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PicPay is a Brazilian mobile payment processor that has grown to become the most popular digital payment platform across the country. Naturally, it found its way into the gambling industry, and it’s now one of the hottest deposit and withdrawal methods in Brazilian casinos.

In addition to using it on online casinos, the app provides a complete pseudo-banking experience for users since they can use it to make regular banking transactions. Punters that already use PicPay in every other aspect of their lives may want to extend its use to their betting needs, and thankfully, it holds up well.

Apart from an extensive network of online betting sites that accept the payment system, it also has more benefits for punters using it in online casinos.

In this guide, you’ll learn how PicPay works and how to use it to pay at the best real money casinos in Brazil. We’ll also list the types of sites that accept the app as a payment method and the bonus features you might gain from its use.

Best Online Casinos that accept PicPay

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How to Use PicPay at Real Money Casinos

Payment method PicPay
Payment category Mobile payment system
Locations Brazil
Year established 2012
Mobile app Android/iOS
Number of casinos 3
Min transaction BRL 1
Max transaction BRL 1000
Currency conversion fee BRL 6.90
Currencies BRL
Site https://picpay.com/

PicPay is now available at almost every real money casino in Brazil. This section will explain how to use the service for quick deposits and withdrawals at your favorite casinos.

How to Deposit at PicPay Casinos

Most online casinos in Brazil integrate PicPay as one of the payment options to facilitate quick transactions using the mobile payment processor. As the most popular online payment system countrywide, it’s a no-brainer for all new and existing betting sites.

The payment system is easy to set up, which should thrill anyone looking to adopt it in 2023. Here are the steps you should follow to deposit at PicPay online casinos.

  1. Download the PicPay app from the Google Play Store or App Store, and create an account. You may have to add money to the wallet to deposit at an online casino.
  2. Head to the online casino you intend to pay using PicPay.
  3. Select the deposit option from the casino and select PicPay. Online betting sites typically list PicPay among mobile payment options to help you find it quicker.
  4. From there, enter the amount you intend to deposit and continue.
  5. On the following page, enter the requested information and confirm the payment to complete the deposit.

How to Withdraw from PicPay Casinos

Since PicPay is a complete payment solution, it works just as well for withdrawals as it does for deposits. If you already have a PicPay wallet, you don’t have to look too far away to receive deposits from your favorite online casino.

Here’s a guide to withdrawing from casinos that support PicPay.

  1. Navigate to the withdrawals section of the online casino.
  2. Select PicPay as the withdrawal method and select how much you intend to withdraw.
  3. The next page should request some information about your wallet. Enter the required info and continue.

The casino should prompt you to confirm your input and deposit the money in your account as soon as you let it continue. Before you can withdraw from an online casino with PicPay, your balance should contain the amount you intend to take out of your account. Your casino will likely have other withdrawal terms, and charges may apply.

Advantages of Using PicPay for Casino Deposits

Being the most popular digital payment service in Brazil, PicPay has numerous benefits. Here are some advantages of using top PicPay casinos.

  • Brazilian casinos support it almost universally.
  • It enables quick and secure withdrawals and deposits.
  • You can cash out to your local bank account from the app quickly.

PicPay Casino Types

PicPay Online CasinosAlmost every online casino accepts PicPay, as long as it targets a Brazilian audience. However, the implementation across the different types of casinos is always slightly different, and you should expect them to come with varying bonuses.

Here are the categories of PicPay casino sites and how they implement the payment system.

Mobile Casinos that Accept PicPay

Mobile casinos are betting sites optimized to work excellently on smartphones and tablets. Most on-the-go punters rely on mobile casinos to follow their bets, even when away from a computer. So, what happens when they run out of betting credits on the go?

PicPay comes to the rescue. Since it’s a mobile app, your PicPay wallet is always available for deposits and withdrawals on your mobile phone. With the rising popularity of PicPay casino mobile games, punters now have more reason than ever to play casino games on their phones.

Live Casinos that Accept PicPay

If you frequently bet at live casinos, you can also pay for bets using your PicPay wallet, which is a payment option most providers prefer. The reason for that isn’t farfetched: PicPay is the most popular way to pay, and it would be counterintuitive to exclude it from players’ live casino experience.

Online live casino PicPay sites typically offer numerous bonuses for players when they pay using the method. From matched deposits to cashback, there’s no end to the fun with a live casino PicPay integration. The quick withdrawals on the platform can also simulate winning and receiving your cash in real time, further enhancing your PicPay online casino experience.

New Casinos that Accept PicPay

Newer casinos are all in a race to woo new punters by offering what they deem to be the trendiest features, including digital and cryptocurrency payments. Since PicPay is Brazil’s most popular digital payment platform, it’s no surprise that it’s the hottest addition to every new casino’s deposit page.

With new PicPay online casinos, users can access exciting bonuses like free spins on select slots, matched deposits, and welcome deposits. The only downside is availability: PicPay is only available in casinos operating within Brazil, and they only make up a tiny percentage of online gambling sites.

Bonuses at PicPay Casinos

PicPay isn’t only convenient for users, it’s also excellent for online casinos since it helps them access user deposits faster. So, that explains why they want you to deposit using the payment method. Most betting sites offer bonuses to new and existing punters to encourage users to use PicPay.

Here are some exciting bonuses to expect at casinos that accept PicPay.


A cashback bonus is one of the ways online casinos keep players coming back, and it works by refunding a percentage of their losses. In short, the cashback doesn’t apply to the money spent on bets you win; only losing bets trigger the PicPay casino bonus, and the casino only refunds a fixed percentage of your wager, typically 15%.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is very straightforward; you deposit money into your online casino account, and you get extra on the deposit. In most cases, you can’t withdraw the money, as the online casino expects you to spend it on bets. You can only withdraw to your PicPay wallet after winning up to the threshold.

Matched Deposits

A matched deposit is a 100% deposit bonus. Many Brazilian online betting sites offer matched deposits but require you to pay with PicPay to qualify.

PicPay Casino FAQ

Do All Casinos Accept PicPay?

No. PicPay is a Brazilian mobile payment system, making it almost exclusive to punters residing in Brazil. Unless you’re betting from within Brazil, there’s a chance you won’t come across any casinos that will let you deposit or withdraw using PicPay.

What is the Minimum Amount You Can Deposit Using PicPay?

The minimum deposit usually depends on the online casino site’s management. If the site doesn’t impose any bottleneck, you should be able to deposit as low as BRL1.00, which is the equivalent of 20 cents.

Do PicPay Payments Have Any Fees?

You shouldn’t incur any charges for depositing or withdrawing money from your online casino using PicPay. However, funds withdrawal from PicPay to your bank account may cost you BRL 6.90 (equivalent to $1.36), which is a factor to consider before using the payment system.

Are PicPay Casinos Deposit Instant?

PicPay doesn’t promise instant deposits, but the platform is a reliable way to pay your favorite online casinos. It’s faster than most banks, and thanks to its integration with PIX, you can enjoy an instant PicPay casino withdrawal.

Do Mobile Casinos Accept PicPay Deposits?

PicPay works excellently for mobile casinos, as it’s also a mobile payment app. If you’re trying to place some bets on the go, you can always pay through your PicPay wallet, eliminating the need to use a debit or credit card with a PicPay online casino mobile.

Are PicPay Casinos Safe?

As long as you’re not using it to pay in illegal casinos, PicPay is a safe mobile payment processor in Brazil. It uses the industry-standard security architecture to secure payments and is technically unhackable. However, the platform can only do so much if a user advertently uses it on a fraudulent site.

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