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    Andrej Trajkovski

    Andrej Trajkovski

    Andrej Trajkovski is a specialist in online gambling content, hailing from the vibrant capital city of Macedonia. His journey in iGaming is a testament to his unique blend of legal knowledge and expertise, underpinned by a solid educational foundation from the Faculty of Law in his hometown. Interestingly, Andrej ventured into the heart of the gambling industry itself before embarking on his successful career as a freelance writer in 2013. He worked for a small but impactful company renting physical slot machines to renowned brick-and-mortar casinos in Macedonia. This hands-on experience provided him with an intimate understanding of the industry, from the mechanics of slot machines to the dynamics of traditional casinos. One of the aspects that Andrej finds particularly appealing about his career is the ability to work from the comfort of his own home. The relaxing atmosphere has allowed him to craft dozens of slot reviews, casino critiques, blog posts related to the gambling industry, and other content. His deep-rooted knowledge of the subject matter is evident in the quality and depth of his work. Beyond his professional endeavours, Andrej has diverse interests that bring joy and relaxation to his life. He's an enthusiastic participant in the captivating world of video games, where he explores virtual realms and engages in epic adventures. Additionally, he finds solace in the pages of compelling books, allowing his imagination to roam freely. Keeping up with the latest TV series and movies is another passion, with each story adding to his creative reservoir. As a casual player, Andrej enjoys indulging in online casino games during his leisure hours. This firsthand experience enhances his understanding of the iGaming industry and enriches his ability to provide insightful and relatable content to his readers.
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