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People in Belgium are very much into gambling at legitimate online casinos. Even though the market is not huge, doing business in Belgium requires the local online gambling license. The Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC), also referred to as Kansspelcommissie, is the country’s gambling regulator responsible for issuing online gaming licenses. In fact, Kansspelcommissie is one of the most stringent and reliable regulatory bodies in Europe.

Fortunately, online gambling in Belgium is legal. However, because of the small population and i.e. limited market, many operators are on the fence about obtaining this license. On the other hand, Belgian online gambling license usually stipulates fair gaming and maximum protection for the players. The Commission never stops improving its player protection policy, and the recent updated gambling regulations are the living proof of it.

In today’s post, we will elaborate on the topic of Belgian online gambling jurisdiction, let you in on how it works, explore its application requirements, as well as the main types of gambling licenses issued by this regulatory body. Our experts will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about online casinos licensed by the Belgian Gaming Commission, their reliability and their overall reputation on the gambling market.

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Belgium Gaming Commission Framework

The Belgian Gaming Commission updated its Gaming Act in January 2010 to include online gambling. In 2011 the updates came into effect, and it was the year when the Commission began issuing licenses to online gambling operators. If you want to learn more about the Belgian Gaming Commission Framework, its principles, application requirements, and player protection policies, you’re welcome to read on and let the knowledge empower you.

How the Commission Works

The BGC’s approach to issuing casino licenses is similar to that of the USA. Both these jurisdictions issue online gambling licenses to those internet gambling companies that already have land-based licenses – or work in partnership with land-based casinos. Therefore, for maximum player protection, casinos that are ‘online only’ are hardly ever granted the highly valuable Gambling License from Belgian Gaming Commission.

Providing gaming services without a Belgian casino license equals breaking the strict rules of the BGC. Both dishonest online gambling operators and the players that end up placing illegal bets face some hefty fines from the Commission. For example, the BGC may fine an indecent online gambling operator up to 100,000 Euros for accepting illegal wagers. By introducing all the restrictive new rules and changes to its policy, Kansspelcommissie doesn’t aim at complicating things for its potential licensees. The Commission’s ultimate goal is protecting the players.

Application Requirements & Compliance Highlights

Belgium was one of the pioneering European countries in regards to legally regulating the online gambling market. There are various types of Belgium gambling licenses. We will dwell upon them in detail below. Right now, we would like you to remember that the so-called A license is issued by the Belgian Gaming Commission to online casino operators.

So, to apply for – and i.e. to obtain – the A license, an online gambling facility owners should provide the following documents:

  • a court statement that proves the absence of any criminal history record;
  • good conduct certificate;
  • casino owners’ ID scans;
  • bank references confirming that the owners’ finances are in order;
  • copies of the last three tax declarations.

Also, to apply for the A license, an online gambling company must provide services from a website with a .be domain extension only. What’s also important is that online casinos with Belgian Gaming Commission License should always keep tabs on the recent news from Kansspelcommissie.

The thing is, the Commission occasionally updates its regulations for the purpose of providing the players with enhanced online gambling experiences. For example, in 2017, based on the decision of the Belgian court, Kansspelcommissie was prohibited from issuing licenses to casinos that offered more than one gambling service within one gambling website. Furthermore, in 2019, the BGC implemented a tougher advertising code on its licensees.

Each online gambling venue with Belgium casino license gives Belgium 11% of its profits on a regular basis. An account with 250 thousand Euros is also one of the application requirements for the potential Belgian Gaming Commission licensees. As you can see, the application process is not a piece of cake. So, only serious online gambling companies get to obtain a license from Belgium Jurisdiction.

Types of Licences Issued by the Kansspelcommissie

As you’ve already guessed, online gambling in Belgium is tightly regulated. Only a limited number of online casinos licensed in Belgium offer their services to the country’s internet gambling fans. While players in many countries are free to just forget about the law and play at acknowledged international gambling sites, things are a lot more serious in Belgium.

When it comes to the Belgian Gaming Commission and its restrictions, gamblers are legally confronted by the country’s government and risk being fined up to 25,000 Euro for placing illegal bets. Luckily, there are some reliable international casino brands that have all the necessary licenses to offer services in Belgium. Some of these brands include Casino 777, GrandGames Casino, PokerStars, Unibet, Atomik, and Casino.

Now, let’s switch to the types of online gambling licenses available in Belgium:

  • A-A+. The A license is issued to offline casinos. It can be accompanied by the A+ license, which gives the casino the possibility to provide its services on the internet.
  • B-B+. The B license is valid for organizations that run gaming arcades in the country. These organizations are only allowed to apply for the B+ online license upon securing and abiding by the rules of the B-license.
  • C. This license is usually granted to cafe/bar owners that offer slot- or bingo machines. To obtain the C license, applicants must ensure that their gaming machines are equipped with specific ID card readers to prevent underage players from accessing the games.
  • D. This license is issued to the employees of the gambling facilities. The licensees must undertake regular training to maintain their licenses. Each D license is granted for 5 years.
  • E. This type of license is issued to manufacturers and maintenance service specialists installing and repairing casino equipment.
  • F1-F2-F1+. The F1 license is valid for companies that arrange sports and horse racing betting activities. The F2 license is issued to bookmakers. As for the F1+ license, it’s valid for companies that provide online betting.
  • G1-G2. This license is valid for companies that offer offline (G1) and online (G2) gambling services on TV and via phone.

In Belgium, each player is responsible for checking the legal status of the online gambling establishment they join and play at. A few words should be said about the list of banned gambling websites published within the separate section of the Belgian Gaming Commission online platform. As for today, nearly 80 online gambling sites are blacklisted by Kansspelcommissie. Aside from lacking the official license, another reason for being blacklisted by the BGC is not having a .be domain extension.

Belgian Gaming Commission Reputation & Players Protection

We’re sure you know that playing at the improperly licensed online casinos is very unsafe. If you opt for a non-fully licensed – i.e. illegal – internet gambling facility, you will most likely be deprived of such fundamental principles of responsible gaming as confidentiality, funds protection, underage gambling prevention, ethical marketing efforts, legal measures against fraud, etc.

Players Protection

Player protection is more than just words to the Kansspelcommissie specialists, that’s for sure. There are even various forms of player exclusion from gambling websites in Belgium. In theory, the idea is nice, for this approach prevents gambling addiction and underage gambling. However, due to the lack of means and the shortage of staff, this instrument doesn’t always work properly.

Fair Gaming

The Belgian online gambling licensing model is far from perfect. Its reputation among gambling enthusiasts is mostly excellent, but not always indisputably impeccable. On the one hand, online gambling licenses in Belgium are issued to operators who are 100% reliable. On the other hand, the Commission’s rules and restrictions may sometimes seem too severe to comply with.

Funds Protection

For the sake of player protection and, particularly, to protect gamblers from losing their money playing at dishonest online casinos, the BGC published a blacklist of banned gambling sites. This list was sent to all Belgian internet providers that eventually blocked the dishonest gambling sites by DNS. Furthermore, in 2014 the Belgian financial institutions began blocking payments to and from blacklisted casino sites. That’s what we call funds protection in action.

Operator Responsibilities

The owners of online casino sites that are licensed in Belgium have multiple responsibilities and rules to abide. First and foremost, they are responsible for preventing persons younger than 21 from accessing their online platforms. Then, online casinos with Belgian License are legally responsible for providing their players with fair gaming possibilities, confidentiality, and absolute security.

Even though the principles according to which the Belgian Gaming Commission operates are super inflexible and even somewhat outdated, Kansspelcommissie does manage to make their licensees perform their responsibilities with diligence and integrity. Thus, a few months ago, the BGC legally confronted the Betway online gambling operator because of the ‘lack of transparency’ in the organization’s ownership.

It should be mentioned that the Belgian gambling legislation model is so limiting that it has even outlawed mobile games that use lot boxes to reward players with various items. The Commissioners stated that the games used manipulative practices that might harm certain groups of people. If the game publishers fail to comply with the Belgian laws, they may be fined €800,000 and even risk ending up in prison.

As an online casino fan looking for the most reliable online casinos licensed and regulated in Belgium, you’ve come to the right place. is your go-to review platform when it comes to all-things-gambling. To access the most extensive list of casinos regulated by Belgian Gaming Commission, scroll up and pick the venue you like best. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for more updates.

Belgian Gaming Commission FAQ

📌  Can Belgium regulated online casinos be trusted?
Yes, definitely. Taking into account all the measures the Belgian Gaming Commission takes to ensure player protection and a safe gaming environment, you can definitely trust licensed Belgian online casinos. If you come across a suspicious online casino regulated by Kansspelcommissie, you can always contact the Commission to file a complaint.
📌  How to know if a casino is regulated by Kansspelcommissie?
The fastest way to figure out if an online gambling venue is regulated by Kansspelcommissie is to turn to our selection of the best casinos with Belgian license. Alternatively, you can turn to the Commission’s official site where they’ve published the list of legal online gambling facilities. You can also contact the Commissioners directly via their website, but this approach will definitely take a lot more time than just browsing through SlotsUp.
📌  How do I submit a complaint?
To file a complaint, go to the Belgian Gaming Commission’s official website and then head to the Contact us section. Fill out the quick online form and click the Send button. Alternatively, you can email the BGC directly at info[at] letting them know about the illegal site you’ve encountered or any fraud-like activities you’ve experienced. Be very specific when describing the situation and make sure you include your detailed contact information. The BGC representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.
📌  Are my funds safe at a casino regulated by Kansspelcommissie?
Yes. If you choose to play at online casinos regulated by the Belgian Gaming Commission, you can be sure that your money is safe. Just make sure you pick among the legal and fully licensed Belgian Gaming Commission casinos. Otherwise, you may risk losing your money to scam artists.
📌  Are Belgium licensed casinos safe?
Yes. In a nutshell, online gambling venues regulated by this jurisdiction are safe and highly interested in providing you with the most secure gaming environment. We’ve investigated the case when players scammed a Belgium licensed land-based casino. However, when conducting our research in terms of both offline and online Belgium licensed casinos, we haven’t found a single instance of players being scammed or ripped off.

In any case, irrespective of the jurisdiction that regulates the online casino you’re planning to join, be sure to always stay cautious. Looking up the casino online usually doesn’t take much time. Just Google the gambling website you fancy before committing and read other players’ reviews and testimonials. If the facility has a history of fraudulent activities, you will easily find it online within minutes. Remember that safety doesn’t happen by accident, especially when it comes to playing at online casinos for real money.

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