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All kinds of gaming and gambling opportunities are nowadays available online for the multiple interested players. The industry of online gambling expands in giant steps and online gambling Azerbaijan does as well. Though the policy of the country had been restrictive for a long time and Azerbaijan casino sites have been prohibited for about a decade, online sports betting was allowed several years ago. When the demand is high, really passionate gamblers will always find a way to get their favorite entertainment, that’s why they widely use the overseas-based sites. So it was with online casino Azerbaijan. That’s why the state authorities have made a practical step towards Azerbaijani online casino legalizing, though not yet in full.

Today, you can choose any of the best online casinos for Azerbaijan players operating outside the country and try your luck. To make your choice of the safe online casino Azerbaijan easier, we have prepared some hints and advice below. No matter if you want an online casino Azerbaijan real money or just a free game to while away some time, we did our best to help you know good from bad. Besides, you can find some historical retrospective and future predictions as to this sphere below.

Best Online Casino accepting players from Azerbaijan

Online Casino Sites in Azerbaijan

If you have a real passion for gambling, you’ll always look for the opportunities to play a game of chance. However, it’s always reasonable to choose a reliable company to trust. Internet casinos in Azerbaijan are characterized by a somewhat atypical situation in the country. Thought the authorities prohibit land-based gambling in the country, Azerbaijani casinos online have been allowed. Actually, it was a practical step as it was difficult to stop all Azerbaijan online casinos. At present, any Azerbaijan casino online can even be licensed in the country.

Still, to be safe while playing Azerbaijan accepted online casinos you should remember that it is an entertainment in the first turn. Secondly, you should choose the most reliable sites to deal with. Currently, the new Azerbaijan online casinos emerge like mushrooms after the rain and it’s vital to know the safe ones. Fortunately, our team has done a great work for you and is ready to provide you with some advice on what aspects of any Azerbaijani casino online you should check and evaluate. Besides, we prompt you here the three top rated online casinos in Azerbaijan, which are the most trustworthy.

So, the first thing to check at any AZN online casino is its license. If you want your bets to be safe, check when and where the online casino in Azerbaijan you are playing in was licensed. At present, only sports betting sites can be licensed inside the country, in case you want to play online casino Azerbaijan you should go for the international site licensed in a trustworthy jurisdiction. You can find the licensing information of the best Azerbaijan casinos online at the bottom of the website page. The registration number of the license and the jurisdiction it has been issued by should be indicated openly. The license is obviously the indicator of legal casino activity and a guarantee of its trustworthy behavior.

The top Azerbaijani online casinos we have chosen for you have licenses from the United Kingdom, Malta, and Gibraltar. These jurisdictions have proved to be very trustworthy as they provide close supervision of all the licenses issued to the casinos. By the way, to be on the safest side, you can always check the licenses of the Azerbaijan friendly online casinos in the databases of the official license providers’.

The following important aspects worth your attention when choosing the best paying online casino Azerbaijan are the software it operates with and the games portfolio. The best online casino games Azerbaijan are created by the well-known software developers Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. These brands are the most frequent in the top 10 online casinos Azerbaijan. The variety of games is no less important as the gamblers should be able not only to play such Azerbaijan casino games online as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker for money but to try Azerbaijani free slots of various kinds as well. Video online slots Azerbaijan are the most popular ones, but classic reels and arcades are the online casino games Azerbaijan offering perfect opportunities to play for real money.

Keep in mind that customer support is an important factor to pay attention to when considering the best casino online Azerbaijan. In case of any problems or questions, the client should be able to solve them as soon as it’s only possible so the best online casino for Azerbaijanis offer support round the clock and are available via live chat, Skype and email.

Whenever you play for money, you should be able to easily deposit it. More than that, the opportunity to withdraw your winning without any problems is even more important for a trustworthy casino. Check the withdrawal opportunities offered by the casino you are going to play in. The more options the site has, the easier is the process for you and the higher this site ranks among the competitors.

It could be difficult to find an online casino servicing the players in Azerbaijani, but at least you should make sure it has enough language options for you to understand the process in detail. It’s vital when it comes to rules, regulations, restrictions, money matters, and winnings withdrawals.

The good news for our users is that we have made a profound investigation of the Azerbaijan best online casino sites and service providers with all the above-mentioned criteria in mind and we are sure that each of them can by right be called the best Azerbaijani casino online. Among the top 10 Azerbaijan online casinos, our team finds the following ones the most reliable and secure: Jackpot City Casino, 888 Casino, Bet365.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Azerbaijan

The country has a rich history as to the AZN casino matters. Let’s find out some of the most important questions related to the online gambling industry Azerbaijan today.

Is online gambling allowed in Azerbaijan?

At present, the Azerbaijani online gambling laws allow licensing of the Azerbaijani online casinos. According to the official procedure, online gambling license Azerbaijan is granted to the company providing Azerbaijan online gambling services as a trustee of a state-owned company. Such approach makes online gambling Azerbaijan legal and guarantees that the best online gambling sites Azerbaijan can be trusted if licensed in a proper way because all the legal online casinos Azerbaijan will always strive to preserve their safe online casino Azerbaijan status. Thus, the level of legitimate online casinos Azerbaijan players is rather high in the country provided that the client uses the services of the online casino Azerbaijan in a legal and secure way.

Besides, online gambling Azerbaijan legislation presupposes taxing of all the participants of sports betting and lotteries, starting from the operators and distributors of the offers and tickets and ending by the winners.

What is the main gambling law regulating the gambling online in Azerbaijan?

It’s difficult to name the main online gambling law in Azerbaijan, because there is a number of laws, acts, bans and regulations issued by the online gambling authority Azerbaijan. Safe online gambling Azerbaijan is guaranteed if you play at a licensed casino with proper players protection and is ready to obey online gambling laws Azerbaijan as well as the tax code of the country.

What is the online gambling age in Azerbaijan?

All the reputable online casinos Azerbaijan will ask the players for their personal details to make sure that the players eager to play online casino for real money in Azerbaijan are already 18 years old.

History of Gambling in Azerbaijan

Though Azerbaijan has Muslim roots, it accepted rather a liberal view towards gambling before 1990. Since that time, the relations of the AZN casinos and the country were rather complicated. Before 1998 ten legal casinos operated in Baku and plenty of gambling houses were more on the grey side of the Azerbaijani gambling market. But when the president of the country Heydar Aliyev faced a ,000,000 debt of his son made in a casino, a nationwide ban was imposed on gambling with the only exception to the lottery and bingo games run by the state.

In 2003, Ilham Aliyev became the president of the country and the ban was loosened later on in 2011. Sports’ betting was legalized then and though internet casino activity was severely restricted in the country, still the niche was filled with international online casinos accepting Azerbaijan players. Technically, it’s almost impossible to prove you are providing gambling service and even more difficult to find out you play some of the best online casinos for Azerbaijanis. From the point of view of state officials, it’s still a grey zone but from the players’ point of view it’s opportunity to quench their thirst for the risk in pitch-and-toss behind the Azerbaijan approved online casinos.

However, the legalization of sports betting has resulted in millions that became the funding to state-operated sporting initiative and it made the country's administration reconsider online casino gaming. In the years of unregulated activity of Azerbaijan based online casinos, the best online casinos for Azerbaijanis remained overseas-based sites. Today, the top online casinos for Azerbaijani players are still international platforms accepting Azeri punters. Though sports betting and lottery are still popular, they are not enough for the majority of people and they seek other forms of online casino activities to satisfy their needs. Fortunately, the opportunities are everywhere and the internet serves as a perfect portal to transfer the players electronically to other locales and a perfect shield at the same time from government restrictions or oversight. Where there is a wish there is a way and it is true for online gambling fans as well.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Azerbaijan

Though casino offers in the country are now represented by best online casinos for Azerbaijani players from abroad, the fact that the online gambling sites can already be licensed completely in Azerbaijan allow the players expect more licensing options to be endorsed to casino online as well. Any player will stick to the new online casinos for Azerbaijan players licensed in his or her native country with much more pleasure if only it becomes possible.

Though it is rumoured that the government is going to tough up the measures against both illegal gambling providers and players, it, in fact, makes little sense as it’s pretty much impossible to catch someone gambling online. It would be much more reasonable to allow some more gambling activity online. Belgium can serve a perfect example of the country which managed to put together a very nice regulatory framework for online poker.

Though Azerbaijan online casinos 2018 are still on the dark side, the country should once open its mind and turn its eyes towards Azerbaijan online casino sites and mobile slots Azerbaijan. There is a great potential and the possible benefit from it. Online gambling is prohibited in many of the countries worldwide, however, the sphere shows all signs of prosperity.

At the same time, at the beginning of the 2018, President Aliyev highlighted the democratic priorities of the country development. It’s quite possible we will soon see the changes in the sphere of online casino AZN as well.

While the authorities are rethinking the acceptability of gambling, the players can check Azerbaijan online casino reviews, trust our choice among the top 10 Azerbaijani online casinos and play to your heart's content already today.

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