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    Roulette+ (FELT Gaming) Game Review

    Along with video slots, do not lose popularity and roulette, about rules which many users know firsthand. Therefore, it is not surprising that each provider tries to create software for the classic game. Roulette+ review will allow us to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the ambitious project, released in 2020.

    What is Roulette+ by FELT Gaming

    Probably anyone fond of gambling has heard of European and American roulette. To attract the attention of fans of both variations of the classic game, the provider has developed its software. They differ from each other by the fact that the American variation has two sectors, “zero”, and therefore the casino, in this case, gets more advantage to the player. If the player is not confident in his abilities, he can play Roulette+ for free in the demo version.

    What Type of Roulette is the Roulette+

    Globally speaking, this is a table game that belongs to the “roulette” type. It contains elements of both European and American variations of the roulette game, and therefore it is not surprising that it attracts the attention of the target audience.

    What are the release date and the software developer?

    The release of the software from the provider Felt was presented on August 13, 2020. Subsequently, there have been several updates that have made the game more interesting and progressive.

    Pros and Cons Roulette+?

    Like any gambling game, the presented software has its advantages and disadvantages:

    Pros Cons
    Roulette+ RTP for the European variation of the game is 97.3%. This figure indicates a high chance of the user getting the final profit. As in the classic American roulette, there is a high casino advantage. Consequently, betting on this type of game should be done more carefully.
    Lots of additional stakes. Because of the large number of bets, a newcomer to gambling can get confused.
    Intuitive user interface with a variety of functionalities, including a demo version. Felt software is not available in all online casinos.

    How to Play FELT Gaming Roulette+?

    A newcomer to the gambling platform wants to start spinning the wheel immediately and make a profit. However, he can get confused about what type of bet to choose and how the process works in general. Globally speaking, there is nothing difficult. It is only necessary to perform the following algorithm of actions:

    1. Choose an online casino where software from Felt is available. It should be noted that the projects of this group of developers are not very common.
    2. Then on the selected site register and make a deposit.
    3. Select the table games and choose this roulette.
    4. Using the user interface to choose the appropriate betting option. Immediately after this will start rotation of the wheel, which the player can watch.
    5. After the ball stops, the bet status will be automatically calculated.

    In general, there is nothing complicated, and therefore the customer online casinos should not have any problems.

    What are inside bets in the game?

    Game Roulette+ contains the following inside bets:

    • Straight bet;
    • Split bet;
    • Street bet;
    • Corner bet;
    • Line Bet;

    If you choose which variation of roulette to bet, then the preferred, in terms of odds, is the European.

    What are the outside bets on the game?

    The game contains the following options for outside bets:

    • Bet on Red or Black;
    • Bet on Even or Odd;
    • Bet on High or Low;
    • Dozen Bet;
    • Column Bet.

    These betting options attract attention due to their high probability. However, we should not forget that the odds are slightly lower than those of inside bets.

    What are the special features of the game?

    About Roulette+ not many gambling enthusiasts have heard. This is large because Felt provider is not available in all online casinos. However, the software developed by this group of developers is of very high quality, at least due to its unique features. To such features should be attributed the following:

    1. Double Ball Roulette. A unique opportunity to multiply the original bet by 1200 times. To do this, you need to select the appropriate option bets, and if both balls stop in the selected sector, the user will receive a fantastic profit.
    2. Hi/Lo Roulette. Here the player must choose a series of decreasing or increasing straight bets, and if they come, he will receive a multiplier of x1000.
    3. Straights and 8s. This type of extra bet is that the player has to choose a certain sector. His wager will be considered winning if the ball falls in the specified sector or the next four (two on each side). In addition, a roll of 8 is considered to be a winning bet.

    Roulette+ online offers casino customers excellent opportunities for stable profits. However, this requires the use of progressive strategies and control of the bank.

    FELT Gaming Roulette+ Game Layout and Table

    Perhaps the main feature of this online casino game is the variability in the options for betting because it combines elements of European and American roulette. If there are players who are nostalgic for land-based casinos and a special atmosphere, thanks to the realistic graphics, you can fully immerse yourself in it.

    What is the betting range?

    The provider has provided both familiar to roulette lovers and unique types for betting. As a result, the user can choose one of the outside bets and inside bets, as well as a racetrack or additional options.

    What are the payouts in the game?

    Roulette+ by Felt offers its customers both European and American versions of the game. It is worth recalling that they differ by the fact that American roulette additionally has a second zero. If we talk about the odds, they are as follows:

    • 1:1. Bet on Low/High, Bet on Odd/Even, Bet on Color;
    • 2:1. Dozen Bet, Column Bet;
    • 5:1. Line Bet;
    •  6:1. Five Bet;
    • 8:1. Corner Bet;
    • 11:1. Street Bet;
    • 17:1. Split Bet;
    • 35:1. Straight Up Bet.

    The payout table is identical for both versions of roulette, but still, in the European version, the player has a slightly higher chance of the final profit. This should not be forgotten.

    What are the controls in the game?

    Best Roulette+ offers users all types of classic bets for the European variation of the game. The user can perform any action using the keys available in front of him on the screen.

    Is it possible to play the game on mobile?

    The user will be able to place bets at any time using a smartphone or tablet. This is possible because the provider has adopted the software for mobile devices.

    mobile slot

    Roulette+ (FELT Gaming) Mobile Slot - ✅ Available on all mobile devices: iPhone / iPad / Android phone & tablet

    Roulette+ (FELT Gaming) RTP - The Return to Player for this Roulette is 97.3%

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