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    Funky Time

    Evolution Funky Time
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    Providers Evolution Gaming
    RTP 95.99%
    Min. Bet 0.10
    Max. Bet 10,000.00
    Release Date 2023

    Here’s one of the latest live shows from Evolution Gaming, the Meet the Funky Time live show released in 2023. Its disco vibes guarantee pure entertainment, while 4 mini-games give gamblers frequent and well-paying bonus rounds.

    On this page, our SlotsUp team will highlight this live show’s technical features and betting options and tell more about the potential payouts. Besides, I’ll name the best Funky Time online casinos where you can enjoy live software and other casino games, including classic slots for all tastes.

    Funky Time Game Mechanics and Features

    You are welcome to immerse into the atmosphere of the seventies and enjoy all those disco vibes. The game is built around the money wheel with varied betting options and bonus rounds. You place a sure bet to get paid accordingly or participate in the bonus game when the wheel’s pointer determines a corresponding winning position.

    Funky Time Navigation: Bets & Statistics

    The betting field is below the wheel. Under this field, you’ll find the chips for your further bets. You can bet on number 1, letters, or 4 bonus rounds. All the widgets you need for navigation can be found on the screen. Conveniently, you’ll find Funky Time statistics on the right.

    Funky Time Bonus Rounds

    You can bet on any of the 4 Funky Time bonus rounds or all of them at once. That’s how they work. In addition, it’s worth highlighting random multipliers, which are randomly spread through the wheel when the round begins and can be applied to multipliers and bonus wins.

    Bar Bonus

    Bar is a bonus round where you visit the bar with a cool robot and choose one of the 3 cocktails getting its multiplier then.

    Disco Bonus

    In the Disco bonus round of the Funky Time Evolution live show, the dealer works as a DJ and determines where Mr Funky, the disco dancer, will walk. The character collects bonus multipliers on its way. The round is over when the dancer falls from the stage.

    VIP Disco Bonus

    Similar to the regular Disco bonus round, the VIP variation has a giant dance floor since you’ll experience 63 sectors instead of just 37, so you’ll get more multipliers. But the odds of triggering this round are only 1.56% (1 segment) compared to 3.13% (2 segments) of the standard Disco bonus.

    Staying’ Alive Bonus

    In this round, gamblers will experience a 20-level multiplier ladder and 90 colored balls distributed through a drawing machine. When the round begins, you choose 1 of the 3 colors to select the team you join.

    You start from a 5x multiplier. When the first round is revealed, its color shows the team that will move up, while the number on the ball will determine the number of steps. Black balls remove 1 life, and there are 4 lives per bonus round.

    The upper multiplier of this bonus Funky Time round is 10,000x, which is very attractive. By the way, the Cash or Crash live game is built on similar mechanics.

    Design & User Experience

    Funky Time is a new game launched in 2023, so it’s not surprising that its mechanics and graphics are outpacing. Players can enjoy a fantastic studio and unique cartoon characters entertaining users during bonus rounds. Since the gameplay is built around the disco theme, be prepared for many cool sound effects and corresponding design solutions.

    User Experience & Optimization

    As usual, Evolution Gaming did its best regarding understandable navigation and helpful widgets. I am happy to see that there are buttons for everything, be it a new table you can add to play several games at once or menu settings to modify the graphics quality.

    Funky Time Betting Options and Payouts

    Funky Time wheel has 64 segments, while the average RTP is 95.99%. The odds vary depending on the position you bet on:

    Position RTP Number of segments Odds
    Number 1 95.99% 28 43.75%
    Letters 95.49% 12 different letters x 2 3.12% per letter
    Bar bonus 95.98% 6 9.38%
    Staying’ Alive bonus 95.49% 3 4.68%
    Disco bonus 95.51% 2 3.13%
    VIP Disco bonus 95.38% 1 1.56%

    The number 1 position pays 1x, while the correct prediction of the letter brings 25x (PLAY FUNK TIME letters).

    Funky Time Strategy

    Due to diversified betting options, the Funky Time live game provides enough space for different strategies. To determine your Funky Time strategy, you can rely on the game’s statistics (recent results) or plan your bets according to the risk level.

    For example, the lowest risks are applied when you bet on number 1 (43.75% odds, 1x payout). You can combine this bet with 1 of the bonus rounds and the letter bet for moderate risks. As for the Funky Time strategy for big wins, high rollers should pay attention to all the bonuses and at least 50% of the letters.

    Pros and Cons

    I enjoyed the live Funky Time game and want to explain why in this comparison of the game’s pros and cons:


    • Funky Time boasts 4 immersive bonus rounds
    • The game randomly determines multipliers for different sectors
    • Excellent graphics and cartoon characters make the game immersive
    • You can play Funky Time Live on mobile and desktops


    • The game lacks low-paying betting options for newbies
    • The odds of getting a specific letter are as low as 3.12%
    • It would help if you played responsibly since there are risks of losing funds
    • Funky Time is a live dealer game that isn’t available for free


    Funky Time is one of the newest games from Evolution Gaming, so it’s not surprising that you quickly find it at new online casinos we overview here at SlotsUp.

    This live show is unique thanks to amazing graphics, disco vibes, and cartoon characters. Plus, there are 4 bonus rounds and an extra feature with random multipliers. I checked all these functions on mobile and can conclude that Funky Time is mobile-focused.

    Newbies may lack low-paying yet less risky betting options, but the fans of medium or high risks will appreciate Funky Time 2023!