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How To Win At Blackjack

How to Win at Blackjack

Article by : Max Bet Jun 20, 2022

Many novice gamblers are skeptical about the possibility of making a real profit from gambling bets. However, they still try to find an answer to the question: “how to win in blackjack”? Unfortunately, no option would guarantee players a hundred percent profit. However, if you follow the tips listed below, the probability of success at a distance increases many times over:

  1. It is worth all the time to train your skills. Of course, you can’t do it in a land-based gambling establishment, but you can consider online casinos as an alternative option. Most major companies offer their customers a demo mode of all the software available on the site, including blackjack games. Users only have to launch this option and start betting with virtual money, thereby practicing various strategies.  The only difference from playing for real money is that the player will not be able to withdraw profits. In this case, all the algorithms are identical to the full version.
  2. Use different gambling strategies. The gambling industry has continued to evolve for several hundred years. During this time, many betting techniques have been created, and most are suitable for blackjack betting. If used correctly, you can significantly reduce the risk of losing money completely.
  3. Control your bank. Many players prone to emotions can lose a large amount in a few bets. Gambling will not be the best solution if you have such problems. It is desirable to allocate an adequate amount to the casino, which can later be broken down into bets by 5% of the bank.
  4. Control the level of excitement. Here we are talking about the skill of finishing the game at the right time. For example, if a casino client has a series of successful bets, it is desirable to stop and leave with a profit.

Over time, the player can explain to other gamblers how to win blackjack. If he manages his money and time correctly, he will be able to enjoy the process itself.

Top strategies for winning at blackjack

Almost every player wants to become a “winner of blackjack.” However, achieving real success is extremely difficult without the use of various blackjack gambling strategies. If we talk about the strategies that should be used when playing this card game, it is primarily:

  1. Basic strategy. It was developed directly for blackjack and presented in the form of a table. After learning to analyze it, the player can choose the most profitable option at any layout, receiving two cards and an available card from the dealer. As practice shows, this methodology is considered the most profitable for players, so regularly betting on blackjack should not be ignored.
  2. Martingale strategy. The most famous and popular gambling tactic to date. It first began to be used in the 19th century in the first American gambling establishments. Its essence is that the client casino must exceed the bet twice after each failure. Thus, he will get the minimum profit after the first win. Immediately after that, it is important to return to the original amount. Recently, this option is not considered optimal because most casinos have set maximum limits. Thus, even if a player has a large pot, after 8-9 failures in a row, he will lose all his money.
  3. Fixed Rate. Practice shows that this is the most advanced and optimal option for those most important gamblers to save their bank. Its essence is that the player should make bets on no more than 3-5% of the bank. Consequently, if he gets into a series of unsuccessful bets, he will still have a good percentage to continue the game.
  4. Fibonacci Strategy. This methodology is based on a popular mathematical theory. Its essence is that there is a certain series of numbers, where the next number should equal the sum of the previous two. Thus, the casino customer will be able to gradually raise the betting amount to have a minimum profit at the output. In fact, this row looks as follows: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144. That is, for ten bets, the betting amount can increase 144 times, which is why the player should have a large bank if he plans to play on this theory.
  5. Va-bank. The most illogical strategy that can be applied to blackjack. It is best suited for risky users. Its essence is that the player should choose one of the outcomes and bet all the money he has. If the bet goes through, he will make a substantial profit, but if not, he will lose everything. At a distance, such players lose everything.

Of course, these are not all the strategies for this card game. In addition, it is worth seriously considering tips for winning at blackjack published on reputable and specialized resources. A responsible approach to the gambling process increases the player’s chances.

Top 10 ways to win at blackjack

Under what circumstances will a player be able to beat the casino with a high degree of probability of getting the coveted profit? For example, it is worth considering the following options:

    1. Do not spend much time at the blackjack table. At a distance, more often than not, the player loses control and may make rash actions. For example, in case of unsuccessful bets, he can bet all-in.
    2. Being able to count cards. Certainly, this skill does not guarantee profit to the client of the casino, but he will be able to analyze more precisely the percent of reception of this or that card.
    3. Not to get hung up on failure every time, even if the situation seems to be a win-win. Many experienced players do not recommend this because it is a loss of 50% of the bet.
    4. Control your bank. It is desirable to find for yourself an optimal range for the size of the bet. After all, the minimum size will not allow one to get a good profit at a distance, and the maximum may deprive the gambler of the whole bank for a few actions.


  1. Win blackjack will not be able for a player addicted to gambling. Such a person must learn to control their emotions and limit themselves to betting only in the demo mode.
  2. Blackjack bets should be combined with other popular games such as baccarat and roulette. These games have a lot in common; therefore, the casino client can avoid getting hung up on the same bets, which will allow him to concentrate on the process itself.
  3. Use different gambling strategies. This is the basis for players who wish to gamble professionally.
  4. Practice their skills in a demo mode online casino. Thus, the player has the opportunity to study the strategies in practice, thereby obtaining more options for betting.
  5. Study specialized literature. Do not forget that gambling is a whole industry; therefore, many books are devoted to the correct interaction process between the casino and the player.
  6. If the casino offers customers several options for blackjack, it is worth choosing the one that best suits the player’s bank.

In general, doing things like this will make the player more responsible. He will be able to pay attention to details he did not notice before.

Betting patterns in blackjack

When it comes to using different blackjack betting patterns, as mentioned above, the basic strategy is the best option. Its essence lies in the fact that in 1962, Edward Thorpe created a table where he described the most profitable actions of a player in any situation at the gaming table. All of the data in this table comes from statistical analysis. For example, where the author advises players to “surrender,” statistics show that the continuation of the game will lead to a high probability of losing.  Therefore, if a player asks the question “how to beat blackjack?” the basic strategy will be the best solution. The table with the given betting options will be most suitable for beginners who have not yet developed their behavior model. For example, it already considers the dealer’s probability of receiving a blackjack combination after the first card. If it will be an Ace, then the chance is 30.8%. In turn, if the first card was “10” or any image, then the probability of getting the best combination for the dealer is 7.7%.

When to surrender in blackjack

One of the critical components of a player’s success is the ability to make the most correct decisions in urgent situations. One of these is when the dealer will give the player two cards and receive them himself. If the gambler sees that the problem seems to be losing, the most correct decision for him is to “surrender.” This option allows you to get back 50% of the bet before the end of the round. The second 50% is transferred directly to the gambling establishment. Of course, there is no point in surrendering every hand because it guarantees the loss of half of the pot. As a rule, understanding cases when it is necessary to perform this action comes to the player with time. Consequently, to use this function productively, it is essential to learn to count cards and probabilities of this or that situation. After all, the player knows some cards, so he can calculate the chance and the number of remaining cards.

Blackjack mistakes

Of course, even the most seemingly reliable and proven blackjack tips to win can lead to unsuccessful results. Unfortunately, more and more players recently believe that they are professional gamblers and therefore are trying in every possible way to convey their vision of the ideal strategy to the target audience. What advice should not be listened to and, best of all, ignored? The following list can be cited:

  1. Split 10 at every opportunity. The “split” feature looks pretty tempting if a player has two tens after being dealt two cards. After all, such cards seem to be a surefire option to win. Especially if the dealer’s open card doesn’t look convincing. As practice shows, it is better to leave 20 points because, in this case, the presenter can beat the customer casino only if he gets 21. Of course, such a situation is unlikely. For example, if the dealer’s hole card is 6, and the player decides to split the received “10”, he will lose an average of up to half of the set funds.
  2. Unconsidered insurance. The rules of blackjack allow the player to ensure his bet by half the amount of the dealer’s open card is an “A.” This seems like an ideal option, as the chances of losing completely are quite high. However, as practice shows, insurance can lead to the casino customer losing about 8 USD for every 100 USD bet. Consequently, the feeling of safety the player has, in this case, does not always correspond to reality. It is desirable to use this option only if the player has learned to understand the nuances and calculate them in a short time.
  3. Betting va-bank. The most senseless variant, which, unfortunately, is often used by beginners just starting their way in gambling. Yes, a winning bet on this outcome is guaranteed to bring the client a good profit, but in case of failure, he will lose everything. Perhaps the situation here is the same as with insurance. Players believe in the potential success, ignoring the possible risks that would bring a significant loss.

The more mistakes a player makes, the less likely he is to make a profit at a distance. Consequently, the process must be approached responsibly, considering the nuances.

How to Play and Win in Online Blackjack

Blackjack is kind of a game of chance — your chances of winning depend on what cards you are dealt, and they are dealt in a random way. Nevertheless, you still need to know how to play blackjack online for real money, as some tricks and strategies can increase your chances of winning. When you learn the basic rules and gaming tips, you can play the best blackjack online for money, getting fun and winnings simultaneously — a perfect combination for a splendid gambling experience.

Online Blackjack Basic Rules

Online blackjack for money is one of the world’s most popular real money gambling games that can be found in literally every casino, and there is a simple reason for it — blackjack rules are straightforward to remember. The game is fun to play which makes it a perfect option both for the newbies and the experienced gamesters. And there is hardly anything that has more casino vibe than the dealer shuffling the deck of cards and loudly saying “blackjack” when you get 21 points. There are several essential things that you need to know to play real money blackjack online successfully.

  • How the cards are dealt: Both a dealer and a player get two cards, and one of the dealer’s cards is turned face down. In some blackjack variations, a dealer can peek at that card at the beginning of the game, while in some, he can not.
  • Card values: Every card has its face value, cards with pictures value 10 points, and Ace value is either 11 or 1.
  • Goal: The main goal while playing blackjack online casino real money is to get as close to 21 points as possible but not to exceed this number.
  • Terms: To understand what’s going on on the table, you must also know the basic blackjack terms.
Blackjack A winning combination is the main goal of the game. You have “blackjack” when the value of your hand is 21.
Card counting The thing you can’t legally do in the brick-and-mortar casino and can’t do in an online one due to a random number generator, but it’s still a fun skill to have. Counting cards means remembering the cards played to increase your chances of winning.
Double down An action when you double your bet and get one more card out of the deck.
Early surrender An option available in some blackjack variations. You can surrender before a dealer checks for blackjack.
Hit To hit in this case means to take one more card.
Hole card A dealer’s card that is turned face down.
Insurance The bet that can help you lose less. It’s a side bet which amounts to half of your initial bet that wins double if a dealer gets 21.
Natural A perfect bet of two cards amounting to 21.
Stand To stand means to take no more cards and hope that a dealer gets fewer points than you do.
Split If you have two cards of the same value in your initial hand, you can split it into two hands and make a second bet.

The Most Useful Tips for Playing Online Blackjack for Real Money

Learning the basic rules will help you increase your chances to win, but you can make them even higher if you read these 10 simple tricks and start to play real money blackjack like a professional gambler.

  1. Always set your limits. Blackjack online games for real money are entertaining to play, and you can easily lose track of time and drop more than you were ready to. So always think about the maximum limit you are ready to lose if luck is not on your side and don’t exceed it.
  2. Don’t forget about the online casino bonuses. Playing blackjack online real money gives you a significant advantage compared to the blackjack tables in regular casinos — you can make use of bonuses and thus play more games for free and win more.
  3. Try blackjack games for fun before you play blackjack for money online. It will help you learn the basic rules and strategies faster than just reading about them and thus increase your chances of getting a winning hand. Free games are available on SlotsUp and in most online casinos.
  4. Split Aces and tens. Blackjack for real money allows you to split your hand into two different hands if you get two cards of the same value. Splitting Aces and tens increase your chances of winning, while splitting two picture cards makes them lower on the contrary.
  5. Skip the insurance. The insurance bet is basically the bet on the dealer getting 21. It may sound like a nice way to win more money, but in the long run, it’s instead the losing bet than the winning one, so we recommend not making it at all.
  6. Learn how to double down. Doubling down the bet will respectively double your winnings. We recommend always doubling down when you get 11 in a hand when you get 10, and the dealer has 4, 5, or 6 when you have 9, and a dealer has 5 or 6.
  7. Learn what the hard hand is. The detailed blackjack rules include different ways of playing hard and soft hands. The intricate hand is where there is no Ace, and you can win by drawing it in the next round.
  8. Learn what the soft hand is. On the contrary, a soft hand is a hand that has an Ace in it. With a soft hand, you have more chances to win, so it’s always better when you get a soft one rather than a hard one.
  9. Know when to hit and when to stand. Never hit with a soft 19 or a hard hand of 17 and higher. Always hit if you have a soft 17 or less, a soft 18 while a dealer has 6 or less when you have between 12 and 16 points, and a dealer has 7 or more.
  10. Have fun! Playing blackjack can bring you real money winnings, but the main point is having fun and learning the new game. So be responsible and remember that gambling is not a way of earning money but a way of entertaining yourself.


How to win big at blackjack

Naturally, most novice gamblers try to familiarize themselves with tips for winning at blackjack. Each casino client wants the maximum profit, but not everyone knows how to do it. For big winnings, you also need to bet big. For example, you can focus on a single bet with an amount close to the va-bank. If it plays, it is worth stopping and completing the playing session. However, this method has huge risks. After all, in case of failure, the gambler loses absolutely everything.

How to win blackjack at a casino

How to beat a casino? This question is asked by an overwhelming number of gamblers who are into gambling betting. There is no way to guarantee a player’s profit. That said, a player should not forget that he needs to control his bank and emotions first and foremost. If you bet all the money, the first round of the game would lead to a casino customer who would be out of money. The same should be said about emotions. Many players lost serious money when they began to lose faith in their abilities and started betting this way. As practice shows, such actions do not lead to the result.

How to beat the house in blackjack

The main task of any player is the final victory over the casino. Is it realistic to implement such a plan in practice? Don’t forget about such a thing as home advantage. This is the profit that the casino makes, on average, from every 100 USD bets made by customers. Based on this, one would think that blackjack tips to win would make no sense because everyone will lose at a distance. Such information is not true. If the casino customer is ready to use the best gambling strategies and the right approach to the betting process, his ultimate success is quite high.

Are there any strategies in blackjack?

Yes, casino customers fond of betting on this particular card game note that its main advantage is a huge number of strategies that can be used. For example, do not forget the basic strategy according to which the player is given the most favorable betting options for any card layout. In addition, do not forget about the general gambling methods, including the strategy “Fixed Bets” or the classic “Martingale. With their help, the player can control his bank while receiving a minimum profit.

Do you hit 12 against a 3?

It is advisable to take another card in such a situation because if you look at it statistically, the probability of profit is quite high.

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