can’t change it when the timer ends, and the round begins. The dealer spins the Crazy Time wheel, and you see the result when it stops.

    The betting options include 4 numbers (1, 2, 5, and 10) and 4 bonus games (Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time), so you bet on any of these positions, and if the flapper of the wheel points on this position, you get paid accordingly or enter a bonus game.

    Special Features: Crazy Time Live Bonuses

    This live game features 4 bonus rounds with great potential. These are Crazy Time casino game bonuses:

    • Coin Flip, 4 segments, 5,000x max win. It’s an excellent old game where the dealer flips the coin. You choose a red or a blue side and wait for a random multiplier to be applied to your color.
    • Cash Hunt, 2 segments, 10,000x max win. Players will see a field with 108 cells and bet on a random position. Each cell reveals a specific multiplier, and the shooting cannon determine the amount you win.
    • Pachinko, 2 segments, 10,000x max win. It’s a well-known Pachinko wall with physical pegs and multiples at the bottom. The dealer drops a puck, and you get the corresponding multiplier when it reaches the bottom.
    • Crazy Time, 1 segment, 20,000x max win. You access another wheel and choose a blue, green, or yellow arrow. When the wheel stops, you get a win shown by the chosen arrow. It can be doubled or tripled.

    You enter this round if you bet on a particular bonus round and the wheel’s flapper shows it. If you didn’t place this bet, you watch the gameplay of the bonus round yet don’t get wins.

    In addition, the game features the Top Slot option. Its concept is that a mini-slot machine with 2 reels is based above the wheel and launched each time the round begins. The first reel displays the wheel position (a number or a bonus round), while the second reel shows a multiplier of up to 50x, which will be applied to this sector if the flapper shows on it.

    I find this abundance of bonus features engaging. It’s nice that you don’t lose in bonus rounds since any color you bet on brings specific multipliers, though they can differ. But you may dislike that you don’t get involved in bonus rounds when you don’t bet on corresponding positions on the table.

    Crazy Time Graphics & Design

    The game is vibrant and stands out from most other live shows. The dealer wears a thematic costume, while the studio is full of game elements for fantastic gameplay. The main wheel is multicolored, as well as all the other elements. Each bonus round is filled with special effects in terms of both visual and sound sides. I like it when games are as immersive as this one.

    Interface & Navigation Elements

    Besides appealing graphics, the game features an understandable interface so players can place bets, track statistics, and access the rules. These are the main elements for smooth navigation:

    • The betting options are the chips of different values and the betting table with positions to bet on
    • Your balance and total bet are displayed on the left
    • Below on the right, you’ll see Crazy Time statistics displaying the results of previous games
    • Above on the left, you can use the chat to communicate with the dealer and other players
    • In the rightmost upper corner, you’ll see basic settings for sounds, the graphics quality, and the basic rules

    Thus, the game is user-friendly and has all the tools newbies may need to get familiar with the interface.

    Crazy Time Stats for Strategy & Other Tips

    I can’t say that players can apply cheating codes or 100% winning strategies since gambling always has the house edge element, so a responsible gambling approach is necessary. However, there are some tips and tricks based on elements like the Crazy Time tracker you can follow to minimize your risks.

    Exploring Crazy Time Tracker

    Due to the option that displays the previous games’ outcomes, you can track casino Crazy Time results and plan your strategy accordingly. It won’t be correct to say that this option works as a pattern since you can have, for example, two bonus rounds in a row, though the odds are pretty low. However, this tool is convenient for understanding how frequent specific outcomes are.

    Placing Diversified Bets

    Your Crazy Time strategy can be based on different approaches, depending on your preferences and bankroll. I can divide the bets into 3 types according to the risk level and the potential:

    • Low-risk Crazy Time strategy can be based on positions with higher odds yet lower winning potential—for example, bets on numbers 1 and 2.
    • Medium-risk Crazy Time strategy can include bets on numbers 5 and 10, as well as some bonus rounds in addition.
    • The High-risk Crazy Time strategy will suit high rollers who can bet only on number 10 and all the game’s bonus rounds.

    Betting Options and Payouts at Crazy Time

    To place a real money bet in Crazy Time, you pick chips of the value you need and put them on corresponding sectors on the betting table. Conveniently, you can choose several options simultaneously depending on your strategy and Crazy Time stats. For example, a bet on a certain number and a bonus game. The betting options are as follows:

    • Number 1, 1x multiplier, 21 segment
    • Number 2, 2x multiplier, 13 segments
    • Number 5, 5x multiplier, 7 segments
    • Number 10, 10x multiplier, 4 segments
    • Coin Flip bonus game, 4 segments
    • Cash Hunt bonus game, 2 segments
    • Pachinko bonus game, 2 segments
    • Crazy Time bonus game, 1 segment

    There are 54 segments, so you can calculate the odds and combine this information with Crazy Time live stats. For example, your chance to trigger a bonus game of any kind is 9/54, which is 16%. The game’s potential max win is 25,000x, which is a lot.

    Excitement & Entertainment Value

    Perhaps, Crazy Time can be called one of the most entertaining live games out there since its focus on the excitement is displayed in all details, be it the dealer’s manner of communicating with players or the range of mini-games that make the Crazy Time live stream dynamic. From my experience, gamblers will be highly entertained, which is the best option for a live show.

    Mobile Compatibility

    Evolution Gaming is one of the iGaming leaders, so the software is mobile-focused, unsurprisingly. You can gamble on iOS or Android and won’t experience lags or problems.

    Conveniently, the Crazy Time game has settings to modify graphics according to your internet connection and the device’s parameters. Our team compared the gameplay on desktops and mobile gadgets, and I’m were happy to see that both were excellent.

    Final Verdict

    Though the game is packed with a wide range of bonus rounds and features a rather unusual concept, it’s pretty simple to understand and won’t seem overwhelming, even for players new to the live game sector.

    Of course, I should highlight the enormous potential max win reaching 25,000x. It’s also convenient that you can develop different strategies based on Crazy Time results according to your bankroll, so newbies can focus on bets on number 1, while high rollers can place bets on all the positions.

    The game has enough space for different strategies and betting options, so it’s suitable for all players, and our SlotsUp team is happy to recommend it to the best Crazy Time casino you can choose from our rating!