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    eSports Betting Online

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    Esport betting online is one of the popular options among gamblers. It offers to make stakes on various clans in popular games. In general, electronic sport presupposes a sort of competitive gaming, where either groups or individuals play against each other.

    It’s a comparatively new wave in the video gaming industry. In the past, playing with multiple players on the network was impossible. However, the development of technologies helped create many advanced gaming products which support a multiplayer option. After a while, many devoted players became professionals and even won people’s hearts. Thus, the electronic sport was invented.

    Today, there’re various games where players compete. Thanks to that, fans worldwide can play advanced gaming products, support their favorite clan, and earn money.

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    How To Make Stakes on Esports

    Egames betting is very peculiar. It’s required to understand how to make stakes and how to define the most successful odds. Those who have ever tried traditional sports betting online can easily shift to esport betting. While it might seem unusual to make a bet on gamers’ efforts, it is actually almost the same as betting on football players or other sportsmen.

    eSports Betting Online

    Today, there’re many different games and various professional egames representatives. To make a certain stake, it’s required to find a reliable betting sites esports. Pay attention to the following aspects:

    • The presence of a license
    • Reasonable prices for e-sports betting (various bookmakers can offer different odds from one and the same match)
    • Types of stakes available
    • Bounties and online casino bonuses the platform offers.

    There’re diverse platforms that offer such services. Thus, create an account, make a deposit, and choose one of the options provided to make a bet. Note that the bookmaker sets definite stakes, which customers should choose from. Before making a bet, make sure to study a certain game and the group of gamers you’re going to support. It’s important to consider the history of games, wins, and losses.

    The Issue of Odds

    Electronic sport is about betting, attention, and luck. Thus, always pay attention to the odds. They depend on the likelihood of a certain event happening.

    Esports betting odds are the heart of any bet. They are divided into decimal and fractional. The first type is the most common and can be used in any possible option in e-sport gambling. Let’s consider an example. Imagine that a bettor makes a stake on League of Legends at odds of 5.00. The bet is 10 USD. In the case of winning, he/she will obtain 50 USD as a reward. Besides, the initial stake will be returned. The conclusion is that the bigger the decimal odds are, the more generous the reward from a sportsbook can be. At the same time, the events with high odds are less likely to happen compared to those with lower odds. It means they are riskier.

    Fractional odds (FOs) are more common in the UK. They are widely used to demonstrate the likelihood of a certain event. FOs are rarely used in various world events and don’t include the original bet. For example, if you have 4/1 odds, it means that the chance that the event will happen is 20%. It’s calculated the following way: 1/(4+1) = 0.20. It also means that for every 1 USD wagered, a bettor can get 4 USD in return. Sportsbooks decide themselves which group or player is likely to win. Thus, they define the odds correspondingly.

    The type of odds doesn’t actually influence a match’s result or the winning amount.

    Esports Betting on FPS

    The most attractive thing to bet on esports is FPS. It stands for first-person shooters. Such gaming products provide a wonderful overview of the actions and make the fans thrilled.

    The games usually have team-based gameplay, which is perfect for the world of esport gambling. There’re many different aspects bettors can make stakes on. Besides, the gaming products are diverse and represented by various classic combat games and advanced modern products.

    Most Popular Products for Egames Wagering

    Along with FPS, there’re many other sorts of games that have made professional groups of gamers known worldwide. Fans from different countries support them and frequently bet on their winnings or achievements. There’re several genres bettors like the most:

    • Online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA)
    • Sports simulators
    • Battle royal
    • Fighting
    • 3rd person shooters
    • Real-time strategies (RTS), etc.

    Let’s observe a list of the most favored esports gambling products on various sportsbooks:

    Product Description
    Dota 2 This product belongs to the MOBA genre, one of the most favored today. There’re professional clans of gamers in many countries, including the USA, China, and many South American and European countries. According to the world ranking, the best gamers today are from Tundra Esports, Secret, Liquid, and Aster.

    The game was created in 2013. The matches are organized between 2 groups consisting of 5 members. Each group has a base indicated on the map. Their task is to protect it. Besides, there’re individual combats during the match. The game allows the selection of various characters with unique abilities and development throughout the gaming process.

    VALORANT This game belongs to the adored FPS genre. The product was inspired by the legendary Counter-Strike (CS: GO) and contained the elements of tactics. Players are divided into groups. One of them is attacking, while the other one is defending. Each group has 5 participants. Every character has interesting abilities. Bettors can enjoy gambling esports and making bets on a certain player, clan, number of kills, objectives reached, and other issues. The gaming product was released in 2020. The most popular professionals are from North America. It’s possible to mention Sentinels, Cloud9, and a few others with a great number of fans.
    Call of Duty It’s another FPS and a legendary game that was first released in 2003. The latest product appeared in 2022. Today, the game has its own league of professional gamers. The latest competition was Major II in Boston. The professional gamers’ clans include Florida Mutineers, London Royal Ravens, and Los Angeles Thieves, to name just a few.
    Rainbow Six It’s an FPS with the element of tactics. The title refers to the whole series of games. And the one available on the Web is Siege. Various groups of gamers compete with each other to become undisputable champions. Professional clans can be found in various parts of the world, including the USA, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Advanced gamers take part in the most important tournaments, such as the Six Invitational. Among the most skillful pro clans, it’s possible to mention W7M Esports, KOI, Elevate, and many others.
    StarCraft 2 The product is an RTS in the science fiction genre. The game refers to a series of products and offers an exciting multiplayer mode, which makes this game a popular electronic sport. The product was released in 2010. The first StarCraft leagues were organized in 2003. Modern pro clans are very skillful, and the campaign missions they complete are extremely interesting to watch. As for the titles, I can call Liquid and Evil Geniuses the most prominent representatives.
    Arena of Valor This product belongs to the MOBA genre and is created as an international adaptation of a Chinese game. This product was peculiar because it was developed for mobile devices. The general look and gameplay are very similar to the other favored MOBA product – League of Legends. Players join teams and choose unique characters with their own abilities. By getting experience, they increase their levels. The game has various tasks, which are nice to bet on. Players kill monsters, fulfill various missions, collect objects, take part in matches, and defeat other players. Bacon Time, Buriram United Esports, and Talon Esports are the main reward winners now.
    Age of Empires II The game is an RTS. It was created in 1999 and immediately became a hit. Today, hundreds of players enjoy multiplayer mode. The main aims are the creation of armies, town-building, and resource gathering. It’s an exciting and thoughtful game; every professional player should be smart. Almost 1,500 contests have been carried out by now. The total reward paid for all the tournaments is almost 3 billion USD. The most prominent clans are GamerLegion and Aftermath.
    Apex Legends This product unites two genres, which are battle royal and shooter. The set of the game is taken from the science fiction Titanfall. The characters are also taken from the series. People are to play in groups of 3. They choose characters with preset abilities. However, each member has his own useful skills to complement the group. There’re matches inside the game, which can include up to 20 teams. Every group appears in a random location. It’s required to find weapons & equipment and build a strategy to beat the opponents. The key task is to survive. The game created in 2019 is extremely popular among professional players. For about 700 competitions, the participants managed to win over 17 billion USD. The most prominent clans are SoloMid, NRG Esports, DarkZero Esports, and a few others.
    Free Fire It’s a purely battle royal product created for mobile devices. In 2019, the game was called the most preferable among users. One of the modes offers team play. 2 groups of players consisting of 4 members each try to defeat each other. Before they start, they have time to buy a weapon and other useful items. Professional players usually use joysticks to demonstrate their excellence. The best clans are Vivo Keyd, Furious Gaming, LOUD, and several others. At least 5 contests devoted to the game will be organized this year. Due to the fact that it’s a new and specifically mobile game, the prize pool isn’t too big now.
    Mobile Legends It’s a classic MOBA created for mobile devices. It appeared in 2016 and soon became widespread across the world. There’s a great collection of characters to choose from. They are featured by unique skills and can help a group to win. Each team taking part in the event consists of 5 participants. The task is to take down the enemy base. Every year, many championships are carried out. By now, the strongest clans are Onic Esports, Malvinas Gaming, and Todak. The leaders are from various Asian countries.
    Warcraft III It’s an RTS, which is created in the fantasy genre. It’s a legendary game, which everyone knows. The product belongs to the series of games. The product is all about exploration and planning. It’s required to build constructions, gather resources, and train units. Besides, it’s important to survive because there’re opponents nearby. In multiplayer mode, the aim is to destroy all the opponent’s constructions. The professional league is very active. There’re professional gamers from various countries – mostly China, S. Korea, and Germany. The game is important to many electronic sports festivals and events. Numerous pro clans include SK Gaming, World Elite, Rogue Warriors, and many others. They are all award-winners. Besides, the prizes during the contests are huge.

    Egames Betting In Different Countries

    The esports live betting industry is becoming increasingly popular every day. The growing number of professional gamers and fans makes it difficult to analyze the current situation. The figures keep changing every day. In general, experts claim that about 2.5 billion people call themselves gamers. Besides, it’s estimated that the global industry of egames has a value of hundreds of billions of dollars. Certain agencies even assure that it’s more than 13 billion USD annually. They forecast that by 2027, the area will earn over 200 billion USD. The main conclusion from these figures is that the industry has grown significantly in recent years. The same concerns gambling on esports.

    The situation with electronic sports isn’t the same in various countries. In fact, the area is more popular in places where the technologies are well-developed and commonly used. Besides, the legislations in different countries greatly differ.

    Egames Betting in the US

    The US is considered one of the most profitable regions when it concerns betting on esports. Here, many legal (and sometimes not certified) sportsbooks deal with the area of egames. More states try to legalize the issue (following the successful New Jersey example). It’s also important to mention that the country is the 2nd largest video gaming market on the globe.

    Many professional competitions take place in the US. Consider, for instance, a popular Dota 2 contest called The International.

    Look at the states where electronic sports betting is legalized (or less restricted):

    • New Jersey (here, there’re many online casinos for USA as well as bookmakers to bet on both sports & esports)
    • New Mexico (the area became more developed following the examples of other stakes, while electronic sports betting is still in its infancy)
    • Colorado (there’re many venues where punters can play video poker online and bet on sports; the state makes the largest revenue for the country)
    • Rhode Island (there’re just 2 retailers supported by the state and a simple app for electronic sports wagering)
    • Delaware (the options are only accessible in land-based venues)
    • North Dakota (the area isn’t fully legalized but it’s allowed wagering via offshore best esports betting sites).

    Egames Betting in Japan

    Although there’re many professional and amateur games in this country, there’re actually no homegrown esports betting sites. However, people find a way out by using offshore gaming venues. Many of them support esports wagering. It’s even possible to find clubs that accept payments with yens. For example, it’s possible to choose one of the reliable GCash casinos online. Japanese bettors can make stakes on clans in Fortnite and many other popular games thanks to them.

    Professional games tend to choose homegrown products instead of options popular in the US or Europe. However, the situation keeps changing due to the fact that the country has become a host of significant electronic sports competitions. Thus, games like Street Fighter, CS, and Call of Duty are very popular today.

    Egames Wagering in the United Kingdom

    Gambling is officially regulated by the government in this region. And electronic sport is one of the important parts of bettors’ lives. There’re many certified platforms where users can create a profile and play in casino, and legally bet on their favorite clans and events. Certain offshore esports betting websites also accept bettors from the UK.

    Many platforms allow making stakes even after the game has begun. The most popular electronic sports events among UK punters are League of Legends (LoL) and CS.

    Egames Betting in Canada

    The betting services can be legally offered to the residents of this country. It concerns both sports & egames betting. However, there’re no home-based venues or websites now. It means that bettors can use only offshore clubs. There’re many venues that accept Canadians, for instance, it’s possible to register at the CryptoReels online casino or choose the other platform, where electronic sports betting services are provided. It’s possible to find clubs that accept both CAD and crypto. Visit, for example, the Bitcoin Penguin casino.

    Canadian bettors adore the majority of popular games – Valorant, Call of Duty, Dota 2, LoL, and others.

    Egames Betting in Australia

    The industry of professional gaming in this region is flourishing. It’s allowed to make bets at dozens of online casinos in Australia. The number of gamers and their fans is constantly growing. Among the Aussies’ favorites, it’s possible to mention Dota 2, LoL, and FIFA.

    As for sportsbooks, there’re several officially licensed and regulated Australian providers. At the same time, there’re many international platforms, which accept punters from this country. For instance, users can choose one of the reputable casinos with PayID to pay and wager comfortably.

    Egames Betting in Germany

    Betting services become less restricted in various European countries. One of the progressive regions in Germany. There have been several attempts to change the laws concerning Internet gambling. However, according to the changes, using international platforms to make stakes was only possible. However, the latest treaty allowed local operators to apply for a license to provide various sports/virtual sports betting options and Internet poker. Search for gaming facilities that support EUR and cryptocurrencies. Consider, for instance, the Black Diamond online casino with a wide range of popular options.

    The most popular options German bettors like betting on are FIFA, CS, LoL, and NBA.

    Egames Wagering Apps

    Modern bettors like being mobile and making stakes at a comfortable time. For them, it’s vital to access their favorite options anywhere and easily navigate through the best esports betting site. To meet the requirements of modern punters, the most reputable clubs offer a user-friendly mobile version of the site and an app. The applications can be created for smartphones/tablets, PCs, or both. Thus, the experience becomes smooth and pleasant.

    To choose a good app, it’s required to consider such aspects as

    • Usability (nice interface and navigation)
    • Good customer assistance (every bettor should be able to contact support agents and solve a problem easily)
    • Bounties available (apps should also offer nice rewards for new and regular bettors)
    • Accessibility of various egames (pay attention that there’s your favorite game available)
    • Currencies and payment tools supported (make sure there’s a suitable currency or choose modern crypto casinos).

    Consider a few nice electronic sports betting apps:

    • BC.Game
    • PariMatch
    • Energy
    • MelBet, and others.

    Egames Bounties on Wagering Sites

    When choosing the best online keno or esports online betting platform, one of the key criteria is bounties. Various rewards can increase the chances of a win and make the process more pleasant.

    It’s important to know how to use those bounties right to take the most benefit from them. In general, the rewards can be divided into:

    • Deposit
    • No deposit.

    Read a few esports betting tips to use the extras wisely. The first type of reward requires replenishment to obtain a bounty. The second one can be provided without replenishment. However, it’s always crucial to read the rules carefully. The majority of bounties have wagering requirements. It means the bettor is to make stakes, for instance, 35x the bonus amount. The conclusion is that replenishments will be required anyway if a bettor wants to withdraw winnings.

    The most widespread type of reward is free bets. A punter obtains a definite sum to make a stake in certain types of egames (the requirements are usually indicated in the rules). Pay attention to the acceptable odds and time limitations as well.

    Bookmakers can also use such bounties as cashback, match rewards, and instant payouts.

    Most Popular Egames Contests

    Dozens of events are organized every year to let gamers compete with each other. Observe the most prominent contests:

    • LoL World Championship. It attracts the greatest number of fans compared to other contests (over 4 million). The event includes a series of tournaments, ending with the championship. The events are organized in spring and summer. Professional clans from around the world are invited.
    • Intel Extreme Masters. The event is supported by Intel, which decided to invest in esports stocks. It is devoted to several electronic sports – LoL, CS: GO, StarCraft 2, and a few others. Every year, the contest is organized in various countries.
    • Evolution Champion Series. The contest is devoted to fighting games – Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros, and Street Fighter. It’s usually organized in Las Vegas and invites gamers of various levels to participate and try their luck.
    • The International. This contest is created especially for Dota 2 fans. The prize pools are always enormous so advanced gamers can win lots of money. Over 15 clans take part in the competition.

    There’re many other tournaments devoted to various popular games. Bettors might consider making stakes on Apex Legends Global Series/Valorant Champions Tour/DreamHack/IESF, and other significant events in the egames industry.

    Esports Betting FAQ

    Is Electronic Sports Betting Legal?

    It depends on the country. It’s possible to legally bet on electronic sports if there’s a licensed esports betting online platform which accepts punters from your region.

    Who is Responsible for the Regulation of Electronic Sports Betting?

    There’re usually special governmental bodies that regulate the areas in different countries. There’re still regions where the industry isn’t regulated.

    Can You Use Bitcoin (BTC) to Wager on Esports?

    There’re gaming establishments that accept payments and bets with cryptocurrencies. Observe the Payment section to make sure or contact customer assistance.

    How to Make a Stake on Egames?

    To make a stake, it’s required to find a reliable platform, create a profile, and make a deposit. Then visit the Esport section and choose the event you’re interested in. Analyze the odds and make a bet.

    What Should Bettors Look For in an Egames Bookmaker?

    It’s recommended to observe an active license, types of options (and egames), the quality of support, and bounties offered. Observe a list of trustworthy sportsbooks on SlotsUp.

    Is Online Esports Betting the Same as Traditional Sports Wagering?

    It’s very similar to traditional sports betting. The difference is that bettors wager on video/computer games and professional clans (or individuals), who compete with each other.

    What Games are Available in Esports Betting?

    There’re diverse games it’s possible to bet on. The most popular gaming products on the best betting sites for esports are LoL, CS, Fortnite, Street Fighter, StarCraft, Dota 2, PUBG, and many others.

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