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With a history of gambling that stretches over fifty years, Montreal has a favorable view on gaming of all kinds, both online and in-person. In fact, funds generated from gambling is how the Montreal Olympics was paid for! Montreal’s model of funding the Olympics had a significant impact as other cities examined how they could host the games. What once started as lotteries for charitable use has grown into full-fledged casinos offering a healthy variety of your favorite games. Whether it’s physical or digital, if you’re headed to the casino in Montreal, you’re in for a great time.

Top Online Casinos in Montreal for 2022

Online Gambling in Montreal: History, Laws, and Help

Montreal has a colorful history of gambling that has always been backed by the government of Quebec. Not surprisingly, this has led to Quebec being the home of the largest casino in all of Canada. In its first year, the Montreal Casino operated with 700 hundred employees; as of 2020, the casino now employs over 2,500 people. There are some great benefits to gambling in Montreal, the most obvious of which is that each province’s government regulates all in-person gambling. That makes it an extremely safe place to play with only one or two notable scandals in its nearly thirty-year history.

History of Gambling

The first casino near Montreal broke ground in 1993. Established by the Société des casinos du Québec, the Montreal Casino is still the Quebec casino scene’s crown jewel. Less than a year within its inception, the casino faced its first major Keno scandal. A young Canadian college student named Daniel Corriveau had won CAD 600,000 on Keno; The problem was he had done it by guessing 19 out of 20 numbers correctly three times in a row, which triggered an investigation from casino management. When confronted, Corriveau cited Chaos Theory for his success, but the truth was much simpler. The casino was not changing the initial seed number each day, which resulted in the same numbers being played each day. Corriveau had discovered this and bet accordingly. The government of Quebec ultimately ruled that Corriveau had not broken any laws, and therefore he received his winnings from the casino.

The Casino de Montreal was the first casino established in the province, but it was quickly followed by the Casino de Charlevoix, Casino Du Lac-Leamy, and the newest addition, the Casino de Mont-Tremblant. These four casinos typically attract a total of approximately 11 million visits each year, solidifying gaming venues as a long-time dynamic of Quebec’s tourism industry.

Laws Regulating Gambling in Montreal

Given that the government has been involved from the very beginning, gamblings laws in the Montreal Casino and greater Quebec are extensive and well-detailed. Some of the interesting ones include the fact that all casino games can be offered in a tournament format if a casino chooses so. Players would pay an entry fee for the tournament rather than paying each wager. Casinos are legally permitted to operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and cater to any patrons aged 18 or older.

Many of Quebec’s laws concerning gaming focus on making sure games are fairly regulated, and players are protected. For example, Quebec casino law states that “The rules of a table game must be indicated in a document placed near the gaming table, and that place must be indicated at the table.” That document can outline everything from the number of players allowed at the table at once to the specific rules for handling dice (if applicable) and even how wagering works. Two other laws state that wagers can be made using Canadian currency, coupons, chips, or other objections according to the game or slot machine, but no verbal wagers and no credit of any kind may be issued by casinos in any form whatsoever.

Getting Help for Problem Gambling in Montreal

Given that gambling has been regulated by the government from the beginning, it’s no surprise that the Quebec government has run a gambling hotline since the casinos opened their doors. Founded in 1993, the Gambling: Help and Referral program’s mission has always been helping through information. The program operates a 24/7 anonymous phone line and online chat service to help identify the needs of callers, assess possible solutions, and then suggest or provide referrals to the appropriate resources.

The program boasts over 25 years of experience, has fielded over 250,000 calls since its inception, and the average wait time to speak to a counselor is only 45 seconds. Video lottery terminal players have the largest margin of problem gamblers at an estimated 16.4% of all video lottery players, which isn’t surprising considering that lotteries in general are the most popular form of gambling in Quebec. What is shocking is that video lottery players have a much greater chance of growing into low-risk or problem gamblers than those players who regularly frequent paper lotteries. Nearly 20% more players of video lotteries are identified as low-risk or problematic gamblers than those that play physical or paper lotteries. Problem gamblers in Quebec have an average of $23,928 in annual gambling expenses, while moderate-risk gamblers average $3653 in yearly gambling expenses. It’s important to remember that non-problem gamblers make up over 90% of all Quebec players, but even still, non-problem gamblers typically average $492 in gambling expenses annually. Remember, you should never attempt to chase your losses when gambling, and never bet more than you’re able to lose. It’s better to walk away and be able to play another day than the alternative.

Discover the Best Casinos in Montreal

Whether you’re centered directly in the city of Montreal or traveling from one of the greater rural parts of Quebec, you can be assured that there are world-class gaming options available to you whether you want the in-person casino floor experience or want to enjoy your favorite table games from the couch. Four brick-and-mortar casinos, all regulated by Quebec’s provincial government, await players of all types, while online offerings are even more diverse and varied for those who want to enjoy table games from the comfort of their home. We’ll help players find the best casino for their enjoyment and gaming tendencies.

Online vs. Offline Montreal Casinos

One unique element of online casinos compared to offline casinos in Montreal is that the government of Quebec actually offers online versions of nearly all of their in-person offerings. This allows players to gamble virtually with a similar security, protections, and options across the board. This legalized online option enables players to bet legally with a trustworthy partner while knowing their personal information is encrypted to provincial government standards. The regulated online gambling option represents one of the widest networks available for digital players in Montreal. This is undeniably a huge advantage for players not wanting to worry about whether they’re depositing with a reputable vendor or not.

While there are all these benefits to the regulated online casino in Montreal, the fact is, even the best online casino isn’t the same feeling as being on the casino floor in the heart of the action, feeding off the energy and spirit of other players at your table. Quebec has four different casinos to choose from, with the Casino de Montreal being located right in the heart of downtown Montreal for the enjoyment of natives and tourists twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Players can expect a world-class experience with luxury dining and entertainment options readily available at each casino.

How to Choose Best Online Casinos in Montreal

While you’ll always have the option of government sanctions online casinos in Montreal Quebec, it’s understandable to want to test the waters with new venues, particularly if they have enticing deals for newcomers. The first thing you should do when scoping out a new venue to deposit some playing money is to make sure the casino is legal. When checking an online vendor in Montreal outside of the Loto-Quebec network, the vendor should have their license to operate presented on their website from their own country or territory. If they don’t, that should be your first red flag.

If their license is clearly displayed, the next step is to make sure there’s a healthy roster of games you’d like to play, and that the quality of the gaming software is up-to-date. Most reputable websites will have this information up-front and may even boast about the cutting-edge of their software. If a website seems to be trying to hide that information, or you can’t find any information about that gambling technology outside of the website, you may want to steer clear. Lastly, you’ll want to check both deposit options and withdrawal turn-around times. One of the fastest withdrawal methods is Bitcoin, while other more traditional methods may require as long as seven to ten business days.

Top Land-Based Casinos in Montreal

Every casino in Montreal is regulated and backed by the Quebec provincial government, so really, when it comes down to it, you’ll choose a casino based on your tastes, gaming preferences, and maybe even the most enticing package or lucrative deal to new players. It really is the best of both worlds for passionate bettors because the regulations ensure that you have both security and freedom to explore casinos in Montreal and find the one that best suits your luck without worrying about legitimacy fraudulent practices.

Casino de Montreal

The crown jewel of Montreal’s gaming scene, the Casino de Montreal, is the old favorite among locals. The first casino to break ground in the province, the Casino de Montreal has been expanded twice since its doors opened in 1993. It might not look like any other casino you’ve been in, given that some of the features of the three-building structure are low-ceilings and ample windows. The casino features over 100 game tables and over 3,200 slot machines. They even recently created a special section of the casino called “The Zone,” where large groups of friends can play table games for low stakes led by a game host with interactive scoreboards.

Casino de Mont-Tremblant

When it comes to the casinos in Montreal and Quebec, Casino de Mont-Tremblant is the newest addition to the stable. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in scenery and beautiful vistas surrounded by trees and mountains in the lush green Candian countryside. Players enjoy close access to a nearby National park. For those wanting to test their luck, the casino features over five-hundred slot machines and over sixteen game tables to choose from. Table game options include blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat, and the casino features two bars, a restaurant, and even frequent shows. Much like the Casino de Montreal, the Casino de Mont-Tremblant is a unique must-have experience.

Montreal Casinos FAQ

📌  Are Online Casinos in Montreal Safe to Play?
The vast majority of online Montreal casinos are safe to play. Any that are run or sponsored by Loto-Quebec should be considered safe to play. Those not sponsored or outside of the network should be displaying the gaming license from their province or territory.
📌  Who Regulates Online Gambling in Montreal?
Online gambling in Montreal is regulated through the Societe des Casinos du Quebec and the larger Loto-Quebec. Their online offerings are all regulated to the same standards as their in-person casinos.
📌  What is the Gambling Age in Montreal?
The gambling age in Montreal is 18 years old or older.
📌  Do I Need to Pay Taxes on Winnings?
In stark contrast to most other countries, the Quebec and Canadian government does not tax your casino or online gambling winnings. This is one of the reasons so many players are attracted to Montreal year in and year out!
📌  What are the Recommended Payment Methods?
Traditional Visa and Mastercard deposits remain the most popular, but for online in comparison to land-based casinos, bitcoin tends to be a favorite among players for its immediate deposits and withdrawals.

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