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In today’s online gambling world Alderney casino is synonymous with transparency, reliability and fair gaming environment. In their majority, Alderney licensed online casino sites are following the AGCC’s (Alderney Gambling Control Commission) strict regulations in terms of providing their players with secure and pleasurable online gambling practices.

Generally speaking, online gambling is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Billions of dollars are being poured, and i.e. made, in this segment. Undoubtedly, if we lived in a perfect world, all online gambling companies would willingly comply with the rules of fair gaming providing their players with top-notch games and a well-protected crystal clear environment.

However, when such impressive amounts of cash come into play, a lot of online gambling operators who are tempted by easy money go down the rabbit hole of dishonest if not outright fraudulent practices. Online gambling licensing exists to prevent these destructive events from happening.

In today’s post, we will dwell upon the Alderney casino license, its fundamentals, advantages, and reliability. You will learn more about the types of Alderney online gambling licenses, their value and level of player security provided by the best casinos with Alderney License. If you want to access the most trusted expert-approved online casinos with Alderney License, opt for our selection below.

Best Alderney Licensed Online Casino Sites:

Alderney Gambling Control Commission Framework

Even though Alderney is just a small island, in terms of online gambling it’s a place of huge importance. Here, in 2000, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (often shortened to AGCC) was founded. Alderney issues online gambling licenses to casinos that succeed in proving their solid ability and intention to abide by the strict rules and standards established by the AGCC.

How the Commission Works

The AGCC’s ultimate goal is to shape up a framework of the structure, security, and liability for online casino companies to concur with. Because of the stringent standards existing within the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, its licensees are instantly provided with a stellar reputation. What is more, Alderney is a tax-free environment when it comes to remote gambling, which is a huge attraction for online casino owners.

These are two main reasons why so many countries, including the UK, opt for Alderney when it comes to applying for a valuable speak-for-itself license. The primary focal points of the AFCC are player protection, fair gaming, and the absolute transparency of the online gambling market. Now, let us let you in on how the Commission works in more detail.

Regulating iGaming on behalf of the States of Alderney and cooperating with law-enforcement agencies to ensure the highest level of reliability of its licensees, the AFCC operates independently from political or social systems. Such aspects as depositing, honest payouts, bonus fairness, reasonable advertising endeavors, software quality are among the major aspects the Commission is focused on.

To begin the application process, a casino owner needs to register an online gambling company in Alderney and have their application notice published in the Alderney Gazette. Then, the owner needs to send their application to the AGCC. After that, a Commissioner will arrange a meeting with the potential licensee for the purpose of investigating the details about them and their company.

Application Requirements & Compliance Highlights

Obtaining an online gambling license from Alderney is neither a quick nor easy procedure. Usually, it takes up to six months to obtain the license. That’s because the AFCC has taken a wide array of security measures to ensure its future license holders are responsible enough to provide their players with a fair and safe casino playground. As a matter of fact, the Commission is very effective in completing its main missions.

Thus, in 2015, the Committee of Experts analyzed this jurisdiction based on the criteria of anti-money laundering actions and financial terrorism activities. As a result, the experts concluded that there was hardly ever any room for improvement within the Alderney jurisdiction. Below, you will find the main criteria selection in the AFCC license obtaining process.

  • Straightforward ownership structure.
  • Casino’s financial ability to operate within the Commission standards.
  • Sufficient competency and top quality customer service.
  • A complete absence of criminal history records.

If an online gambling operator complies with these requirements, chances are high they will obtain an Alderney casino license. If the AGCC representatives find out that one of their license holders has at some point failed to meet their obligations, the Commission can suspend their license. Just like it happened with Full Tilt Poker almost a decade ago. The license can be renewed – for a certain fee – the exact amount depends on the operator’s annual net gaming yield.

Types of Licenses Issued by the AGCC

Initially, Alderney intended to regulate phone betting. However, in 2001 it officially began controlling online gambling – or eGambling – the term the AGCC prefers to use. Today, the Commission represents a white-listed jurisdiction whose licensees are allowed to promote and provide their services in the United Kingdom, without having to obtain a local Gambling Commission operating license.

Alderney has chosen the conventional path, focusing on strict regulations at the expense of its own speedy development and enrichment. Strategically, this approach has proven to be highly successful though. However, things may significantly change in the near future. The thing is, a lot of the EU countries are requiring their online gambling operators to obtain their local licenses – for the purpose of bringing taxes back where the cash is spent.

That being said, Alderney has stored a few incentives to stimulate online casino operators to keep their registration within the island. Thus, Alderney has become the first online gambling jurisdiction that has its own unique cloud platform. Impeccable data storage systems, top-notch security and an impressive technological structure – these are just a few perks of this cloud platform.

The mission of this platform is to make operating within the Alderney jurisdiction as convenient and economical as possible. Aside from all that, the Alderney Jurisdiction provides an overall refined and progressive regulation regime that features two major types of licenses.

  • Category 1 license – also referred to as B2C license. It is issued to online gambling companies that either utilizes its own platform or someone else’s platform and form a direct contract-based relationship with players. Mainly if a company aspires to become an Alderney online casino, this category is the perfect fit.
  • Category 2 license – also referred to as a B2B license, which means that it’s focused on business to business action or relations between businesses that leave the player figure beyond reach. Mainly this license is established for the online gambling software developers.

In addition to these two license categories, Alderney also issues temporary online gambling licenses. Casino operators who do not plan to provide gambling services on a regular basis can apply for them. All types of online gambling licenses in Alderney are issued for an indefinite period of time. If you want to check if a particular casino possesses this gem of a license, just go to the jurisdiction’s official website and then head straight to the eGambling Licensees section. There, you will find all genuine online casinos licensed and regulated in Alderney.

AGCC Reputation and Player Protection

A peaceful mind is something you desperately need when gambling at the online casinos licensed in Alderney or anywhere else in the whole wide world. You want to be able to trust the venue you’ve chosen and to be sure that your sensitive info stays confidential. The Alderney online gambling jurisdiction works with these crucial principles in mind, successfully putting them to practice to provide punter protection, fair gaming journey and secure payments.

Player Protection

One of the ultimate goals of the AGCC is making sure that all players’ sensitive information is well-protected. Before proudly rocking the status of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission casinos, gambling companies must provide evidence that they are competent enough to store players’ details in a secure and reliable way. To ‘seal the deal’ with the Commission, these operators are recommended to apply with the so-called data protection act. It guarantees player protection and significantly lessens the danger of fraud.

Fair Gaming

In case an online casino intends to adhere to the rules and regulations established by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, they must utilize Random Number Generators – complex program codes responsible for monitoring the level of fairness of online games. Also, online casinos with Alderney License must reveal expected Return to Player rates in each game details section. Therefore, casino sites that are licensed in Alderney do not influence the game results, supplying their players with a totally fair online gambling space.

Funds Protection

Another crucial aspect the Alderney Gambling Control Commission regularly keeps tabs on is how their license holders handle their finances, particularly their players’ money. Alderney online casinos are officially obligated to separate their players’ finances from the facility’s working funds. That way, if the casino suddenly goes bankrupt, the players will get the possibility to cash out their funds.

Operator Responsibilities

Such well-known online gambling jurisdictions as Alderney, Malta (MGA) and the UK (UKCG) boast impeccable reputation for a reason. They invariably ensure that their license holders are entirely accountable for all their moves within the E-gambling industry. There was more than one case when online casino operators who had broken the rules of the AGCC were legally confronted by the Commission.

In other words, when it comes to the Alderney online gambling jurisdiction, nothing is left to chance. This fact should be of paramount importance for each player who’s aiming to find the most reliable, secure and trustworthy online gambling facility. If you’ve found an Alderney licensed gambling site, chances are you’ll be rewarded with confidentiality and fair play.

A few words should be said on the dispute resolution topic. If a serious issue arises between an online gambling venue and a player, the AGCC is responsible for becoming a mediator between the two parties. That being said, the majority of complaints are solved on the casino-player level.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission FAQ

📌  Can Alderney regulated casinos be trusted?
Yes, definitely. Especially the casinos listed at The AGCC does practice what it preaches when it comes to ensuring its licensees provide the players with everything they need for fair and secure gambling. However, we’d still recommend that you always do your own research before you begin playing at any casino for real money. Look up the venue that has caught your eye on the Internet. Read other players’ reviews and testimonials. Haste undoubtedly makes waste when it’s about real money gambling.
📌  How to know if a casino is regulated by the AGCC?
If you’ve come up with a random online gambling venue stating that it’s Alderney licensed, you can easily check that by referring to the Commission itself. Alternatively, just turn to the extensive list of online casinos regulated by Alderney jurisdiction published at Our specialists have only included the best online gambling sites in our review database.
📌  How do I file a complaint?
To file a complaint against an Alderney licensee, you need to go to the horizontal menu on their official website and click the tab ‘Submit a Complaint’ – it can be found within the ‘Players’ menu section. Alternatively, complete a Contact us form at the Commission’s official website. Be as specific as possible when describing the situation. A Commission representative will contact you as soon as they can. Make sure you explore the ‘Player Complaints’ section on the Commission’s website to get a grasp of how they resolve disputes.
📌  Are My Funds Safe at a Casino Regulated by AGCC?
Being one of the most reliable online gambling jurisdictions, Alderney is very strict about ensuring that their licensees protect the players’ funds. Alderney casinos are legally obliged to separate their operational money from their players’ funds for the sake of their players’ risk-free and secure experiences. However, even the highest security and funds protection standards do not always manage to keep players immune from getting burnt. Therefore, if you’re looking for a suitable online casino venue on your own, do your best to always be cautious and read the Terms of Service section prior to committing.
📌  Are Alderney Licenced Casinos Safe?
In a nutshell, yes, the majority of Alderney licensed online casino facilities are safe. Such names as Power Spins, BGO, and Paddy Power Casino are among the Commission’s proud licensees, which speaks volumes for sure. However, do your best to conduct your own investigation and form your own opinion on each online casino before joining it and cashing in.

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