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At AstroPay casino venues you can make instant deposit transactions in an easy and convenient way without necessary having an international credit card or a bank account. In our review we will tell you about some of the most trusted online casinos that accept AstroPay. This is the largest cross-border payment service in Southern America and is currently available in 9 LatAm countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia.

If you are playing for real money at internet casinos you should pay special attention to finding the best way how to make your gambling payments. AstroPay is one of the most convenient methods to fund your betting if you are located in Latin America.

Our experts have prepared a list of the best sites that accept AstroPay for each country where this online method is accepted for making gambling transactions. Our experts have checked all of the recommended online casinos to make it clear whether they have been properly licensed at reputable gambling jurisdictions, offer their visitors a wide range of high quality games from the best software developers in the sector and provide a friendly customer support for players from Latin America.

In addition, we will tell you more about how AstroPay can be used for depositing at mobile and live dealer casinos and show you some of the peculiarities of playing at these types of gambling platforms.

In our review you will also get all the information you need to know about different types of bonus offerings which one can encounter at AstroPay gambling websites. Besides that, we will show you how important it is to read the bonus terms and conditions before agreeing to take one.

We hope that after reading our recommendations you will get a clear understanding of how to use AstroPay for making online gambling transactions.

Best Online Casinos that accept AstroPay

AstroPay Casinos for Real Money

AstroPay is basically a prepaid virtual debit card service. At AstroPay casinos one can make efficient online payments within a blink of an eye since this money transfer method enables one to make instant gambling transactions.

Besides that, online casinos that take AstroPay are popular in LatAm region since they allow their players to use different alternative payment methods to transfer money to their gambling account. This is an especially important advantage for the online gamblers from Southern and Central America where more than 70% of population do not have access to international credit cards. As a result, in order to fund your online AstroPay account you can use, among others, such methods as bank transfers, Boleto, Envoy, and Neteller, Itau, HSBC, and PSC.

Currently, AstroPay is available for online casino players from such LatAm countries as Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela. Since 2014 this online payment solution had also become available in China.

AstroPay is a completely safe payment method whose security standards are even higher than in standard debit or credit card systems. You do not risk to reveal your banking information to third parties when you are making a deposit in an AstroPay online casino since your financial data will not be shown to the gambling provider. Besides that, casinos that accept AstroPay comply with international anti-money laundering regulations.

In the next sections we will take a closer look at the best AstroPay online casinos depending on country and game types. Our experts have selected the top internet casinos where AstroPay is accepted as the online payment method which are available to web punters from different Latin America states.

As you can vividly see, online casinos that accept AstroPay are a perfect choice for web gamblers from the LatAm countries since the payment method they offer to their visitors is compatible with many alternative money transfer methods that are available in Central and Southern America and enables one to make instant gambling transactions.

How to Deposit at AstroPay Casinos?

In order to be able to make a deposit in an online casino with AstroPay you should first open an account with this payment service and receive your virtual debit card. To do that you should visit the company’s website and pass the necessary registration procedure by filling in the personal details you will be asked about. The online registration process will vary depending on the country of your residence.

After that, your card number and CVV code will be sent to your email address within 24 hours. We would like to emphasize that you should take care not to lose them and keep these numbers secret. As we have already said, even if someone will somehow get access to your AstroPay account, there will be no chance for him to steal money from your bank or e-wallet balance. Such a protection is possible thanks to the fact that your AstroPay card is not linked to any external accounts.

After you have received your virtual card you can fund your AstroPay account with one of your favorite payment method. Next, you should first learn about what casinos accept AstroPay by checking our list. After picking a suitable online casino AstroPay deposit can finally be made.

To make a deposit, at the cashier page of the online casino AstroPay should be chosen among other available payment methods. After that, you will have to enter your virtual card information and the sum of money you want to transfer to your online casino account. After confirmation of the transaction, your money will be sent to your casino balance.

At AstroPay casinos deposit transactions can be made in different local currencies. The maximum amount that you can deposit at an AstroPay casino equals USD $500. While the minimum deposit available to be made at casinos accepting AstroPay is USD $20.

Keep in mind that if you decide to make an AstroPay deposit casino operator can present you with a special bonus for choosing this convenient payment method to make online gambling transactions.

To sum up, one can say that it is quite easy to make deposits at AstroPay online casinos and we recommend our readers from Latin America to try and use this payment method for making their gambling transactions.

How to Withdraw from AstroPay Casinos?

Unfortunately, at an online casino with AstroPay withdrawal option is not yet available. This is one of the disadvantages of using this online payment method. As a result, when playing at an AstroPay casino withdrawal method should be chosen among other payment option that are available at the cashier page.

It must also be said that although online deposits are instant when made with AstroPay withdrawal time of several days is typical for most of other casino payment methods available to the web punters from Latin America.

Advantages of Using AstroPay as Deposit Methods

As can be obvious from what was said above, there are many advantages when it comes to playing at AstroPay casino sites. We will just quickly list them below.

First of all, unlike in case of other similar methods, with AstroPay your online gambling transactions can be done within a blink of an eye.

You can choose from a wide variety of alternative payment methods that are available to web punters in Latin America to fund your AstroPay account.

At online casinos accepting AstroPay for deposits you should not worry that your personal financial data will be revealed to third parties.

There are, of course, few disadvantages that are associated with using AstroPay for making gambling transactions at online casinos. This payment method is only available to online casino players in LatAm region. Besides that, it can only be used to make online casino deposits, and is not available for making money withdrawals.

In the next section we are going to talk about the top AstroPay casinos that are available to online gamblers in different countries of the Southern and Central America.

AstroPay Casinos by Countries

AstroPay Casinos in Argentina

Online casinos are legal in most provinces of Argentina. However, since 2016 a 2% federal tax has been introduced on all wagers placed by local punters at Argentina online casino platforms. The new tax was supposed to be collected by credit- and debit-card issuers. However, since local punters use alternative payment methods, such as AstroPay, government revenues from online gambling are still close to zero.

That is why at an online casino in Argentina AstroPay is such a popular payment method that many local punters prefer to use when making deposits. In an AstroPay casino Argentina online gamblers are, indeed, able to make instant gambling transactions without having to pay some unfathomable fees and taxes.

If you want to make an online casino deposit in Argentina, the following are the best gambling venues to do that:

  • 777
  • 888
  • Royal Vegas

All these Argentina online casinos that accept AstroPay are safe to play at since they are licensed in the most reputable gambling jurisdictions and offer their visitors excellent customer support.

If you plan to play at online casinos in Argentina AstroPay gambling venues are there for you to have a seamless payment experience.

AstroPay Casinos in Brazil

Online gambling still awaits to be legally regulated in Brazil. Currently local punters only have international casino venues at their disposal.

That is why if you want to play in the best online casino in Brazil you need efficient payment methods to easily make money transactions. At AstroPay casinos Brazil based online gamblers can easily make instant money transfers by using this convenient payment method.

If you want to make an online deposit with AstroPay in Brazil, choose one of the following online casinos:

  • Euro Palace
  • Roy Richie
  • Vbet

All these platforms are among the best Brazil online casinos that accept AstroPay. They have been selected by our experts since while being licensed in the most reputable gambling jurisdictions they are safe to play at. Besides that, they offer their visitors from Brazil exceptional bonuses.

To sum up, if you are looking for a reliable and easy to use payment method for making deposits at online casinos, then AstroPay is certainly the way to go.

AstroPay Casinos in Chile

Although online casinos are not officially allowed to operate in Chile, local punters are not prevented from playing at international web gambling platforms. Therefore, if they want to have a seamless payment experience when playing in an online casino Chile based gamblers have to choose an efficient money transfer option. AstroPay is by far one of the best choices for local web punters when it comes to making a deposit. At an AstroPay casino Chile online gamblers can easily make instant money transfers and use a wide variety of payment services to fund their virtual debit card.

If you wonder where can you make an online deposit with AstroPay in Chile, choose one of the following gambling platforms:

  • Royal Vegas
  • Roy Richie
  • 888

All these web gambling venues are among the top AstroPay online casinos in Chile. We recommend them to you since these websites are properly licensed and offer their visitors high quality games from the best software providers in the sector, including Microgaming and Playtech.

AstroPay Casinos in Colombia

Colombia has been the first country in the LatAm region to legally regulate online gambling. There are many web casinos operating in this country where 6 out of 10 people are gamblers. At AstroPay casinos Colombia based punters get an excellent payment method for making online transactions. With AstroPay they can instantly make deposits in a way which is more secure than if they would make them with traditional debit or credit cards.

If you are curious about where one can make a deposit with AstroPay in Colombia, choose an online casino from the list below:

  • Video Slots
  • Vbet
  • 888

We have selected these gambling venues since they all belong to the top AstroPay online casinos in Colombia. Each of this online casino is licensed in a reputable gambling jurisdictions, provides friendly customer support and offers superb bonuses for its players from Colombia.

In other words, if they want to play in an online casino Colombia based web punters should try out AstroPay to smoothly make deposits.

AstroPay Casinos in Mexico

Although online gambling is not yet officially regulated in Mexico, such local casino giants as Caliente offer web services to local punters. Besides that, Mexico based online gamblers also have access to international gambling venues.

AstroPay offers local web punters unique opportunity to make instant gambling transactions and fund their virtual debit card with one of many payment options available. Besides that, at an AstroPay casino Mexico based gamblers will get the highest standards of safety when transferring their money online.

If you are want to make an AstroPay deposit in Mexico, here the list of the best online platforms for you to choose from:

  • Royal Vegas
  • Vbet
  • 888

All of the above mentioned gambling venues belong to the top layer online casinos in Mexico that accept AstroPay. We have chosen them for you since all of these online casinos are licensed in proper gambling jurisdictions, offer friendly customer support and rich bonuses for their visitors from Mexico.

As you can see, if you want to have a smooth deposit experience while playing at Mexico online casinos AstroPay is a perfect payment solution for that.

AstroPay Casinos in Peru

While local authorities are in the process of legalizing online gambling, Peruvian gamblers can enjoy playing at numerous web casinos which are available to them. AstroPay is the payment solution which makes it very simple for local punters to make online deposits. At an AstroPay casino Peru based online gamblers can make instant money transactions without having to worry about the safety of their transfers.

If you are looking for where to make an AstroPay deposit in Peru, here is the list of online gambling venues for you to choose from:

  • Royal Vegas
  • Euro Place
  • 888

All these web gambling venues are considered by many experts to be among the best AstroPay online casinos in Peru. There are sound reasons for that since all of them are licensed in reputable gambling jurisdictions and offer their visitors high quality game graphics as well as rich bonuses.

If you want to play at online casinos in Peru, we recommend you to choose AstroPay for making deposits. This will definitely make your gambling experience more enjoyable.

AstroPay Casinos in Uruguay

Online gambling is legal in Uruguay, however local authorities do all they can to block international web casinos that are offering their services to local punters. In the same time, at the AstroPay casinos Uruguay based gamblers can easily make deposits without having to worry about possible safety of their money transactions.

888 is regarded to be the best AstroPay online casino in Uruguay since it is licensed at a respectable gambling jurisdiction and offers high quality game graphics as well as attractive bonuses to the punters from this country.

To sum up, one may safely say that if you want to play at Uruguay online casino AstroPay is an ideal payment option to choose.

AstroPay Casino Types

Mobile Casinos that Accept AstroPay

Since the days the smartphones have entered our lives, mobile casinos have become a very easy way to enjoy online gambling. If you choose to play at mobile casinos online, you will be able to do this whenever and wherever you like.

If you want to have a seamless payment experience when making deposits at smartphone casinos online you should find an efficient money transfer service. AstroPay is by far one of the best options for the residents of some LatAm countries who like to play at mobile casinos. At a mobile casino with AstroPay as a money transfer option for making deposits you can instantly make gambling transactions and fund it with a wide variety of payment solutions that are available to you.

At a mobile casino AstroPay deposit can be made in a very straightforward way. In order to get access to your virtual card while playing at an online casino mobile AstroPay app can be downloaded both for Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, when playing at an AstroPay casino mobile devices of different types can be used.
Besides that, thanks to downloadable apps AstroPay is a super convenient payment method to be used at online casinos for making gambling transactions. You do not have to use your mobile browser to make a money transfer at an AstroPay mobile casino and can, instead, make a direct payment from your phone which is less time consuming and a much more convenient way to do that.

But in order to find a reliable and convenient mobile casino accepting AstroPay one should check many criteria related to safety issues and game quality.

If you are looking for a high quality AstroPay gambling platform, check one of the following websites:

  • Royal Vegas
  • Roy Richie
  • 777

All of these online casinos are completely safe to play at and offer their visitors from the LatAm region rich bonuses and friendly customer support service.

If you want to make an AstroPay deposit mobile casino provider can even give you a special bonus for choosing this instant payment method to make your gambling transactions.

As you can see by now, whenever you want to play in a mobile casino AstroPay is a perfect online payment method for the residents of the LatAm region to choose for making their money transfers instantly and in an easy to do way.

Live Casinos that Accept AstroPay

Live dealer casinos have changed the way we gamble online and are becoming increasingly popular among the players around the globe, including LatAm region. Since they give their visitors an unprecedented opportunity to play the games of chance with a real human from the comfort of one’s home, live dealer casinos are definitely here to stay.

In a live casino AstroPay can often be offered to online gamblers from the LatAm region. In order to choose the best AstroPay online casino you should, however, pay special attention to safety related issues, check the customer support and games quality as well as make sure that the language you are comfortable with is supported so as to be able to communicate in a comfortable way in case some issues will need to be set with your gambling provider.

If you want to play at the top live casinos with AstroPay casino deposits option, check one of the following venues:

  • 888
  • Vbet
  • 777

Our experts have chosen them since all of these AstroPay online casinos are properly licensed in respectable gambling jurisdiction such as the UK and Malta. They all use software from the best providers in the iGaming sector, including Microgaming and Playtech and offer their visitors who are based in the LatAm region attractive bonuses.

It must also be said, that one can encounter some internet connection problems when trying to play live dealer games at their mobile platforms. These problems are not specific to AstroPay online casinos. They are caused simply because this type of online gambling in general requires a wide bandwidth to support high quality audio and video streaming and, therefore, we recommend our readers to use a WiFi connection when playing with a live dealer at the smartphones and tablets.

All the above said, we can only add that we always advise our readers from LatAm countries that if they want to play in an online live casino AstroPay is the right payment option to choose since it enables one to make instant deposits in an easy way and accepts a wide variety of funding options.

New Casinos that Accept AstroPay

New online casino sites are appearing every year on the internet. Since in the iGaming industry the competition is very high, new online casino operators have to offer their visitors some special features in order to get them sign up to a newly established gambling platform. As a result, we often can see rich bonuses, as well as a wide variety of convenient payment methods, such as AstroPay, offered at new online casinos. But even if you see that at a new casino AstroPay is being offered among other online payment options, you should, nevertheless, check other criteria to make sure that a particular gambling platform is worth playing at. For example, you should check whether its license had been issued in one of the reputable jurisdictions. Besides that, you should make sure that the customer support service is available 24/7 and your national currency is accepted for making deposits.

Besides that, at a new AstroPay casino there often could be implemented some innovative technologies which are about to change the way we gamble online. Virtual reality games are one such innovation that is soon to be offered by new AstroPay online casinos. New online casinos also tend to offer such cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, altcoin and ether to make gambling transactions. Although cryptos are perfect match for making online gambling transactions in many countries of the world thanks to the fact that they are anonymous and enable instant payments, local authorities around the globe have not yet adopted favorable regulations in this area. That is why such convenient payment methods as AstroPay will still be widely used at new online gambling platforms in the foreseeable future.

To sum up, if you want to find new AstroPay online casinos that are worth playing at you should take into consideration many important criteria that are vital for a seamless gambling experience.

AstroPay Casino Bonuses

In an AstroPay casino bonus offerings can presented to attract more players to the online gambling platform. Such welcome bonuses can be of several different types. In each case you should carefully read the bonus terms of use before taking them since there could be some not very pleasant limitations stipulated there.

Deposit match bonuses are one of the most popular type of welcome promo offerings that can be found on the AstroPay online casinos. The money that you have deposited will be doubled if you take a 100% match bonus. A certain sum can also be specified upon which you will be given an established some of extra money. For example, if you transfer $150 to your online gambling account and take a 100% deposit bonus up to $100, you will get only $100 of extra money to play with.

At AstroPay online casinos there are also no deposit bonuses presented to new comers. In this case you do not even have to make any deposits to get some extra money for making bets. All you need to do is to sign up at an AstroPay online casino that offers this type of bonuses.

Refer-a-friend bonus is another type of promo offerings that can be found at AstroPay online casinos. This type of bonuses is provided to those players which have managed to invite new players to sign up at a gambling platform. However, it must be said that refer-a-friend bonuses are not that often being presented at AstroPay gambling platforms today.

There are also other varieties of free offerings apart from welcome bonuses at online casinos that accept AstroPay as their online payment method for making gambling transactions. For those loyal players who have reached the VIP program as well as for high rollers AstroPay online gambling providers can present special bonuses on a monthly basis.

As we have already mentioned, before taking a bonus at an AstroPay online gambling venue, you should first carefully read its terms of use since several limitations can be established that will spoil your playing experience. For example, it can be stipulated that only certain games are eligible for playing with bonus money. In other cases, the online gambling operator can establish certain time limits within which the bonus money can be spent. Wagering limits can also be mentioned in the bonus terms. This means that you will only be able to make bets of certain size.

As we have already mentioned elsewhere, at an online casino AstroPay bonus can sometimes be awarded to those players who decided to choose this convenient payment method for making gambling transactions.

As should be obvious from all that was said above, bonus offerings come at AstroPay online casinos in different types and varieties. The only thing that you should not forget about before taking a particular kind of bonus is to read its terms of use. This way you will be able to preclude any possible limitations that can be associated with your bonus offering and make your gambling experience at the AstroPay online casino seamless.

AstroPay Casino FAQ

Are AstroPay Casinos Safe to Play?
AstroPay online gambling platforms are completely safe to play at. The online security standards that this payment service uses are higher than those of traditional credit card systems.
Do All Casinos Accept AstroPay?
Unfortunately, not all gambling venues accept this online payment method. It is only accepted at online casinos that provide their services in the LatAm region.
What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via AstroPay?
The minimum deposit that you can make with this online payment method is USD$20. However, it can vary depending on the gambling provider you use.
What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via AstroPay?
The maximum amount of money that you can deposit with AstroPay equals USD$500. In some of the gambling platforms this sum may vary.
Are There Any Fees Charged?
Online gambling providers usually do not charge any fees when this online payment method is used for making deposits. However, you can pay some extra money when uploading your virtual card.
Are AstroPay Deposits Instant?
Unlike other similar online payment methods, AstroPay allows you to make instant deposits. This is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of this online payment method.
Are AstroPay Deposits Allowed in My Country?
Currently this payment service is only available in 9 countries of the LatAm region and China. If you cannot use it in your country, try out some other payment methods that may be accessible to you. For instance, at PayPal online casino venues you can use one of the most popular online payment methods on the globe. You can also check our list of Neosurf casino platforms where an easy to use prepaid card can be used for making gambling transactions. Besides that, at a PaysafeCard casino deposit method of similar convenience is being offered.
Can I Use AstroPay in Mobile Casinos?
You can use this online service at mobile gambling venues. To make your payment experience even more comfortable AstroPay has developed downloadable apps for different types of mobile platforms.

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