First Deposit Bonus in Online Casinos

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Everybody loves a bonus, and that’s why you’ll notice that nearly every online casino runs a first deposit bonus deal. Deposit bonuses benefit both players and casinos. For players, they can greatly increase their bankroll and give them more opportunities to place bets. Giving players more money to enjoy more games is a win-win for both the players and the casino involved.

For casinos, first-time deposit bonuses can help to entice new players, increase the amount of a player’s initial deposit, and keep players playing at their online casino for longer. It also increases the chance that the player wins a few bets or hands, encouraging them to keep playing. The popularity of first deposit bonus offers has skyrocketed, so given how many there are, it can be hard to determine which ones provide the most value to your pocket. There are the less glamorous elements of first deposit bonuses like wagering-requirements to look out for.

We’ll go into more detail about wagering-requirements further on, but for now, just know that strict wagering requirements can torpedo a solid first deposit bonus. Not to worry, the team at has taken the time to look at some of the most popular deals and explain the ins-and-outs of initial deposit bonuses so that you can know how to find the best deal for you quickly.

Top Online Casinos with First Deposit Bonus for 2021

Everything You Need to Know About First Deposit Bonus

One of the unique elements of online casinos is the common nature of a first deposit bonus in a casino or online betting venue. They’re almost everywhere, so it’s important to understand deposit bonuses in their entirety, including game-specific stipulations or wagering-requirements.

Each casino has its own deposit bonuses, some that are casino-wide and some that are game-specific. Casino-wide initial deposit bonuses can typically be used at any game, and at times those bonus funds in your bankroll are restricted from being played on certain games. The initial deposit fine print is important, so don’t ignore it!

What Exactly is First Deposit Bonus?

You’ll see first deposit bonus offers everywhere, so let’s start off on the right foot and make sure that you understand exactly what a first deposit is and who is eligible for it. As detailed, to receive the deposit bonus, it must be your first deposit, so in essence, you must be a new player at the casino to receive a first deposit bonus. While you might think an easy way to bypass this is to create multiple accounts, so we’ll be the first to tell you: that’s a really bad idea.

Casinos have detection software to look at similarities between player accounts. When (not if) they catch you, in the best-case scenario they close all your player accounts, forfeit the balances of those player accounts to the casino, and block you from ever playing on their platform again. The worst-case scenario is court and legal fees much higher than you could ever hope to win. Once you’ve created an account at an entirely new casino your first deposit of funds will be eligible for different initial deposit bonuses.

Typically, if you’re playing at an online casino with both casino games and sports betting, there will be different deposit bonus options available to favor where you spend most of your time gambling. You should go for the bonus that suits your wagering style more, as it may be harder to fulfill the playthrough requirements of a casino game deposit bonus if you don’t particularly like casino games.

First deposit bonuses are available in your account at the same time as your initial deposit becomes available and can be used on a variety of games. Sometimes there are game-specific restrictions on first deposit bonuses and playthrough wagering-requirements before you can withdraw the bonus like you would cash winnings.

First Deposit Bonus: Pros and Cons

First deposit bonuses were one of the first major innovations of online casinos that became a standard for the market. Fundamentally, they work. They entice new players, giving them a bigger bankroll, and encouraging them to spend more time in an online casino.

Despite the fact that players may win a few hands with that money, even those wins work in favor of the casino because the player is engaging more and ultimately becoming more fond of the venue. Casinos know this keeps players gambling long after the welcome bonuses wear out.

Over time though, the flash of a first deposit bonus has started to wear off for players, and the strings attached to even the best first deposit bonus have become more prevalent. First deposit bonuses heavily favor those with a large gambling budget, as the more you can initially deposit, the bigger your bonus. This framing of a bonus naturally favors the casino because they want to entice players with the biggest budgets, while it leaves the majority of players with a small favor at best.

The truth is the vast majority of players don’t have $2,000 or more dollars to deposit in their recreational gambling fund at one time. Casinos know this, so they advertise a very large number, knowing the majority of players will not come close to receiving that bonus. You’ll notice that’s why some casinos let people reuse their “initial deposit code” multiple times. The other issue is that wagering-requirements and game-specific stipulations tied to the deposit bonus can severely delay withdrawal or stop withdrawal entirely if certain parameters aren’t met.

The drawbacks and commonality of initial deposit bonuses have led online casinos to begin to implement other rewards programs like weekly cashback on lost wagers. These programs are extremely popular with players due to their simplicity and equity.

How to Get Your First Deposit Bonus?

If you’ve ever used a coupon code while online shopping for clothes or tech, you’ll likely have no trouble receiving your first deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses are typically linked to coupon codes that are nearly identical to those you would use at your favorite retailer.

Once you’ve found a first deposit bonus you want to take advantage of, you’ll need to make an account with that particular online casino vendor. Making an account typically just requires an email address and password. Password security is always important, but for an online casino, it’s extremely important. Make sure to create a unique password that no one else knows that uses uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers for the best security.

From there, track down the offer, and it should link you directly to the banking page when clicked or display the bonus code for you there. Make sure your deposit bonus code is entered, and once you make your deposit, the bonus should also be available in your account. Remember to pay attention, as some casinos will let you redeem the new player code up to three or even five times! You don’t want to miss out on all that extra bonus opportunity. If you don’t use the code but continue to make deposits, you can make yourself ineligible for the maximum number of bonus offers.

You also need to be aware of any wagering-requirements that may restrict the use of your bonus or the withdrawal of it. Failure to meet requirements can result in your bonus being forfeited or locked into your account. There are different types of wagering-requirement, but one of the most common is play-through requirements. An online casino might require that you place 30 bets before you have the option of making a withdrawal of any of your bonus money. It’s important to be aware of any restrictions like these because some players might not place thirty bets in three months!

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Unfortunately, wagering requirements go hand-in-hand with nearly every casino first deposit bonus that is offered. They serve a legitimate purpose: they stop players from depositing money, receiving the bonus, and immediately making a withdrawal and playing elsewhere.

Wagering-requirements typically come in two forms: either playthrough requirements or game-restrictions. We’ll go over each in detail so that you can understand the differences. Playthrough requirements: they are standard with nearly every initial casino deposit bonus. The difference between playthrough requirements can be fairly staggering though. For example, one online casino may require a 20x playthrough to access the initial deposit bonus, while another may require 30x or even 50x.

Large playthrough requirements can become even more challenging if there are time restrictions imposed on the requirement. A casino may require that the playthroughs all occur within only one or two weeks of the deposit bonus being received. Even a casino as big as Bovada has a disclaimer about trying to withdraw before bonus terms are met: “If a withdrawal is made before the bonus terms are met, all bonus funds, as well as any money earned by wagering the bonus, will be forfeited.”

To be clear, that means Bovada will not only take the bonus, but any of the winnings acquired from the bonus funds will also be forfeited to Bovada. This is not an unusual policy and one of the reasons you need to be familiar with playthrough limits. Game-restrictions: game restrictions for first deposit bonuses are less common, but they are still something to be aware of before making a deposit. One of the most common restrictions is that deposit bonus funds cannot be used on live dealer poker or table games.

Another restriction you might see is that bonus funds cannot be used across game types. For example, if your bonus deposit was given to you for sports betting, those funds likely would not be available for casino games.

First Deposit Bonus FAQ

📌  What is a First Deposit Bonus?
A first deposit bonus is a welcome offer given by casinos to entice new players to try their games. Typically it’s activated via a coupon code, and it can provide bonuses of 50% all the way up to 100% on initial deposits for new players.
📌  What Are Wagering Requirements?
Wagering requirements are tied to bonus deposits to keep players from immediately withdrawing bonuses and spending them elsewhere. Often wagering requirements will require you to place a certain number of wagers (sometimes called playthroughs) before you can access your deposit bonus like cash.

It’s important to look out for wagering requirements because if they’re not met you can lose your entire bonus and any winning connected to that bonus.

📌  Which Online Casino Has the Best First Deposit Bonus?
This is a subjective question. The best first deposit bonus in a casino is one that suits your gambling tastes with wager requirements that you can easily meet. You do not want to lose out on a bonus and any winnings attached to it by not being able to meet a wager-requirement.
📌  Can I Cash Out My First Deposit Bonus?
You will have to meet any wager-requirements before being able to cash out your first deposit bonus. Attempting to cash out prior to fulfilling your wager-requirements typically results in the bonus and any winnings connected to the bonus being forfeited to the casino.
📌  Do All Casinos Offer First Deposit Bonus?
We’ve yet to come across a casino that doesn’t! If they do, it will be advertised in front and center. Make sure to check out wager-requirements and any game-restrictions on the first deposit bonus offers that you’re interested in.

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