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    Monopoly Live

    Monopoly Live
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    Providers Evolution Gaming
    RTP 96.23%
    Min. Bet 0.10
    Max. Bet 5,000.00
    Release Date 2019

    Launched by Evolution Gaming in 2019, Monopoly Live became a unique live show with an ultimate concept. Here, you experience the essential Dream Catcher feature based on the Wheel of Fortune and an exclusive online version of the well-known board game.

    The concept is unusual since you deal with a real dealer and Mr. Monopoly, a cartoon character. In this review, we’ll highlight the basic rules of the gameplay, including the betting options, payouts, and top Monopoly Live casinos where you can play for real money and enjoy safe gameplay with extra perks in the form of no-deposit bonuses and other promos from operators!

    Monopoly Live: Gameplay Overview

    Here’s a live show that is certain to be different from other live dealer games you could play. Actually, as well as other masterpieces from Evolution Gaming. Live Monopoly is a live dealer game with the elements of a board game, so players will deal with the cartoon character and step on the cartoon megapolis board covered with multipliers.

    The payout settings of the game are pretty good, considering the 96.23% optimal RTP and the 10,000x max win. The rules are simple since you place bets on numbers (1, 2, 5, 10) or bonus rounds with either 2 or 4 rolls. Once the game begins, the dealer spins the wheel, and you see what you win when it stops.

    After this round, the next one starts automatically once the bets are closed. You don’t need to push the start button since the game is played in real-time with hundreds of other users simultaneously.

    Betting Options & Payouts

    Monopoly Live board game has 6 betting options (48 numbers, 2 Chance segments, and 4 Bonus Roll segments), and players can place a particular bet or choose several wagers per round:

    • Number 1, 22 segments, 1x multiplier
    • Number 2, 15 segments, 2x multiplier
    • Number 5, 7 segments, 5x multiplier
    • Number 10, 4 segments, 10x multiplier
    • 2 Chance segments
    • 3 Bonus Roll 2-roll segments
    • 1 Bonus Roll 4-roll segment

    The most common positions are more frequent, so betting on numbers 1 and 2 will be suitable for newbies, while larger multipliers like 5x and 10x, as well as bonus game sectors, are riskier yet more promising.

    Please note that placing the bet on a bonus sector is required to enter the bonus round when the flapper determines it, and this may be somewhat inconvenient since you lose this bet when an outcome is a regular number, so it’s not the case when you keep on playing regularly and suddenly enter a bonus round.

    Monopoly Live Features: Chance & Mini-Game

    When you play Monopoly Live online, you can deal not only with basic numbers and corresponding multipliers but also with several bonus options: the Chance feature and the mini-game in the 3D Monopoly world. They are pretty different from bonus rounds, like free spins on slots, so here we are to explain these features!

    Chance Segment

    There are 2 Chance segments on the wheel. When the flapper points on one of them, you either get a random cash prize or receive an extra multiplier which will be applied to the winning segment of the next round. The dealer spins the wheel again, and if you win, your prize is multiplied by the Chance multiplier.

    Bonus Roll Mini-Game

    When you bet on Bonus 2-roll or Bonus 4-roll segments, you enter the bonus game, and the flapper determines them as winning. If it was not your bet, you don’t participate in the round yet watch the gameplay.

    The mini-game in Evolution Monopoly Live is the 3D world where Mr. Monopoly walks across the board. Dice rolls determine the number of these steps, and the farther he reaches, the larger the multiplier. That’s why the 4-roll segment is more beneficial yet less accessible.

    Here are several interesting facts about this bonus round:

    • Each cell of this board game features a specific multiplier, and the farther the Monopoly online live character goes, the larger it is
    • When a couple of dice features the same number, it’s a Double, which adds an extra roll to make your bonus game longer.
    • The cells on the board can feature winning positions and Income Tax sectors, which deduct 10% from your total win.

    As the highest multiplier of this mini-game is 10,000x, it’s very promising. However, we should note that it’s challenging to reach one since your way on the board will start from small multipliers of 1x and 2x, so you need to be lucky to reach something severe and avoid the Income Tax sector simultaneously.

    Monopoly Live User Experience

    Since this casino Monopoly Live shows is from Evolution Gaming, it’s not surprising that its interface and graphics are fantastic. That only is the cartoon Mr. Monopoly users desire to meet in the bonus game.

    Moreover, the game adjusts to different screens, and you can also change graphics quality settings according to your preferences. This allows players to gamble on varied devices, including iOS and Android, and from any location.

    While testing the game, we noticed that Evolution managed to make a vibrant yet understandable and intuitive game. Besides being fun due to superb graphics and just as pleasant sound effects, this game will please you with helpful tools, including the rules in the menu and additional tools like Monopoly Live Tracker.

    Tips & Strategies for Monopoly Live by Evolution

    Well, we always warn our readers that online casinos have a house edge, so the results are unpredictable, and in some cases, gamblers can lose. But your chances can be improved when you play responsibly and use varied tips based on strategies or Monopoly Live statistics.

    Let’s look at the 3 risk levels with corresponding strategies so that you choose what suits you the most.

    Low-risk strategy Your goal is to place bets on positions which are more frequent and less risky. These are numbers 1 and 2 and you can combine these bets.
    Medium-risk strategy In this case, you can add number 5 to your bets and put a chip on a 2-roll bonus round sector to combine moderate risks with a higher potential.
    High-risk strategy Here, you need to focus on bets which are less frequent yet have excellent potential, such as number 10 and both bonus rounds.

    The tips for playing Monopoly Live include:

    • Combining bets (e.g., low-risk and high-risk).
    • Choosing casinos that have this game and boast bonuses for live software and other perks.
    • Setting the proper bankroll.
    • Analyzing your games.

    You can track your bet history and Monopoly Live stats, which is suitable for those who have a long gaming session and want to analyze the results. However, remember that patterns don’t work in gambling, and you will get information about approximate odds rather than a 100% working guide.

    Pros and Cons of Monopoly Live

    To understand whether the Monopoly Live game is worth your time, it’s worth comparing its pros and cons. We can say that the cons are pretty primitive and won’t be different from any other live show since all casino games are risky, while all live dealer games aren’t available without depositing. However, that’s what you should consider:


    • The unique concept of a board game combined with a live show
    • Varied betting options for both newbies and high rollers
    • An exciting 3D Monopoly game with a cartoon character
    • The game’s optimization with all types of mobile devices


    • Like other casino games, this game has a house edge
    • It’s an RNG-based wheel that lacks skill-based elements
    • Players can’t place Monopoly Live bets in demo mode
    • A bonus round isn’t available if you don’t place a corresponding bet

    Monopoly Live Casinos: Conclusion

    The Live Monopoly casino game is an ultimate solution that can’t be compared with other games on the market since it’s a mix of a live show with a real dealer and a popular board game that has a 3D design and a comic character who will lead you through the virtual city full of multipliers.

    We enjoyed the concept of this game and its graphics, sound effects, and other elements, making it so punchy. Besides, when playing Monopoly Live with varied strategies, we were fond of the technical settings, the frequency of its bonus rounds, and the Chance sector to improve the basic gameplay.

    Considering the 10,000x potential, extra features during the mini-bonus game, and an opportunity to quickly find a trusted Monopoly Live casino since the game is popular, it’s a decent live show our SlotsUp team was happy to test. Both players new to the live gambling sector and experienced high rollers will enjoy certain features of this title, so Evolution did a great job!