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Wazdan Slots (Free Games) + Online Casino List

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Wazdan is quite a young casino software development company that mainly focuses on the production of innovative video slots. Wazdan free slots collection is quite a big one and if you haven’t played their games yet — we are here to fix this. On this page, you’ll find the Wazdan free demo games that you can play for fun as well as the information about the best Wazdan products and Wazdan online casinos where you can play the company’s video slots for real money. You can navigate the page through the menu on the left or just read it through to get the complete soft review.

Volatility Levels™ is yet another unique Wazdan feature. It permits players to change their success size and recurrence on the fly! High volatility brings all the more large wins, yet they will happen once in a while. Then again, with low volatility, wins show up more as often as possible, however their worth is generally lower. Players searching for a more adjusted encounter can choose the Standard mode, where both win size and recurrence are more evened out. Regardless, with our Volatility Levels™ highlight – players are in finished control!

  • You Can Change Game Volatility
  • High RTP Slots
  • Crypto Support
  • Not The Best Game Designs
  • Medium Jakckpots Only

Play Free Slots - Game List

Wazdan Games

The Wazdan free casino slots collection contains more than 50 online video slots that can be played with no download in online casinos. If we had to sum up our opinion about Wazdan online slots, we’d say that the games are very customizable and open to players, new features are constantly being introduced into the games, including the jackpot system.

In Jelly Reels™ there’s a whopping 16 777 216 ways to win. Gem Splitter™ – 59 049 ways, Choco Reels™ and Fortune Reels – 46656 ways; Midnight in Tokyo -243+ ways; Power of Gods™: Egypt and Power of Gods™: Hades – 243 ways; Sonic Reels – 729 ways
Wzadan have multiple titles with 81 ways to win, etc.

The audio and video effects in Wazdan slots are also average but the graphics is good and look rather up-to-date. Generally, the slots from the Wazdan slot games list are a good choice for the newbies who want to get to know the gambling world but are afraid of getting lost in all that advanced features and bonus rounds. Yes, Wazdan games are simple but no, they are not boring and they will bring you the wins.

Now let’s look closer at the best Wazdan online slots that you can start with if you are short of time and can’t play them all. First of all, check the Magic of the Ring. This slot will remind you of the Lord of The Ring story with its dragons, golden rings and wizards as game symbols. The only feature here is the scatter symbol that can award you some free spins but the graphics is pretty bright and detailed and the whole gameplay is of high-quality.

Innovative engagement-boosting Features:

  • Cash Infinity™
    • Shortlisted for Game Mechanic of the Year 2023 in Casino Beats Game Developer Awards
    • Shortlisted for Game Innovation Spotlight Award 2023 in Casino Beats Game Developer Awards
  • Collect to Infinity™
  • Hold the Jackpot™
  • Sticky to Infinity™
  • Magic Respin
  • Cash Out
  • One Click to the Grand Jackpot
  • Wild Rampage™
  • Hold & Collect™
  • Cash Rain™

Advanced Customisation Suite – Freedom of Choice™:

  • Volatility Levels™
  • Chance Level™
  • Buy Feature
  • Ultra Fast Mode
  • Ultra Lite Mode
  • Energy Saving Mode

Hold the Jackpot Feature Portfolio

Every time the player triggers the Hold the Jackpot bonus round, they are granted 3 Re-Spins. The number of free spins resets every time the player draws a new symbol on the reels.

The games we have so far in the Hold the Jackpot portfolio include:

Dwarfs Fortune™

Covered profound underground in a mine covered with valuable gemstones, boundless dwarven treasures are ready to be found. Welcome your players to leave on an astonishing excursion looking for untold wealth in Dwarfs Fortune™.

As players manage the mines, they want to arrive at more noteworthy profundities and trigger the Hold the Jackpot reward round that can repay them with Jackpots as high as 2,500x their bet! Creative Increasing Value Cash images and Collector images join their powers to help players’ commitment as they continue to dig to uncover monster rewards.

Dwarfs Fortune™ joins straightforward mechanics with an assortment of inventive new elements to make an extreme gaming experience. It’s a genuine pearl of a game!

Sizzling Moon™

Set off on an intergalactic excursion to Sizzling Moon™.

Sizzling Moon™ is a refreshingly straightforward game with dazzling visuals and intergalactic successes. This 16-reel opening offers a high-paced ongoing interaction and the potential for enormous successes is galactic.

Tacky Bonus images help player commitment, while the strong Hold the Jackpot Bonus round with the gigantic Moon Jackpot available to all makes playing the game an extraordinary encounter.

Interestingly, players can pick Extreme Volatility of the reward round while utilizing the Buy Feature for a definitive gaming experience. What a sizzling hot space!

Power of Gods™: Medusa

A legendary experience anticipates in Power of Gods™: Medusa opening! Players are welcome to enter the nest of the tempting and perilous Gorgon looking for unbelievable Jackpots.

Power of Gods™: Medusa is a really gallant space with an exhilarating theme, dazzling designs, and drawing in highlights, including Sticky Bonus images and the famous Hold the Jackpot reward round.

The plan components are just stupendous with inconceivable meticulousness that makes it a gala for the eyes and a joy to play.

With straightforward game mechanics joined with high win potential and movable Volatility Levels™, the game provides food for a wide scope of players. Amazing elements and great successes guarantee high-paced ongoing interaction that brings players back for more. This game is a can’t-miss!

Jelly Reels™

Jam Reels™ is our most recent treats space sensation. This delectable looking game offers 8 reels and an enormous 16,777,216 methods for winning. However, the good times doesn’t stop there! With Mega images, Cascading Wins, Wilds, and enormous Jackpots available to anyone in the Hold the Jackpot reward round, this staggering space permits players to turn their approach to sweet wins and gives heaps of tomfoolery.

The Hold the Jackpot reward round is basically delightful. With another reel design and different sorts of Bonus images, players are in for a few truly delightful successes, including the Grand Jackpot of 2500x their bet!

Jam Reels™ is a genuinely delightful experience, offering smooth interactivity, legendary elements and an entire bundle of sweet wins!

Sizzling Bells™

Sizzling Bells™ is a cutting edge take on exemplary gambling machines, highlighting dazzling chimes, fortunate stars, succulent natural products, and colossal Jackpots.

Enormous successes up to 15000x player’s wagered anticipate in the Hold the Jackpot reward round, while Sticky Bonus images turn up the intensity to the max by expanding players’ possibilities actuating this astonishing component. The reward round offers an extraordinary reel design and two Jackpots available for anyone, including the sizzling Super Grand Jackpot.

Sizzling Bells™ is a profoundly vivid space with epic elements, blazing successes, and inventive game number related that supports player commitment. What a hot opening!

Power of Gods™: Hades

Power of Gods™: Hades welcomes players to cross the Styx stream and enter the hidden world in the exhilarating Hold the Jackpot reward round, where the strong God of the Dead assists players with gathering huge successes up to an astounding 5000x player’s wagered!

The game elements creative Sticky Bonus images that increment player’s possibilities initiating the Hold the Jackpot reward round. When they adventure into the bursting profundities of the hidden world, players need to gather five sorts of Bonus images. Incredibly hot Fire images grant prizes going from 1x to 10x, 12x, and 15x player’s wagered. Sizzling Blue Fire images further increment the intensity by collecting all qualities from Fire and Blue Fire images. Jackpot images make the frightful flares flash and grant relating Mini, Minor, and Major Jackpots. Secret images bring considerably greater energy while changing into Fire, Blue Fire, or Jackpot images. At last, there are new powerful Hades Mystery images that ensure a Jackpot win, as they can change into Mini, Minor, and Major Jackpot images.

Topping off each of the 15 reels with Bonus images of any sort grants the Grand Jackpot of 3000x player’s wagered, however players additionally keep other successes gathered from the Bonus images, as all prizes are summarized toward the finish of the reward round for a great all out success.

Power of Gods™: Hades is a profoundly vivid opening and the God of the Dead has the power to wow all players who set out to turn the consuming reels of this new Wazdan space!

Midnight in Tokyo

Midnight in Tokyo is an activity pressed slot game with 5 reels and 243+ ways of winning that invites you to join a gathering of feline heroes as they hit the roads of Tokyo!

While enjoying the reels spinning among the high rise filled skyline of this vivacious feline city, you can Hold the Jackpot by collecting Geisha and Moon images, awarding Jackpots and monetary rewards. With a touch of karma you can win both Major and Grand Jackpots! How paw some is that?

You could likewise land Kung Fu or Ninja Wild Splitters that split images adjoining on a level plane or in an upward direction, increasing the quantity of ways of winning.

To top everything, in the Unique Gamble Feature in the event that you oversee karate cleave through a heap of blocks, your win will be multiplied!

With prizes up to 3000x player’s wagered, the exciting Hold the Jackpot reward game and innovative Wild Splitters, this game is a murmur fect decision for players looking for an oriental game with a wind.

Give this charming oriental slot a spin for you and be prepared for an undertaking like no other!

Fortune Reels

Praise the Chinese Year of the Ox with Fortune Reels and Hold the Jackpot!

Fortune Reels is an entrancing oriental 6-reel slot with a noteworthy 46,656 methods for winning and Cascading Reels, expanding your possibilities hitting a monstrous success. It is the seventh portion of the Hold the Jackpot family and is ideally suited for players who look for the adventure of the huge success.

With the famous Hold the Jackpot reward upgraded with new reel design and new Bonus images, Fortune Reels ensures a noteworthy slots experience like clockwork. There are five kinds of Bonus images that can be tracked down in the reward round – Golden Coins that grant monetary rewards of 1x to 10x player’s wagered and can show up on the four base columns of the reels and four exceptional Bonus images that must be drawn on the top line of the reels. These exceptional Bonus images can essentially build your all out success and incorporate Jackpot Coins that grant relating Mini, Minor and Major Jackpots, Golden Ox Coins that gather all qualities from Golden Coins drawn on the reels beneath and increase them haphazardly by 1-9x, Money Tree images that arbitrarily add from 3 to 8 Golden Coins to the reels underneath, and Mystery images that can change into any Bonus image. Gathering every one of the 27 Bonus images of any kind honors the Grand Jackpot of 1000x player’s wagered, yet you’ll likewise save all awards from the Bonus images for a HUGE complete success!

Wilds growing towards the highest point of the reels and Sack images granting additional awards will assist you with turning your direction to extraordinary wealth in the base game too.

Give this outright exhilarating game a twist for yourself, Hold the Jackpot and be prepared for an encounter like no other!

Prosperity Pearls

Set off on an excursion to find valuable pearls, safeguarded by the Dragon King and Hold the Jackpot in Prosperity Pearls!

Prosperity Pearls is an outwardly striking 25-reel oriental slot, including the famous Hold the Jackpot reward round with new, exciting highlights and four jackpots available for anyone. As indicated by Chinese folklore, pearls are an unmistakable advantage concealed on the lower part of the sea and safeguarded by the Dragon King. As a matter of fact, these valuable pearls can be tracked down in the exhilarating Hold the Jackpot reward round!

The Hold the Jackpot include is set off in the event that 6 White Pearls land, however a Re-turn is set off if 3, 4, or 5 such images show up on a solitary twist, allowing you an additional an opportunity of enacting the reward round, where you are conceded 3 Re-twists to find whatever number Bonus images as could be expected under the circumstances.

There are four kinds of valuable pearls that can be viewed as in this round. White Pearls granting monetary rewards, Jackpot Pearls conceding Mini, Minor and Major Jackpots, intriguing Golden and Black Pearls. You can gather different pearls of similar sort, including Jackpots, in a solitary reward round. There are likewise Mystery images that can change into any Pearl image.

On the off chance that every one of the 25 reels are filled during the Hold the Jackpot reward, the Grand Jackpot of 1000x player’s wagered is granted. Notwithstanding, you will likewise save all awards from gathered images for amazing total successes.

In the event that you’re searching for a vivid encounter worked around a reviving, eastern-enlivened story, then look no further! Lower yourself in the submerged universe of Prosperity Pearls and Hold the Jackpot!

Sun of Fortune

Experience the intensity of the Sun of Fortune and warm up to the well known Hold the Jackpot reward!

This creative slot, highlighting 16 free reels on a 4×4 network lattice offers a unique encounter flavored with oriental themed images of grand mythical beasts, exceptional winged serpent turtles, vivid koi fish, stand-out Chinese phoenixes, valuable Wilds, and a genuine sparkling star of the game – the brilliant sun Bonus image itself.

All in all, might you want to be aware, how to actuate the Hold the Jackpot reward that causes disturbances among our fans across the globe?

You simply have to draw 6 Bonus images. Also, to make it simpler, at whatever point 3, 4, or 5 Bonus images land on the reels, they adhere to the reels for one re-turn, expanding the opportunity to set off the Hold the Jackpot reward! Or on the other hand you can continuously purchase your direction into it with our adored Buy Feature.

After entering the reward round you can gather more Bonus images with allocated cash values, as well as exceptional Bonus images of Mini, Minor and Major Jackpots that ensure liberal prizes.

In any case, recollect that main the daring people who fill the whole lattice will feel the genuine influence of the Sun of Fortune – with the Grand Jackpot worth 1000x the bet added on top of their Bonus round wins!

Likewise, this heavenly, versatile improved slot offers a bunch of Unique Wazdan Features that permit you to customize the ongoing interaction and change it to your inclinations, including its speed and instability.
Feel free to take it for a twist – and the Sun of Fortune will without a doubt light up your day!

Burning Stars 3™

This singing hot slot effectively touches off players’ creative mind with a remarkable mix of exemplary and enjoyably natural fruity images, touchy theme, and imaginative mechanics. With 9 reels on a 3 x 3 lattice, a Wild image that substitutes other images (aside from the Bonus image), and an opportunity to Hold the Jackpot – the temperature in Burning Stars 3™ never drops!

How to initiate the Hold the Jackpot reward round that delights players from one side of the planet to the other?

Basically land 3 Bonus images on the reels simultaneously. Sounds great? Well then you surely will likewise like the way that the Bonus accompanies 3 beginning re-turns that reset each time a Burning Star raises a ruckus around town!

The ones who figure out how to stay calm and gather numerous Bonus Star Symbols during the reward round will be compensated by one of the 4 Jackpots – including the Grand Jackpot that pays the cosmic award of 2187x the bet!

Likewise, for the ones with temper as hot as a burning star, Wazdan planned the Buy Feature, permitting to get involved with the Hold the Jackpot reward whenever. What’s more, to ensure that the game is pleasant for each and every player, Burning Stars 3™ gives smooth insight on cell phones, and a bunch of Unique Wazdan Features that permits personalization of the interactivity, including its speed and unpredictability, among others.

A genuinely heavenly hit offers light-long stretches of tomfoolery.

Simply take it for a twist and try the impossible, on the grounds that in Burning Stars 3™ – anything is possible!

Clover Lady™

Somewhere down in the woodland, a puzzling woodswoman and her dedicated Direwolf anticipate in the 6-reel, 10-payline hit Clover Lady™.

The Clover Lady™ herself shows up on the Bonus image, with at least 3 of them setting off the mysterious Clover Jackpot Bonus, during which you gather Bonus images to Hold the Jackpot and Direwolf images to duplicate it! The reward round begins with 3 re-turns, their number resetting with each extraordinary image that grounds on the reels.

With every Bonus image you progress to a higher Jackpot. 3, 4 and 5 of them grant, individually, the Mini, Minor and Major Jackpot, while gathering each of the 6 Bonus images on the center column ensures the great Grand Jackpot. Likewise, up to 12 Direwolf images might be drawn, every one of them expanding the complete success multiplier by 0.5, to a limit of 7x. So when every one of the 18 reels are filled, you will scoop the Grand Jackpot with a 7x multiplier for a stunning success of 3500x your stake!

Strong Direwolves might arrive on the reels in the base game also to supernaturally expand the success multiplier by 0.5, beginning with 1.5x when the primary Direwolf is drawn. Anything else? Fortunate good luck charms show up as Wilds, filling in for other images!

Clover Lady™ incorporates all Unique Wazdan Features, like Volatility Levels™, Ultra Fast Mode, Ultra Lite Mode and Big Screen Mode, bundled into an exciting excursion through the forest. Also, we should not fail to remember the surprising Buy Feature thanks to which the Clover Jackpot Bonus is accessible whenever!

Get ready for an outright exhilarating experience and Hold the Jackpot with Clover Lady™!

Unicorn Reels

Find treasures concealed somewhere inside the captivated woodland, gather supernatural unicorns and Hold the Jackpot with Unicorn Reels, a 5-reel, 10-payline slot that is basically as novel as a unicorn itself!

Let the quest for Jackpots start! Get something like 5 Unicorn images to set off the Unicorn Jackpot Game and find however many Unicorns as could reasonably be expected for the greatest successes. Played on a 5×5 network including 25 separate fields, the reward round begins with 3 re-turns, and with each new Unicorn that grounds on the reels their number resets to 3. Likewise, each gathered Unicorn takes you to a higher prize, with Minor and Major Jackpots accessible en route. The wonderful Grand Jackpot of 1000x your stake is likewise available to anyone for the individuals who gather every one of the 25 Unicorns!

Wild and Scatter images are likewise here to assist you with winning, with the previous filling in for other images and the last option paying anyplace on the reels.

Your quest for Jackpots can be taken to an unheard of level with Unique Wazdan Features, including Volatility Levels™, Ultra Lite Mode, Ultra Fast Mode and Big Screen Mode. Utilize these devices to customize Unicorn Reels and appreciate vivid, custom ongoing interaction in a charmed setting. Additionally, you can avoid trusting that the reward will be set off and buy the Unicorn Jackpot Game whenever you need utilizing our Buy Feature!

Before you move to the next passage where we will tell you how to play Wazdan games for real money, you can try playing them for fun with no deposit and no registration right here as we’ve made a list of all the popular Wazdan demo-games for you. Now you can play the best games (including Wazdan slots 2016) for free before you try your luck in the real money online casino.

Online Casinos

As you already know, there are two ways to play Wazdan slots: you can do it for fun on SlotsUp or for real money in one of the online casinos. Playing for fun is cool to try new games, get the rules and make your own betting strategy while playing real money slots in Wazdan online casinos is the next step you make when you know how to play the games and want to get some real winnings. Both ways are nice and it’s up to you to decide which one to choose. Our aim is to tell you more about real money gambling to make your gaming process safe and entertaining.

It’s very important to play online casino games in trusted online casinos only. The thing is, they might be hard to find as gambling market is quickly expanding and more and more new casinos appear every day. Of course, you can search the Web for online casino reviews or ask your friends for advice but it will take some time and you never know if the casino is good before you make your first deposit. But there is another way — you can look below and see our Wazdan online casinos list that we’ve made for you. We’ve conducted a research, checked the casinos personally (and almost got several jackpots while checking) and now can present you the Wazdan casinos that are safe to play the gambling games for real money. Moreover, each casino in our list has a long list of special offers and bonuses and their game collections are wide enough to satisfy even the most sophisticated gambler.

To play real money casino, you need to find a game you want to play from the Wazdan demo-games list and click the “Play in casino” button. Once you do this, we will redirect you to the casino available in your country. Or you can choose the casino by yourself and find a game using the search menu. There are also several mobile casinos with Wazdan games and we will tell you more about them in the next passage.

Promotional Tools

  • Mystery Drop™
    • Won the Game Feature of the Year 2023 at the Casino Beats Game Developer Awards 2023 and Best iGaming Product in 2023 at the European iGaming Excellence Awards 2023
  • Jackpot Rain™
  • Prize Drop™
  • Cash Drop
  • Wallet Free Spins
  • Free Rounds
  • Network Promotions

Wazdan Casino List

Spinbetter 4
Casino Bonus


+ 30 free spins

  • Licensed Crypto Casino
  • Available in 7 languages
  • Virtual Sports
Payment Systems
AstroPay Binance Coin Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash
Game Providers
1X2gaming 2By2 Gaming Amatic Belatra
Read Review +More details
Winnerz 1
Casino Bonus


EUR + 350 Free Spins

  • Estonian license
  • Registration in a few clicks
  • Availability of more than 3,000 certified games
Payment Systems
Aktia Wallet Bank Transfer Nordea S-Pankki
Game Providers
Amatic BetSoft Big Time Gaming Blueprint Gaming
Read Review +More details
Playojo Update 8
Casino Bonus


Free Spins

  • Live games shows
  • No withdrawal restrictions
  • Live casino games
Payment Systems
Apple Pay AstroPay Bank Transfer Citadel
Game Providers
2By2 Gaming Bally Bally Wulff Barcrest
Read Review +More details
7BitCasino Update 12
Casino Bonus


CAD/5 BTC + 100 FS

  • Multilingual interface
  • Live chat option
  • Large variety of games
Payment Systems
AstroPay Bank Transfer Binance Coin Bitcoin
Game Providers
1X2gaming Amatic AvatarUX Belatra
Read Review +More details
Royal Reels
Casino Bonus


to $500

  • The online casino offers live dealer games
  • Royal Reels casino has a beautiful design
  • The withdrawal limit is high
Payment Systems
MasterCard PayID Visa
Game Providers
Belatra BetSoft Bgaming Booming Games
Read Review +More details
Cherry Spins 1
Casino Bonus


Match Bonus or 1000 Free Spins

  • VIP Program
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Weekly bonuses and promotions to keep players engaged
Payment Systems
Interac MasterCard MuchBetter Visa
Game Providers
BetSoft BF Games Bgaming Big Time Gaming
Read Review +More details
Casino Bonus


in total

  • Streamers category
  • Virtual sports
  • Generous bonus
Payment Systems
AstroPay Bank Transfer Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash
Game Providers
1X2gaming BetSoft Endorphina Evolution Gaming
Read Review +More details
WildCoins Update 5
Casino Bonus


match bonus (up to 1 BTC) and 300 free spins

  • Supports crypto payments
  • Top casino game providers
  • 24/7 live chat support
Payment Systems
Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Cash App Dogecoin
Game Providers
Belatra BetSoft Bgaming Booming Games
Read Review +More details
Casombie 4
Casino Bonus


EUR in total

  • Crypto casino
  • Support is available around the clock
  • Variety of games
Payment Systems
AstroPay Bank Transfer Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash
Game Providers
1X2gaming 2By2 Gaming 7777 Gaming Amatic
Read Review +More details
Lucky Treasure 1
Casino Bonus


welcome bonus + 33 Free Spins

  • Strong licensing and reputation
  • Generous and diverse bonus offerings
  • Over 20 game providers
Payment Systems
Bitcoin CASHlib eZeeWallet Litecoin
Game Providers
Arcadem BetSoft BF Games Booongo
Read Review +More details
Winzon 1
Casino Bonus



  • Huge selection of online games with a high level of RTP
  • Support is available around the clock
  • Cooperation with the most popular providers
Payment Systems
AstroPay Banco Itau Bitcoin CashtoCode
Game Providers
Amusnet Evolution Gaming Ezugi NetEnt
Read Review +More details
Lucky Heroes 1
Casino Bonus


+ 200 Free Spins

  • Promotions for Live casino games
  • 3 types of Welcome bonuses
  • Low Wagering Requirements
Payment Systems
AstroPay Bank Transfer Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash
Game Providers
1X2gaming 2By2 Gaming 3 Oaks 7777 Gaming
Read Review +More details
Pokieplace 1
Casino Bonus


+ 50 Free Spins

Payment Systems
Bitcoin MasterCard Visa
Game Providers
Booming Games Evolution Gaming Habanero IGT
Read Review +More details
Playigo 2
Casino Bonus


up to €/$100

Payment Systems
EcoPayz iDebit InstaDebit Interac
Game Providers
Amatic Amusnet BetSoft Evolution Gaming
Read Review +More details
Arlequin Casino
Casino Bonus


300 + 10 free spins

  • Attractive welcome bonus
  • Multiple games from top providers
  • Clean and appealing website design
Payment Systems
AstroPay CASHlib Interac MasterCard
Game Providers
1X2gaming BetSoft BF Games Big Time Gaming
Read Review +More details

Wazdan Mobile Slots

Even though the Wazdan games are not the most state-of-the-art ones, the company tries to keep up with the time and use modern technologies while developing the games. That’s why most of the newest Wazdan games have their HTML5 slots counterparts meaning they can be played on mobile devices. Now you don’t need to go to land-based casinos to play gambling games and you don’t even need to turn on your computer. You can just take your iPhone or Android smartphone, enter one of the mobile casinos and make real money bets with just a few clicks.

Wazdan mobile slots look just like their full versions and work quite fast. They are compatible with different mobile devices including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone plus a few types of tablets. To play free Wazdan mobile slots just find them in your favorite mobile casino or open this page from your mobile devices to see the best Wazdan games on top of the list.

Casino Games

The world of gambling games is very diverse and online video slots are just the tip of it. Of course, we love slots and think that they are fun to play but sometimes we want to play gambling games other than no download slots. Fortunately, almost every online casino soft provider has at least a couple of table or card games in its collection and so does the Wazdan. Unlike many other developing companies, Wazdan list of online casino games is pretty long ant there are many games that you can play for free or make a real money bet. Among the Wazdan free casino games you will find Blackjack, a couple of roulettes, 6 kinds of video poker (including American poker and Three cards) and a Bingo game.

Top-performing Games

  • Mighty Wild™: Panther
    • Slotswise Awards 2023/24 nomination – The WOW Slot 2023
  • 16 Coins™
  • 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition
    • SiGMA Balkans/CIS Awards 2023 nomination – New Game of the Year
  • 9 Coins™ Grand Diamond Edition
    • Balkan Entertainmenr & Gaming Expo Awards 2023 nomination – Online Game of the Year
    • Global Gaming Awards EMEA 2024 nomination – Online Slot of the Year
  • 9 Coins™
    • Global Gaming Awards 2023 nomination – Online Slot of the Year
    • International Gaming Awards 2023 nomination – Game of the Year
    • EGR North America Awards 2023 nomination – Best New Game
    • CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards 2023 nominations – Game Innovation Spotlight Awards & Game Mechanic of the Year
    • AskGamblers Awards 2023 nomination – Game of the Year
    • Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas 2023 nomination – Digital Product of the Year
    • American Gambling Awards 2023 nomination – Gaming Product of the Year
  • Hot Slot™: 777 Crown
  • Magic Spins™
    • EGR Operator Awards 2022 nomination – Game of the Year
    • CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards 2023 nomination – Game of the Year
  • 20 Coins™
  • Hot Slot™: 777 Cash Out
  • 15 Coins™

Right now we are working on our slots database to provide you with the fullest list of play-for-fun slot demo-games by Wazdan and other casino soft providers. Hopefully, we will be done with it very soon and start adding other Wazdan games to this page. So stay in touch in order not to miss our updates and play the Wazdan slots while you are waiting.

About Company

The Wazdan slots software developer is quite a young gambling company headquartered in Malta. Despite its young “age”, the company was founded by the people with many years of experience in the gambling industry and thus makes quite decent online video slots and other casino games. In Wazdan slots provider game collection you’ll find around 150+ casino games and more than a half of them are video slots that can be played on different platforms. This is the end of our Wazdan soft review and the beginning of your first journey to the world of Wazdan casino games. We wish you a good journey and a lot of winnings!

About Wazdan:

  • 200+ HTML5 Games
  • 40+ unique slots released annually
  • Mobile-first Design
  • 30+ Languages
  • All Currencies & Cryptocurrencies
  • Compliance in 25+ Regulated Markets Worldwide
  • 13+ years of experience
  • 1500+ partnered casinos
  • 180+ employees
  • Wazdan games use a GLI-certified random number generator, which guarantees a reliable, fair and secure gameplay.


  • Game Provider of the Year – Streamers Awards 2023
  • Best iGaming Product in 2023 – Mystery Drop™ – European iGaming Excellence Awards 2023
  • Game Feature of the Year – Mystery Drop™ – CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards in 2023
  • Best Slot Provider in the Nordics – BSG Awards in 2023
  • Best Online Casino Provider – CEEG Awards in 2022
  • Rising Star in Casino (Silver Winner) – SBC North America Awards in 2022
  • Best Slots Provider in The Baltics – BSG Awards in 2022
  • Rising Star in Nordic Online Casino Technology – BSG Awards in 2022
  • Innovator 2022 – SlotsWise Awards in 2022
  • Slot Game of the Year – Larry the Leprechaun – Malta Gaming Awards in 2019
  • Online Casino Innovator – CEEG Awards in 2019
  • Malta’s Best iGaming Online Product of the Year – MIGEA Awards in 2019
  • Malta’s Best Gaming New Slots Developer – MIGEA Awards in 2019
  • Hot Hit Product – 9 Lions – G2E Asia Awards 2018
  • Startup of the Year – MIGEA Awards in 2018


Games offered by Wazdan are licensed by:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)
  • Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA)
  • Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJN)
  • Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC)
  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)
  • West Virginia Lottery
  • New Jersey (NJDGE)
  • Michigan (MGCB)

They are also certified for:

  • Estonia
  • Spain
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Colombia
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Bulgaria
  • Poland


  • 2010 – Foundation of Wazdan ; MGA licence obtained
  • 2017 – UKGC licence obtained
  • 2018 – Introduction of Volatility Levels™
  • 2019 – Wazdan is present on 4 markets
  • 2020 – ISO/IEC 27001 certification secured ; Launch of Cash Drop, innovative promo tool
  • 2021 – Expansion into the US (New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan ; Introduction of Hold the Jackpot game series ; 4 new markets entered
  • 2022 – Entry into Canada (Ontatio) ; Introduction of Innovative Collect to Infinity and Cash Infinity features ; Wazdan is present in over 20 markets worldwide serving top-tier clients, 170+ employees strong
  • 2023 – New, engaging feature – Chance Level™ ; Elegant and eco-friendly Extremely Light slots ; Network promotions with a total prize pool of €4,000,000 ; Presence in over 1,500 casinos around the world
  • 2024 – Wazdan presents a completely new look with an innovative slogan – Online Gaining™

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