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    Lightning Roulette

    Lightning Roulette
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    Providers Evolution Gaming
    RTP 97.10%
    Min. Bet 1.00
    Max. Bet 2,500.00
    Release Date 2018

    If you enjoy roulette games yet want to try something with a twist, Lightning Roulette, released by Evolution Gaming in 2018, is a great option. You experience standard rules of European Roulette yet access an excellent additional feature in the form of extra multipliers randomly applied to up to several numbers and compatible with Straight Up bets.

    Besides, it’s a live dealer game which can be called an exciting show, so the gameplay definitely can’t be considered average. Our SlotsUp team is here to tell everything about Lightning Roulette: how to play, what reliable online casino to choose from, and what strategies can be applied, so you are welcome to immerse into this atmosphere!

    Evolution Lightning Roulette: Gameplay

    The range of gameplay elements may be overwhelming at first glance, but don’t worry; it takes up to a few minutes to understand the gameplay. Players place their bets (side or outside ones) and wait for the dealer to throw a ball on a spinning wheel. When it stops, the winning position is determined, and you see whether you win something.

    Lightning Roulette RTP optimal RTP is 97.3% (or 97.1% for Straight Up bets). Since it isn’t a regular game, you can experience extra multipliers randomly determined for each new round. The dealer pulls down the ladder, and 1 to 5 numbers are determined as extra multipliers of 50x to 500x.

    Betting Options & Payouts

    Remember the betting options and apply multipliers to understand how to play Lightning Roulette. You deal with standard roulette bets with corresponding payouts, but remember that the Straight Up bet pays only 29:1 instead of the standard 35:1 to compensate for the multipliers, which can reach 500x.

    According to the Lightning Roulette rules, these are available inside bets and their payouts:

    • Straight-up, 29–499:1 payouts, placing chips on numbers 0–36
    • Split, 17:1, a chip between any two adjusted numbers
    • Street, 11:1, chips at the end of any row of numbers
    • Corner, 8:1, a chip in the corner with 4 numbers around
    • Line 5:1, a chip at the end of 2 rows on the intersection

    As for the available outside Lightning Roulette online bets, they are as follows:

    • Column, 2:1, chip on one of the three ‘2 to 1’ positions
    • Dozen, 1:1, 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12 ranges
    • Red/Black, 1:1, betting on all the numbers of a certain color
    • Even/Odd, 1:1, betting on all even/odd numbers
    • 1–18/19–36, 1:1, the sequence with the winning number (1 to 18 or 19 to 36)

    In addition, you can find extra betting options which combine several options. For example, Finale en Plein allows players to cover all the betting positions ending on a certain number (e.g., one will cover 1, 11, 21, and 31 betting positions). Finale a Cheval, Complete Bets, and Straight-Up Special Bets can also make your bet more complex, but it may be quite costly since you pay for each of these bets, so be careful.

    Casino Lightning Roulette Features

    The main thing standing behind Evolution Lightning Roulette is the presence of up to 5 random multipliers coming up to 500x. I should note that the drawback to this method is the lower payout of only 29:1 for Straight Up bets, but you can have an advantage of an extra multiplier, and it’s outstanding.

    Let’s take a look at the example. When you bet $10 on number 19, and it’s a lucky number with a 15x multiplier which is a winning position on the wheel as well, you get paid this way: $10 x 29x x 15x = $4,350, while the regular European Roulette game would bring you $10 x 35x = $350 for this Straight Up bet.

    This way, European Roulette has more attractive bets when talking about regular wins on Straight Up bets, but when you manage to get a lucky number with an extra multiplier, things are improved a lot.

    User Experience

    Lightning Roulette’s live stream is exciting thanks to the live show elements turning regular gameplay into something more immersive. Sound effects and the way the dealer entertains users are attractive. You can contact the dealer through chat and communicate with other players this way.

    As for navigation, Lightning Roulette Live will provide you with all the necessary navigation tools. The main betting field is below the screen. Below, you’ll find chips of varied values, so you choose the chip or several ones and cover the corresponding positions on the table. You can undo this or double the bet before the round begins.

    In addition, it’s convenient that you can add other tables to play several live dealer games from Evolution simultaneously (e.g., XXXtreme Lightning Roulette and Crazy Time). Besides, you can track your history and the complex analysis of the previous rounds, which is helpful for the Lightning Roulette strategy. Modifying visual and sound settings via the rightmost upper menu is also convenient.

    After testing the game for a while, I can conclude that the interface is good and designed with the interest of all players in mind, including newcomers who will find the info menu above on the right very helpful since all the Lightning Roulette gameplay rules and navigation elements are explained there in detail.

    Tips & The Optimal Lightning Roulette Strategy

    Since this is a standard European Roulette game, except for the lucky numbers applied, you can use all the strategies designed for regular roulette games, whether a roulette strategy or a betting system (e.g., Martingale or Fibonacci). You can also base your Lightning Roulette strategy on the taken risks and the potential, so here are a few variations I can recommend:

    • To minimize your risks, focus on even money bets like odd/even or black/red. This way, you will get paid 1:1 for winning bets and frequent wins, but you won’t be able to experience lucky numbers.
    • The medium-risk strategy can combine bets like Line, Corner, and Street, where the potential payouts are more significant, though the risks are also higher. You can combine these bets with a single Straight Up bet.
    • High rollers searching for risky yet most profitable options can fully concentrate on Lightning Roulette lucky numbers. This way, you have a risky game yet fully concentrate on potentially big multipliers.

    The other tips you can apply include basic things like playing responsibly, choosing the optimal bankroll, and picking a trusted online casino. Our SlotsUp team can help with the latter since our Lightning Roulette casino rating is formed according to the needs of our readers.

    Pros & Cons: Will You Like Lightning Roulette?

    Casino Lightning Roulette deserves your attention since this mix of a regular table game with an exciting live show is a perfect blend. Its pros can significantly improve your gameplay, while the weak points are average. However, I should mention both to make our review objective.


    • Lucky numbers can bring an extra Lightning Roulette payout
    • It’s a live dealer game streamed from a high-quality studio
    • You can opt for both more risky and even money bets
    • The game is mobile-focused to play on iOS and Android


    • Straight Up pay only 29:1 without extra multipliers
    • It’s a live dealer game that isn’t available for free
    • All casino games have a house edge, so it’s risky
    • Bets may seem for those who don’t play table games


    So, how does Lightning Roulette work? Once you’ve explored the basic rules of a standard European Roulette game, I assure you that you’ll quickly delve into the concept of extra multipliers for Lucky Numbers.

    If you aren’t a take-a-risk player, you can focus on even money bets and enjoy the title as a classic table game with a dealer. However, to feel the excitement of these bolts of lightning and massive multipliers provided this way, don’t miss Straight Up bets.

    I enjoyed Lightning Roulette Evolution for many reasons since it’s a fascinating table game with excellent payout potential and high-quality studios. Moreover, the game is mobile-friendly, and gamblers can adjust the screen quality according to their preferences and the available internet connection.

    As a result, I can say that this title is worth your time when you want to come closer to live shows yet don’t want to miss the concept of a traditional table game. Just be careful with the lower-than-average house edge for Straight Up bets, and don’t forget that you can place several chips on different positions within a single round!