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Visa casino is considered to be one of the most reliable and easy-to-use in terms of making money deposits and withdrawals. It is US financial service, established in 1958, which was aimed to give a boost to the electronic funds transfer. It does not issue cards, but provides the banks with its branded payment products.

Almost every online casino accepts Visa as one of the most convenient methods for effecting payments while betting. It has been so ever since the online gambling sites that accept credit and debit cards emerged. For those, who are not aware of Visa – it is a mean to transfer the money electronically all over the world via personal electronic card or debit card of your local bank. Visa offers you a range of cards to use for your banking purposes, namely:

  • Credit Cards. Visa boasts a decent array of credit cards, with the help of which people manage their funds. There are several types of credit cards, holding different terms and conditions, so everybody can choose a card according to his own needs.
  • Debit Cards. Known for their convenience and easy access at any time preferred by the users.
  • Pre-paid cards. Many people like to use them, because this type of cards needs preloading with money, so you undertake a full control over your funds.
  • Business Cards. Excellent way to manage the corporate expenses.
  • Virtual Cards. While using this type of cards, your cost are managed via Internet, phone or email without using a plastic card. You just enter your account details to make a purchase. Extremely comfortable and quick, Visa virtual cards are a true bargain in today’s world of virtual technologies.

At the very beginning of the online casinos development, Visa was probably the most popular method of money transfer, used by the players. However, with the emergence of e-wallets and prepaid vouchers, it gained strong competitors in terms of real money gambling websites servicing. Nevertheless, Visa hasn’t lost its positions completely. Being one of the fastest payment methods for money deposit and retrieving, offering exciting benefits in a form of Welcome Bonus while playing games at the online casinos, and turning out to be extremely handy while dealing with the mobile versions of the gambling websites, Visa payment system has conquered the passionate hearts of the millions of modern gamblers.

The given article is aimed to elucidate the concept of Visa casinos, their main features depending on the country of casino origin: the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as to provide you with the brilliant list of Visa-friendly gambling websites to enjoy. Also, you will learn about the types of casinos, which accept Visa and plunge into the world of Visa generous gambling bonuses. Don’t miss the FAQs to be armed to the teeth with all the crucial information. Let’s start our exciting journey to the world of Visa casinos!

Best Online Casinos that accept Visa

Visa Casinos for Real Money

For those who among all the existing payment methods always decides on Visa online casinos definitely have them in mind. When we talk about online casino Visa is supported by the prevailing majority of the real-money casinos and other gambling websites, however, not all of them are worth your attention as may feature a poor gaming array or unclear bonus policy. Also, if you decide to pay by Visa casino you have chosen, should provide you with all the terms and conditions how to do it properly and safely.

Taking into account SlotsUp experience, we have selected exclusively top-notch casinos that accept Visa. All of these gambling websites boast of a plethora of outstanding games, as well as generous bonuses and high level of services. Let your game at casinos with Visa be not only vivid and dynamic but also safe – read the information below how to use your Visa while dealing with the gambling websites and what are the advantages of it.

How to deposit at Visa Casinos?

If it is your first time making Visa casinos deposit or you finally want to learn how to use Visa deposit methods safely, here is a small instruction for you.

  1. Choose Visa gambling website from our list. Select any of the offered online casinos, kindly provided by SlotsUp. All of them are safe and qualitative, be sure. Upon creating your own account at the chosen website and before making online casino Visa deposit, pay attention to the maximum and minimum deposit amounts the casino features. As a rule, they differ, depending on the website. Moreover, it is possible that you will be subjected to Visa casino deposit fee. Normally, it Visa doesn’t require any commission, but in some cases, it can comprise 2%-3%. The commission fee is usually applied to depositing via any of the existing payment methods, not only Visa casino deposit. The amount of the fee, which is to be charged while using Visa, should be clarified with your bank representative.
  2. Proceed to the payment section. Once you have completed all the registration procedures, navigate to the payment section and select Credit Cards as your payment method.
  3. Choose Visa. Upon selecting your payment option, you will have to choose Visa as a credit card you will make your deposit with.
  4. Indicate the deposit amount. After that, Visa deposit casino will offer you to enter the amount which you would like to deposit. Mind the item 1 of this list – always remember about the maximum and minimum Visa deposit as well as the fees you may be subjected to.
  5. Complete your Visa card details. The casino Visa deposit form, which appears once you have indicated the amount you would like to deposit, should be filled with the card details. Indicate the card number, your name, the expiration date of your Visa card, and don’t forget about CVV – 3-digit security code provided on the back of your card. Double check all the completed information not to waste your time entering all the details again. However, do it fast – there is a limit in time for casino deposit Visa procedure.
  6. Complete Verification. Once you are ready with the previous item, you will be navigated to the page where you will have to verify the exact amount of money you would like to deposit, including all the correspondent fees, and finally to confirm the transaction. Remember, that you have to own enough money on your Visa card while making the deposit.

How to withdraw from Visa Casinos?

Unlike some other world-recognized online gambling payment services, Visa supports the withdrawal options. That’s why, having chosen the casino with Visa withdrawal, you can get your money back on your card as easy as you have deposited with it. Just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Find the withdrawal section of your online casino. To cash out your money, navigate to the casino withdrawal page. There you will find an array of various payment methods you can use to retrieve the funds.
  2. Select the withdrawal method. Choose the Credit cards option for the retrieving of your money and go further to select Visa casino withdrawal.
  3. Fill in Card Details. Upon making a selection, all you have to do is to fill in your Visa Card details such as card number, the owner’s name, card expiration date as well as CVC code. Mind, that not all the online casinos, supporting Visa deposit methods, offer the Visa withdrawal option as well. It is highly recommended checking this information before you decide on dealing with any online casino.

Another detail, which is extremely crucial both for deposits and withdrawals performed with Visa, is transfer time. When we talk about Visa deposit, the funds usually reach you casino account right away. However, when it comes to Visa withdrawal, it may take up to 5 working days for the funds to be placed on your credit card.

Advantages of Using Visa as Deposit Method

Even if there is nothing perfect in this world, Visa still has a lot of advantages as an online casino payment method.

  • Used all over the world. You can hardly find a country where Visa is not supported. All the world-recognized online casinos have included it in their payment option offers. Due to its profound recognition, it has conquered deserved fame.
  • Safety and Security. Since its launching in 1958 Visa takes a good care of the safety and security matters, so you are on the safe side while choosing the online casinos supporting Visa deposits and withdrawals.
  • Deposit large amounts. Visa provides its users with an outstanding opportunity to deposit large sums of money. The online casinos are not the exception, however, each of them has a maximum limit of funds which can be deposited.
  • Online casino-friendly. Nowadays, the number of gambling websites, supporting Visa, is huge, and it is constantly increasing. This fact again proves Visa is a reputable and safe online payment method.
  • Withdrawals. Another great advantage of Visa is an opportunity to retrieve the funds. Most casinos, which offer Visa deposits, support Visa money retrieving as well. It is extremely comfortable, as you don’t have to switch between payment options dealing with your favorite casino – just choose Visa, which completely takes care of your convenient play!
  • Cashback. Some type of Visa cards provides its owner with the chance to get a cashback as he spends. This is a great opportunity to earn a bit, even if it is not your lucky day in the online casino.

Visa Casinos by Country

It is not a secret that Visa is one of the most popular banking methods when it comes to the online casino. However, not all the countries support it in terms of gambling business – there are several, which, due to their harsh gambling legislation, face the difficulties while performing Visa gambling transactions. SlotsUp did its best to elucidate the current situation with Visa payment method in the online gambling system of several countries especially for those dedicated gamblers, who like to travel. Learn it carefully and be on the safeside while dealing with Visa at your favorite online casino!

Visa Casinos in the US

To understand the phenomenon of Visa casinos US, it is important to shed the light on the concept of the USA online casinos in general. Literally, the online gambling activities are allowed at the federal level. But in fact, each state can decide on the status of the online casino within its own territory. At the time being, there are only several states such as New Jersey, Nevada, Illinois, Georgia, New York, Delaware and the US Virgin Islands, where all types of the online gambling are allowed. The sportsbetting is recognized in 26 states. US online gambling is regulated by 3 main laws such as The Interstate Wire Act, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (The UIGEA) and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act as of 1992. According to the already mentioned Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, passed in 2006 by President Bush, the online gambling is not banned itself, however, the US financial institutions are not allowed to perform the money operations in a field of online wagering.

In addition to the local ones, there are a decent number of the overseas gambling websites, that accept US players. Even if sometimes the banks block the transaction operations when they are performed under the gambling code, the players can still enjoy a lot of Visa casinos US, which function both within the states, where the gambling is allowed, and abroad. USA online casinos that accept Visa usually can identify from which US state the transaction is being performed and prevent it from being successfully completed. Such Visa verification mechanism makes the US online casinos that accept Visa the most popular and safe ones. However, we cannot say the Americans don’t face any problems with payment operations no matter the state.

Visa Casinos in Canada

When we talk about the concept of the online casinos Canada approves it, however, its legislation is not clear enough to specify what is allowed and what is illegal. Every Canadian province is entitled to adopt its own online gambling law and to decide which types of online casino are to be considered legal within its territory. Overall, the gambling in Canada is regulated in accordance with the correspondent chapters of Canada Criminal Code.

When it comes to banking, there are a lot of Canadian online casinos that accept Visa. Being the 2nd world largest payment organization, it is also widely used for online gambling, offering fast and safe transactions and careful verification.

However, to ensure a really safe play, please, bother to check the banking section of selected Visa casinos Canada. If all the payment terms and conditions referred to minimum and maximum deposit amount, transaction fees and withdrawal options of Visa casino Canada are clearly and properly elucidated then this Visa Canada gambling website has all chances to be considered a reputable one. If you get a bit confused upon reading the payment info, it is a reason to double check this online casino Canada Visa, learning the corresponding reviews of the other gamblers.

Visa Casinos in the UK

When it comes to the online casinos UK is a real paradise of the Internet gambling. All types of online casino are legal in the country. The online gambling is successfully regulated by the Gambling Act, adopted in 2005 with the amendments represented in 2014. To operate legally, the gambling entities are required to receive the corresponding state license. The banking transactions of those casinos, operating illegally, are usually blocked.

If to talk about the online casino UK Visa is, probably, the most widespread banking method for performing deposits and withdrawals. The deposit procedure for Visa casino UK is standard – you choose Visa among the offered payment methods on the casino website, indicate the sum you would like to deposit, enter your card’s detail, and upon the verification procedure, your deposit is successfully completed. There are a lot of Visa casinos UK, so choose the best one for having an unforgettable gambling experience.

Visa Casinos in Australia

The concept of the online casino Australia possesses, definitely cannot be considered as one of the clearest ones. Regulated by the Interactive Gambling Act, passed in 2001, it is legal to some extent, meaning that some casino games are allowed and some – not. However, the given bans don’t affect players themselves, so they can easily access the gambling websites, which accept the Australian players, to make a wager.

As almost in all European countries, if you are looking for the Visa casino Australia online gambling platforms are ready to offer you the numerous options to choose from. Ensuring quick deposits and relatively quick withdrawals Visa casino Australia even rewards its users with special money bonuses for using Visa as an online casino banking method.

Visa Casinos in New Zealand

If to talk about the promised land for the online casino New Zealand is definitely the one. All types of gambling are allowed there, so you won’t face any difficulties finding the top-notch New Zealand online casino to try your luck at. The gambling activities are controlled by the Gambling Commission. The main gambling law, the Gambling Act, was passed in 2003. With several amendments, it is still relevant.

For those, who prefer Visa casinos New Zealand gambling websites will be a real catch, as almost all of them support this payment method. Just enter the correspondent section on NZ online casino you have chosen, to make sure it accepts deposits and allows withdrawals with Visa. Don’t forget, that the New Zealand online casinos that accept Visa, may require an extra fee for the transaction, however, there are a lot, where it is free. This info should also be reflected on the casino website.

Visa Casino Types

Mobile Casinos that Accept Visa

It is hard to imagine the best mobile casinos without a decent array of mobile games, smooth and quick download, and, of course, easy and fully-featured banking options, which are on the ball with the desktop casino payment methods. As of 2nd quarter of 2016, the percentage of Internet users using a smartphone to play games in Asia comprised 71. In Europe, it is 50 and its rate is constantly increasing.

Taking into account the popularity the mobile devices have reached the recent years, it is a must for any real-money mobile casino to ensure a top-notch on-the-go gaming for its numerous users. When it comes to the payment methods, Visa isn’t the exception. Any mobile casino with Visa allows the gamblers to easily perform both deposits and withdrawals via smartphone or tablet without facing any inconveniences or difficulties. The mechanism of money wagering and retrieving in Visa casino mobile is the same as in the desktop version, so everything is quite familiar and simple. The big plus of using Visa mobile casino is your freedom to play your favorite real-money gambling games wherever and whenever you want – waiting in the queue, taking a bus or having a cup of coffee somewhere outside your place.

The mobile casino Visa transactions don’t take any longer – the procedure is regular and you won’t have to do some extra steps to deposit or retrieve your money. The only thing you have to make sure before making the mobile casino Visa deposit is to be connected to WiFi or mobile Internet and to check whether there is the necessary sum of money on your Visa card.

There are 2 ways to start gambling the mobile casino accept Visa on your portable device – you should either access it via the browser, which you prefer to use on your smartphone or tablet, or to download the special casino mobile Visa app, which can be found in the Appstore in case you use iOS or Google Play if your gadget is operating on the Android.

Face no limits with both Visa withdrawal and Visa deposit mobile casino – it is extremely comfortable and 100% safe. Just give it a try!

Live Casinos that Accept Visa

Live online casinos speak for themselves – they cannot be of a low quality. The best live casinos online are a real miracle – they create the feeling of the presence at the authentic brick-and-mortar casino without leaving your own place! With the help of video streaming, you have a possibility to experience real-time gambling both on desktop and mobile. Observe the sleight-of-hands moves of the dealer handling the cards or chat a bit with the other players sitting on your favorite sofa or having coffee somewhere at the downtown.

It is no wonder that when it comes to live casino Visa is the payment method No.1 for such types of online gambling websites, as it can hardly be beaten if speed and safety are what you expect the most from your casino banking. Despite the live stream, online live casino Visa is fast and accurate when it comes to depositing – your transaction will be performed in a blink of an eye, while you are all plunged into the gambling process.

We kindly recommend using your Visa card exclusively while wagering at the reputable live online casinos. There are many cases of credit and debit card frauds, as these payment methods are the most common. To be on the safe side, use our list of the best online casinos, which boast of the perfect reputation and transparent payment policy.

New Casinos that Accept Visa

The world changes and the people’s tastes usually follow the technical progress. The concept of the online casino keeps pace with the innovations in terms of graphics, exciting game scenarios, generous bonuses, promos and support services. However, there is one thing, that stays the same – it is gambling website safety. All your gambling experience can be spoiled by the non-reputable casino operator, no matter classic or newly-created website you use. SlotsUp did all work for you, having checked each single old and new Visa casino, offered in this article.

First and foremost what matters a lot is a valid license, which is no.1 in our checklist for all new Visa casinos. Then we take a look at the game collection, website adjustability, types of bonuses the new casino Visa offers, as well as language and currency support.

Don’t forget to return to this section from time to time, as we constantly update it with the new Visa casinos, which are definitely worth your attention. Be the first to wager at the new Visa casino together with SlotsUp!

Visa Casino Bonuses

The passionate and experienced gamblers love Visa the most. Want to know why? The vast majority, if not all the reputable, high-quality gambling websites offer an array of Visa casino bonus of different types. Some of the casino operators even restrict their bonuses to the specific payment methods, among which there is always Visa.

The online casino Visa bonus list usually includes a lot of bonuses to attract more gamblers and to make them stay at the website as long as possible. As a rule, the top-notch online casinos provide their loyal players with special treats, which help to significantly increase the possible winnings. Among the most common Visa online casino bonuses there are:

  • A welcome bonus or a deposit bonus, which is awarded at your first wager at the definite online casino. Its amount depends on the website policy, so it is quite recommendable to check this information in the correspondent section of the online casino. Visa ensures instant deposits and lets you to take advantage of your deposit bonus as soon as you are ready with the website registration.
  • Another Visa casino bonus is free spins. Very often they are provided to the most dedicated gamblers as a gesture of the gratitude for the loyalty. Also, they are awarded when the casino launches new games and needs to take care of their promotions. The money earned during the free spins usage should meet the casino wagering norms in case you would like to withdraw them. Remember, that you can be charged a fee in case you retrieve your funds with Visa. This information is always provided on the online casino website and should be checked with your bank.
  • In addition to deposit and free spins bonuses, the most generous Visa online casinos offer no deposit bonus. Usually, it is awarded to boost the popularity of fresh-created games or is dedicated to some important dates. Follow the online casino updates to be informed about all the latest bonus news.

Visa Casino FAQ

Are Visa Casinos Safe to Play?
Visa is the most widespread payment method when it comes to the online casino money deposits and withdrawals. Due to its popularity, there are cases of credit and debit card fraud. It is highly recommended checking the online casino reputation before accessing it and performing the registration procedure. However, such cases are the exception rather than the rule, as Visa boasts of a high level of safety and security due to the perfect services and excellent verification system.
Do All Casinos Accept Visa?
It is hard to find the online casino, which doesn’t accept Visa. Being one of the most popular and reliable banking methods, it gained trust all over the world and doesn’t require any fee or very small fee for the casino transactions.
What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via Visa?
Every Visa online casino implies different minimum deposit amount. Usually, this information is provided in the correspondent section of the chosen gambling website.
What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via Visa?
It totally depends on the online casino. Don’t forget to check this information in the banking section of the website before making your first wager.
Are There Any Fees Charged?
Mostly, there are no fees charged when you are using your Visa card to fund in Visa online casino. However, the fees may be incorporated by the card issuer. So this information should be checked with your bank. Make sure you are aware of all the terms and condition of the Visa card you use not to carry over your card balance.
Can I Use Visa in Mobile Casinos?
Definitely yes! Almost all the Visa online casinos take care to make their mobile versions as comfortable as the desktop ones, so you won’t notice any differences while making deposits and withdrawals via your mobile device on the go instead of using your computer.

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