Gambling Horoscope 2022

Article by : Olha Lammer Jan 31, 2022

A gambling horoscope is a special prognosis, which is made on the basis of celestial bodies’ effect. Like a well-known horoscope, a gambling horoscope is able to warn you about the influence of heavenly bodies on the fate of a gambler. Thanks to such a ‘forecast’, players can choose the luckiest days and the best games to win a generous prize.

Gambling Luck Astrology for 2022 for All Signs

Every sign has strong and weak spots, which in their turn depend on the celestial bodies’ arrangement. With the professional forecast, which is formed based on deep analysis, players have all chances to become richer and avoid failures.

Remember that a gambling horoscope is helpful for those who believe in astrology. For every sign, a definite period of time a person was born is considered. Thus, all the character traits and peculiarities of a personality are considered to create a reliable and trustworthy prognosis.

The following signs are presented in our gambling horoscope:

The gambling luck astrology for each sign considers character and behavior typical to a definite zodiac.

Aries Gambling Luck Today (March 21 – April 19)


This symbol’s representatives are known for their competitiveness and persistence. Playing games with opponents is the best chance to use the most of the potential. Many card games suit the description. And don’t be afraid of high bets! The other option to use the strengths is to play jackpot games.

Lucky daysToday lucky numbersLucky gamesLucky colors for 2022Positive periods to take risks
Tuesday9 (as well as any multiplies, for instance, 18/27/36),
it’s connected with the ruling planet – Mars
Jackpot slots
Red and all its huesFrom March to August,
From October to the beginning of December

Being a Fire symbol, Aries is very impatient, especially towards losses. It’s recommended to be more self-restrained and move to your goal. Thus, the chances of winning will significantly increase.

Taurus Gambling Luck for 2022 (April 20 – May 20)


Compared to Aries, this zodiac is a kind of the opposite. The sign’s strength is patience, which can help the representatives win a considerable amount of money in the long run. Being calm and insistent, people of the sign can always achieve what they want.

Taurus lucky days to gambleLucky numbersLucky gamesLucky colorsPositive periods to take risks
Friday (feel free to finish a long working day playing your favorite games and making bets, which can lead to success)6 (it’s connected with the ruling planet – Venus), 15, 24, and 33Blackjack,
Sports betting
Pink and blueFrom January to the beginning of June

It’s better to avoid any games of chance (for example, roulette). The zodiac representatives are good at strategies, so they can succeed in such casino games with a greater probability.

Gemini Gambling Luck Today (May 21 – June 20)


Mental agility and intuition are the key strengths of the sign’s representatives. With such abilities, players can choose almost any type of game and succeed thanks to the opportunity to notice everything and everyone around. Besides, Gemini knows that any game is fun first of all. Thus, they are easy-going and sweet-tempered, which adds to their natural luck. Social and interactive games are also another thing Gemini is good at. That’s why gamblers should think about live dealer games of diverse types.

Lucky daysLucky numbers for 2022Lucky games2022 lucky colorsPositive periods to take risks
Wednesday5 (the number is connected to Mercury – the main planet of the symbol), 14, 23, and 32Lotteries,
roulettes, and any games of chance,
live dealer options
From January to the start of November

Gambling Luck for Cancer for 2022 (June 21 – July 22)


This sign likes social life and interaction with other people. Cancer representatives have very good intuition. However, they are known for self-doubting. Having wonderful imagination, Cancers are comfortable with any level of success. However, if it comes further, it can go in a negative way, resulting in excessive nervousness.

Lucky daysLucky numbersLucky gamesLucky colorsPositive periods to take risks
Monday and Thursday2 (this is a number of the Moon – the ruling celestial body), 11, 20, and 29Bingo is a perfect choice for the signWhite,
From April to August,
from the end of September to December

Lotteries and roulettes are also an option for the representatives of the sign. However, it’s required to be careful and control yourself. Follow your gut instinct when making a decision because it’s never wrong.

Leo Gambling Luck for 2022 (July 23 – August 22)


The representatives of this sign are confident enough. Such a trait of character helps them a lot when it concerns cooperation with people. The latest reach for Leos due to their natural dignity and charisma. Besides, with their qualities, such people are able to disarm any opponent easily.

Lucky daysLucky numbersLucky gamesLucky colorsPositive periods to take risks
Sunday1 is the most important number (it’s linked to the Sun – the ruling star). The other numbers are 10, 19, and 28Lotteries and diverse casino games (except for pokies)As Sun representatives, they have gold and yellow as lucky colorsThe beginning of September will be a prosperous time, as well as a period from the end of October to November

Along with the described lucky periods, it’s also advisable to try your luck in July (especially during your birthday).

Virgo Gambling Luck Today (August 23 – September 22)


This sign is very rational and pragmatic. Such qualities allow them to calculate strategies perfectly. That’s why there’s no need to rely on chance. In 2022, it’s much better to choose games where the strategies can be applied. In addition, the zodiac representatives are self-resistant, allowing them to win more with time. At the same time, every Virgo gets used to always winning. They are perfectionists, but there’s nothing perfect in this world. Thus, it’s hard for them to accept this fact. In addition, you are not ready to face a challenge if it’s impossible to control the result.

Virgo lucky days to gambleLucky numbersLucky gamesLucky colorsPositive periods to take risks
Wednesday and Saturday5 (the ruling planet’s Mercury number), 12, 14, and 32Blackjack and other games, where a well-thought strategy can be usedOlive and whiteFrom September to December

Gambling Luck for Libra (September 23 – October 22)


The representatives of the sign have chances to succeed in many games. It’s due to their special calm and passive nature which makes many opponents underestimate them. The truth is Libra people are very charming and lucky. They often can’t understand how they managed to win.

The sign is very dependent on other people. They pay attention to the opponents more than to the game itself. For them, it’s important to learn to rely on other people and find a compromise to succeed in 2022. Thus, try to get rid of indecisiveness.

Libra lucky days to gambleLucky numbersLucky gamesLucky colorsPositive periods to take risks
Friday and Thursday6 (the number of Venus – the ruling planet), other numbers ending with 6 can also be positivePokies and dice; it’s also possible to succeed in roulettes and lotteriesBlue and sapphireFrom February to April (the beginning of the year)

Scorpio Gambling Luck Today (October 23 – November 21)


This sign is confident and smart. Such people keep analyzing people around and know how to make the right decision during the game. They are ready to take risks but only in the case when it’s justified. Scorpios are able to use every opportunity the fortune gives them, and it’s their biggest benefit on the way to well-being.

Of course, there’re negative traits that can prevent you from becoming the richest. Scorpios are so-called paranoiacs. They are the wariest sign of the horoscope. It’s also difficult for them to trust. Such features distract such people from the pain aim – to win. To succeed in 2022, it’s better to let things go.

Scorpio lucky days to gambleLucky numbersLucky gamesLucky colorsPositive periods to take risks
Tuesday1, 4, and their combinations. Don’t forget about  9 – the number of Mars, which is a ruling planet.Poker and rouletteBlack and purpleFrom the end of April to August

Sagittarius Gambling Luck for 2022 (November 22 – December 21)


The representatives of this Zodiac sign like winning and have all chances to succeed. They are also enthusiasts who are attracted by nice graphics and interesting game mechanics. The secret of the sign’s luck is an inner sense of fate. Besides, Sagittarius people know that mistakes are integral to any game.

The people of this sign also love to tempt fate, which can end up badly. Double or Nothing always agrees to risk if there’s a choice. The most important tip for the sign is not to go extreme every time. It can save you lots of money.

Lucky daysLucky numbersLucky gamesLucky colorsPositive periods to take risks
Thursday3 (the number of Jupiter – the ruling planet), 9, 12, and other numbers divisible by 3Bingo and pokies (with small bets)Green and dark blueFrom March to August, from the end of October to November

Capricorn Gambling Luck Today (December 22 – January 19)


The sign has a strong desire to succeed, but such people are still very shy. The representatives are known for diligence, allowing them to win many gambling games. They are not interested in short-time bets. With their inner knowledge of when to make a move, Capricorns can really become rich in 2022.

At the same time, the representatives of this Zodiac sign are rigid. They are very negative towards those who win thanks to pure luck. The chances to win might become greater if Capricorns learn that life isn’t rational and let some experiment come in.

Capricorn lucky days to gambleLucky numbersLucky gamesLucky colorsPositive periods to take risks
Wednesday and Saturday8 (the number of the ruling planet, Saturn) and 6Lotteries, pokies, and sports bettingDeep blueFrom February to the start of April, from October to December

Aquarius Gambling Luck for 2022 (January 20 – February 18)


The representatives of this Air sign are known for their inconsistency and hate to routine. They keep looking for something new, interesting, and creative. Aquarius people also have impressive intuition. The most important task is to learn how to take advantage of it. In this case, you have chances to win in a major part of online casino games.

Such people have a tendency to give up something halfway. It’s recommended to learn not to do this. Another thing to consider is the issue of attention. Aquarius people are very interested in other people and their inner world, so they can lose concentration on something more important (for instance, the game).

Lucky daysLucky numbersLucky gamesLucky colorsPositive periods to take risks
Saturday3, 4 (the numbers of Uranus), 7, and 9Poker, blackjack, baccaratAll shades of blue and magentaFrom January to the beginning of May, from the end of October to December

Pisces Gambling Luck for 2022 (February 19 – March 20)


They are decisive and persistent. Thanks to their fantastic analytical abilities, the representatives of this Zodiac sign can make amazing strategies. Thus, Pisces can be very good at various card games. In 2022, it’s recommended not to be afraid of taking risks (and gambling is not an exception). You can hope for a sudden cash profit, which might easily be a jackpot. Being gifted with vision, these people can ‘feel’ the profit. However, it’s important not to go too far in your dreams.

Lucky daysLucky numbersLucky gamesLucky colorsPositive periods to take risks
Thursdays and Saturday7 (the number of Neptune) and 9PokiesGreen and tortoiseFrom January to the beginning of March, from April to the start of August

Astrology-Themed Free Slots

There’re pokies with diverse themes. For those who believe in fate and the influence of celestial bodies, as well as people who want to try their luck in gambling astrology, there’s a special category of slot machines devoted to the subject. Such games contain the corresponding elements and possess many impressive features, which can usually increase the total prize. Consider a few pokies, which you can find on SlotsUP to enjoy in 2022:

Slot nameSlot logoShort overview of the game
Zodiac WheelZODIAC WHEEL ONLINE SLOT GAMEThe 5-reel pokie with 5 lines is created by EGT Interactive. It has many nice elements connected with an astrological theme and wonderful animated effects. The game possesses many special signs, which increase the chances of winning, and offers an opportunity to win a considerable jackpot. The RTP of the pokie is 96.45%.
Ring of ZodiacRING OF ZODIAC SLOT GAMEThis 5-reel pokie is developed by Simbat. The game offers 5 reels with thematic elements, which represent various Zodiac signs. The slot offers interesting gameplay with special symbols and beneficial bonus rounds. Gamblers will like a very high RTP, which reaches 98%.
Astro MagicASTRO MAGIC ONLINE SLOTThe pokie is developed by iSoftBet. The video slot offers 5 reels and 9 lines to collect winning combos. The game is diverse with beautiful thematic symbols, additional rounds, free spins, Wild, Scatters, and multipliers. The RTP is also good and reaches 96.49%.
Lucky StarsLUCKY STARS ONLINE SLOTIf you like something funny, have a look at this cartoonish slot with an astrological theme. Classic signs in an interesting interpretation will make you smile and allow winning, thanks to the RTP of 96.26%. The game is created by 1X2Gaming and offers special elements, multipliers, and amazing bonus rounds.

Take constant breaks from bets!

2022 is a good time to start new long-term friendships.

Luckiest Casinos to Play in 2022

Take your chance at one of the gaming venues if you feel confident enough. Of course, it’s better to consider the favorable periods for risks, which we described for each Zodiac sign above. And if it’s the right time, then select one of the reliable gaming establishments on the Internet, which we consider the luckiest:

Ruby Fortune Online Casino

The platform was launched in 2003 and has a license from Malta. RUBY FORTUNE CASINOIt offers a wide collection of diverse games, including live casino options. Every Zodiac sign will find a perfect game there to test gambling luck in 2022. The portal offers a pleasant VIP program. The casino is supported on all modern devices.

Lucky Red Casino

It’s a new gaming house, promising a huge probability of luck. LUCKY RED CASINOIt’s officially certified by Curacao. The collection of games is impressive – there’re pokies (including progressive jackpot games), card, and table games. The interface is nice and understandable. The players can increase their chances to win with the wonderful welcome bounties.

Casino Universe

The portal has an MGA license, which proves its reliability. CASINO UNIVERSE ONLINEThere’re several currencies, different varieties of games (including jackpot and live), and many attractive bonus offers. At this casino, every Zodiac sign will definitely succeed.

Zodiac Online Casino

The name of the gaming club speaks for itself. ZODIAC CASINO ONLINEHere, the representatives of all constellations can test over 500 games and try to win the jackpot with a generous free bonus.

WinFest Casino Online

The gaming club is licensed by Malta.WINFEST ONLINE CASINO It offers a great diversity of casino games, among which there’re pokies (video, Megaways, and jackpot), table, and card games. The provided bounties are truly generous and allow increasing the amount of winning. In addition, players can become members of the VIP program and enjoy privileges.

Gambling Horoscope FAQs

What are gambling horoscopes?

They represent gambling luck astrology, describing each sign’s strengths and weaknesses to let players understand what to work on. Besides, horoscopes also give tips on favorable periods, days, colors, games, and even the best time of day to gamble to increase chances for success.

How are gambling horoscopes made?

The gambling horoscope is composed based on the traits of every Zodiac sign, as well as the influence of celestial bodies on a definite sign in a certain period.

What day is good for gambling?

Such days are individually selected for each sign and depend on it. More information can be found in the article for each zodiac sign.

What sign is most likely to gamble?

Virgo, Gemini, and Pisces should definitely gamble in 2022 because they have a high chances to win.

How can I get lucky in gambling?

Many people ask, ‘is today my lucky day to gamble?’ Well, read the horoscope attentively and take advantage of useful information, such as lucky numbers, days, and colors. They will increase your chances.

Which planet is responsible for money in astrology?

There are 2 planets connected with wealth – Venus and Jupiter. But the welfare of a person depends on the definite Zodiac sign, luck, and a certain time period.

Do gambling horoscope predictions work?

Such horoscopes can give useful tips and increase the chances to play in casinos and win. Use the information wisely and always control yourself because gambling is always a risk.

What Zodiac sign is the luckiest in gambling?

Sagittarius is probably the luckiest Zodiac sign in 2022.

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