Isle of Man Licensed Casinos Online

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Isle of Man Licensed Casinos Online

Did you know that the Isle of Man-licensed internet gambling venues are considered among the most trusted online casinos out there? Well, that really is true! The Isle of Man Jurisdiction boasts both perfectly built framework of regulations and their impeccable enforcement in practice. So if you’re on the hunt for truthful and stable online gambling facilities with strong licensing, opt for casino sites that are licensed in Isle of Man, and you won’t be disappointed.

As you may have guessed, in today’s post we will touch upon the topic of online casinos licensed and regulated in Isle of Man. We will discuss the Gambling Supervision Commission – GSC – the main regulatory board of all casino activities on the island, elaborate on its principles, application requirements, types of licenses it issues, as well as its main rules and regulations. Also, at SlotsUp you will access some of the most reputed licensed Isle of Man online casinos.

It’s interesting to note that the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is among the earliest established supervisory organizations out there. Founded almost 60 years ago, it hasn’t lost its relevance until this very day. The Gambling Supervision Commission focuses on granting licenses, supervising and regulating all offline and online locally based gambling operations – irrespective of where their target audience is local or not. Read on to find out more about the GSC and its reliability.

Best Isle of Man Licensed Online Casino Sites:

Gambling Supervision Commission Framework

It’s worth mentioning that the Isle of Man is known for staying up-to-date with all the legal adjustments and technological breakthroughs inside the industry and changing their rules and regulations correspondingly. Compared to the Isle of Man online gambling jurisdiction, other jurisdictions haven’t changed their guidelines for a very long time, irrespective of the ever-dynamic realm of online gambling.

As a matter of fact, some of the world’s most renowned brand names in the fields of online casino gambling, poker, and sports betting operate under the Isle of Man regulation. Some of them include PokerStars Casino, 12 Bet Casino, Midaur Casino, and Monster Products. Read on to find out how the Isle of Man jurisdiction works, its main objectives, application demands, general principles, legislative framework, and restrictions.

How the Commission Works

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission consists of the Inspectorate and the Commission. In regards to the Inspectorate, it is run by its Chief Executive. In respect of the Commission, it’s made up of five independent society members, assigned by the Isle of Man Treasury. Usually, they gather once a month to discuss supervisory issues in an applicant’s cases. The Commission grants licenses for a solid period of 5 years.

As of today, there are no limitations on the number of casino licenses that can be issued. According to section 11 of the 2001 Online Gambling Regulation Act, the Commission’s ultimate goal is to guarantee that a fair gaming environment is provided to the players, as well as the operators’ responsibilities are correctly and decently carried out. The 2006 Gambling (Amendment) Act established the Gambling Appeals Tribunal that has the legal power to officially disagree with the Commissioners’ decisions.

To get the application procedure going, an online gambling company – or their legal representative – submits the application form, all the necessary documents, and the application fee to the Isle of Man GSC. Upon completion of an evaluation procedure, the potential license holder is invited to a specific licensing hearing. If all goes well, the licensee pays the application fee and i.e. is allowed to start their operation. Usually, it takes up to 3 months for the Commissioners to vet the application and make their decision.

Application Requirements & Compliance Highlights

Whenever an online gambling operator intends to acquire a casino license from the Isle of Man, they need to be physically located on the island. Furthermore, they need to adhere to the Commission’s standards and regulations that come down to having a straightforward ownership framework, vast experience in providing online casino services, no criminal history record, as well as financial power to build, manage, and maintain their business.

Needless to say that the Commission requires its licensees to operate with decency, integrity, and player safety in mind. Possessing the Isle of Man casino license is of great benefit to any online gambling establishment. It automatically signifies the facility’s seriousness, reliability, and fair gaming policies. To a player, the Isle of Man online gambling license is the green light to security and exciting, laid-back online gambling experiences.

Types of Licences Issued by the Gambling Supervision Commission

The main law according to which casino gambling is regulated by the Commission is the 2001 Online Gambling Regulation Act (OGRA). In agreement with the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission guidelines, license holders must undergo regular checkups of their operational files. If the Commissioners discover confirmation of fraud, unregulated finances, or any other evidence of breaking the Commission’s rules, they may cancel or even suspend the license of the indecent casino.

The Isle of Man casino license can be canceled or discontinued by the Commission for the following reasons:

  • if the license holder does not pay fees in time
  • if the licensee fails to diligently follow with the Commission’s regulations
  • if the licensee gets involved in criminal activity under the Gaming Betting and Lotteries Act 1988

When it comes to the types of available gambling licenses, they are as follows:

  • OGRA license. Online gambling companies with a full OGRA license can provide sub-licensees with technology – based on the lower-fee system. This license costs 35,000 Euros per year and is valid for 5 years.
  • A sub-license. This license can be granted if the company wants to base its operation exclusively with the service provider possessing a full OGRA license. In this case, players sign up with the sub-licensee’s site but have access to games featured within the Isle of Man business partner’s server. The full OGRA license holder is free to offer its game servers to as many sub-license holders as it chooses.
  • A network services license. This license costs 50,000 Euros per year. An operator must apply for this license if they want to let one of more players committed to another non-locally based casino access its Isle of Man server without re-filing the player’s info.
  • Software supplier license. This type of license was unveiled by the Commission on February 2019 for the purpose of optimizing the application process for online gambling operators.

All online casinos licensed by Gambling Supervision Commission must abide by the standard license conditions and regulatory guidelines. For example, operators must make sure that all the software – both gaming and financial – offered within their platform is absolutely secure and open to random unbiased audits. Then, operators must protect their players’ funds fiercely, as well as conform to the severe anti-money laundering regulations.

Gambling Supervision Commission Reputation & Players Protection

Generally speaking, the majority of online casinos regulated by the Gambling Supervision Commission take serious measures to guarantee their players’ personal/financial data protection, top quality gambling services, as well as the straightforward and transparent internet casino experience. If you’re a player wondering about the full range of benefits you’re going to get from joining and gambling at the best casinos with Gambling Supervision Commission license, read on to find out all there is to know about it.

Players Protection

One specific field in which the Isle of Man GSC plays a fundamental part is players’ protection. Online casinos with Gambling Supervision Commission license must demonstrate their technical capability to protect their platforms from cyber-attacks, thus, making sure their players’ finances and personal information are 100% secure. If the operator is unable to provide evidence of their expertise in protecting their clients’ personal data, they won’t be granted the Isle of Man GSC gambling license.

Fair Gaming

No doubt, when looking for trusted online casinos licensed in Isle of Man, players want their personal and financial info to be well-protected. However, such a reliable casino criterion as fair chances of winning is also very important. Therefore, one of the GSC’s ultimate missions is ensuring that its license holders guarantee fair gaming, the outcome of which is impossible to control by anyone and i.e. granting the punter a genuine chance of winning.

Following the GSC regulations, all games provided by online casinos with Gambling Supervision Commission license must utilize random number generators to return the outcome. That way, the facilities prove that they do not influence the game’s results. In addition to this, the so-called expected return to player (RTP) must also be indicated in each game description. It informs players how much money the casino ends up with from each game – and how much money comes back to gamblers in the shape of winnings.

Funds Protection

Every once in a while, online gambling companies go bankrupt and cease to operate. This has nothing to do with the players. Thus, to ensure that the players aren’t in danger of losing their money in case something bad happens, the Isle of Man Gaming Commission casinos must keep their operational finances separate from their players’ money. The Gambling Supervision Commission representatives monitor its licensees’ accounts very closely, making sure that players’ money and operational funds are always strictly separated.

Operator Responsibilities

Such regulatory bodies as the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission are very helpful when it’s about keeping online casino owners legally responsible for their operations. Therefore, the importance of proper licensing by such reliable jurisdiction as the Isle of Man cannot be underestimated. In our turn, when providing you with the list of casinos regulated by Gambling Supervision Commission published above, we guarantee our readers that the operators we recommend understand and fulfill their responsibilities impeccably well.

Have questions about online gambling venues regulated by the Isle of Man Supervision Commission? Below, you will most likely find answers to them. We’ve boiled the GSC down to the major issues online gambling enthusiasts are most interested in – and transformed them into the FAQ section with expert-approved answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Isle of Man Supervision Commission FAQ

📌  Can Isle of Man regulated online casinos be trusted?
Yes. Out of all jurisdictions in the whole wide world, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is among the most reliable regulatory authorities. Additionally, we recommend that you choose among the facilities provided at – because we’ve selected the best out of the best for you.
📌  How to know if a casino is regulated by the Gambling Supervision Commission?
Irrespective of what an online gambling facility declares about its license, you as a responsible player should always double-check this information and make sure the venue you ultimately opt for is fully and properly licensed. With the Isle of Man GSC, it’s all exceptionally easy and crystal clear.

There are two paths you can take in order to find out if the casino you’re sticking with is regulated by the Gambling Supervision Commission or not. You can head to the Isle of Man government official website and check the list of licensees. Alternatively, you can refer to the selection of online casinos with gambling license from Gambling Supervision Commission published at Slots.up. Both paths are equally effective and reliable.

📌  How do I submit a complaint?
If you come across any problems when gambling at an online casino, do your best to solve them directly with their customer service first. Usually, all the difficulties get resolved on this level pretty easily. However, if the problem you’ve encountered is major, and your Isle of Man-regulated operator fails to help you with it, you can file a complaint to the GSC.

To submit a complaint to the Commission, complete an online form on the Isle of Man government website. After you contact the Commissioners with your complaint, they will get in touch with your casino and review your case in an independent manner. Please keep in mind that complaints addressed to the Commission typically take months to resolve.

📌  Are my funds safe at a casino regulated by the Gambling Supervision Commission?
In compliance with the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission regulations, all its licensees must protect their players’ finances in a very stringent manner. So, if you’re looking for the most trustworthy online casinos based on the funds’ protection parameter, the Isle of Man-regulated casinos are just the ticket.
📌  Are Isle of Man licensed casinos safe?
Yes. They’re among the safest online casinos on the market. Even though the Isle of Man charges higher fees and higher taxes on revenues than the majority of other gambling jurisdictions, many online casinos still opt for online gambling licenses in Isle of Man. And that’s especially the case with reputable gambling venues that are ready and willing to provide their players with the safest gaming space on the scene. For more news on this jurisdiction, please bookmark our website and follow the updates at

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