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There are not so many countries where online gambling is completely legal in all forms and, moreover, is clearly regulated, and Sweden is one of those countries. Even though it has had its their website’s Contact section written out for a long time, they are still being developed and improved. In the beginning of 2019, there was a major change that eliminated state monopoly on gambling games in Sweden and finally made the local online gambling market open and diverse. During the first two months of these new regulations, almost 70 companies got their licenses, including the industry leaders like Playtech that was the first to make use of the legal innovations. This number continues to rise and it’s time for our readers to learn more about how Swedish online casino licenses are issued and what the perks of playing on the websites licensed in Sweden are.
So this time we collected only trusted casinos available in the country and flavoured them with the short guide to Swedish Gambling Authority operation and Swedish casino licensing in general. It will probably not be enough to open your own online casino in Sweden but enough to puzzle out the local online gambling laws and feel safe and calm when choosing a Swedish online casino to play for real money.

Best Sweden Licensed Online Casino Sites:

Swedish Gambling Authority Framework

All the gambling activities in Sweden, both offline and online, are watched and regulated by Spelinspektionen or Swedish Gambling Authority if you like. In this part, we will try to understand how exactly this authority works and whether the online casinos licensed in Sweden are as safe as they seem to be. Quick spoiler: yes, they are.

How the Commission Works?

So basically the Swedish Gambling Authority is responsible for making sure that all the casinos that want to operate on the country’s territory are safe, reliable, and fair to the players, comply with all the local online gambling laws and do maximum for the players protection. According to the industry leaders like Playtech, every casino that wants to take bets from the Swedish players must apply for the license. All the unlicensed casinos will be shut down, fined, and blocked. The process of getting the Sweden casino license is quite easy though as the country is moving towards the market liberalisation. The casino that wants to operate under the Sweden Jurisdiction should provide a set of documents (that we’ll describe later), undergo the check-up procedure and, if the Spelinspektionen decides that it’s good enough to take bets from the Swedish players, it will be included in the list of the casinos licensed by Swedish Gambling Authority. The license is valid for 5 years and can be prolonged when the time is up. Besides, the casino will have to pay the application fee and 18% of its revenue in taxes. The Swedish Gambling Authority is not over when the casino gets the Sweden online gambling license. It continues watching the casino’s operation and if something seems to be off — the license can be terminated immediately. And these are not just the empty words. There have been cases when casinos were reckless when it came to complying to the rules and ended up being fined. And believe us, these are not your parked-in-the-wrong-place fines. The AG Communication Ltd got a €47000 fine while the Genesis Global Ltd got fined for €160000! It works as a perfect warning sign for all the casinos with Swedish Gambling Authority License — treat your players bad and your Sweden casino licence will be taken back faster than you can say “bingo”.

Application Requirements & Compliance Highlights

So if the casino wants to become one of the online casinos with Swedish Gambling Authority License, it should do two major things. First of all, it should apply for a Gambling License from Swedish Gambling Authority and, secondly, it should comply with the rules. The first part is quite easy. The company that wants to work under the Sweden online gambling jurisdiction should provide a set of documents including the IDs of all the key persons, financial reports and plans, business strategy documents, and so on. The second part is more difficult as the online casinos licensed and regulated in Sweden should meet the highest safety and quality standards such as:

  • Set daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits for players;
  • Keep the gambling advertisement true and moderate;
  • Never allow anyone younger than 18 years old make bets in the licensed Swedish Online Casinos, etc.

Types of Licences Issued by The Swedish Gambling Authority

According to the Swedish Gambling Act, there is no all-in-one license for the Swedish Gambling Authority casinos as there are 6 different online gambling licenses in Sweden instead. Each of them suits different kinds of gambling services providers: some of them will need just one license while the other will be obliged for two or more. The type of license depends on what exactly gambling services the company is about to provide. Here is a quick review of every license for your attention.

State-owned Games

This type of license is issued to the online casinos regulated by the Swedish Gambling Authority that are owned by the government. Not so long ago, state-owned casinos operated by the Svenska Spel company were the only casinos available on the local market. Now the time has changed but the state-owned casinos are not going to retire and try to keep up to compete the best casinos with Swedish Gambling Authority License. Time will show how successful they are.

Public-purpose Games

The holders of this kind of license are the only ones who don’t pay any taxes to the Swedish government. It’s issued to the non-profit organisations that are holding public lotteries and giving their revenue out for the charity purposes.

Commercial Online Games

This is the most important license for us as it’s issued to the casino sites that are licensed in Sweden. Any online casino that wants to take real money bets from the Swedish players and provide them with online slots, bingo, video poker, and other gambling games instead, should get the commercial online games license from the Spelinspektionen.


The betting license issued by the Sweden Gambling Authority allows a wider list of services to be provided. It’s issued to the casinos that want to provide all kinds of both offline and online gambling services to the Swedish players. Thus, if the land-based casino wants to go online and open its online gambling website, it should apply for the betting license in addition to its already existing land-based gambling one.

Commercial Land-based Games

If we are talking about the land-based casinos, they obviously need a license too. There is no separate legal body responsible for the land-based casinos licensing so they are getting their permitting documents in the Swedish Gambling Authority as well. There is a separate list of standards that should be met by the brick-and-mortar casinos in Sweden as well as the separate list of documents that should be provided to the SGA to obtain a license.

Cruise Ship Games

If you are a lucky one to go on a cruise in Swedish fjords, you’ll see that the most of the cruise ships out there have their own casinos to keep the passengers entertained on the way. To provide these kind of services, the cruise ship casino should obtain a specific license to get into the list of casinos regulated by Swedish Gambling Authority and take the real money bets from the travellers legally and safely.

Swedish Gambling Authority Reputation & Players Protection

All that “safe gambling” and “control over the online casinos” sound good but what does it exactly mean? In this part, we’ll take a closer look at the key principles of every licensing institution in general and the Swedish Gambling Authority particularly. And be sure, they are constantly adhering to these principles and that’s why we believe the casinos licensed by the SGA to be worth your attention and definitely worth making at least a couple of bets in.

Players Protection

The first thing that every licensing institution should do is to protect the players. First and foremost, it means protecting the player’s personal information and information about the financial transaction. Even though this data can be shared with the SGA by request, it shouldn’t be shared with any other third parties. Besides, everything that you share with a casino should be carefully protected from cyber-attacks that are not so uncommon nowadays. Health protection is another priority. Gambling addiction is quite a thing in Sweden so SGA keeps an eye on the casinos and make sure they don’t support problem gambling in any way.

Fair Gaming

Ensuring that all the gambling games present in the casino are absolutely fair is another key priority of the Swedish Gambling Authority. The RNGs should work right and, moreover, the clear and true information about the chances of winning should be stated in every online casino so that every player knows what to expect when they are about to make a bet.

Funds Protection

The Spelinspektionen makes sure every euro you pay to online casino that has its license is going to be safe and sound. To obtain a license, the casino should clearly demonstrate how it protects the customers’ money and what it’s going to do if something goes wrong. By the way, the Swedish Gambling Authority is blocking transactions to the unlicensed casinos to keep them out of the Swedish gambling market — quite a cautious thing to do.

Operator Responsibilities

When the Swedish Gambling Authority says that gambling operators are responsible for their action, it really means they are. Even though the organisation doesn’t process the customers’ complaints directly, it will hold the casinos accountable for any illegal act as quickly as possible. The operators very well know that there is no chance of escaping the law which makes the Swedish online casinos a safe place to be and make the real money bets.

The Swedish Gambling Authority FAQ

📌  Are Sweden Regulated Online Casinos Can Be Trusted?
If you’ve read this guide, you already know that the Swedish Gambling Authority is taking online gambling regulation pretty seriously. There is a long list of rules to adhere to if the casino wants to get a Swedish license and there is almost no unlicensed casinos on the market. If you want to make sure that you are playing in a safe casino licensed by the SGA — pick one from the SlotsUp list and stay on a safe side.
📌  How to Know if a Casino is Regulated by Swedish Gambling Authority?
All the licensing information should be clearly stated on the casino’s website so if the casino has the license issued by the Swedish Gambling Authority — it will not hide this information. Usually, you’ll find the name of the licensing institution on the very bottom of the website. In addition, you can double-check this information on the SGA website.
📌  How do I Submit a Complaint?
Unlike some other licensing institutions, the Swedish Gambling Authority is not working with the customers complaints directly. If something went wrong between you and the casino licensed by the SGA, you can submit a complaint to the Swedish Consumer Agency on the corresponding website.
📌  Are My Funds Safe at a Casino Regulated by Swedish Gambling Authority?
Absolutely. As you already know, funds protection is one of the Swedish Gambling Authority key priorities. When making a bet in one of the swedish casinos, you can be sure both your real money bets and the potential winnings are safe and all the transactions are properly encrypted.
📌  Are Sweden Licensed Casinos Safe?
We can’t emphasize it more: if you see that an online casino has the license issued by the Swedish Gambling Authority — there is nothing to worry about as everything is under the strict control of the reputable and reliable institution. So just pick one of the Swedish casinos on SlotsUp and enjoy your favorite games — for fun or for real money.

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