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There are many places in the world where the only way to make bets is to find an online casino though Quebec is not the one. There are 10 nice land-based casinos in this Canadian province that are welcoming locals with the open arms, or just one arm if you are a fan of slots. Nevertheless, brick-and-mortar casinos are not always the best option, especially if you are more into the mood to make a couple of 1-dollar bets than to get all dressed up and spend a few hours at the roulette table. The good news is, finding a Quebec online casino is not a big deal today as online gambling here is legal and regulated. There is the Espacejeux — a government-run online gambling website, and a bunch of international online casinos still available to players from Quebec, despite all the attempts of local authorities to block them. On this page, you’ll find more information on how this all happened as well as the list of online casinos accepting players from Canada in general and from Quebec particularly.

Best Online Casino accepting players from Quebec

If you don’t have time to read the whole passage, here is the quick spoiler: online gambling in Quebec is legal though monopolized but it’s fine to make bets in any international online casino of your choice — no one can control it and no one can block those websites from you (at least for now). If you are interested in Quebec online gambling legislation in more detail, please keep reading to find out who is responsible for what in the province and how all those gambling-related issues are regulated here.

Laws Regulating Online Gambling in Quebec

When it comes to regulation of Quebec gambling, there are several things to know. Generally, such things as gambling games should be regulated by the Criminal Code of Canada, and they are to some extent. But most of the regulation details have been given out to the provincial authorities meaning every province can decide on their own whether they allow gambling or not.

And here is what Quebec authorities decided. All kinds of gambling activities in the province, including Quebec online gambling, are regulated by Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux — The Quebec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission. This commission allows making online bets but only in one casino that is licensed in Quebec and is actually owned by RACJ. Some time ago, RACJ tried to strengthen the monopoly of Espacejeux and ban access to international online casinos. But the trick wasn’t successful and the court rejected this bid. We must say that Quebec judges are doing their job pretty well when it comes to gambling-related decisions: not only they made it impossible to ban foreign online casinos but also charged a huge gambling mogul for insider trading (which clearly shows us that it’s vital to know where you are playing as even huge corporations can have legal issues).

How to Get Help for Problem Gambling in Quebec

There is nothing to worry about as long as you are playing in a Quebec casino online from time to time just to have fun or sharpen your gambling skills and never bet more than you can afford. But there are moments when a player can go rogue and this is when it’s time to ask for help. Luckily, Quebec has a special helpline where one can call and talk about possible ways out of gambling addiction. And it’s not like there would be a bored person on the phone telling you to walk or exercise more — the top-notch technologies are used here to help people. For example, virtual reality was already introduced to help those lucky lottery winners who are now struggling with family members and acquaintances asking them for money.

Gambling addiction can hit pretty hard sometimes. Not so long ago, a man from Quebec lost more than $500K in a simple game of rock-paper-scissors and had to take out a mortgage on his house to pay it. But the court of Quebec worked the justice once again and canceled the debt. So if you are feeling that your gambling activities are going out of control — better don’t carry things up to this extent and contact the Quebec helpline for problem gaming.

Welcome to the World of Best Quebec Online Casinos

If you’ve been reading this post carefully, you already know that there are two possible options where it comes to making bets in an online casino for players from Quebec. Both of them are legal and fine even though Quebec authorities don’t always think so. So what should you prefer — foreign online casinos or Espacejeux? Let’s find out.

Reasons to Try International Online Gambling Sites in Quebec

You’ll probably understand which side are we at as soon as you look at our list of online casinos for players from Quebec as all the websites there are licensed overseas. And we are not biased, we just know that international casinos have some significant advantages:

  • Bigger jackpots. Even though winnings are not the main goal of playing in an online casino in Quebec, hitting a jackpot would be nice, wouldn’t it? International casinos have a larger base of players and thus can promise higher progressive jackpots than smaller local websites.
  • Bigger bonuses. For the same reason, international gambling websites can offer higher bonuses to the players. Whatever online casino you pick from the SlotsUp list, you can expect at least a generous welcome bonus and a loyalty program. Some casinos also provide weekly and monthly promotions, free spins, etc.
  • Better games. We strongly believe that variety is one of the main points to look at when choosing an online casino. You’ll get bored with all the same slots and online blackjack games quite soon and it’s better to have something else to play in the same casino rather than register in the new one because you simply ran out of games. International online casinos usually have longer lists of games made by different providers — not just one or two like the local casinos.

International Casinos vs. Espacejeux

We would be glad to say that the province-owned Espacejeux is the best online casino in Quebec but unfortunately, it wouldn't be the truth. Basically, it’s a good casino — there are slots, table games, bingo, sports betting, and lotteries. But the choice of games is not too large, and definitely much smaller than the one of any international online casino from the SlotsUp list. Besides, the casino lacks promotions, to put it mildly. When making an account in Espacejeux, you can’t expect any welcome bonuses or free spins — just a chance to win a trip to some land-based casino in Quebec (which is not bad too but not as good as 100% deposit bonus). So generally speaking, Espacejeux can be a good option if you are a newbie and just want to see how online gambling games work but later you’ll definitely want to level up your game and try some other casinos licensed elsewhere than Quebec. And for this case, you can always rely on the SlotsUp list of international online casinos that we carefully select for you and make sure they are safe and reliable enough.

Top 3 Land-Based Quebec Casinos

Online casinos are cool as they let you make bets regardless of where you are. But there is one thing online casinos can’t replace completely and it’s the real casino vibe with all that nicely dressed people, whiskey, and large game tables. So if you are in the mood for something like this, you can visit one of 10 brick-and-mortar casinos based in Quebec to try your luck. In this part, we’ve selected three of them for you to learn more.

Casino de Montreal

The Casino de Montreal is located on the Notre Dame Island in Montreal, Quebec. It opened its doors back in 1993 and since then has been welcoming players 24/7. The gaming floor of 48,900 m hosts 3200 slots machines and 140 game tables. Besides, players can enjoy cabaret, three bars, and four restaurants in case they get hungry or bored with betting. A nice thing about this Quebec casino is that you can get there directly by metro if you are not in the mood for driving.

Casino de Charlevoix

Casino de Charlevoix is located not far from Quebec city and has the historic Manoir Richelieu hotel right beside. Thanks to its beautiful location on the riverbank, Casino de Charlevoix is a popular tourist destination for the players who want to play and enjoy nice views at the same time. But gorgeous landscapes are not the only thing waiting for you in this casino — there are also 800 slot machines, 20 game tables, a golf course, and a spa center.

Casino du Lac-Leamy

Formerly known as Casino de Hull, Casino du Lac-Leamy is owned by Quebec authorities. Besides more than 1800 slot machines and 65 game tables, the casino also has a huge theater on its territory that became the main venue for music concerts held in the area.

Quebec Casino FAQ

📌  Are Online Casinos in Quebec Safe to Play?
When in Quebec, you have access to pretty much all online casinos in the world and unfortunately, not all of them are reliable. To stay safe, it’s important to look for a casino in reliable sources only so ask your friends, read other players’ reviews, or just pick a casino from the SlotsUp list where everything has been checked and proved to be safe.
📌  Who Regulates Online Gambling in Quebec?
As gambling in Canada is regulated in every province separately, online gambling in Quebec is regulated by the Quebec Alcohol, Racing, and Gaming Commission.
📌  What is the Gambling Age in Quebec?
Just like in most parts of the world, gambling in Quebec is allowed for players over 18 years old.
📌  Do I Need to Pay Taxes on Winnings?
No, gambling winnings in Canada are not taxable unless you are getting interests on your jackpot or gambling is your main and only source of income (which we hope is not the case).
📌  What are the Recommended Payment Methods?
The casinos presented in the SlotsUp list offer a wide choice of payment options for the players though not all of them are available for Canadians. We recommend looking for casinos accepting Interac deposits as it’s a fast and easy way to make a deposit. You can also try an InstaDebit casino or a casino that accepts Bitcoin as a banking option.

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