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EPS casino is quite a synonym to “safe gambling” in Austria. If, after mentioning that EPS is the official payments system of the e-Government in this country, you still wonder why the most reliable online casinos prefer to use it prior to any other methods, this article will provide you with enough details on EPS usage in the local gambling industry. What’s more important, the most comprehensive list of the best casino sites that accept EPS as a deposit mean is presented inside.

Electronic Payment Standard is an exclusively Austrian secure payment processing company created by the major local banks (Bank Austria, Volksbank, Erste Bank, Hypo and many others) in cooperation with STUZZA (Study Association for Payment Transactions). We believe that even reading the sentence above is enough to be sure that any real money transactions made via EPS are no games. The system has a very fast and clear process to complete casino deposits or withdrawals and the largest partner bank coverage in the country. When speaking of EPS, the only serious limitation it imposes is the requirement of every merchant in the network to be based in Austria. Nevertheless, as soon as you will get acquainted with the legislation applied to the Austrian betting houses, you will find out this limitation rather appears to be a benefit for the online casinos in this country.

Apart from explaining the details of EPS utilization and a complete list of reliable online casinos running on this system, the article provides with some useful info on mobile gambling perks and some bonus policies. Keep reading to get familiar with one of the most popular casino payment methods in Austria. EPS is definitely the one you don’t want to miss out on!

Best Online Casinos that accept EPS

EPS Casinos for Real Money

Due to their great availability, online casinos are tough to be chosen from. The challenge sophisticates as you put certain filters for a payment system on, for example, “online casinos that accept EPS payments”. There are so many online casinos that take EPS in Austria (learn why below) that it may take a lot of effort to select which one to trust your money to. And it’s not about security – EPS casinos are absolutely safe to play, it’s about the proper gambling experience you get in the end. We want you to have the best time possible behind the slots, therefore we save your time and energy with this list of the best online casinos that accept EPS payment gateway. Choose the EPS online casino you like the most and feel the convenience of using this system provides.

How to Deposit at EPS Casinos?

EPS casinos deposit is an ultimately simple and secure thing to do. Follow these few steps to complete transactions in the EPS online casinos:

  1. Select the option of EPS deposit in a casino of your preference to get redirected to the central list displaying partnering Austrian banks.
  2. Select your client bank and log in.
  3. Finalize the EPS casino deposit via the TAN drawing.

As you spend 30-40 seconds on this process, you will immediately receive an electronic confirmation of the successful casino EPS transaction. An important note is that your personal data is kept secret while paying to online casinos accepting EPS. The payment system guarantees to restrain third parties from accessing any payment details, so nothing apart from transaction volume will be available to the online casino EPS. With that said, we strongly recommend you to try this system if you are playing in Austria. Learn what casinos accept EPS as a payment method above.

How to Withdraw from EPS Casinos?

EPS casino withdrawal procedure is somewhat a shortened version of the deposit via this system. After hitting the respective button, an online casino with EPS withdrawal will redirect you to the bank list page. After you log in to your client bank the money is ready to be transferred. The EPS withdrawal time appears to be slightly shorter than of the deposit since you are skipping the TAN stage.

Advantages of Using EPS as Deposit Methods

EPS system positions itself as the safest payment system in the country, putting security above anything else, so you can be sure your money and personal data are OK, whenever you are playing at EPS casino sites.

  1. Data protection. All of the personal or financial data you have provided while paying in the top EPS casinos are guaranteed to be kept away from the third parties.
  2. Your usual banking system used. Redirecting to your client bank protects from any unnecessary hassle and confusing. It’s simple, familiar, and convenient.
  3. No registration needed. You are not required to set up the EPS account if you wish to play in online casinos accepting EPS for deposits.
  4. No additional costs. Using EPS payment gateway is completely free of charge.

EPS Casinos by Countries

EPS Casinos in Austria

Austrian online casino sites are well-known for being completely legal, as the legislation proclaims. That’s why we see a lot of big payment operators willing to integrate into the online gambling industry here (e.g. Klarna online casinos). What makes the local EPS payment gateway staying competitive against, say, Giropay casino online, available Europe-wide? The answer lies within the legislation again. The thing is that the law requires an online casino to obtain the Austrian gambling license and open a physical office registered within the country borders in order to be legal.

Keeping in mind that EPS is an exclusively Austrian network, requiring both merchants and banks to be based in this country, makes the EPS gambling in Austria more than natural. Indeed, Austrian online casinos that accept EPS benefit in a number of ways, one of which is a local bank network. When being established, EPS has teamed up with almost an entire list of Austrian banks, making it the most convenient online payment gateway for the local players. This is something which gives an EPS casino in Austria the edge over the big players mentioned above. Eventually, “EPS powered online casino” became almost a synonym to the “Austrian online casino” since every online gambling operator in Austria strives for integrating this payment system.

If you also want to benefit from this real-time banking service in Austria, this page is exactly what you need. Here you can find a complete list to select an online casino Austria EPS approved by our experts. Every position from the list is guaranteed to deliver stunning gameplay, a wide choice of world-class games, and complete security. So, don’t waste a minute and check it out as soon as possible!

EPS Casino Types

As the online gambling market is getting more lucrative and competitive, players do benefit from the ever-emerging upgrades to their gaming experience, introduced by operators in the pursuit of capturing larger market share. Online casinos have stepped into the era of high customization and personalization, going way further than just adjusting languages and currencies to the needs of a particular player. We are now exposed to the number of innovations which are about to change the way we play online dramatically. To keep up with the pace of change, we are presenting three fundamental trends in online gambling happening right now, each backed up with the list of EPS-powered casinos. Let’s go!

Mobile Casinos that Accept EPS

We believe it’s needless to explain why we have created a compilation of the best mobile casino sites at SlotsUp. The significance of smartphones in our lives is skyrocketing, becoming the main channel literally for whatever, so it’s a fatal mistake for any business not to go mobile. The same is true for online casinos, that’s why we discuss mobile casino accepting EPS now. Prior to anything else, we are happy to announce that you will have absolutely no problems to place a mobile casino EPS deposit. Let’s find out why.

First of all, not a single EPS mobile casino requires you to download any kind of software to your phone to process the payment. As long as EPS is just a secure mediator between a merchant and a bank, the convenience of putting the EPS deposit in mobile casino relies on your client bank’s smartphone compatibility. Since it’s very hard to find an Austrian bank without a dedicated app, you can be sure to have a comfortable EPS mobile casino experience. Overall, we find the mobile casino with EPS to be very user-friendly, allowing you to deposit and withdraw money even on the go. The only limitation of mobile casino EPS provides is the need for a quality Internet connection. Make sure it’s OK while finalizing your payments in order to avoid any inconveniences.

If you find a casino mobile EPS sound, we have a great collection of approved online casinos powered by this payment system ready to be launched on your smartphone. Have fun!

Live Casinos that Accept EPS

Live dealer online casino has been the most anticipated innovation in the online gambling industry lately. Fair enough, this online casino variation delivers a different experience altogether. Live casinos with EPS casino deposits are in fact a combination of the real inland casinos together with good old online casinos we all know and love. The above is achieved via streaming a real person dealing cards in the special studio or even doing it live in some casino with the rest of the process remains to be the same you are used to having in a regular online casino. Online live casino EPS is a great option for those who strive to feel a sort of presence in the real gambling hall but for some reason are unable to be there. It’s also true that some people simply prefer the comfort of their own home.

Online live casinos remain to be a sort of “rara avis” still, so it may be somewhat tough to find a really good one while filtering for the particular payment method. Bypass any challenges with seeking for a fine live casino EPS by checking a list of trusted live casinos we have carefully compiled just for you!

New Casinos that Accept EPS

Selecting a good and reliable online casino is one of the most popular article topics in the online gambling world and we have touched the base here at SlotsUp for a number of times as well. Despite trying new things is always exciting, hitting the new casino sites may disappoint occasionally if no proper research is done in advance. Even though Austria may not be the most saturated market out there and new EPS casino launches happen rather rarely, it is still better to stay on the safe side, knowing the principal characteristics of a reliable online casino:

  • Eligible online gambling license (Curacao, Malta or alike)
  • Extensive range of games from leading providers (e.g. Microgaming)
  • Accessible and understandable bonus terms & conditions
  • Reasonable choice of popular payment methods (EPS included)

We do acknowledge that seeking and validating new EPS online casinos is quite a time-consuming process not that many people have time and courage for. So, if you rather prefer gambling than researching, look out for the SlotsUp EPS casino directory – every new casino EPS will be presented on the top of the list upon approval. The list is regularly updated, so make sure to give it a go whenever you wish to experience the thrill of a new online casino!

EPS Casino Bonuses

We have previously referred to bonuses as to one of the fine casino’s credentials. Just a quick reminder: a reliable online casino will always have the bonus terms and conditions easily acceptable and clear. As a player, you must have been poured with various bonus offers on a daily basis causing a great deal of temptation. In this section, we will discuss the specificities of various EPS casino bonus types, covering the benefits of using them as well as some of the limitations they deliver. Maybe, it will provide you with a hint whether using bonuses is reasonable for you or not.

So, the major online casino EPS bonus kinds are:

  • Deposit, or welcome, bonus. This is a one-time reward offered by online casinos to capture new clients. The bonus is only awarded for the first-time money deposit placed upon registration. Technically, it multiplies the funds you deposit according to the rate announced. For instance, an initial deposit of $200 transforms into 600 gaming dollars with the application of the 200% welcome bonus. To compete with rivals, online casinos often introduce sky-high welcome bonuses going above 200% rate even, so be on the lookout for such bonuses if you wish to increase your bankroll dramatically.
  • Referrals. This is a very common type of reward which is nothing else than a direct exchange of money for the new clients you bring to an online casino. The only thing you need to know is that such bonuses are enabled only in case the prospects you direct to the casino complete the registration and place a money deposit.
  • No-deposit bonus. As seen from the name, these bonuses do not require any money inputs from you. This type of bonuses is a totally unpredictable one, having various forms and occasions to be offered. No-deposits can be either gaming money or a set of free spins/rolls. When it comes to occasions, these bonuses can be aimed to celebrate any relevant milestones (new game release, online casinos birthday, etc.) or even granted on the completely random basis. It’s different for every online casino, so check it when you’re in.

Even though we’ve put a spotlight on bonuses as a mean of credibility, always keep in mind that any bonus is a marketing tool to attract customers firsthand. Always try to research the conditions of their usage if you don’t want to get frustrated with inadequate wagers and other obstacles afterward.

EPS Casino FAQ

Are EPS Casinos Safe to Play?
Absolutely safe! Your bank-specific data will never be queried or cached by a third party during the entire process of the EPS bank transfer. The transaction takes place in the familiar and secure environment of your online banking.
Do All Casinos Accept EPS?
We have compiled a thorough list of reliable casinos powered by EPS payment gateway which you can access here.
What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via EPS?
EPS does not regulate the deposit volumes. You can find out a specific lower limit of a deposit in the EPS casino of your preference.
What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via EPS?
EPS does not regulate the deposit volumes. You can find out a specific upper limit of a deposit in the EPS casino of your preference.
Are There Any Fees Charged?
No, EPS does not impose any payment processing fees.
Are EPS Deposits Instant?
Orders are instantly redirected by EPS to your client banking system. Afterward, the speed of transaction depends on the partner bank.
Are EPS Deposits Allowed in My Country?
EPS is an exclusively Austrian network, meaning that all the merchants and banks are required to be based in this country. Nevertheless, you can complete a transaction within the system from anywhere in the world outside of Austria, if having a proper Internet connection. If there is a need, a wider span of serviced countries, including Austria, is offered by Sofort online casinos. Also, Austria gave birth to another one payment system with a worldwide coverage – so be sure to check PaysafeCard casinos whenever you wish to go global.
Can I Use EPS in Mobile Casinos?
Sure, EPS is fully compatible with mobile platforms. To start using EPS, no additional software is needed.

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