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    Dream Catcher Live

    Dream Catcher Evolution
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    Providers Evolution Gaming
    RTP 95.24%
    Min. Bet 0.10
    Max. Bet 5,000.00
    Release Date 2018

    The Evolution casino provider launched Dream Catcher Live in 2018, so it’s the first supplier’s game with the concept of the Money Wheel. The provider acquired the DigiWheel brand, allowing it to use this technology with all the perks.

    As you can guess, it’s a wheel with sectors for various multipliers and a flapper determining the winning position. It’s played with a real dealer, so be prepared for an exciting gaming session in real-time.

    On this page, I will explain how I tested this live show, my findings, and what I can recommend to our readers. In addition, I will provide an objective rating to let you choose the best live Dream Catcher casino, so you are welcome!

    Dream Catcher Gameplay & Features

    It’s one more live show with the money wheel the dealer spins. Players bet on specific multipliers, and when the flapper determines one, the bet is multiplied accordingly.

    Compared to other live shows from Evolution, Dream Catcher is relatively primitive since its betting options have only 6 positions with corresponding payouts: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, and 40x. The bonus sectors of the wheel are 2x and 7x extra multipliers. If the flapper shows the multiplier sector, the dealer spins the wheel again, and this multiplier is applied to the next winning position.

    That’s all the game, so bonus rounds like a mini-game in Monopoly Live are absent. The live Dream Catcher game won’t meet the needs of players searching for unique solutions, though it’s still entirely engaging when you want to try out a live show yet don’t want to delve into tons of details.

    Basic Rules: How to Play Dream Catcher

    All the betting tools you’ll need to place a real money wager are below the screen. These are the chips of different values and the 6 betting fields, which are multipliers you can bet on: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, and 40x. By placing a chip on a specific multiplier, you place a bet, and if this sector of the wheel wins, you get paid accordingly.

    The bets are placed between rounds, and you see a green timer showing how much time you have left to place a wager or remove it. The betting limit is $0.10 to $1,000 per round (or the equivalent in other currency), which high rollers will enjoy.

    Dream Catcher User Experience

    Due to the relatively basic features, Dream Catcher casino live game is very accessible and won’t make players explore loads of tools to navigate. Still, the gameplay is vibrant, and you’ll see nice graphics when the wheel is spinning or when the dealer is talking to players.

    Navigation tools are pretty standard for games from Evolution. The chat is on the left, while your balance and the total bet are displayed below. All the tools to place a bet are in the middle. Below on the right are statistical details that will let you track Dream Catcher results.

    Conveniently, in the right corner, gamblers will find all the necessary settings and details with information about each button and parameter of the game, including its RTP and payouts.

    Dream Catcher Payouts and Odds

    Since there are only 6 betting positions in the game, the rules are straightforward, and you’ll understand payouts & odds at once. Below, I will highlight these betting positions, the number of segments for each, corresponding odds, the RTP, and other details. That’s what you can bet on in the Dream Catcher live casino game:

    Betting position Number of segments Segment colour Winning odds Payout RTP
    1 23 Yellow 42.59% 1x 95.24%
    2 15 Blue 27.77% 2x 95.31%
    5 7 Purple 12.96% 5x 90.42%
    10 4 Green 7.40% 10x 95.65%
    20 2 Orange 3.70% 20x 91.80%
    40 1 Red 1.85% 40x 89.88%
    2x 1 Black/silver 1.85% 2x for the next win N/A
    7x 1 Black/gold 1.85% 7x for the next win N/A

    The absence of different bonus games will make your chances of getting something extraordinary relatively low, but this simplifies your strategy simultaneously, and you can place several bets to cover the multipliers you like the most. Plus, it’s nice that you can get an extra multiplier (2x or 7x) without betting on this position.

    In the game’s settings, you’ll also find information about the max win of $500,000 or 20,000x the bet, and it’s a lot, though Cash or Crash has a max win multiplier of 50,000x, which will be more suitable for the fans of massive wins.

    Real Dealer in Dream Catcher: Interaction with the Host

    As it’s a live casino Dream Catcher game, you’ll deal with the dealer and enjoy the gameplay in real-time. The live host talks to players, spins the wheel and announces the results. This way, you feel the maximum engagement and feel highly entertained.

    When you send a message via a chat, the dealer answers you, which is a perfect way to communicate and feel that you are playing in real-time. Besides, you read messages from other players. When the round ends, you see the number of winners and the total win amount on the left.

    Dream Catcher Strategies and Tips

    We’ll focus on the RTP, odds, and payouts of the game to recommend a proper Dream Catcher strategy. This way, you can choose an approach that is suitable for your current gaming model and bankroll:

    • Low-risk Dream Catcher strategy will be based on lower payouts yet the highest odds. You can focus on bets on numbers 1 and 2 (42.59% and 27.77% winning odds, 1x and 2x payouts). You can place both bets at once.
    • Medium-risk Dream Catcher strategy can be based on bets on 5 and 10. The odds are 12.96% and 7.40%, but payouts of 5x and 10x look more attractive. You can combine these bets with wagers on numbers 1 and 2.
    • The High-risk Dream Catcher strategy should be focused on numbers 20 and 40. You can divide the $10 bet into $5 on 40, $3 on 20, and $2 on number 1. If you don’t like sets of several bets, focus on number 40 with the highest potential.

    Basic Gambling Tips

    In addition to the strategy variations above, our SlotsUp team is here to give you some Dream Catcher playing tips:

    • Focus on reliable online casinos with licenses, bonuses, and other perks.
    • When depositing and withdrawing funds, choose convenient payment options like ecoPayz
    • Plan your bankroll considering the potential losses and risks.
    • Plan responsibly and never chase losses.

    Dream Catcher Pros & Cons

    I should note that Dream Catcher is quite different from more complex live shows from Evolution, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. That’s why I will compare the game’s pros and cons:


    • Basic betting positions can bring up to 40x
    • It’s a live show with excellent animations & sound effects.
    • Extra sectors with 2x and 7x multipliers
    • Both high-risk and low-risk strategies can be applied.


    • There are no bonus rounds like in other Evolution games
    • The odds of getting a 40x multiplier are as low as 1.85%
    • As well as other live dealer games, this one can’t be played for free
    • You need to be careful with real money bets and remember about risks


    I managed to test Dream Catcher and compare it with other live shows. Well, it’s one of the most straightforward money wheel titles which doesn’t have bonus rounds like in Funky Time or Monopoly Live. However, it’s hosted by a real dealer, with betting positions bringing up to 40x and extra multipliers of 2x and 7x.

    When you are a newbie, you can bet on numbers 1 and 2, while active high rollers have chances to hit 20x or 40x multipliers. To sum up the above, I recommend Dream Catcher to those who want to get familiar with live shows or want to play something simple yet exciting!