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Did you know that online casinos that aren’t eCogra certified aren’t safe? Such gambling establishments are plagued with scam and fraud cases. e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, or eCogra, is an organization based in London that seeks to protect users as they play in online casinos.

Back in the 90s, when online casinos grew and gained popularity, more users traded land-based casinos, which created a perfect environment for scammers and fraudsters. As fraud cases increased, they threatened the progress of online casinos. Gaming industries Microgaming and paired up in 2003 to form the London-based eCogra we know and love today.

Though eCogra powers only extend to their members, it aims to educate players about their responsibilities and rights for a seamless gaming experience. It has offered an international framework for best operational and player practice standards known as Egap.

eCogra casinos have a Seal of Approval from the non-profit organization. They process payments fast, are transparent, have excellent customer service, advertise honestly, receive regular audits by a third-party company, and offer a fair-gaming-guarantee to their users. The casinos proudly display their Seal on their website, and according to reports, there are approximately 100 casinos with the Seal at the moment.

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Everything You Need to Know About eCogra Casinos

If you love gambling online, the last thing you’d want is to be conned of your hard-earned money. With plenty of online gambling sites, it’s almost impossible to tell which gaming site is legitimate.

Thanks to eCogra, you won’t have to struggle anymore. This organization has taken it upon itself to ensure that your player rights are respected. Additionally, it acts as a mediator between you and an eCogra-certified casino.

eCogra casinos have all the qualities you’d look for in an online casino. It isn’t easy attaining an eCogra Seal of Approval, so the fact that these online gambling institutions have the Seal shows how dedicated they are to your gaming welfare.

What Exactly Is eCogra?

eCogra is a non-profit organization that concentrates on responsible operator conduct, fair gaming, and player protection.

It comprises two divisions: SRS, or Self-regulation Services, and ATA, or Approved Testing Agency Services.

The SRS has various incentives and objectives, such as:

  • Protecting player details and safeguarding information.
  • Providing a safe and secure operating environment.
  • Hindering underage betting.
  • Commitment to professional support and customer satisfaction.
  • Fighting criminal and fraudulent behavior.

The ATA, on the other hand, focuses on the certification of online gambling systems and software. It has finished at least 500 compliance reviews for 80 leading software providers and operators through the years. It also tests the RNG, or Random Number Generator, used by online casinos to ensure it’s fair before it goes into use.

eCogra also has a strict code of conduct list referred to as the Egap or eCogra’s ‘Generally Accepted Practices,’ which all online software providers or gambling websites must adhere to.
The Egap is a list of requirements that highlight all expected for a software provider or gambling website to be certified. When the conditions are met, the software provider or casino can proudly show the eCogra Seal on its website.

When contacting eCogra for help, there are several laws you should follow, so your request is handled correctly. Some of these rules are:

  • You must have no more than a single account at a casino.
  • Approximately two weeks should pass from when the problem surfaced, but it shouldn’t be more than a year since the operator reached its decision on the matter.
  • Should you choose to send an application to the organization, you shouldn’t contact another individual to handle the issue or bring up other resources.
  • Ensure that your casino of choice has a “Safe & Fair” sign of the organization.

The Benefits of Playing in eCogra Casinos

So far, eCogra has proven itself to be a reliable and trustworthy regulating body. If you’re looking for more reasons to pick an eCogra-certified gambling institution, here are some valid ones:

They are Safe and Secure: eCogra casinos have SSL security encryption to ensure that they are operating safely and securely. With such a quality security measure, not even the most cunning cybercriminals can access your private details or share them with the world without your permission.

They Uphold Privacy: eCogra audits casinos individually to ensure that players’ financial and private information isn’t used unlawfully, aren’t used for any other reasons other than playing on the site, and aren’t shared with any third parties.

They Practice Responsible Marketing: no one wants to receive unwanted email offers or campaigns or unsolicited telemarketing calls. That’s why eCogra casinos are regularly audited so that you can enjoy your game.

They Put Customer Protection into Consideration: most online casinos are willing to do anything to receive that extra buck, even if it means scamming players. eCogra casinos aren’t among them. They safeguard vulnerable players by having restrictions for problematic gamblers, only accept players older than 18 years, and support responsible gambling practices.

They Pay Their Customers On Time: eCogra casinos pay you as soon as you win some cash. And that’s not all. They ensure that you receive the full amount you deserve. eCogra also assists gamblers with any payment disagreements should they pop up. They deal with any gambling establishment that refuses to pay winnings and ensures that money is paid in the right way.

They Offer Fair Gaming: with eCogra casinos, they do more than guaranteeing players that they provide fair gaming. eCogra audits gaming systems to ensure things like RNGs are unbiased and legal and that every game offers neutral outcomes.

eCogra Casinos FAQ

📌  How Do You Know if a Casino is eCogra Certified?
All eCogra certified online casinos have the organization’s logo on their website. If you can’t find the logo at the top part of the website, try looking at the bottom.
At the bottom, you should see some logos and fine print. If the online casino is certified by eCogra, you will find a clickable eCogra logo among the rest.
📌  Is eCogra the Only Body Responsible for Online Casino Monitoring?
No. eCogra isn’t the only body responsible for online casino monitoring, but it’s the most recognized. If you’re a gambling expert or have been in the betting scene for a while, you’ve probably heard of eCogra. Other organizations that monitor online casinos are the GCB (Gaming Control Board) and the UK Gambling Commission.
📌  Does eCogra Operate on an International Basis?
Yes. eCogra is a reputable international organization that protects players all around the world. It works on a 24/7 basis and has a competent and well-trained customer service team that ensures you receive help fast no matter where in the world you may be.
📌  How Does eCogra Test the RNG and RTP?
eCogra evaluates Return To Player or RTP, and RNG, using live gaming data to certify, monitor, and analyze online gaming websites. It prefers live data since that’s when the information is most relevant. Upon receiving the feedback, they share it with players on a separate space after reviewing it thoroughly.
📌  Does eCogra Monitor Online Casinos Only?
eCogra doesn’t monitor online casinos alone. It goes a step further by checking operations of live casino operators, casino software providers like NetEnt and Microgaming, and specific affiliate programs. It makes all the information it gathers quickly available so whoever wants to gamble through the sites or platforms is fully aware of what they are getting themselves into.

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