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At an online casino Liberia residents can actually make bets instead of being onlookers as in local land based gambling houses which are primarily meant for foreigners. In our guide we will tell you everything you need to know to immediately start playing at a safe Liberian online casino.

For those who want to know what are the best online casinos for Liberia players our experts have prepared a short list of the top rated websites. Besides that, if you want to learn how to find the best online casino Liberia based gamblers can play at by yourself, we will teach you an easy to use method which will help you to evaluate a gambling website in a couple of minutes.

In regards to online gambling Liberia has not yet adopted all the necessary regulations, but it does not mean that one should not be aware of the rules which apply to land based gamblers in this country. Read on and you will get a good understanding of the related legal issues.

We will also show you a broader picture of how the future of Liberia casino sites might look like. Among the other things, you will see how is it that in the years to come in the sector of online casino Liberia real money (i.e. LRD) might well be replaced by virtual currencies such as bitcoin or ether.

Best Online Casino accepting players from Liberia

Online Casino Sites in Liberia

While being able to choose from numerous variations of blackjack, roulette, baccarat or online slots Liberia based gamblers should first of all carefully select online casino websites which are safe and convenient to play at., 1xBet and JackpotCity can often be found referred to as the best online gambling venues for players from Liberia. Although there may be different ways how to evaluate a gambling website, below we will show you the one that we have used in order to select the top quality online casinos for Liberia based gamblers.

The first thing that we put our attention to when checking web casinos which offer their services to online gamblers from Liberia is the jurisdiction which has issued them its license. In Liberia best online casino websites are often licensed in Alderney, Isle of Man or the United Kingdom. The licenses of these gambling jurisdictions are a sure sign that random number generation algorithms, financial balances as well as the quality of casino services are regularly being checked. Besides that, some of the top 10 Liberia online casinos are sometimes getting their licenses at Malta, Gibraltar, Kahnawake and Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles). However, in this case we advise you to better check the quality of the gambling services since not all of the online casinos in this category that welcome Liberia based punters belong to the top layer. Finally, if you see that this one of such Central American jurisdictions as Panama, Belize or Costa Rica that has issued its license to the online gambling platform that you are evaluating, our recommendation is that players from Liberia should better look for some other casino platform. These online gambling jurisdictions too often issue their licenses to low quality casino websites.

Customer service is another important point in our checklist. At a top quality Liberian casino online support is usually being provided on a 24/7 basis. In other words, all of your questions will most likely be answered within a few minutes.

We would also like to mention about Liberian free slots which are a perfect gambling option for those local web punters who prefer to first test their casino strategy without having to stake real money. At the best casino online Liberia based gamblers can easily find some demo games being offered for its visitors which can be played free of charge. When looking for a high quality Liberia casino online punters are also advised to make sure what sort of software is being used to run the games on the website that one is considering playing at. All top 10 online casinos Liberia based gamblers can play at are buying software from such famous iGaming companies as Microgaming, NetEnt and PlayTech.

When deciding to play at online casino Liberia based gamblers are often attracted by seemingly rich welcome bonuses. As a matter of fact, you can find them at almost all Liberia online casinos. However, always keep in mind that even at the best Liberia casinos online punters will undoubtedly find some wagering requirements being attached to bonuses. None of the Liberia friendly online casinos will give you money for free. It is, therefore, obvious that if they want to find the best paying online casino Liberia based punters should look for such a gambling website where bonuses are rich and wagering requirements are low. While preparing our guide we have checked several dozens of internet casinos in Liberia. Finally, we have reached the conclusion that all the top rated online casinos Liberia based gamblers can play at are not hiding their bonus terms and conditions at some remote corners of their websites as is the case with low quality web gambling venues and are articulating them in plain language.

Another important thing to check out when looking for an online casino in Liberia is the acceptance of local currency. When it comes to LRD online casino venues are not very willing to accept it instead of some more popular currencies. In order to play Liberia casino games online punters are advised to better use USD which is also widely circulated in this West African country. In order to have a seamless gambling experience when playing online casino games Liberia based putters need to have a close look at the available payment services that can be used for deposits and withdrawals.

At Liberian casinos online punters can make gambling transactions with the help of such famous credit card systems as Visa and MasterCard. Although you will be able to make safe money transfers in this case, you will also have to open a bank account in Liberia. A much easier way to deposit money at Liberia accepted online casinos is to use some mobile payment method, such as M-Pesa. Besides that, at the best Liberian casino online punters can also use such convenient e-wallets as 2CheckOut.

Finally, you can use cryptocurrencies to make instant deposits at top Liberian online casinos without having to pay any extra fees. Although blockchain based money is not yet regulated in Liberia, web gamblers can freely use them at the best online casino for Liberians. Given the potential that cryptos hold for the iGaming sector, there certainly are good reasons to presume that bitcoin, altcoin, ether and other popular cryptocurrencies will be widely embraced by the new Liberia online casinos in the years to come.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Liberia

There is one more issue to consider besides learning an efficient method how to select the best online gambling sites Liberia based gamblers can play at. There are countries in the world where local police will put you to jail if it will be proved that you are engaged in web gambling. This is the reason why in this section we are going to answer the questions whether is online gambling allowed in Liberia and what do local regulations say about playing at LRD casino platforms.

There is no separate online gambling law in Liberia which would directly regulate the activities of internet casinos. One of the reasons why in regards to the sector of online casino Liberia legal bodies have not yet adopted any detailed regulations is that the level of internet penetration in this country has only reached 8% in 2018.

In any case, there are quite a lot of legitimate online casinos Liberia players can freely play on the internet. However, in order to gamble at a safe online casino Liberia based gamblers should strictly follow the expert advice when selecting a website to play at.

Although in Liberia online gambling is not yet treated with sufficient attention by the local authorities, in 2016 there has been adopted a new Gambling Regulation which establishes straightforward rules for land based operators. Theoretically, all the legal online casinos Liberia based gamblers can play at should also get a local license.

When playing at web casinos that do not have the local online gambling license Liberia based gamblers do not risk to be prosecuted by police. Nowhere in Liberia online gambling laws it is said that one should be punished for playing at offshore based casino websites. Besides that, at least at the moment of this writing, local authorities have not yet tried to block any of the unlicensed Liberian online casinos which offer their services to web gamblers from this country on the internet.

While having access to the international online gambling industry Liberia based gamblers can choose from to a wide range of the best casino websites in the world. In other words, if they want to play at an online casino for real money Liberia punters are free to pick whatever website they are welcomed at despite the fact that there are yet no local web gambling laws in force.

In 2015 the National Lottery Authority which is responsible for monitoring the games of chance in Liberia has acquired more power to fulfill its responsibilities. However, it does not seem to be much concerned about the activities of web casinos.

Therefore, only after there will be launched a dedicated online gambling authority Liberia punters will have a legal body to protect their consumer rights and the quality of the casino services that are being provided on the internet. As of now, when gambling online Liberia players should be careful when choosing a casino website. As we have already mentioned, if they want safe online gambling Liberia players should carefully check all the criteria that we have mentioned in the previous section. Although there is no explicitly established online gambling age Liberia based gamblers can start to play the games of chance in the land based casinos after reaching 18. Unlike in case of online gambling Liberia legislation establishes clear rules for land based games of chance. As a result, poker, lottery and sport betting are completely legal in Liberia.

To sum up, although web gambling has not yet been thoroughly regulated in this West African country, there still are numerous reputable online casinos Liberia based gamblers can freely play at. In the future it is expected that after the adoption of the new online gambling laws Liberia based gamblers will be able to play at locally licensed casino websites. One of the reasons why in regards to online gambling Liberia legal bodies are expected to soon take some decisive steps is the figure of the newly elected president George Weah who used to be a famous football star in the past and has a clear understanding of what does the world of sport betting looks like.

History of Gambling in Liberia

The recent history of gambling in Liberia was complicated by the civil wars which took place in this West African country in 90-ties. For example, the national lottery which was founded in 1982 has to be closed in 1990 due to war in order to be reopened in 1993. However, after 2003 Liberia has started to rapidly recover after calamities and has even shown one of the fastest GDP growth in the world.

There are currently two LRD casinos operating in Liberia: Palm Spring and Oceano. Both of them are located in the capital city of Monrovia. These casinos are owned by Lebanese businessmen. However, it must be said that these are mainly rich Chinese investors, the representatives of local Lebanese community as well as American humanitarian workers who are playing there while Liberians are mainly being employed as the personal.

Some of the experts say that although the national gambling authority in Liberia has received enough power to monitor local casino operators the activities of the latter still do not seem to be transparent. Besides that, there are concerns in Liberia about the spread of problem gambling among the young people for many of whom sport betting is the only way how to earn the money in this country.

As you can see, the online casinos accepting Liberia players are probably the only place where local gamblers can afford themselves to safely play the games of chance.

Liberian gambling market cannot yet be compared with that of South Africa or Nigeria, but many experts say that this West African country has a big potential in regards to casino sector. Although theoretically a web gambling operator can get a license in this country, there has not yet been any Liberia approved online casinos. As a result, starting from 2010-ties, all the top online casinos for Liberian players are operating from abroad.

In the same time, some of the famous internet casino websites are helping Liberia to fight with poverty. As, for example, is the case with bet365, a UK based online gambling giant, which has donated some £262,000 to provide clean water and sanitation to 215,000 local residents in Liberia. Hopefully, in the future after all the necessary regulations will be implemented and the first Liberia based online casinos will start to offer their services to local residents. As of now, however, in order to find the best online casinos for Liberians one should use some efficient technique as the one that we have mentioned above.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Liberia

After we have told you about the history of gambling in Liberia, the time has come to talk about its future. In Liberia online casino sites will certainly remain to be one of the most accessible ways for locals to play the games of chance for real money. There are several trends that, according to many experts, are going to shape the future of the best online casinos for Liberian players.

For many fans of Liberia online casinos 2018 has proven to be the year when cryptocurrencies have become even more popular as a viable means for making gambling transactions. Free anonymous money transfers that one can make with many popular cryptos within a blink of an eye are a convincing argument for using them at casino websites which welcome players from Liberia.

In the next couple of years or so blockchain based money are going to be more often offered at the new online casinos for Liberia players. Who knows, maybe in the future in the sector of online casino LRD or even USD will be completely replaced by such popular cryptos as bitcoin or ether.

In many Liberia online casino reviews it is said that online casino live games are also becoming more popular at the gambling platforms that welcome players from Liberia. As internet connection gets better in this West African country, it will be easier to play casino games with live dealers in Liberia without having to experience any annoying interruptions caused by a narrow bandwidth.

Virtual reality games are considered by many to be the most important out of innovative technologies that are going to revolutionize the way the top 10 Liberian online casinos will provide their services to internet users. If you have not yet bought yourself a VR gear then it is good time to do it since the first virtual reality games are already appearing among the casino offers which are available to gamblers from Liberia.

Mobile casinos for real money are especially popular in Liberia where most people get access to the internet via their smartphones. Consequently, there is no doubt that there will be more mobile slots Liberia based gamblers can freely play in the following years.

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