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🚀 SlotsUp is a professional website, which has been in the iGaming niche since 2015, and its creators got to know the world of online casinos even earlier. We collect all useful information concerning online gambling on this site, but the weighty place is always taken by reviews of games and online casinos.

In this article, we’ll look at the whole process of reviewing and rating both games and casinos.

😎 Preparing for the Review Process

The SlotsUp team is starting its review process by assessing the legality of the casino or game (game provider). Next, the team collects all the game’s available and necessary detailed information. The third stage – is directly testing and writing the review. In writing the article, our team considers the criteria listed below.

Slots and Casinos Reviews

Evaluation criteria for online slots

The maximum score of the game is 100 points. This table shows what criteria we are evaluating and what component the criteria have in the overall evaluation:

Criteria Maximum points of a total 100
Payouts and RTP 30
Bonus Rounds 20
First 100 Spins 20
Original Design 20
Controls 10

Payouts and RTP – 30 points of 100

Every online slot has a public RTP. We make sure that the RTP value corresponds to the stated in the game. Also, the RTP value must be audited by one of the public companies on testing online games, such as eCOGRA. This is important so that providers don’t cheat players.

The other part notes that some jurisdictions impose restrictions and rules about multiple versions of the same game with different RTP values. We look to see if the provider meets those requirements.

Regarding payouts – any player cares what the payouts table in the game looks like, how many paylines it has and what the payout rules are, etc. We evaluate the slot game in terms of how much the player would potentially be interested in winning and the maximum winnings (as well as how volatile the game really is during our testing).

If all indicators correspond to the declared ones and maximum winnings are realistically achieved, and the game is volatile enough – the game gets the highest score in this criterion.

Bonus Rounds – 20 points of 100

We’ve figured out that the game is licensed and fair, and everything is super! The next point is how much fun the player will have to play this particular online slot. How many bonuses are there, and how exciting are they? Does the game have a bonus buy feature and other features? Are there different bonus symbols, and how realistic are they during the test? And other similar questions we test according to this criterion.

First 100 Spins – 20 points of 100

Our game reviewer runs in test mode 100 spins of the slot. Here the evaluation is slightly subjective, but it is crucial to catch the point – does the developer bait with frequent bonuses in demo mode. Whether the game is accurate and realistic, given that its engine is RNG. How often do we get rewards during the first 100 spins? What will the balance be in the plus or minus? But keep in mind that the test result is random, and you may not get a repeat.

Original Design – 20 points of 100

We think you will all agree that there are a million clones in the iGaming industry. The SlotsUp team really appreciates the original slot design. We’re tired of the endless “Book of something there…” Well, really!

This criterion is responsible for the music, the sound component, and the straightforward design of the game itself. The colors in the game, animation, character design, etc. It’s essential and the layout of the game and gameplay. What are we going to do, just spinning reels, or are we in for a thrilling adventure? Separately, we want to note that we appreciate branded games. Providers spend a lot of energy and resources dealing with media personalities or getting permissions to satisfy their players, and that’s cool.

Controls – 10 points of 100

Nowadays, everyone plays on a cell phone – this is the main criterion of an online slot. How is the game adapted for mobile? Are the buttons conveniently located? Are there both portrait and landscape screen layouts? If the provider hasn’t taken care of mobile users enough – wow, that’s too bad! Also, we look at what the slot’s control buttons are, what functionality is available, and much more – all about convenience.

Evaluation criteria for online casinos

The maximum score of the casino is 100 points. This table shows what criteria we are evaluating and what component the criteria have in the overall evaluation:

Criteria Maximum points of a total 100
Players Care 25
Reputation 20
Bonuses 15
Games 15
Payment Methods 15
Support 10

Players Care – 25 points of 100

First, we assess whether the casino has the tools to take care of gambling. For example, it can be an advanced program, like Casumo has, Play Safe. Or a more straightforward solution, but they have to be. And also, there should be a page about Responsible Gambling and a complete explanation and conditions for the bonus offers. And the presence of an active license, of course.

Reputation – 20 points of 100

According to the Reputation criterion, we investigate the actual reputation of the casino among players. If the casino has had fines, we look at whether the company has paid off these fines. Also, we pay attention to the nature of the penalties. How openly the casino plays its role in the treatment of its players. Whether a “Contact Us” section is available to contact the person in charge at the casino or leave a request.

Bonuses – 15 points of 100

The terms of the bonuses must be transparent and fair. If there is an option not to participate in the promotion – super. A wide range of extras is also taken into consideration. And an extended loyalty program would be another plus.

Games – 15 points of 100

Ideally, an online casino site should have all categories of online gambling. But this is not always the case. It is desirable to present accessible and convenient navigation through the games, additional functions such as “save to favorites” or “your last played games,” etc.

Payment Methods – 15 points of 100

As above, we assess the range of possible payment methods and withdrawal of winnings in online casinos. And also, how detailed the conditions and commissions, if any, are described on the site.

Support – 10 points of 100

Last but not least are the support options on the site. Ideally, it is both chat and mail, Skype and some messenger. Let’s see how quickly the support staff responds to our messages.

❗ Disclaimer has never participated and will never participate in paid reviews. It goes against our principle – honesty and openness. We believe that honesty is a fundamental principle not only online and internet, where we do not see each other, but also in real life. Therefore, our reviews are always accurate and truthful.

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