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At an online casino Libya based gamblers can have the only chance to gamble for real money without risking to be put to jail for 1 month. When playing from the comfort of your home at Libya casino sites, the only thing that you should worry about is the quality of the gambling platform that you have chosen to play at.

In our guide we will provide you with a short list of the best online casinos for Libya players whose wagering requirements are low and the quality of the games is high. Besides that, you will learn how to quickly select the best casino online Libya based gamblers can play at while taking into consideration all the major criteria which the experts use when evaluating the gambling websites.

When it comes to both terrestrial and online gambling Libya has some strict laws. But if you look closer at its legislation and use some simple safety measures that we will tell you about it turns out that one has nothing to be afraid of when playing casino games on the internet in Libya.

The future of Libyan online casino platforms will also be disclosed to you. For instance, you will see why at an online casino Libya real money (i.e. dinars) are gradually being replaced with cryptocurrencies which are an efficient payment method for making gambling transactions.

Best Online Casino accepting players from Libya

Online Casino Sites in Libya

While on the internet there is an abundant choice of roulette, baccarat, blackjack and online slots Libya based gamblers still have to be careful when choosing an appropriate casino website to play at and take into consideration many different aspects of web gambling.

Ruby Fortune, Gaming Club and JackpotCity are often rated among the top 10 online casinos Libya based punters can gamble at. There are many different types of evaluation techniques that one can use to define what casino website is the best to choose. In our guide we will show you one very simple yet powerful method which will help our readers from Libya to do that in a couple of minutes.
Before starting to play at online casino Libya gamblers should first of all check the gambling jurisdiction which has issued its license to the website they are considering playing at. Alderney, Isle of Man or the United Kingdom are the gambling jurisdictions where most of the top 10 Libya online casinos have obtained their licenses. If you choose to play at one of such websites which welcome visitors from Libya, you will not have to worry about the quality of the casino services as well as about the fairness of the random generation algorithms that are at use since all these issues are regularly being checked by the corresponding authorities.

There are many new Libya online casinos licensed in Malta, Gibraltar, Kahnawake and Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles). We recommend you to be careful if you come across one of them, since there still can be low quality casino websites that welcome players from Libya in this category. It will be better if you check their bonus terms and conditions, the quality of the software as well as the customer support service before making the final decision whether to choose these casinos. There also are online casinos available for Libya based gamblers whose licenses have been issued in Panama, Costa Rica and Belize. If they encounter such a Libya casino online gamblers are advised to avoid playing there since chances are high the quality of the gambling services will turn out to be unsatisfactory.

While searching for the top rated online casinos Libya based punters are also recommended to pay attention to the software which is used for running the games of chance. In Libya best online casino platforms usually use software provided by such iGaming giants as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech.

The acceptance of local currency is another important thing to check when looking for internet casinos in Libya. Today when it comes to LYD online casino platforms rarely accept it for making gambling transactions since Libya has experience a huge inflation in recent years. Consequently, when playing Libya casino games online punters are advised to use such popular currencies as euro or dollar. When looking for the best Libyan casino online gamblers should take into account what is the quality of the customer support service. In some of the best Libya casinos online support is being provided 24/7 so that your questions are almost always promptly answered. It is also worth looking for an online casino in Libya where demo games are being offered free of charge. Libyan free slots are a perfect option for those players who want to first try out their gambling strategy without having to bet any money and only afterwards start to make real stakes.

At most Libyan casinos online bonuses are available for new visitors. But keep in mind that none of the best online casino for Libyans will give you money just for free. There is a wagering requirement behind every attractively looking bonus offering that you can find at the top Libyan online casinos. This is why, before starting to play online casino games Libya based gamblers should pay special attention to the bonus terms and conditions. If they want to find the best paying online casino Libya punters should simply learn at what gambling platforms rich bonuses come with relatively low wagering requirements.

If they want to have a seamless payment experience when playing at a Libyan casino online punters need to check what money transfer methods are available to be used for making deposits and withdrawals. Almost all Libya online casinos accept MasterCard and Visa which are a perfect choice, if you want to make reliable gambling transactions. However, in this case you need to have an open account in one of the Libyan banks. In the same time many alternative ways of payment are also becoming popular among local online casino players in Libya, including Skrill and Neteller. In the same time we have not yet come across Libya accepted online casinos which would allow their visitors to transfer money with such popular local payment services as MobiPay or Edfali.

Besides that, if you want to make instant gambling transactions without having to pay any extra fees you can use bitcoin, ether or some other popular cryptocurrency when playing at Libya friendly online casinos. Although the use of blockchain based money is not yet regulated in this country, one, nevertheless, can easily use them to make deposits and withdrawals at the best casino online Libya based gamblers can play at.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Libya

In the section above we have showed an efficient way how to easily find the best online gambling sites Libya based gamblers can play at. However, before even starting to look for reputable online casinos Libya punters should consider one very important issue. In many Islamic countries there are severe punishments for gambling. It is therefore worth making it clear whether is online gambling allowed in Libya and if there is any risk of being fined or put to jail if caught gambling at LYD casino websites.

There is no favorable online gambling law in Libya. Since this is an Islamic country where the laws of Sharia are in force, when it comes to terrestrial or online gambling Libya legal bodies have banned it altogether. Although there are no specific provisions that can be classified as online gambling laws Libya legislation, including the Penal Code, establishes that casino players can be imprisoned for up to a month or fined LYD 10, if caught playing the games of chance at a “public place or place open to the public”.

As you can see, theoretically, if caught gambling at an online casino for real money Libya based gamblers can even be severely punished. However, as of now, there has not yet been any cases when local residents had been detained for playing at Libyan online casinos. In any case, when gambling online Libya based punters should be especially cautious when making casino transactions. If they want to have a seamless gambling experience when playing at a safe online casino Libya based gamblers area advised to use a reliable payment service.

In the same time, although in Libya online gambling is prohibited, local government has not yet made any attempts to block international casino websites. One of the reasons why in regards to the sector of online casino Libya legal bodies have not yet taken any decisive measures is the ongoing civil war in this country. In such a situation it is Facebook that is often blocked by local authorities in order to suppress political rivals rather than the offshore based legal online casinos Libya gamblers can play at.

Given the fact that there is no local online gambling authority Libya oriented web casinos need to obtain their licenses in offshore jurisdictions. This is one of the reasons why when looking for legitimate online casinos Libya players should pay special attention to the origin of the gambling license. While having a free access to the international online gambling industry Libya based casino players should carefully check all the criteria that we have mentioned in the previous section. Since the consumer rights as well as the quality of the casino services are not certified by any locally issued online gambling license Libya gamblers have no one but themselves to look after the safety related issues. Of course, there is no sense in talking about the minimum online gambling age Libya based gamblers can start playing at since casino games are completely prohibited in this country.

As is the case with terrestrial and online gambling Libya legislation makes it illegal to play all the other games of chance as well. As a result, poker, lottery and sports betting are prohibited. Only horse and camel races are allowed. To sum up, although there no specific Libyan online gambling laws¸ casino games are prohibited in this Islamic country. Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of foreign websites which accept players from Libya where one can freely play casino games. But if they want safe online gambling Libya based punters need to carefully select a safe casino website and a reliable payment method.

History of Gambling in Libya

It is hard to talk about the history of Libyan gambling market since all the games of chance are prohibited here. Even lottery is not allowed in Libya, not to mention land based or online LYD casinos. In Islam gambling is considered to be one of the 14 great sins. According to Quran it breeds avarice and enmity as well as causes voluptuousness and sensuality. As a result, in Libya as in all other Maghreb countries, except for Morocco, casino games are prohibited.

It must also be said that in the midst of an unending civil and an overwhelming migrant crisis, illegal gambling has become widespread at the streets of many cities in Libya where refugees from such East and West African countries as Chad, Niger and Gambia are waiting to cross the Mediterranean Sea and get into the EU.

On the other hand, horse racing is gradually becoming a popular pastime in Libya which gives local residents a chance to forget for a little while about the violence that is taking place in their country at the moment. It has a long history in local culture. Horse breeding industry was established in Libya back in 1959 under the aegis of the local ministry of agriculture and rural development. However, when Colonel Muammar Gaddafi came to power in 1969 military took it under its control and the quality of the horse breeds has degraded with years in Libya. Only after revolution in 2012, horse breeding was resumed. The Libyan Horse Racing Authority was established in 2013 and local horse auctions once again started their sales offering high quality Arabian mares for their visitors.

As we have already mentioned in the previous section, internet casino gambling is prohibited in Libya. As a result, there are no Libya approved online casinos which would officially offer their services to local punters. In the same time there are dozens of online casinos accepting Libya players which are based in foreign gambling jurisdictions. Since internet penetration is as high as 60% in this country, there are all the prerequisites for an increasing popularity of the top online casinos for Libyan players after the civil war will be over here.

Of course, there is little hope that the first Libya based online casinos will appear in the near future. Consequently, in the years to come the best online casinos for Libyans will remain to be run from abroad.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Libya

In our final section we will tell you a little but about what future awaits the best online casinos for Libyan players in the years to come. In Libya online casino sites are gradually starting to introduce live dealer games among their gambling offers. In the years to come this type of online gambling is only going to become more popular in Libya as it will be possible to easily play with live casino dealers on smartphones and tablets without having to experience any inconveniencies related to the quality of the internet connection. Many of the top 10 Libyan online casinos are already thinking about introducing VR options at their gambling platforms.

For local gamblers who prefer to play the games of chance at Libya online casinos 2018 was the year when many of them have discovered the potential that bitcoin, altcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies have for making gambling transactions. In such countries as Libya where inflation is high and many popular e-payment methods are inaccessible there is much sense to the idea of using cryptocurrencies when playing at online casinos. After the technology behind virtual money will become more mature and more countries in the world will start to regulate their use, the new online casinos for Libya players will even more eagerly embrace cryptos for making deposits and withdrawals.

In numerous Libya online casino reviews virtual reality is mentioned as the most prominent among the innovative technologies that are going to change the way local gamblers play the games of chance on the internet by bringing an immersive experience. If you have the necessary VR gear, we advise you to try out the virtual reality games whenever you come across them among the casino offers which are available to players from Libya.

Although local telecommunication infrastructure has been severely crippled during the war, the popularity of phone casinos online is still on the rise in Libya. Many Libya based online casino players get attracted by the opportunity to play the games of chance on their smartphone and tablets wherever they want. This and rich game portfolios that we can find today on smartphone casinos makes it inevitable that we will see even more mobile slots Libya based punters can play.

After the civil war comes to its end in Libya and the economic growth will come back to this country which used to have the highest GDP in Africa, it is highly probable that at an online casino LYD will more likely be accepted along with other popular currencies.

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