Deuces Wild Poker in Online Casinos

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You cannot make a list of video poker casinos games without mentioning Deuces Wild video poker. We do not set rules; the occasional and regular gamblers worldwide do.

As a variation of video poker games, Deuces Wild stands out for many reasons, but its ability to replace any card certainly tops the cake. As you can see, this is where it differs from other video poker games like Jacks or Better and Double Bonus. When you opt for this game, whether in a land-based casino or online, you should know that you will pick your cards from a standard 52-deck and decide which cards to hold.

In terms of design, Deuces Wild has a simple yet familiar architecture that will make you feel right at home. It also has diverse strategic elements that put the power to win or lose right in your hands. Additionally, Deuces Wild video poker includes pay tables. These paytables regulate the game and convey vital pieces of information to players. They will tell you the acceptable strategies you can use regarding discards and holds and the types of payouts to expect.

If you understand video poker basics and what wild cards bring to the game and use a legitimate online casino, you can profit from the competition.

Top Casinos Offering Deuces Wild Poker in 2023

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Everything You Need to Know About Deuces Wild Poker

This article will take a closer look at Deuces Wild poker. We will discuss the elements that have made this game a punter’s favorite for many years —from detailed instructions on how to play Deuces Wild to effective strategies you can implement to increase your chances of getting winning hands. We will also provide all the information needed to help you have fun and, hopefully, win real money as you play this game.

What Exactly Is Deuces Wild?

Deuces Wild is a popular video poker variant that uses a standard deck of 52 cards. It is offered by licensed casinos and played via the internet. In this game, twos or deuces are wild and can be used to substitute any card on the deck to form a winning hand. You may be thinking that this unique structure will make it easy for anyone, irrespective of their experience level, to win the game, and while it makes sense, it is not the case. Deuces Wild card game has tighter pay tables than other video poker games.

In a typical video poker game, players have no control over which cards they get and can only hope that luck is on their side. This makes the concept of wild cards in Deuces Wild so interesting. The designated four twos can be turned into a straight flush or whatever seems lucrative to you.

You should only keep in mind that you lose control over what the other cards become after drawing the first round. The machine automates the game, creating the best possible winning hand. This is why you need to employ strategic moves when playing deuces wild.

How to Play Deuces Wild Casino Poker

Whether you are a curious beginner or an occasional player looking to refresh your memory on how to play deuces wild video poker, this segment is for you. The best part of learning how to play this game is that you can play for free at top online casinos until you are confident enough to dive into the deep end.

The game’s basic grasp is that, in the beginning, players place a bet and are dealt five cards. They can choose to hold all five cards or discard them all for better hands to increase their chances of winning. Here is an excellent guide on how to get started with Deuces Wild Poker.

Create an online gambling account at a licensed casino. Verify your details and deposit funds into your account to play. Next, navigate to the video poker page and select your preferred Deuces Wild game. Before you start playing, check the RTP to ensure fair gameplay.

You want to place your bet, click the deal button, and wait to receive five cards from a standard 52 deck. Click up to five cards to find the winning hand to hold or discard. Once done, click the deal button again.

If you win, save your winnings by clicking the coin-in-band icon at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, you can choose to gamble your winnings in a double or nothing game.

Deuces Wild Rules

The most important rule of Deuces Wild is fair gameplay. This is why, after each round, the cards are re-shuffled to prevent card counting. The rest of the rules are straightforward and relate to the steps of playing the game, as discussed above.

The rules indicate that players must deposit funds to access the game. They must also click or press the deal button to receive five cards. Players should decide whether to hold or discard their cards. Once the choice is made, they can push or click the deal for the second time and find out if they have won or not.

Regarding poker rankings of paid poker deuces wild hands, here are a few rules to note.

  • The highest-paid hand is the Royal Flush, and the lowest is the Three of a Kind.
  • Straight Flush consists of five cards in a succession of the same suit.
  • Four Deuces are the second highest paying hand, and they consist of four twos.
  • Full House is when there are two cards of different values and three cards of similar values.
  • Five of a Kind consists of a hand containing five cards of the same value. In most cases, four cards plus one.
  • Straight consists of five cards in succession from different suits.
  • Four of a Kind contains four cards that have the same value.

Deuces Wild Poker Strategies

Your Deuces Wild strategy heavily depends on the number of deuces you get and how well you use them as wild cards to win the game. This section will explore a few strategies to increase your chances of winning.

These strategies revolve around the following cards in deuces wild poker hands:

  • One Deuce: If you only have one deuce and no other cards to create a winning hand, keep the card, discard the rest, and draw four more cards.
  • Two deuces: If you do not have the following combinations, hold your two deuces and draw three new cards: five of a kind, a wild royal flush, a straight flush, a four of a kind, four cards to a straight flush, and four cards to a total flush.
  • Three Deuces: If you get a five of a kind of a wild royal flush, keep them. Similarly, if you have a pair, the three deuces will act as a wild card to create a five of a kind.
  • Four deuces: Substitute the card that is not a deuce.

Deuces Wild Poker Online FAQ

Here, we will answer a few of your frequently asked questions about Deuces Wild.

What is the Main Goal in Deuces Wild Poker?

Like video poker, the main goal of Deuces Wild is to get the best possible poker hand. But unlike other video poker games, all the deuces act as a wild card. It is highly preferred by punters around the world because it favors them. Even new players have a shot at winning a game of Deuces Wild in the long run, especially when they apply other additional skills and implement strategies that can increase their chances of getting the best poker hand.

What is the Best Strategy for Deuces Wild?

There are many, but some include the following tips. Hold any four cards to a Straight Flush; hold any three cards to the Royal Flush; always hold a four-card flush, and never discard deuces. When you are dealt with five cards that do not have any pair, deuce, or another paying hand, discard them. Although unlikely, if you are dealt a hand with three deuces, hold all five cards or opt for a Royal Flush or Five of a Kind.

What are the Odds in Deuces Wild?

Every online casino is different, but the payouts are as follows on the Deuces Wild bet in most cases.

  • A player with a 2/10 on the first two cards receives 10 to 1.
  • A player with 2/7 on the first two cards receives 7 to 1.
  • A payment with a 2/4 on the first two cards receives 4 to 1.

Before you deposit funds into your account, check the odds the casino offers. You can also test it out with a free Deuces wild game.

How Old One Should Be to Play Deuces Wild?

The legal age for gambling differs from country to country. This is because licensing authorities regulate online gambling and control every aspect of the casinos’ operation. For some countries, it is 18 years or older. For others, it is 21 years older. Before you create an account at a gambling site, make sure to check the age restriction.

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